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  1. ^^^^ Shhhh... Now ppl will know I am psychic... Kidding. Hi Ibti,
  2. ^^^ [edit] Sheh, I have the feeling you were in Cuba or the Caribbeans What's going on?
  3. Innaa Lillaahi wa inaa ilayhi Raajicuun. Very sad to hear brother. Sabir iyo iimaan, May Allah forgive his sins and bless you with Sabr. Wa Salaam
  4. Originally posted by Adam.: 2010 is a good year for Supernaturalism/Sword &Sorcery etc Solomon Kane Prince of Persia Percy Jackson & the Lightning thief Wolfman Legion Clash of the Titans Avatar the last Airbender The Sorceror's Apprentice Narnia Voyager of the Dawn Treader Harry Potter; Deathly Hollows Conan Mortal Kombat; Devastation Tekken What a cool year Tell me about it brah. it is gonna be a good year for us. Don't worry about these xaliimos and faraxs - imagination is rare these days Cheers
  5. ^^^ Xaaraam, Alshabaab will karbaash you for such activities BTW Habbi Berithdhaay!
  6. LoL Sheh, one day I woke up and I didn't see the Mod sticker on my forehead! I blamed the Chinese Brew some others my lack of driving skills! Cheers
  7. ^^^^ It is telling you Do not skip training Seriously, i know that the less I train the more injury i get - unless you play for Arsenal then you will get injured regardless even if you drinking coffee! Quality of Life? isn't that the mother of all questions, assuming the father is "what is the Purpose of Life" Cheers
  8. LoL NG, Cole injured bad for England and Chelsea - laughter for Arsenal Fans - That is it, NG kulama doodaayo, until you take off the Rafa glasses!
  9. ^^^^ where art thou at the moment? I can smell you around the southern hemisphere!
  10. in a Islamic country, can a bus driver stop and pray, even tho all passangers are muslims? I wonder - could he say "oh People I am going to pray, just a chill at the back for 5 min?"... was he worried that the Salat will pass before he gets to his final destination? why didn't he change his shift if he was worried he would miss the prayers? Did he ask the Local imam what he should do in case such he faces such a problem? did he seek a fatwa of what he must do? Feels the dude just acted without much thought of the consequence of his actions! Agree with Castro, he should be sacked to give him the above mentioned opportunities. Cheers
  11. ^^^ Ng, Am with Norf here, Babel posed the biggest threat to Arsenal. I remember how he scored against us in the CL game two years ago. Once i saw him i said to myself If any LPoo player is going to score it will be this ***** and he nearly scored! Crappola. Stoke City game - was a cup game; and of all people you should know cup games are strange ones, tactics or game plans never work. a 3rd league team can just rock up on a Sunday and play like Barcelona and beat Man U and the likes! After all you remember what happened with Reading
  12. ^^^^ LoooL Juxa, bling bling? How is everyone today? a doctor said catching up with your friends and having fun is good for your health. and family too" he added. So i thought where else but the troll corner eh? Cheers
  13. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ What's that got to do with anything? Arsenal have an easy run (on paper) but they have already shown they struggle against teams that rough them up or hit them on the counter. War even last night, when Liverpool hit them on the counter they crumbled. Only problem was that Liverpool did not take their chance. Ngonge, Maba fiyoobid! didn't you see what happened to Blackburn, Bolton, Stoke City (EPL) - we beat them comperehensively.... Arsenal are not dropping points against minor oppositions this year. this year we lost against big teams (Sunderland being the only small team that beat us)... compare this to last year when we beat Chelsea at their home, beat Man U at the emirates, drew with liverpool away and home. This year Arsenal's achilles' heel is not ruffing them up it is individual errors early in the game and that has been corrected. also counter attack specially when we are in the 18 yards of the opposition like corners and so on and that is now addressed. I do't expect us to drop points am just worried that we have left it too late. OZ, as i said, we have delivered the title to your door steps if you don't want to take it - we will take it for you! Agree with At&T Man U impressed me the most a team of average players doing really well! Nuune, Lucas had one shot and that was it. tell me anything else he did? Cheers
  14. ^^^nuune I was reminding ngonge that lpool have shorter midfielders than us Anyways was good game and the fact that Manu n chelski. Dropped points made it sweeter.
