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  1. Homie from Boston looks like some dude i met when i had wedding in Boston way back 2005. Homie gave me a good hand and hooked up the whole wedding shyte for me! What a sad story! I got no clue though what makes people commit unnecessary crimes like....Rape a women!! I just gotta call from this chick who wanned to hookup! I told her naa today!! its hot humid and i got tons of work to do. Question! how do yall get these mugshots!! N can anybody recommend a good free people search website. thanx i wanna do a search of all somali pple that i meet from now on! thnx
  2. dont mess up messi....kick some .....booty!! wanna go dutch??
  3. I can beat the usa team!! lol...I think Argentina is gonna win this year.
  4. Na I was in Ecuador. Brazil is 2 hot.
  5. Greetings nomads....Washing yall happy Ramadan. Back in la from S/America. Hope everyone is doing fine. Asta la vista.
  6. so what you posted have been embarrassing you??? lol...........think before do it, is my saying!! lol.
  7. Sharia law is the Saudi monarch law, and has nothing to do with Islam! That said, this story seems to be a false alarm. No td company in Canada can even verify this guy!! Its a hoax.
  8. Biometrics are not safe, says famous hacker team who provide video showing how they could use a fake fingerprint to bypass phone's security lockscreen Germany's Chaos Computer Club says it has cracked the protection around Apple's fingerprint sensor on its new iPhone 5S, just two days after the device went on sale worldwide. In a post on their site, the group says that their biometric hacking team took a fingerprint of the user, photographed from a glass surface, and then created a "fake fingerprint" which could be put onto a thin film and used with a real finger to unlock the phone. The claim, which is backed up with a video, will create concerns for businesses which see users intending to use the phone to access corporate accounts. While it requires physical access to the phone, and a clean print of one finger which is one of those used to unlock the phone, it raises the risk of a security breach. "This demonstrates – again – that fingerprint biometrics is unsuitable as access control method and should be avoided," said the Chaos Club's blogpost author, "Starbug". "In reality, Apple's sensor has just a higher resolution compared to the sensors so far. So we only needed to ramp up the resolution of our fake. As we have said now for more than years, fingerprints should not be used to secure anything. You leave them everywhere, and it is far too easy to make fake fingers out of lifted prints." The group does not claim to have extracted the fingerprint representation from the phone itself, where Apple says it is held on a secure chip. Instead it relies on capturing a high-quality fingerprint elsewhere, and having access to the phone. "Relying on your fingerprints to secure a device may be okay for casual security – but you shouldn't depend upon it if you have sensitive data you wish to protect," commented security specialist Graham Cluley. Apple did not respond to a request for comment on the hack. The revelation is the third security failing discovered since the phone and its iOS 7 software were released last week. First, a hacker found that they could use a flaw in iOS 7's Control Centre feature on the iPhone 4S and 5 to access photos and send emails. Another found that the Emergency Call screen can be used to place a call to any number. The Chaos Club details its methods for the fingerprint hack, which begins with a high-quality fingerprint lifted from a glass, ******** or glossy surface. The print, which essentially consists of fat and sweat, is made visible using graphite powder or a component of superglue, and then photographed at high resolution to create a 2400 pixel-per-inch scan. That is then printed onto an overhead projector plastic slide using a laser print, forming a relief. That is then covered with wood glue, cut and attached to a real finger. Apple introduced Touch ID, as it calls the fingerprint system, on its top-end iPhone 5S, unveiled earlier in the month. The technology uses a scanner built into the home button of the phone to take a high-resolution image from small sections of the fingerprint from the sub-epidermal layers of the skin. Apple says "Touch ID then intelligently analyses this information with a remarkable degree of detail and precision." Users can choose to use up to five fingerprints - which can be changed - to unlock the phone and optionally pay for iTunes Store purchases. They have first to create a passcode of at least four digits, and then "enrol" fingerprints separately. Apple says that the process creates a mathematical representation of the fingerprint representation, and that it is only stored on the phone. Apple's own notes about its Touch ID system on its site say that Touch ID will incrementally add new sections of your fingerprint to your enrolled fingerprint data to improve matching accuracy over time. Touch ID uses all of this to provide an accurate match and a very high level of security." The company says that "Every fingerprint is unique, so it is rare that even a small section of two separate fingerprints are alike enough to register as a match for Touch ID. The probability of this happening is 1 in 50,000 for one enrolled finger. This is much better than the 1 in 10,000 odds of guessing a typical 4-digit passcode. Although some passcodes, like "1234", may be more easily guessed, there is no such thing as an easily guessable fingerprint pattern." It notes that after five unsuccessful attempts to match the fingerprint, the user has to enter their passcode, and the fingerprint unlock will not work. Speaking to BusinessWeek just after the iPhone 5S was unveiled, Craig Federighi, Apple's head of software, emphasised that the fingerprints would not leave the phone. He said that making a finger unlocking and purchasing system "sounds like a simple idea, but how many places could that become a bad idea because you failed to execute on it? We thought, 'Well, one place where that could be a bad idea is somebody who writes a malicious app, somebody who breaks into your phone, starts capturing your fingerprint. What are they doing with that? Can they reuse that in some other location? Can they use it to spoof their way into other people's phones?'" He said that Apple's focus had been to make sure that "no matter if you took ownership of the whole device and ran whatever code you wanted on the main processor [you]could not get that fingerprint out of there. Literally, the physical lines of communication in and out of the chip would not permit that ever to escape." link:
  9. 1) Ahmed Gurey - first somali fighter against turkey invasion in the 16 century. 2) xawa tako - somalia independence fighter lady which her sacrifice sparked the fight for independence against italy. 3) Abdillahi Majoor - man responsible for somali unity in 1960. 4) Olol - invaded ethiopia in 1935 5) caraweelo --first powerful somali queen! She hated balls though!!
