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  1. I thought you were a supporter! He's not dangerous. That would be a compliment. He's a fool with no national pride at all. It's time Somalia breaks up!
  2. The looters are now crying, eh? Not getting enough of the loot? I say Somalia needs breaking up. This can't go on.
  3. Hsm doesn't give a toss about anything or anybody. Now, it's beyond impunity. No serious mucaarad cuz they don't dare. Xamar isn't their homeland thus scared for their lives. If Xamar being capital isn't seriously questioned, this kind of presidency will become the norm.
  4. HSM's corruption is on a different level. It's looting. The thing is the delusion is also out of this world. They think they are doing stellar job. Now, I'm more than happy for this country to balkanize.
  5. I'm not clairvoyant but I DID predict this after Culusow's election. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. As for the USA embassy warning: really? They're behind all this shyt.
  6. I said it. HSM will throw this country into abyss. I called it. Tonight, Puntland have pretty much declared independence from Mogadishu. Sad. R I.P. Somalia.
  7. Reerka maa u yeeray? Part of the kacdoonka in awdal.
  8. HSM has an agenda. Quite frankly he obsessed imitating the Turkish presidential style of government. He's trying to force this and stay there as long as he can as a dictator. I'm not sure it's going to work in Somalia. Dude is neither bright nor a patriot.
  9. Iimboogeey, there's nothing to be optimistic about now. I'm actually now thinking maybe we better off fracturing as a nation. Maybe just maybe the majority suffering in the country might have a better life, hopefully, under any other rule. I shouldn't be pessimistic as a Muslim and Allah knows better but it is dire.
  10. This move is quite simply a power grab. Pure and simple. Completing unfinished constitution is a smokescreen. I think there's more to hsm that's hidden than he's showing. How can you do this without consensus from all parties? I guarantee you, this will be the last push into the abyss this country needed. The resulting fracture in unity will be the end of Somalia as we know it. I'm being realistic. But we wait and see. I hope I'm wrong.
  11. Do you remember the black eye? That trip to the ? I think they have got some compromat on him. I'm not saying much. But hsm is compromised in relation to Emirates