  15. LooooL Ngonge, just in case you didn't know - Arsenal have the taller midfielders than Liverpool.
  16. It is amazing how history repeats itself - reminds me of all those companions of the Prophet (AS) who used to be the enemies of Islam at the begining and later spread Islam across the globe. Subhanallaah, May Allah guide us all! PS: there is a hope for Jonny boi after all - Imagine where JB and Ibti are both debating for Islam in the same thread. Cheers
  17. Originally posted by NGONGE: Zu is talking nonsense. Chelsea scored their two goals and did not need to attack you. They allowed you to have the ball and have a go at them. You, as ever, failed. If Wenger is any good he would sell Fabregas next season and change the way his team plays. Ha ha ha I see you just said what you read in the tabloit "Ballack's yap yap yap" or may be I am hearing Alan Hansen Gibirish?...I know Oz coppies and pastes what Tony Cascarino says in his crappy column! Allow me to make it clear We lost due to lack of a striker not because Chelsea were the better side, simple!. Unlike the ManIOU game, they were better than us when they beat us @ the Emirates. We will beat Liverpool no doubt!
  18. Originally posted by Oz: quote:Originally posted by Abtigiis & Tusbax: Arsenal are a good team. But when 5 out of a total of 7 shots in their last two games turn into goals, you need to ask if they will not be better off to start the game with 10 men withour a goalie. There is no goal-keeper at all. That is not to say the short players up front need to be diversified. Bendtner should start and they need another tall striker. ^^ Quiet interesting you mentioned this, Thats one thing Arsenal really lack imo is another type of striker, their forwards are too similar to each other, Van Persie, Arshavin and Eduardo are all similar types of players, I think Arsenal need an out and out pacy striker, perhaps Niang from Marseille would have been perfect for them or perhaps a taller, stronger striker (Carlton Cole maybe). Something to give them a plan B when they are trailing in a game, because Arsenal against any half decent team, seem to fall to bits when they go a goal or two down. Also Arsenal's midfield just caved in and made it far too easy for Chelsea to carve through, I think Wenger is a fine manager but his reluctance to invest in a top quality holding midfielder is baffling, Mahamodou Diarra was allegedly on the market this summer, he would have been perfect imo, he is decent on the ball but can also get stuck in when needs be, this is what Arsenal lack, their centre midfield against the big teams is simply too soft, vs United last week and this week has proven this. What game did you watch Sxb? Arsenal midfield were on top Chelsea's. The Only player that was stopping us was Mikel. Lampard other than the second goal pass, he didn't do match. Most of teh second half we played in your half. It was like Watching Birmingham vs Arsenal. I have to admit - we didn't have the conviction to shoot...We created alot of chances - clear cut chances than Chelsea! I think everyone agreed that the difference between the teams was Striker. Chelsea had one effiecent striker vs a team of midfielders. You are kidding when you said RvP, Arshavin and edu are the same, yeah? I agree with you though We need a strong player like Kwenye Jones - ireally think he is good player but didn't have the best coaching! Where to from here, We will be beat Lpool and as far as the title concerns it is CHELSEA's to lose! if they drop points like they did in December we will have a chance otherwise Second it a good place to aim for! There you have it Oz - i brought the PL Title to you whether you take it or not is up to you, doesn't mean i will not take it back if you don't want it Cheers
  19. So much pain now. Had I listen to the bookie I met in Malaysia I would have been prepared for what happened last Sunday. Acording to the bookie, everyone will favour Arsenal to win that game but they will lose (with the first goal being an own goal) I laughed at his face and I am not implying anything here. Saying that, I will not say another word until Monday morning in which I will either deliver the cup to Oz's door or laugh at his face! Cheers
  20. Love the keyboard without the stand Dude1: "Waaryaahe bal kor u hay" Dude2: "Dee waan daalay, wallee waan dhigi" Dude2 talking to passing by Dude3: "Waryaahee midkaadan madaxa fiiqan , bal dhinacaa ka qabo" Cheers
  21. ^^^^^ LoL. for some strange reason I always associate the word "macho" with the Village People. Concur with Sherban
  22. Am waiting for this movie, I have heard alot about it!
  23. Oz and Ngonge, I was not expecting anything less from you - so go and cross your fingers! We only have one SONG - he is coming back home. Take that Tuujiye! Cheers