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  1. ^Put other way. What have you got to prove that this so called jjourno is correct?
  2. You would post anything, however worthless. War waxan ha dhagaysan
  3. 'God ha qodin, ku dhici doontaa ma ogide ' in this case, he dug it deep. HSM has turned Somalia into a tribal fiefdom. Those that say it's a gimmick, what else can he do to waken senses in Mogadishu, which is literally turning into 'unukaa leh'. If things don't change, it'll get worse. I said it before, hsm and his crew will fck up this country.
  4. Badbaado Qaran in KG? Obviously, this shyt was orchestrated from Mogadishu, but reer KG should know better.
  5. Wallaahi, if that was the case, it is not surprising. Ninkan wax walba ka filo.
  6. Wow. 1991 all over. Qof Soomali ah baa 'looma ooyaan' laga soo qaada oo mid kale 'looma ooyaan' laga dhiga oo loo dilayaa. SubxaanaAllah, markaas aa nabad wadanka laga rajeynayaa!
  7. Without a doubt. I swear he sees himself chief of a tribe than statesman. You would thought second time, he would realise the enormity of the task and the sacrifices that need to be made, but hey, you can take the boy out of the village but not the village from the boy.
  8. Somalia on the brink of famine Yet in his recent interview on Upfront (Interview ) hsm claimed we are okay or words to that effect. He's clueless.
  9. Maba doonayaanee, inaynu dawlad ahaano (noqono). Imperialist whites are by their nature exploitative. I think, the next step will be 'meet us in Nairobi, Mogadishu is too violent '.
  10. The man is not muslim by those who know and IOG'S daughter's man. Isn't it HARAM in Islam? Or is it okay when it's your tribe or wherever your allegiance lies. I sense a case of, 'la jiifiyaana banaan...'
  11. ^there you go from those who know this corrupt family and their escapades. I did listen to Sh Abdirahman categorically saying that this was a transactional marriage. Some to do with the Khat trade in Mogadishu. Keep on trying to shut people down with 'war Allah ka baq'.
  12. Politically, he is inept. Like or loathe it, foundations of hsm's politics are tribal. To counter him, he should played the worst kind of tribal politics. Qaniinyo, qaniinyaa kaa fujisa.