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  1. I'm feeling strange today! Very confusing emotions!
  2. This is worth me coming out of hibernation! Well done ol friend! Hagen daas ka dhereg on my behalf Cheers
  3. ^^^^ Oz, I’m not so sure about this time around i think we are more grounded and some lessons were learned the hard way. Both teams have lost their respective games last weekend. With the two mancs breathing on their neck it is possible the game will be more balanced with a bit of caution from each side. I also think Chelsea will be less prepared than Arsenal because of their recent record against them. I have never seen Chelsea players coming out and warning each other about complacency until now. so Tuujiye and his love for garbasaar and dirac should be scared this time. PS: Tuujiye adiga iyo goorgorad jaceelkaaga. amaad habeenkii u dhuumataa goorgorodaha. bal naga aayar taa. Cheers
  4. I don't know how someone can support two teams. i agree in each league you may prefer a team but at the end of the day what would you do if they are playing against each other. for example what would oz do (did) when Chelsea is playing against Barca? who does he want to win the game? I'm with Ngonge on this one. Tuujiye, you are saying "any team that plays beautiful football eh" were we supposed to buy that? sxb haddaad ta' ta' rabtid Arsenal aa difoose u ahaan lahayd. adiga waxaaga waa aan badiyo ilaahoow aan laf dheerta ku dhaliyo!!! Haha ahahaha. sxb it was an open goal, couldn't help it. Cheers
  5. ^^^ why do you want Drogba to be on the bench?
  6. Gent..Gents..Gents... Arsenal loss to WBA has no answer other than " who the eff were they?" they didn't seem to me the team that beat Spurs mid week...they didn't even look like the team that drew with Sunderland and that says alot of how bad we played. If we lose to Chelsea then I can easily write off our title ambitions. What happened @ the Emirates was unbelievable to everyone... no one expected Arsenal to play like that. this was a game where Arsenal were the team that was promoted and WBA played like champions. I will have time to come and chat this weekend Insha Allah and we can all preview the game against Chelsea. Oz, you sound like an angry Arsenal Fan...like your assessment! Cheers Tuujka: we shall talk Friday Insha Allah
  7. Gents, am happy with the way Arsenal played in the second half. I can not blame the ref even though he was crap. We should have dealt with the last cross and lately Clichy has been playing below standard. Arsenal came to life after Song was sent off it was almost like Arshavin and Song were the problem and the team played as unit after that. Things like final minute equalizer happen every now and then. Tuuj we will see how you go in the next few games. Ngonge adiga kubadda baro Cheers
  8. ^^^ you missed the point adiga, counting eggs ma aha sheekada. it is being a true gunner fan! Last year, I said it was Chelsea's to lose and if they beat us I will personally bring the cup to your door and chelsea beat us comprehensively...and they were the eventual winners. This year the story is different...you can feel it (Bolton and the likes can not bully us) am waiting if we caqn stop Drogba then we are winners no doubt! Talk to you Chelsea -Arsenal Match!
  9. Gents, Arsenal have made significant improvement this year and they are real contenders contrary to the bullshit Alan Hensen and certain pundits say. The only thing I'm waiting Is Arsenal to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. check my predictions thread. Nuune, what say you about Roy?
  10. ^^^ NG & NORF let it go and alk about other stuff. Time "to agree to disagree" Tell me about Liverpool vs ManU this weekend? Cheers
