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  1. 'Albaabka naga fura, yohoow Yuhuud maa tihiin?' Aa ka dhacday. Ciyaalka (dhalinta) waxay arkeen bey ka fal celinayaan. That's their theatre.
  2. Totally wrong. Let them get the red carpet welcome of Somalinimo. If they decide to dilly dally here and there, it's their shortcomings. They shouldn't be seen any different from any other part of Somalia. When they go low, go high.
  3. We are hereby appealing to our Gambian brethren to take the UAE to the international criminal court for crimes against the pillaging of Muslim blood in Yemen, Libya, Levant and Somalia. We thank you.
  4. ^axmaq. And these people are walking among us. Shayaadiinul insi.
  5. It's a boomerang, my friend. USA ransacked many countries, directly or indirectly, and in a funny kind of way, it's coming back home. Life is a karma, biatch!
  6. ^ This is how this sort of thing starts, and then it snowballs from here on unless a strong Somali state takes root. If things go south after the upcoming election, Kenya's dream will likely become a reality. 'Ku qabso, ku qadi meyside'
  7. A whitey with superiority complex. They know better not to go against a national government policy, they would not dream of doing that in the west with matters pertaining to national security.
  8. He's brazen. Concerned letter to the international community, no less. He must be a member of the mucaarad, and a Somali, me thinks.
  9. ^exactly my thoughts. Then again, it is sign of the times.
  10. Does anyone what ha is doing with the Russians? On an election campaign, flying to Moscow is really scary. This fellow's ambition is scary for Somalia. Compared to Russia, Kenya, Emiratis et al will be a child's play if they start interfering Somali politics/elections. Somebody warn this guy not to open pandora's box.