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  1. Yes, it's disgraceful to us all. But to be honest, this is HSM's doing.
  2. 'Smash'n'Grab' lot are brazen. Rag rag dhalay.
  3. The stadium announcer called him Farmaajo. And yes he was belittled.
  4. Meanwhile in Africa we have the land and enough water to make our food, yet we are still a basket case. In the words of Sh. MUSTAFE SH. ISMAACIIL HAARUUN, "we are waiting to be fed by people who can ONLY plant 3 months of the year, when we can plant 12 months of the year ".
  5. He has every right to look out for himself. The smash and grab lot will try to come and loot. He needs deterrence. If they sense weakness, they will knock. Stick!
  6. 'Smash 'n' Grab' lot, waxaas big deal uma arkaan.
  7. SubxaanAllah, What's happening to Somlis?
  8. ^I know. It's a vicious circle.
  9. Dadkii baa gaajo u dhimanaya, umalayn maa environment iyo forestry is anywhere near priority. Ba$tards in charge are busy looting.
  10. M00ryaanta Xamar have apparently banned anyone from gathering in any hotel in the city for dissent. How quickly they fricking forget! Why is this city still the capital of Somalis, when clearly it is the village of a clan? We're hostages.
  11. ^waar wiil yar baa uga masuul ah oo iska xar xariiqa.
  12. This is only the beginning. These guys are here to fill up their private coffers.