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  1. War-murtiyeed xasaasi ah oo laga soo saaray shirkii madax goboleedyada (Aqri) October 25, 2018 Garoowe (Caasimada Online) – Golaha Iskaashiga Dowlad Goboleedyada Soomaaliya ayaa shirkii ay ku lahaayeen Garowe ka soo saaray war-murtiyeed ku saabsan qodobadii ay ka doodeen. Dhinaca amaanka ayey ku sheegeen in ay sameynayaan Ciidamo isku dhaf ah oo Daraawiish ah amaanka dalkana la wareegaya kuwaas oo yeelanaya hal talis. Waxaa kale oo ay sheegeen in ay sameynayaan Gole amni oo dowlad Goboleedyada u gaar ah, islamarkaana labo bil gudahood dowlad Goboleed kasta ku bixiyo 1,000 Askari. Ciidankaan ayaa waxaa laga soo xuli doonaa Ciidanka darawiishta maamul goboleedyadda, waxaana maamulada ay u muuqdaan in ay soo bandhigayaan awoodooda Ciidan ee ka dhanka ah dowladda Dhexe ee Soomaaliya. Ciidan ayaa waxaa lagu howlgali doona Muddo 2 bilood ah sidda lagu sheegay war kasoo baxay Golaha Iskaashiga maamul goboleedyadda. Maamul goboleedkaste waxaa uu soo xuli doonaa kun Askari,kadibna tababar wadajir ah ayaa loo furi doonaa. Madaxweynaha Galmudug ayaa horay ugu baaqay in maamul goboleedyadda ay sameystaan Ciidan gaar ah,maadaama Ciidankii Qaranka ay isku koobeen madaxda dowladda dhexe ee Soomaaliya. ==================== 1. Xisbi cusub 2. Ciidan 3. What next ......declare yourself a state?
  2. Surprise, surprise! It was Arabs that sold black Africans to slavery. I'm Sorry, but an average is nasty piece of work. To add to That, apparently it's Libyan Arabs that parade captive Somali girls naked in front of everyone.
  3. Exactly, how do you know that? What's fraudulent about having a foreign passport? The president carries one. The only difference here is how he obtained it. This is clearly a malicious story. Some scorned a**hole approached Kenyan paper to concoct a no story. We have fled Somalia as refugees and anyone of us would what he did given that Somali passports were useless. I say put this non-story to bed.
  4. Dhagax-Tuur

    Mo Farah is racially harrassed in Germany

    First thing is first, you're black in Europe, so it shouldn't cone to him as a surprise for a law enforcement officer to be heavy handed. Secondly, why at this age, I'm assuming he's in his late thirties, is he dressed like a boy from the hood!? The man's title is officially 'sir' and that's big deal in U.K. and probably Europe as well, so dress like one. I would understand if he was in his track suit and sports gear, but what's with the silly, childish cap? Please don't tell me with your comments you can dress as you like and that cheap diatribe.
  5. Dhagax-Tuur

    Happy Eid

    Eid Mubarak dhamaantiin walaalayaal.
  6. Thanks for this. The rest of Sunnis should sit this one out. The Iranians should be told about The Haramain being a red light they shouldn't cross. As for House of Saud, do your worst! About the war with Iran, I think you could be right, as the following excerpt from an article on the guardian quoting foreign policy: "Foreign Policy reported recently that key officials within the Trump administration are “pushing to broaden the war in Syria, viewing it as an opportunity to confront Iran and its proxy forces on the ground there.” The strategy was being advocated over objections from the Pentagon, but it doesn’t seem to be deterring White House." Let the games begin. I think a war with Iran primarily led by US is a matter of time. Question is, how are the Iranians going to face this? And the elephant in the room fueling this potential war is Israel, who feel that they have US admin that's listening to them. What would the Russians do about this, I wonder!
  7. I support ‘dawladda Soomaaliya 100 % No doubt i have the right to criticize Incumbent President Farmajo , The City has become Bloodbath…… Do you want me to go through the history of your posts during XSM's tenure? I guarantee you that will tell a different story. The tragedy in Mogadishu is a tragedy for all true Somalis. There's nothing unique here. In fact, I remember people praising the gov't because there were no bombings in the capital in the earlier part of Ramadan. Cut it out, and stand up for Somalinimo, that's enough for all of us.
  8. ^"Unuka hadii madaxweyne eheen, unuka qaadac waaye, xitaa hadii marmarsiiyo fiican heesanin" This person is hypocrite. When XSM was in charge, it was all about 'dawladda Soomaaliya' now that 'uncle/cousin' is no more, it is mindless propaganda to oppose the current administration. The saddest part of the shyte that you bring here is the mindset is effing prevalent that the chances of united somalis is effing dim. Waxan iyo wax la mid ah aa la leeyahay wax halala wadaago! Ain't going to happen.
  9. Dhagax-Tuur

    Breakdown of shares in Berbera port

    This is a stab in the dark, so to speak, could the reason why Ethiopia has shares in the port be taking responsibility/guaranteeing 'security'?
  10. Dhagax-Tuur

    SOLers, let us talk about health and lifestyle.

    Walaal you're right. Waa la socdaa da' ahaan, caafimaadkuna waa qaali in la iskugu baraarujiyana waa wanaag. Aniga, fasting works for me. It is not easy, but once you make a habit of it, it does get easier. The benefits of fasting, wallaahi, are incalculable. Not only does it work wonders with the reasserting discipline with your gut, it also enhances brain power. The following article discusses the benefits and lows of fasting, but remember these people are looking at it from the point of view of dieting and are leaving out the spirituality in fasting. Salam.
  11. ^dont rush to judgement, it is early days. Somali politics based on my qabiil and my land isn't easy for any president to sort it. All of these 'land' fiefdoms think they own their bit and federal govt should its own biz. Plus if a federal president goes in heavy handed it would be seen as 'waar Ma Anaguu dhulkayaga nugu haysaa'. Not easy, not easy at all!
  12. Going once, going twice, gone to the highest bidder.
  13. Dhagax-Tuur

    Somali Cabinet

    Former BBC Somali service employee should never be appointed as Somalia's top diplomat. Fail.
  14. Dhagax-Tuur

    Tensions escalate between Turkey and the EU

    Beautifully put, Holac. Turks have campaigned in the EU before, why is it different this time?
  15. Dhagax-Tuur

    Tensions escalate between Turkey and the EU

    Geedi, Erdogan cannot wait. The referendum is April and he wants those votes from Turkish dayuusbaro, pardon me. This shows the underlying tension and Weat's dislike of the Islamist AK party in charge of Turkey. I'm sure it would have been different had the current Turkish admin been a pro western atheists/Attaturkists. The followers of the AK party in Europe are chanting Allahu Akbar whenever they come together for a rally. I'm sure that bothers the West. Heck, they would have branded them 'terrorists' if they could. May Allah protect our Muslim Turkish brothers from the dirty tricks of their haters. Aamiin.