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  1. ^^^ Dude, You will be below us at the end of the season...mark my words Barca will lose tonight... 1 - 0 to Arsenal.
  2. A&T, I told you Ibra will be a problem for us. I always knew messi won't be an issue but I didn't expect the Arsenal defenders to know how to play against tall, powerfull & unpredictable strikers. oh Well...I don't think Barca will have the space they had last night. next week it will be different.
  3. ^^^^LoooL... to be honest Arsenal were starstruck and once they scored and had a go at Barca, they realised they can get something out of the game. We all know we didn't play well last night (to be honest we were outplayed) but Barca will regret that they haven't finished us off in this game. I can not believe we didn't retain the ball as we should and gave them too much space. I have seen most of our passes were to no one. Shame. I think I have said before the game - Ibrahimovic will be our problem and he was last night... Arsene admitted it "we didn't know how to get the ball back and once we get it we gave it away easily, even without pressure from Barca" and I think that is what we will work on. I have also learned last night - in games where positioning is important - Denislson is the better option. once he came on he won alot of balls for us because of his positioning. Over all, we came back from hopeless position to get a draw and with that Barca may end up regretting it. Cheers
  4. ^^^ deny deny deny (and may be just may be it will become untrue) Anyways... I'll say have a good day/night folks. am off Cheers
  5. LoL NG, it is not April fool's day. this is done by a leading Prof Simon Champan. he is a very well known sociologist and did alot of research on cigarette & smoking. Hi Juxa
  6. Hi Lily, Apparently a research was conducted and found the pig blood is used to improve the effectiveness of the cigarette filters. The manufacturers do not share this info with the public under "the secrets of the trade" clause. Here is the link Cheers
  7. Ello trollers Just a bit of news for Smokers "Cigarettes have pig Blood?" waxa iigu daran dadka markay afuraan sigaarka caba khansiir bay ku afureen - that is Shaiza! Cheers
  8. ^^^ Am around sxb...was away for the last couple of days I was in training - so don't have the time to come here. I'll get back to traumatising you from tomorrow Insha Allah. Adiga duruuc un baad ka hadashaa... waa ku sidee? I tell you as I told Oz "At the end of the season, the gunners will be on top of Chelsea" Cheers
  9. ^^^ Ciil waxaa idinka haayo Captain Fab Arsenal uu u dheelaa? Nuune, ma idin ka gadnaa? laakiin Rafa sida talent loogu ciyaaro uu yaqaanaa (Babel, Riera) Oz, Haye...Fab ma rabtiin? Lampard ka gada Liverpool ka dub Fab aan idin ka gadeenaa! In Any case, ha is ceebeynina..i know when we win - kuligiin bandwagon ayaa ku soo biiri doontiin. Cheers
  10. Waraa Nuune, adiga saa diyaarad wadoow u bilowday banooniga wareer uu kaa galay. Arsenal don't know anything about Barca??? Henry, Toure (trained with us for a bit) and Fab's friends? and we play the same way. Cheers PS: Barca had hard tome playing against Stuttgard in Germany...expect them to lose at the Emirates. I am just worried about goal difference or away goals. Cheers#2
  11. ^^^ Oz...Yaa Allah. I told you this is an old article which the SUN decided to republish making it new story. Here is the link Oz, you aught to check your facts right Tom Lawrence Article 21 November 2009 - right after RvP's injury Cheers
  12. ^^^ Oz, LooooL You qouting the SUN. The Sun repeated the article which was first published December last year - as I said after we had so many injuries. I will get you the copy of the original article (Insha Allah). Tuujiye, Everton didn't beat us (They lost 8 -1 to us and drew 3-3 in the second leg). Also they lost to Liverpool as well. They beat You and ManU Oz....Cuz..expect my call when we finish above you this year Cheers
  13. ^^^ Dinho stuffed up when he was leading the Samba boys in 2006. His arrogance showed Brazil the door. You can watch France vs Brazil in 2006. Remember when Brazil was accused lack of flair in 1994 and they won. I expect the same here! Dunga will see to that. Cheers
  14. Originally posted by Oz: PS: Arshavin said: "I am still of the opinion that to win trophies Arsenal needs more players. You can't be serious cuz. the article was a hoax. it was initially published after Bendtner, Gibbs and RvP got injured. he talked about how 12 players were out. The article added how we sold two and bought one. if it was now he would have said we sold two and bought two, won't you think? In terms of Barca, to be honest I am more worried about Zlatan than Messi. The battle is this Abou Diaby will hassle Toure and use his muscle to give Insiesta hard time. Denilson will harrass and shadow Xavi. Fab to be free to dictate the game for us. Vermelean will shadow Henry, Song to wipe out Messi everytime he comes close to the 18 yards or he is harrased by Sagna. I seriously don't know how we gonna handle Zlatan. As for Birmingham, they have been on a fall since manU & Chelsea game. they were just beaten by the Rovers. Chelsea vs Villa tough one followed by ManU game. I tell you by next w'end we will be on top. Cidii naga soo dejin lahayd ayaa la rabaa after that. Cheers
  15. ^^^ The Question is Will he peak too soon like Ronaldinho . Dino is not even 30 and he passed it. I Like Messi but I am not sure if he can win world cup by carrying his team like Zizzuo, Ronaldo, Maradona and Pele. These are players who carried their teams and won them world cups. can he do that? we will see this world cup! Cheers
  16. Originally posted by Oz: Quote Me on this at the end of the season mate...Arsenal 3rd.. I will personally call you and qoute this
  17. ^^^LoooL the entire Arsenal team costed not more than Zhirkov and Bosingwa. he he he Sxb Chelsea has few young players like Kalou, Kakuta and few others. they need to give them more games. The problem is not only getting Lampard's replacement but also strikers and wingers. Other than that you are spot on.
  18. LoL NG, Stan waa *****... Norf, Sounnes @ Which channel does he present the EPL games?
  19. ^^^LooooL no sxb, we have Aussie presenters. I read his columns on the pundits blog. Gunner hater number one waaye...ok he is number two and Stan Collymore is number one. Cheers
  20. Lil Voice has nothing to do with me but everything to do with waxaan la ii dirsan. Hence it is bizarre.
  21. Yes Sxb...we get six matches all together for Eevert Saturday. Early Game (lunch time), 4 games simultaneously (3 o'clock games) - digital - and late kick off.
  22. Juxa, If a Somali can't understand Somali and English does it make them qashin? that means I know few qashins.
  23. Lol Lily, I have never seen Melbourne like this before but overall am happy with the sun we get. Lol Norf, Multi - Shade. There is this thought in my head. It is not leaving me and It seems I can't shake it off. it is bizarre. I need to get rid of it - what should I do. Cheers
  24. Norf. That header was something else...kept replaying it. I've not seen anyone who jumps like that. Chelsea is out of the title race for two simple reasons (for the first time I agree with Alan Hansen) - Old legs are running out of steam and there is no enough desire. I told both Oz and Tuujiye while back, that Chelsea’s Achilles is Age and it is catching up with them and with no succession plan, next year expect them to fight for fourth place. It is between ManU and Arsenal now. Cheers
  25. Val, Ol Melb is rockin except the weather. Summer is gone, Unknown season(and I mean it) is upon us.