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  1. It's obviously a political move. N&N political juggernaut is working overtime.
  2. Someone should tell Dualleh to get his face out of his backside. Really. You're not in charge. Wake up from the dream, dude.
  3. There comes a time...... I ain't bothering. You're a lost cause.
  4. Apparently wuxuu qofkani ka yimid China. Where's the responsibility? Waana Somali national. Caqli xumo.
  5. 'Without peace, everything is worthless' WWW.BBC.CO.UK Taxi driver Seifu Amanuel spreads his message of peace by standing in the... Intellectual human that understands the value of peace unlike animalistic Somalis.
  6. Soomaali du waa xayawaan. There, I said it. They're effing monkeys that need to evolve..
  7. All of it IS Somali-Land. Fck D Block, H block etc. I'm not having a go at you, but the land is all for Somalis and insha Allah we will get to a point where anyone will live wherever they want to live peacefully as a Somali.
  8. Can I just say one more time, collaborating with Turks (AK party admin) is the best thing that happened to our country. When you down and out, you need a good friend to hold your hand and help you to your feet, and can I shower special gratitude to Erdogan as the head. However, as I write this, wallaahi, I was interrupted as if by fate, a discussion with a Turk, and naturally we started discussing Turkey and politics and Erdogan. He was anti AK, as quite a few Turks are, but the reality is no one knows how long they will last in power, our country needs to diversify our foreign friends. If they are replaced, anyone that comes in will cleanse the system off of them, literally. It will affect us big time. We need 5 to 10 year plan to weather for the unexpected.
  9. What a hot f@cking coming your backside. Being a knobhead aa you're is manliness then you can shove it you-know-where.