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  1. Thus is a move of a bully, and shows the weakness in Kenya's hand. Nothing will come out making Kenya an enemy at this point in Somalia's overall stage. The response should be calculated, measured and have song term vision at the heart of it. African states are led by imbeciles. The fact that Kenya is a bully and looking down on us is clearly indicated in this quote by one of their diplomats. "By carelessly ignoring the internationally acceptable norms of boundary dispute resolution and or political and diplomatic disagreements, the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia has once again demonstrated that it has yet to attain and embrace the political maturity and diplomatic stance of a normal, well adjusted, and properly functioning modern government," PS Kamau said. What's a piece of xaar this lot are! This should go into our history books and taught in our schools in the future, never to be forgotten. Not only is our location hostile and unstable, we are unlucky to have hostile neighbours too.
  2. Dhagax-Tuur

    Ilham Omar

    Mr. Abrams thinking, "who the f#$k does she think she is. I'm white American born and bred in this country, to be questioned like this by a black, Muslim, hijabi female, what's America coming to? I need to be signing up for the KKK to drain the swamp." You know a country is taking a new shape when a Somali refugee female ìs dressing down an old white high ranking military establishment figure. Does anyone know if Ilhaan is reer Mudug, I ask because you don't have to be growing up in Mudug to have reer Mudug mannerisms.
  3. Dhagax-Tuur

    Ilham Omar

    I think she's scarily brave. She's very confrontational and direct with her questioning. She needs to slow down a bit.
  4. Dhagax-Tuur

    Where’s Farmaajo?

    And that matters how? 54 African nations and other participants in one photo shoot, so your logic is if you can't see Somali president on the forefront, he's orphaned nobody, in your warped logic. He's on the third row on the left, with glasses and suit.
  5. Dhagax-Tuur

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    Really? Arab issue? Palestine is a Muslim world issue. And I say she's brave to raise that in US where AIPAC & Jewish lobby. Sometimes you have to stand for a cause bigger than you when you're in a position that you can stir things up. If she's doing it with a good heart I say go on sister
  6. Dhagax-Tuur

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    Really? Arab issue? Palestine is a Muslim world issue. And I say she's brave to raise that in US where AIPAC & Jewish lobby.
  7. Dhagax-Tuur

    Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower

    "The Heritage Institute recently released “ Oil in Somalia: Adding Fuel to the Fire? ,” by Dominik Balthasar." By who? Isn't Heritage a Somali think tank? Don't they have an experienced and excellent Somali expert to come up with either the criticism or praise of the oil exploration? Or maybe the idea of putting a foreigner 's name on the paper is still the in thing with Caynte and his ilk. Back to the so-called criticism of the article, he says Somalia 's regulatory framework isn't ready, that can be developed along side exploiting the resources. Getting oil off the ground and into market will take years, and if the right minds are running the ship, it can be put in place in time. He says, could lead to further political instability between federal and states, read getting the regulatory framework right. He says, Shabab will target tankers, absolute fear mongering. Development of a nation will be put on hold because of insurgents, no one runs a nation in fear, one might as well leave and turn off the lights, if that's the case. Dear the only decent point you could made would have been for you to come from the angle of having good governance and transparent system in place only should Somalia try to exploit it's resources because as is always the case, at this stage, exploring oil will probably turn out to be a curse and the winners will be what's largely a western oil companies not the people, mostly, or the country. Next time, write a better convincing article, sir.
  8. Dhagax-Tuur

    Somalia is now the most corrupt country on earth

    This is a western org, measuring stuff through western eyes. Take it with a pinch of salt
  9. Dhagax-Tuur

    The good Sheikh is back

    Broad statements that don't mean a thing. Shabaab was never cleared. Neither he nor the current admin succeeded in that. They're still potent. During his tenure, they were breathing down his neck, so to speak. They were fighting in Dayniile. Defeated warlords, how? Creating the federal states? Was he the architect, really? You making him up to be more than he is able or made of. One thing that I cannot stand is someone who was part of movement/idealogically driven one, and when things fall apart walk away from it, I'm referring to the UoC. Lack of effing principle. He should home AWOL rather than becoming a chameleon, which is what he is now. It's my belief that Farmaajo admin is an improvement but from this point on, we need to move on to better leadership with vision and more than anything grit.
  10. Dhagax-Tuur

    The good Sheikh is back

    On what basis? Track record please of delivery during his tenure
  11. I have no sympathy for Hormuud whatsoever.
  12. 1. If this fellow has a proven track record of working with banks of nations recovering from wars, he's the right person. (I wrote this earlier, so I believe he is not) 2. If government 's hand is forced by powerful forces then chill and take the pill, Soomaalaay!
  13. Inaanan aniga aqoon baa laga yaabaa, ee ma waxaa jira dugsiga hoose dhexe ee Mogadishu? Waligeey ma maqlin.
  14. Yaa Allah, i hate the word 'aid. We have lived before aid and we will live without InshAllah. I agree one thing with you though, it's better to play the long term game and not be reactionary. With the conference in London and their historical connections, they probably assumed that they're our overlords.
  15. Grow the f@ck up and get your head outta your backside when replying. What are you, high or something?