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  1. whats your point. Everyone tries to play the system wether black, white or Somali. Some get cought others get away with it.
  2. Banaadir all the way...they are wearing the national colours as well.
  3. blimey took me ages to log on, with my old user name. I guess it will take time to get used it.
  4. <img src=" East Africa University, Bosaso
  5. Hope your well big man. I am sure you will be fine IA...knowing your mistrust of GPs dont know how he is gonna re-assure you. Anyhow if you been to A&E @ Royal London you will be fine.
  6. Been to Liverpool recently..I really enjoyed it. But didn't venture out of the city center. Where I work I find people are so ignorant of up north.
  7. good observation lads. I think Somalis now are either religious or wild. This point was made to me by a friend( non-Somali) who said 'every mosque in London the biggest regular congression are Somalis. But at the same time the wildest people he sees in his area are Somalis (gans he is from Woolwich). however, in London I see more and more practising people. I prosume North America is different.
  8. you see not all somalis are on benefits. we are good athletes. i wanna read stories like this not about the benefits scroungers 12:00AM, Jul 28, 2010zac911 Does this prove anyhting. LOl...
  9. Enjoy what moment NORF. Him winning the race (yes-excellent). For the image of Somalis in the UK- not sure it will do much.
  10. canjeelo see u kala saryso loo kala qaataa. jug jug meeshada joog.