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  1. Spain has some issues to overcome. Now that I have seen how Paraguay play I think they will be beaten by Paraguay @ the Quarterfinals. Cheers
  2. ^^ I see them beating Korea and Argentina doing them a favour by beating Greece I don't expect them to do well beyind the round 16. Cheers
  3. Actually Nigeria could qualify tonight if they beat Korea and Argentina beat Greece (which is more likely) Since they don't have the eyes on them they could easily sneak in. Hope they do. Nigeria to qualify for the second round would be my prediction!
  4. While I believe the truth in the title but it must be the worst ever title for a da'wa convention? It doesn't make sense when it comes to spreading the da'wah. Cheers
  5. I haven't watched the IC vs Portugal so I can't comment yet (recorded it though may watched it later). As for NK, they played really well, with little compsure infront of goal, they would have given Brazil more headache. I still believe Brazil will win th WC...if a team can win even when they are playing not to their usual game, i see them as champions. I have seen a very balanced team (hope Fabiano hits forms otherwise Nilmar should start) Cheers
  6. talk about determination and team spirit...love these Korean team!
  7. Australia has only one problem...their idiotic coach! I blame him for last night's defeat. he went to the world cup without plan B and wanted to play against Germany without a striker! Australia now has a slim chance and hope. never dying spirit of the ozzies will come to surface! I hope Germany and Serbia go home Germany were made look like better than they are thanks to Vim the *****. he has already quit the national team. how can he lead a team he is leaving and doesn't care for? :Angry: Cheers
  8. Ican't see beyond Brazil and Arge... If any surprise winners then it is Holland Surprise team = Chile Cheers
  9. Nuunoow, Rafa tag, idin dhaaf
  10. am still waiting for you, dude wanna come for shaah and baashaal, yaa oz?
  11. Same here...I am planning to sleep thru out the weekend - except the few hours I am playing footie. Juxa, I am envious for the first time London's warm weather. we have been freezing
  12. I hope you get better... any plans for the weekend?
  13. ah warm did you say..no wonder Juxa & Malika are not around...laying out there enjoying the sun. what are you doing indoor btw?
  14. HI Lily... Zu is breaking a record here!
  15. loool we are talking about isbaaro Buuxo loo dhigtay in somewhere in amreeka Kung fu plus AK plus Bazoooka, bal kaalay adiga halka soo dhaaf
  16. ^^^ dhowr qori iyo laba bazooka baa igu filan! Waaba haddaa halkaa (bakoortaan ku xariiqaayaa) soo dhaafto :mad:
  17. ^^^LoooL wax un bay qarqarin, maxaad ka cabsan inaan isbaaro kuu dhigto, walee bay ka tahay! LooL @ green and gold, well I had green and gold Cheers
  18. oh yes, i went to work today with full brazilian gear. so where are you heading? amreeka waa wayn tahay
  19. ^^^ that helps if you are on the road..i mean my choatic order. I believe KHaliil Husary will not allow you to keep doing errors. he is by far the best reader when it comes to tartiil. Che, you sounded like demokaratic kandhidayd Hi Buuxo
  20. I npersonally don't like tutors, they woul annoy the shit out of me. CHe, haa niyow, laakiin, gaja' gaja' baan ahay what did they do to you? any good movies lately?
  21. Hi Juxa, Malika, what is new ladies. Che, whatta up hommie
  22. ^ [sheh] home is where the heart is, eh!. I believe you would not need any online tutoring if you have an ipod/mp3 player with the full quran. make an hour of your day to memorise the quran by listening and then repeating. for example, listen the ipod, read along and then pause it, read it by yourself, then fix any errors, repeat the process...soon you will see that you can read by urself all the ayah's you were able to read along at the begining. I have memorised four juz like that...it works Cheers