  11. You know what? Am looking forward to the Chelsea game. If we beat them then I can declare us the champions. LoL
  12. Expect a good game between Braga and Arsenal tonight. Am going to wake up this one.
  13. ^^^ am with Ngonge on this one. the problem with Liverpool was the wingers...they were terrible when crossing or always coming in or passing back to the midfield which was already congested. Cheers
  14. ^^^ On paper...the Liverpool line up was pretty strong dunno what happened in the game. Tuujiye, sxb habaar igama aha. last year you had Essien as the only major player missing for long period of the season. other are fringe players or were out less than expected! I have to admit - am in dejavu zone - yet I have a feeling that we will do better than last year. I saw Gyan's goal it was fantastic - an early contender for the goal of the season - so the the 4th Arsenal goal - 24 passes sxb...24!! PS: Sorry for the spelling in my previous reply (i got a cool iPad for me self... an oportunity to mention it) am still getting used to the screen typing Cheers
  15. Bolton is always a hard team for us. They are very physical team and normally we will struggle against physicals teams but we were always in contro. ManU are struggling but you can say they always start slow and their season starts around FEB. Spurs remind me of Leeds back in the early 2000s the hung over of champions league and the pressure will get to them. Man city they have Mancini to deal with first. Chelsea looks the part they simply picked up from where they left of last year... We shall seac As for Arsenal, unfortunately the I juries can derail our season. Otherwise we are stronger than lasst year and we will be there on the top at the end of the season. I will wait my assessment once we play against Chelsea ( how come Chelsea rarely get injured) Our last goal, 24 passes to the goal. Marvelous. Chees
  16. EID MUBAARAK FOLKS Ilaahay ha naga wada aqbalo soonkeenii iyo cibaadadeenii Cheers
  17. ^^^ Ha ha ha. it seems you don't understand the home grown rule. you need to revisit. Arsenal is big benefitiary of this rule unlike other teams. I think you need to reread the rule and see its implications on the premier league big teams. Cheers PS: i'll be back with Arsenal team impact by tomorrow insha Allah
  18. Gents, The season has kicked off and some teams kicked it with style. While it is too early if the results of the last three games can give you a glimpse of the end of the season then I say Chelsea seem to be up beatable while Arsenal have improved and Man u are stuttering, Man City were expose, Spurs are roosters who thought they are eagles. Liverpool are still finding their feet. This is how I saw the weekend results ....Man City & Sp*r were shown they are just pretenders. Liverpool found it difficult to deal with the minnows West Brom. Arsenal have exorcised the evils of Blackburn, Man U are back on winning ways...and Chelsea seem to strike hard @ opponents with ease! Gents, lets see if you have the foresight to predict the eventual champions of the premier league. This is my ladder 1) Arsenal (where you expecting anyone else from me) 2) Chelsea (can't see them being anything less than the top two) 3) Man City 4) Man U 5) Liverpool (am being generous here..i have soft spot for this team) 6) Spurs (just don't want to sound a hater otherwise i would have said 10) 7) Birmingham haye hadde bal hala soo gamo bahasha Cheers
  19. I know Wenger said that if Arsenal don't win anything. he will change his youth policy however we need a good goal keeper and I hope we get one before the end of the transfer window! Am not so confident anymore! I hope Squillaci is a good buy then I can bombard Tuujiye with how we are going to beat them this year to the title! Cheers
  20. Labadaan berri mashquual ayaan ahaa...laakiin waan idin soo noqon insha Allah... Chelsea waaba dhaarsan yihiin. laakiin Arsenal with couple of new defenders and a goal keeper...then mac salaama ayaan idin leenahay. waa inoo bacdal taraawiix.
  21. ^^^^ it was all to Lucas's performance For some strange reason Liverpool were the better team with 10 men. Odd that is! The first half we dominated and you could see we were growing confidence as the game went on and walla second half we played as if we were told you have won the game by 10 goals (don't run, don't tackle and go to sleep). I'm glad Riena's blunder has given us undeserved draw. at least one of the big game is out of the way now. I am glad Arsene had a good wake up call after seeing Almunia blunder like that what a Nerve Reck! Laasim inaan Goalkeeper cusub keensano before next week. Otherwise we can all go home and come back after new champions are crowned!! Cheers
  22. am little bit worried that we are missing important players at the start of the season. fingers crossed, we shall beat Liverpool today... Salaamaat
  23. Ramadaan Kariim to all Solers Ilaahay ha naga wada aqbalo Salaamaatun yaa Solers
  24. ^^^ Ha ha Tuujiye, welli war ma haayo, Chelski are past it...that is why they gave all their best end of last year, they knew it was their last change. As for Arsenal, if we don't get a new keeper and CB it will be same ol same (i suspect we may get one CB, not so sure about a keeper though) .... To me "Arsenal don't have the excuse of age, experience and injury no more".. eiother we win it this year or est la vista babeh The possibility of injury is there, so we should prepare for it, everything else is rubbish... I need to see Tuujiye oo dirac iyo garbasaar raadsanaayo! Cheers