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  1. Mindless. Your analogy doesn't work. Clothes are Banaadiri, hence southern Somali culture, not 'laba qayd', which obviously you don't want to be with, so piss off and leave everything proper Somalia and that includes soor, canbuulo, etc. I'm not being serious, there are decent, somali unity loving northerners. So I'll leave at that.
  2. ^Knobhead, it's about her customary tone towards Somalia not the content. Somalia is not invading its neighbours. It's clearly Kenya that's robbing Somali waters yet this woman is stabbing Somalia in the back. Disgraceful.
  3. Did we really? No we didn't. We are feudal, tribal people. We don't have laws on anywhere. It's, I believe, a case of 'this is my town, fella, don't you forget '. We haven't moved on.
  4. Law? Who said law? There's no law or courts in the country. This is more of a respecting the administration and their policies. Especially when one fully understands the reason behind the air restrictions. He's playing politics, simple. He's looking to presidential elections and votes.
  5. It was few days ago that Cali Mahdi was throwing tuntrum for being stopped at a checkpoint, probably legitimately. Now Xasan and Sharif are directly challenging govt ruling. It doesn't matter who you are, if the government of the day puts restrictions on any one or anything, you ought to respect and follow not challenge or undermine. What next, I wonder.
  6. As in waa 'fake news ' miyaa?
  7. This is telling. On one hand, an attitude of this is my city, you are not in charge, and on the other, an attitude of I'm above the law. This is a former so called president. What would the illiterate nomad say/do, I wonder? Somalia is doomed unless we can come up with a system of govt that suits who we are.
  8. Sorry, but national govt is not a silver bullet. I think one of the following options: 1. Regional emirates with considerable powers both home and foreign, which is what they all want. 2. To arrange a proper social contract between Somali weyn. Bring them under a tent be honest with each other. I know, easier said than done. 3. We need a dictatorial system, centralized and bring every one in line by force.
  9. Well it's an idea, but the writer obviously oozes grudge with Somalia-proper, a nation state, in his words. Instead of banging the drum of 'Somalia is finished, let's go and declare our tribal enclave a breakaway republic ', I would like to point out defected gene in all Somalis, which is that the minute they find their elusive idyllic state, guess what, the same tribal divisions will start among them. So careful what you wish for!
  10. Then how do we go about bringing 'a real, working govt......'? By talking nonsense, conference after conference to folks that we know truly know have everything to lose should this FG take a resemblance of a state. Entertaining the status quo is futile. You have to shake it, and mould it to a vision you want to realise. Call it what you want, but at least they're trying.
  11. Cantarabaqash. If by trying to bring back the dignity and sovereignty of Somali state (demasculating the governors) looks to you a 'dictatorial tendency', then the takeaway from your remark is 'let's be dysfunctional and keep looting the meagre state resources '. The strategy of the FG was to tame these de facto state within state affair. If they would have succeeded it would have been in the interest of Somalia as a state and whoever replaces the current ADMINISTRATION.
  12. What a piece of shyt. This is the problem when you don't have any other profession to fall back on when you leave politics. Your party (group) lost the election, move on. And you wonder why Somalia is in a mess. Wonder no more. It's individuals like this person in Somali politics.
  13. But kamoon baraadar! The company might be Somali but its infrastructure is private. And its business practice is predatory and borderline unethical, so this move by Ms Omar stinks to high heaven. If she really wants to stand up for her people, she needs to systematically work with concerned Somalis and shine a light on indiscriminate u.s bombing of civilians. She's Somali, she would more access to document the atrocities and bring it to u.s govt scrutiny. This move is obviously private business lobbying. And of course exchange of brown envelopes are involved.