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  1. ^cantarabaqash! Like I'm going to read your effing verbal diarrhoea. Full of shyt.
  2. Aaaah ar beerka! Matag buu meesha la yimaadaa and thinks anyone is going to read. Go back under your bridge, troll.
  3. No one can guarantee their safety and safety of their property in the biggest city where the money is hence why they are investing in the rest of Africa.
  4. Even worse, when your mobile phone is on night mode, you can't read it, the text goes funny as it doesn't recognize the mode. Lazy ownership.
  5. Like others said, you're reading too much into this. Kenyans have realised that its better for both countries to normalise the relationship despite the maritime border issue. They will probably wait until Farmaajo's term is up and deal with the next fellow, might probably be more accommodating, who knows.
  6. Regurgitating the past ain't gonna change the now or the future. It's been 30+ years. Get your heads out of your backsides.
  7. MMA, It could be a rumour, but I heard it was cancelled. I used the so called service, and it's true, it's an effing racket. In the words of one Somali politician-cum-comedian, "HSM's administration wasn't corrupted, they were looters ".
  8. What a beautiful mind! You're an asset.
  9. Mindless. Your analogy doesn't work. Clothes are Banaadiri, hence southern Somali culture, not 'laba qayd', which obviously you don't want to be with, so piss off and leave everything proper Somalia and that includes soor, canbuulo, etc. I'm not being serious, there are decent, somali unity loving northerners. So I'll leave at that.
  10. ^Knobhead, it's about her customary tone towards Somalia not the content. Somalia is not invading its neighbours. It's clearly Kenya that's robbing Somali waters yet this woman is stabbing Somalia in the back. Disgraceful.