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  1. What flipping difference is it going to make? Isn't it running under the banner of a tribe? Aren't Dir Somali tribe with the same shenanigans as the rest of them? Reer waqooyi will not be any different than the rest. Handing them presidency is capitulation. Have them their fair share or let them keep living their dream. If we are going to reinstate an equitable and fair state, every tribe must have their fair share of the state, be it resources or power. Period.
  2. Immature politician/technocrat who was advised badly. He should have adopted the Putin/Medvedev model.
  3. ^is the northern enclave going to be next child of Ibrahim to join?
  4. Saacadii baa halkaa uga go'day! Move on it's been 30 years, damn it.
  5. Off the ladder 1990 and back on by 2016, third from bottom better than 2 other countries, not bad. Not at our rightful place in the region but a wounded tiger, we are.
  6. The northern enclave so called leaders are next to go to Tel Aviv to kiss some Yuhuudi backside in the name of 'ictiraaf'. What an effing world we are living in!
  7. Geographically close to Ethiopia. 100m landlocked market. Yes.
  8. Fck the ic. Wrong or right of anything done, its us Somalis that should decide.
  9. It could be a simple coincidence.
  10. This is obviously the work of the right in America. At least the congresswoman is still wearing the hijab and calls herself a Muslim. What she does in her private life is between her and the Creator.
  11. They (northern admin) should have been grateful to the Somali government. Lo and behold, their withdrawal symptoms clouded their minds. Somali airspace is the responsibility of the Somali government. Capiche?
  12. Egypt is either involved or enjoying it and will probably do everything they can to worsen the situation. It's to do with the dam. What's with Africa and this ethnically driven politics. Why is the continent struggling with building federally administered regions and having a decent federal state? Drums of war will bring nothing but woe. I think Ethiopia will survive this.
  13. We have never lost our independence. It's the day the Somali state was founded. Happy statehood birthday.