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  1. So I heard this story 20yrs ago.
  2. Whenever Amisom goes Bloodshed follows. One has to wonder why more Amisom is coming to Somalia lands ? Amisom makes more money out of the Somali troubles They have to orchestrate these sort of conflict to expend regions that they have yet to control. While Somalis are busy with fadhi kurir and cyber wars Ethiopia and friends are coming to Somalia as safers ? Walhi this is brilliant who ever came up with Amisom and Alshabab was thinking for the long run. Amisom soldier earns 1k and Somali newly recruited takes home 100 and none . It's business us usual Sell weapons to Alshabab bring more countries , Ethiopia gets its what it wanted Kenya gets what it was after Split these people Into million tiny self governing towns and control them easily Some people are thinking somaliland will be a country , puntland will be its own or jubbaland . Tomorrow they will be divided the same way Somalia was divided in the first place. Ethiopia can't allow ,Kenya won't allow it Amisom is here to stay , Alshabab will never be defeated. Alshabab is a door way for Amisom to take control over Somalia Slowly.
  3. These fadhi kudirirka Maxey sameyaan for living ? For one to waste time on Somali politics is equivalent to driving backwards in busy highway. At the end,you will have a collision...
  4. MoonLight1;983286 wrote: Kudos Daa'uus company Looks very impressive and out of our league . Well done to them. It's extraordinary work, didn't have a clue that Somalis can actually pull of High scale big business such as one indicated P.s. nice editing on the camera work very slick indeed
  5. These keyboard warriors's hate is extreme. They do nothing but brag all day. Make a difference or go a with the flow .
  6. Great video, Future is bright for Somalia with Allahs will .
  7. Wadani;980203 wrote: Inay Keyna sidaa inoo la hadasho innaga ayaa isugu wacan. Hadday soomaali isku duubnaan lahayd ninkan fooshaxun ee indhaha cas cas nairobi gudaheeda ayaynu gumaysan lahayn. What you expect ? Kanoo kale ayaa iska jiro oo wuxuu rabo iska hadlaayo. Qof markii qabyaalad maskaxda kaga jirto waxaa kaliyah kufikiri waxaa waaye siduu heer habal ubur uburin lahaa. haka filin qof jahiil in midnimo iyo nabad ka shaqeeyo
  8. Looks very modern and futuristic for a country that's been in a war for many years. It was said that it should be completed within 6 month ? any truth to that ?
  9. Who knew these people are risk takers ... There is no work in Nairobi fly to the city thats recovering
  10. Most be hot and uncomfortable. Crowded to death. I wonder what they speaking of ?
  11. good day for peace loving somalis. Why not unite ? what does war bring ? we have seen years of blood shed and hatred only the wise can agree with me... so what if d block fellow came to city dominated by H block fellows ? aren't we all the same people anway ? Qabyaalad won't get as anywhere in million years
  12. Mad_Mullah;976468 wrote: Police will always be Muuryaan what kind of middle class person will leave his life to join some shitty army/police force? No They will always be from the poorer classes that can always be bribed! Controlled posts/roadblocks won't work - they've either got inside men/or they just kill everybody at the checkpoint. You also have to understand that a lot of countries are giving money to Somalia to defeat Shabab, if Shabab is gone a lot of this money will stop. Alshabab are no different from the tribal wars we had back in the 90s in mogadishu and all that stopped a crazy religious groups were born afterwards and they wanted to stay in power just like the warlords back in the days. Alshabab and their supporter/helpers can be stopped if truly residents in the capital want peace. Only if there's well paid/trained/equiped security in place , they can do better job than amisom. public support + better security well do reduce the risk 90% if not 100%.... all these people that are aiding alshabab don't do it for the sake of religion they do it for the money and personal gains so goverment should do the same , should afford incentive some kind.. huge reward. all these money going to amisom should go to somali security and the public helping the goverment. alshabab are the people and they will be stopped , if there's public support/better security/ and controll system/
  13. Lack of proper trained security personal. Lack of proper equipment to do sufficient work Lack of communication within the security personal Lack of trust in the goverment. Lack of knowledge and expertise in defense department Lack of experience and suitable personal to hold the goverment positions for the job. Lack of public support Alshabab can be easily beaten by only if public support was available and there was no snich within the goverment to assist alshabab to slaughter any witnesses or goverment supporters. Why can't there be controlled post in major streets in mogadishu or each major city in somalia. If there was control...full scale controlling system in place there wouldn't be such attacks. block major roads,do daily hourly every min checkup... how can a car go into it's destination when it's stopped far in the distance by security personal. ? all these attacks can be stopped if well trained police and army are in place... but heey you can't make moryaan police officer or army personal. He will do what he has to do assist alshabab make money and leave ... buttom line alshabab well be gone only if the right people for the job are hired.... culusow needs to step up his game otherwise he should resign and admit alshabab are out of his league
  14. The rise of the high rise. Could be safety hazard but better than nothing.