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  1. Isn't this againstthe rules of this site?
  2. The thing is they carry suitcases full of money, and nowadays sadly that's all somali person in a position of influence is needed to conform to whatever agenda.
  3. @Apophis, decent friends advise: get your head outta your backside and smell the fresh air out, man. Who knows you might like it! How about that for a change. Damn!
  4. These fine Kenyans stood up to defend and support their country and people. Rightly or wrongly, they've every right. Compare that to Somali officials landing in Nairobi, after they were refused entry with their Somali diplomatic passports, they opted for their foreign nationalities to gain entry. Believe you me, we are fcked. It is only emotionally charged comments from possibly well meaning people, but deep down, Somalia is hopeless.
  5. Exhibit A: I present to you ladies and gentlemen of the jury why we are who we are and where we are. The so called traditional leaders have gathered in a meeting and concluded that government is bad for business. You have to wonder whose business they're peddling? Aan ooyee albaabka ii xira!
  6. Libya is fcked just like we do. Period. However, geography might come to their rescue as there's the likelihood that the outpouring of their conflict will most likely have an impact in Europe. The general are backed by MBS and the Al-nahyan boy (Abu Dhabi) and that's not a good sign. Fck them though. They mistreated our folks badly. So fck them
  7. ^bro tan xishood waa ka tagtey iyo qattar. Yes, these fellas are not angels but vested interest groups are part to the killing and explosions in the city. These folks are ruthless and unprincipled. Waa wax walba ka filo. Besides, this is the talk of the town. Wixii la sheegana waxbaa ka jira. Off topic, I'm all re-colinization of Somalia.
  8. The fact that this fellow is a major league A**hole is clearly evident in the nature of the questions he's asking. Particularly, these ones: 7. Why ask the International Court of Justice to mediate Kenya dispute and then not wait for decision? The Somali government has asked the International Court of Justice to mediate a maritime border dispute with Kenya, and yet then went ahead with a secret auction of gas exploration rights in the disputed zone. Don’t you undercut the legitimacy of the process when you initiate it and then ignore it? Is it wise to antagonize Kenya when Somalia has relied on Kenyan troops for security for much of the past decade? That has nothing to do with anything. The disputed territory wasn't part of the auctioned bits. So fck off, Rubin. 8. Why is Somalia bothering with the Israel-Palestine dispute? In recent weeks, Somalia has fired Abdullahi Dool, a foreign ministry official who has said that enmity toward Israel is not in Somalia’s interest. Could you explain the firing and why you believe it is in Somalia’s interest? Likewise, could you explain the recall of Faduma Abdullahi Mohamud, Somalia’s ambassador to Switzerland, after she abstained on a U.N. resolution condemning Israel? Are reports that the recall happened after a phone call between Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad true? Aren’t Omar and Awad from the same subclan, and haven’t they previously collaborated on policy issues? Being a Muslim nation and all that. So again, fck off, Rubin. 9. Do you believe that Turkey is a stabilizing force for Somalia? On one hand, Turkey has invested heavily in Somalia and you are using Turkey to mediate Somalia’s dispute with Somaliland. But on the other hand, Turkey has built a military base in Mogadishu and its paramilitary SADAT appears to be offering training and assistance to Islamist extremists inside Somalia. Under such circumstances, and especially reports of Turkish ties to al Shabab, is Turkey really a stabilizing force for Somalia? Given the corruption inherent in both Somalia and in Turkey, would you be willing to publicize the terms of the deal and transparently account for all funding that has resulted from the airport management and base lease deals? Now, this tells you his effing intention more than anything else. Tarring Turkey with terror brush and making false accusations, just cuz current admin in Washington doesn't get on with Ankara. Again, fck off, Rubin. 10. Why is reunification with Somaliland a goal? Somaliland has been de facto independent since 1991 and has thrived while the rest of Somalia has descended into chaos. Why do you expect Somaliland (which, between 1988 and 1991 was subject to a genocide coordinated out of Mogadishu) to ever reunify with the rest of Somalia when Somalia’s own house is not in order? How do any parliamentarians in Mogadishu “represent” Somaliland when they were not elected in Somaliland and don’t step foot in the region? Wouldn’t a more responsible strategy put the Somaliland issue aside until Somalia has tackled basic issues of reducing corruption and restoring security? If you claim your government is legitimate across all of Somaliland, why do you not provide 30% of the aid you receive, in direct proportion to Somaliland’s population, to the province? Wouldn’t that better win hearts and minds that are necessary if reconciliation is to work? Simply put, foreign aid is not an entitlement and, as the history of Somalia shows, when offered carelessly, it can do far more harm than good. Perhaps, Prime Minister Khaire should return to Mogadishu with a simple message: Account for aid already offered and demonstrate an ability to improve anything in Somalia before any more funds are given. To put it plainly, fck you douche. Somali affairs has nothing to do with you or Washington. It would be better if you would cut the so called aid altogether, once and for all, but guess you won't because it's a western tool to threaten developing world just like you seen to-do.
  9. I'm not a defeatist rather I think I'm realist.
  10. Problem is there is hardly anyone better. Like the old saying goes, 'people and their leaders deserve each other'. The majority. There is no a light at the end of this tunnel. At least not one Somalis brought it about themselves. Walaalkey i have been away from the homeland for a while, thus far everything that i have seen leaves me with very little hope.
  11. It's the right to campaign since we're an effing headless chicken. Stop reproducing the Somali, Period.
  12. Like it or loathe it, this country is the only place that we all call home, and to be honest with you, its tethering on the edge. We Somalis like to point finger but we as people will lose if the current status quo remains the same. There are so many actors in this country, it's very difficult for any one administration to wholly run the place. Their interests are competing, and there isn't a sense of dialogue or looking out for the common good of people or country. A case in point is the recent withdrawal by the army from their positions. Apparently this was a result of government wanting to carry out proper count of forces, vested interest with their ghost army employees decided that ain't on, and asked their fellow tribesmen to vacate their positions. This is the tip of corruption iceberg. I for one am giving up on hoping the country getting better. And that's hard for me to say.
  13. Dream the f#$$ on. If you lot are allowed to break away then I'll be the first to support puntland going solo too, why not? And then south west, jubbaland etc. And we bury the idea of Somalia for good. We shall see.