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  1. STOIC;966333 wrote: One thing I found about myself in this trip is that I can not live in a city that has no accessible library.I was disappointed to have to drive miles and miles to buy a book or find a nice cup of coffee (thanks to JAVA cafe for nice coffee).This is something that made me realize that I love my books and coffee. Whoa! You don't use Kindle? crime! Kax Kax Kax
  2. Juxa;966317 wrote: oldka naga daa, shabaab cirowday beynu nahaye JB xamar wanted baad ka tahay waxaan kugu xukumay kiilo muus ah inaad cunto within an hour LoL...labadaan berri kelimada shabaab waaba la isku haystaa... JB - maana koobiyo ayaa dhowr habeen lagu xiraa....
  3. Naxar, got it... So PwC were appointed in 2009 and Yusuf resigned in 2008? you said few times they were appointed by Yusuf's regime. I think you are misinforming the people. not cool man! as for the job description, what NG is explaining to you is how the audit works. they have no power other than informing the UN, Donors and the Somali government. It is not their responsibility what these groups do with the reports, makes sense? The buck stops with SFG, The UN and the Donors; The PwC will be in trouble if they reported everything to be ok and the UN found out the stolen money through other channels. Either case, The UN and Senior SFG have to take responsibility and someone has to be accountable!
  4. LOL NG, i don't think Naxar understands the role of an auditor. As far as anyone knows PwC could have told the SFG. Naxar, If PwC were appointed in 2009, how did the Abdullahi's admin hired them, didn't he resign 2008?
  5. ^^^ Agree. Dort Vs Malaga was awesome game, i like both teams.... Are you back in the UK? moved from Dubai?
  6. ^^^ what if some regions vote for unity? would the SL case be the same as Canadian Quebec, be in the union but every now and then a new nationalism will campaign for a new referendum? Would be acceptable to you
  7. Xaaji Xunjuf;936699 wrote: ^^ If you control the land you have an important input in all decisions So you're saying it is about control? and not the will of the people? NG, you make sense, but my point is SL admin are banking more on the emotional response of the masses rather than laying down strong foundation for nation building, does that make sense? even if today SL is recognised it is longevity is under threat, me thinks. My thinking is the only way the international community will recognise SL is through a referendum. would the SL admin accept that, i doubt, too proud.
  8. Since Arsenal were not played I did't wake up for them, watched the goals and highlights.... they were great games.... I was hoping Drogba to hunt back his old boss.... but was impressed with Dortmund vs Malaga game. real cracker!
  9. LoL Faheema, yeah back and forth between Down Under and Malaysia. NG, Juxa planted those thoughts in your head ala inception.
  10. NG "They don’t believe that Somalia is a legitimate partner and rather think that because SL had gained its independence by force of arms, it should not demean itself by going back to sit down with those it defeated. Their argument is that there are no talks to be had and that SL’s position is very clear." So by that Logic, if today Awdal and Sool/Sanaag take up arms against SL Admin and declare they are independent or they want to reunite with the South, then would SL admin let them secede? what would bind these states (in North West) together as one nation? Mind to clarify that NG,
  11. Salaam ladies and Gentlemen, How is everyone? great to see familiar faces.... maxaa iga danbeeyey? NG, Lixdaada Lixaad lix kama maqnaan karto.... Faheema, how are you?
  12. it is good to be back until next time, have a great day Cheers
  13. Faheema.;903185 wrote: You should read the Book... Tis' was a beautiful film. Though it could never compete with the book but Ang Lee’s adaption was pretty brilliant I have to say. Ps. The Hobbit, Unexpected POINTLESS and USELESS Journey lol About the Hobbit, how come the TROLLS, ORK and the bad guys had english accent and the dwarves had scottish/Irish accent... is PJ have a go at the POMS! LOL
  14. ^^^ Didn't you know? waa ku sidee waxba ma ogid....
  15. LOL@Juxa, I need bit of roughness in me life... i'll take NG with me as a service to all of you londoners....
  16. NGONGE;908797 wrote: ^^ War did you join Paragon and others in the African jungles too? Naga daa! Don't the people have a phone? Yes NG, and? should I asked to drop everything and come early (though i chose the time and place) Africa? not yet...later in the month insha Allah... Thanks Faheema. (it has been a while), how are you?
  17. NGONGE;908791 wrote: Go to sleep LOZ! (welcome back by the way). too early, no?
  18. Juxa;908790 wrote: Faheema you do need a spa week just to recover from today salaams@legend, how can you be bored bisinkee waiting for folks and the time has stopped. I mean i wrote stuff, built an excel spreadsheet and still time froze... i've one hour to wait for ppl.
  19. Ha Ha Ha. awesome. I'm not in the west, just in case you were wondering.
  20. Ha Ha .... One thing tho s government should understand is "it is not interim" therefore complete mandate to govern comes with a higher responsibility, not to mention the weighty expectations of a hopeful people and watching eyes of the international community. what it does before the May 13 conference will determine its fate!
  21. Seriously I have given up on ARSENE. in the last 24 hours he made three different interviews with all different messages " he will buy, he won't, no he will buy" WTF Then I hear thru the grapevines Arsenal are talking a world class player and he is dishing alot of money for this star player.... I hope it is true! Lost Cause
  22. Salaam Trollers... I'm extremely bored... Need to focus.....
  23. [edit] @Xiin ^^^^ still cyber supporting/opposing/analysing Somali Politics I see Yaa Xiin Faniin. ma daashid?
  24. Speaking of a SALE, How did the Cyber Monday go? was it a BIG FAIL or success?