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  1. For Spain, the only Issue I see in their team is there is no Senna. Am not sure if you can get the best of Alonzo by playing him too deep. I see First 11 A&T has chosen lack balance - particularly the midfield. We will see how it goes! Cheers
  2. Europeans have never won outside of Europe so it is not gonna be Europe's turn. I suspect it is going to be between Arge and Brazil. If you want a twist to the tale say the surprise winner would be an African team
  3. Originally posted by Tuujiye: England horta haka soo baxdo group stage with out the reffs....England qashin waaye saaxiib lool sorry.... Zu, I picked Argentina and another team but not Brazil... They might face Spain second round and I don't see them beating spain lool.. Maybe Holland!!! lol we never know... Wareer Badanaa!!! Brazil will aim to top the group to avoid a premature showdown with Spain. after that they will cruise to the Semis.
  4. ^^^^ LooooL England (assuming they will top their group C) will do well if they avoid Germany in the round 16 stage. Assume they avoid them then they have to beat France or Nigeria in the quarter finals to play Brazil in the semis. Cheers
  5. Somali Maxamed.. Sensationalist -yaal iga dheh. Waxaad ayada ku eedaynaysaan baad idinku samaynaysaan Dudes & Dudettes, don't read too much to the whole "she is this, she is that, modelling is horing blah blah blah" huu haa and more blah blah Let me simplify it. She is an uneducated (reer miyi girl) who became a model by chance and she wanted to use her 15 minute of fame to get world attention to her pain. She did it the only way she could or knew. CRY about it, sensationalise it and make the media cry with her. Simple! She is not intellectual, nor a leader. She has no Islamic education what so ever nor is she a social scientist/commentator. She didn’t pretend to be something else or claimed to be any thing other than reer miyi girl turned model. In what way are you expecting her to talk about something she felt is the most painful experience she have gone thru? Certainly if she downplays her pain, no one will buy the book or will bother to listen. The book and her cries were towards the west not reer miyi girls or Somali girls. Her assertion is if I get enough international attention towards the FMG, I have done my share, I feel I have contributed to the cause against FMG. So Somali Maxamed, if you want to do something about FMG Do it your own way! Don’t waste time and intellect on criticising others. When do we ever learn? Cheers
  6. Eevery way i look at this Worldcup...I can't see past Brazil vs Argentina Final Where the Semis will be between Germany vs Brazil Argentina vs Spain Spain has to beat Italy to progress to the Semis, Brazil beats Holland Germany beats Nigeria Arga beats Ghana So there you have it - my prediction... My only problem is I slightly indecisive about who will be the world champions. I think Brazil has tiny advantage over Arja. See it will be Diego vs Dunga (and it seems Dunga has the edge here) and I think this is what gives the Samba boys the little advantage. Cheers
  7. Gents, I have a different view on this. Ronaldinho's skills and his talent is not questionable. He was one of the greatest players ever seen on a football pitch. When it comes to ball skills, close control and imagination no one gets closer to him. He is in his own league (Arguably Maradona's league). No Cristiano, Messi or Kaka can get closer to him when it comes to those abovementioned attributes. The reason he was left out is more about his attitude and work rate for the national team. Ronaldinho was a let down when he was at his best (2005&2004)... at the world cup he was the WPOTY and still didn't do anything for the national team. We all know what happened. He will not inspire a team, lead a team and above all He won't win a world cup for everyone. Cheers
  8. I watched the movie - - - the good thing about it is "there are alot of Somali actors...particularly the ciyaal from miyi" they are great actors, oscar worthy. Ah the issue at hand, what is the argument about again? the modelling profession? about the FMG? or is it about "any message is as good as the profession of the deliverer? Yaa wax isku qasay oo aan SOL ahayn. Cheers
  9. ^^^ So who will you vote for? Hassan Dahir or Shariifka?
  10. ^^^ Don't worry, you will just do fine! Hello trollers...wz up?
  11. Love it. am not sure if they will released in Oz hope they do.
  12. Welldone Chelsea and Congrats to Tuujka and Oz. As usual waa inoo next season.
  13. ^^^ LoooL BOB couldn't help it eh? Congrats Theiry..Hadde waa ku kaa masuuliyad baad qaaday kii ka soo baxa noqo.