  10. 2 moron...! u know thats why somalia is going down on the wrong roads!! These 2 n the rest of other region leaders r the same kinds. mofos!!
  11. where are the Al shabaab sharks when u need them!! Oh.....i forgot, they r still in the lab!! being trained to sniff for traitor smelling douche-bags! give them couple of weeks, n then u will see this homies bold heads doing 60 miles/hr in the indian ocean! Keep hope alive pple!! lol.
  12. looooooooooool! that was the funniest shyte that i have seen in my life!! Homies just quit when he's asked by the Ugandese dudes in the room. What a moron!!
  13. Alpha Blondy;975212 wrote: ^ Rudy many people say you're occupationally demented but i generally tend to disagree. abti, don't hate the player, hate the game, ma garatay? your anti-SL senitments are obviously beyond disgusting and show your complete lack of awareness and overall comprehension. akhas, saqajaan waxid baad tahay. sida isku dhaan. Rule #1...shyte like "dont hate the player" stuff dont work with african brothas!! So never say that 2 us! 2ndly.......the next comment u said is like what a single mom son will say!! to be honest!! Traditional full family grown homie wont never quote that kinda of shyte when hes talking back to a homie!! So plz.....u been in the homeland for learn how to respond to a dagaxtuur DCs or u might get injured by dagax falling from the sky!! Just an fyi!! We og expatriate DCs have learned that kinda of stuff!! Bye the way...since u is in u have any friends who r not your tribe affiliation? It dont look like it!!
  14. i married 3 xalimoos so far and never seen their mom or dad!! So what is that gotta do with which xalimoo u marry? Honestly, i dont know their tribe names 2! They tell me...but i forget it since i have short memory issues!! I can only remember things that i document and tribe shyte aint in my hot list. Sorry. I just talk to them parents on the phone! When they say qolomad tahey.........i say,My name is hebel hebel...& i forgot my tribe name!! ask your daughter the rest of this bs!! She knows all that bs!!..........cuz the first thing xalimoos ask a farah they gonna marry, is his mom #lol... Big warning!! dont do that!! Your own mom will side with your xalimoos.....& that sucks big time!!
  15. I believe locals have a valid point! All DCs shouldnt be hired by the gov't, they should open their own businesses n hire the locals. If they going back home, then they should have the means to open their business. Besides, why should the somali pple trust some DCs who is been gone all these yrs!! God only knows if hes a crack head or Jajuus!! Govt should at least give the DCs 5 to 10 yrs of repatriation so they can sync with the locals. Hell, i at least need 10yrs to sync with back home daqan!! I am still trying to find out an answer for like why i need to pay money to marry a xalimoo!! Love is free!! wth.
  16. Yo ...his tribe dont matter in USA!! Its really major Ignorance to ask this type of Question!! cuz..u know why......its not only somalis voting for him, but also, you have, American Indians, Hispanics, whites, asians, africans and middle-easterners voting! Qabil aint got shyte around USA!! It dont work around here!!
  17. NP homie!! its always better 2 be the hunted than 2 be the hunter!! lol.......hunters have no life since they are not worthy of it!! While their opposite folks r cherished for fever!! i.e, Mlk, Gandhi, SMAH, Malcolm, JFK, Mandela, etc., This thread is about our somali pple who r suffering due to lack of help!! So let us help them!! I believe as a somalis, this is our duty........but we aint help them. and this really a big imbursement of our society!! We have become cold hearted pple who dont give damn about nothing but their own tribe. But we all know that it takes more than one unit to fix our society and country!! That thought is still missing!! Just my 2 cents!!
  18. is bullet proof glass when it comes 2 qabiil shyte...Me is like bullet proof glass so, shyte like dat cant penetrate me!! u feel me...I already got the talaal!! You gotta get that talaala for your cranium. Then your u will see the big picture!! C U dont wanna live in glass house!! If it aint bullet proofed by your follow country folks n not your tribal af miishras!! Word to the DCs!! who just landed back in AFrica.
  19. wat the hell is this shyte~~! how do these pple in this thread have no clue about somali history....n just vomit wtf their single m???m tell them!! wat a shame!! u r belief in freaking your country n ppl! i know u freaking know that!! But your freaking brain is washed with tribal bs!! Yeah....thats right!! Your freaking country....its called somali!! N it consists of five somali regions...! same pple, language and religion.....! what more can u ask for!! aye!! U should understand unless u r a brain handicap person!! R u? lemme know, then i will break it down for you...may be with sign language. Kabiish!! so learn that mofos...before i do something crazy!! ok.
  20. vote pple!! its your duty!! La.....council has may be 3 whites!! lol
  21. Che...homie is on the same boat everyday!! May be he should just jump of this boat and swim back to the somaliland shores!! I am sure that he will get good Isku dexkaris!! & may be a single mother...if can handle it, instead of being on Pirate boat 24/7!! lool...u feel me. Upgrade is always good!! u get good food n whollata of love!! lol.
  22. wow!! Great...first time i understand my religion!! I usually have 30 minutes of youtube a week...and i just do my research there about electronic devices. I have never watch Quran at youtube. But now i will...thx for the good tip homie!! awesome.
  23. i think this homie (AB) was raped by western brain-wash!! Thats even worse than the actually rape incidents!! Some how i cant comprehend how a human loses his own humanity!! very weird stuff!!
  24. naaaaaaah! this is crap!! 2 much Britney spears copiers here!! all lip singing...! NO real voices.