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  1. ^ nothing will change. Hope isn't there. It's more like how bad is it going to get? Qoslaaye doesn't have it in him to turn the ship around. He's a man backed by Deni and his ilk to get back to the presidency, therefore, 'hal xaaraan ah, nirig xalaal ah ma dhasho ' . Good luck to Somalia.
  2. ^Damn! He is back to fck it up.
  3. Done deal now, innit? Qoslaaye, president, Deni PM
  4. Clear indication, innit? Macallin dugsi oo sidaan ah Somalia laga helaa!
  5. This country is beyond fcked up. Excuse my French. It will go to the highest bidder.
  6. ^you have said it all when you said, 'Puntland .....'. Give credit where credit is due. They have been peacefully running their business for 30 years. Now, the only region in the eastern Africa that is holding elections. Delayed granted by nonetheless election is taking place.
  7. ^I second that. If they continue this trajectory, they'll achieve their ultimate goal of independence. Well done, Somaliland.
  8. First they trash their men, and then calaacal begins. Treat your men like kings, if there's an iota of decency in the man, he should treat you like a queen in return.
  9. Tribal affiliations are the building blocks of Somali politics. One would be a fool to alienate one's kinship. Period.
  10. You ain't having a cake and eat it. Either we all share or none of us eat