  14. Legend of Zu


    ^^^^ LOooOL Dubia Style
  15. ^^^you are not helping too I think Rudy doesn't like "is qabqabsi" so he avoids confrotation. From this post I realised Rudy is a nice/gentle guy and his xaliimo should feel lucky. End of story. So girls easy on the blame. Rudy needs to understand he needs to stand his ground to help the family settle. Cheers
  16. ^^^he he he Seriously Rudy...Seriously! ~Smack Rudy on the head On~ Your wife spends your money & hers and then you buy her a car to facilitate the addiction, and then in your wisdom, you advise her to make it less frequent (which didn't work) and then you post it on SOL and then you want us to help you to tell her she is crazy! ~Smack Rudy on the head off~ Rudy, send her to rehab or tell on her to her mom. Cheers
  17. ^^^ Sxb Chelsea didn't have as much injuries as Arsenal. ManU had their problems early in the season which is better than losing all your top players during the run ins. However I agree lapses of concentration during big matches has been an issue. If we had at least two drws out of the four games with ManU and Chelsea, we would have been at bar with them. So our issues is not anything other than performing in big games. They has let us down specially in defence and goalkeeping area. Arsene already is planning for reinforcement in those areas and Chamakh will boost the striker dept. Next year we will own the PL. Cheers
  18. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ He's going nowhere. Contract to 2014 and the current owners are planning to sell anyway. Juve know a good manager when they see one. P.S. Arsene? It'll take ten years before he grows[b/] us a team warya. Dude, Rafa is almost gone but they want to sell the club first
  19. I like Rafa and I would rather see Liverpool win the EPL than ManU or Chelsea. Surely Rafa's time @ Anfield should end - the sooner the better for everyone. I want to see liverpool challenging Arsenal for the title next year. I am sure you know the title is ours nexy year! Cheers
  20. Ngonge. It is not that I do not have what is best for Arsenal at heart and let me say this I am one of the biggest Arsene brigade “In Arsene We Trust” but to me against the Scums he was too lenient with the team. First, You raised a good point. This team was a third rate team but sometimes the championship rests in the hands of 3rd rate teams. I expect Diaby to run the show and bring more tackles as he did in the past games. I expected everyone to play as if their life depended on it and that is what was lacking. It was shocking – If you watched the replays of the game (which you won’t) you will see Arsenal players walking back while the Spurs were all running like 100 meter sprinters. That is what pissed me off and on top of that I saw Arsene sitting on his seat watching the game with disbelief WTF? He reminds me of ‘arry when we beat them at the Emirates. He had this sunken facial expression. It was bizarre! I know if we had our first team players the result would have been totally different but that is not the point. We lost a chance at the title, lost it to the scums and it was due to our lack of urgency and desire. Terrible sxb. They did not beat us because they were the better team and they beat us because of their desire to run, hassle and run. Simple! Now Vermalean is out for the rest of the Season. Do you know how many of the first team are out? I think Arsenal should overhaul the medical team. Sack almost everyone and get a whole new team. Cheers
  21. Well. Tonight we showed we do not have the hunger and determination needed to win it. second position is the target now. I can not believe Wenger did not yell at those players. what a waste? lack of urgency is the reason we lossed tonight... one more thing, I think Silvestre is a Mole sent by Fergie. what a crap player! and Arsene thought having him as back up will win him the title. far out! now i feel better Oz, you still in town?
  22. Waa wareey maxaa dood macaan i dhaaftay... ahay ah caku bi'waa cabdi nuuroow... Tujiye, Sxb faanoole fari kama qodna, Arsenal for the championship, Chelsea for the FA cup ha ha ha. It all comes back to Scums game for us tomorrow, if we draw or lose then Chelsea can claim the double until then.. bood boodka joojiya. BTW RvP is back to hunt the Scums out of their shitty hole. Tuujka, adiga shaah iyo diric aa sheegi jirtey, labadaan berri reer chelsea kastuumo iyo rajabeeto ay ku wareegooyin jidka ala Lady Gaga. Waa inoo habeen danbe Insha Allah. waa inaan Tuujiye iyo Oz-ba ka qaylisiiyo Cheers
  23. I think Arsene knows while Arsenal are great going forward - he will teach them how to defend like an italian team (Old Milan) About the game, Once I saw Messi vs Silvestre (I said good bye to us). The cruelty of injuries Dhib Malaha... Rag waa lga badin jiray! Bring it on Scums! Cheers
  24. ^^^ Waryaa Tuujiyoow, maxay kula tahay Chelsea will win the title? dude, that is not gonna happen, don't think everything that glitters is gold Cheers