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  1. Originally posted by Juxa: SHIDANE LoooL @ Shidane, ma shidan yahay mise waa shiddaysan yahay?
  2. ^^ Rafa did what any choach will do...but I'm just disappointed the way Liverppol lost the game. Chelsea are stuttering again!! (Inaan Tuujiye ka qayliyo jecliyaa)
  3. ^^ war inaad maqashaan waa diideen - adiga iyo oz IWM. Chelsea is an aging team with no plans for rebuilding! Mourinho ayaa idin tusay. Liverpool will beat Man U, no doubt from my end (As long as Lucas is playing - this is for Ngonge). Chelsea may stutter against Blackburn ama cilaan ay marsadeen dheh ama huruud, by the end of the season, hoos aan idin soo fiirinaynaa Cheers
  4. "Did you know the Swedish give the best ********** (this is not a swear word), We don't know either but we can take you there" an Ad for travelling agency I saw while back Good luck to him and her....
  5. ^^ sorry cuz (I mean it) I have the feeling we will face either Lyon or Inter in the next round! i say it bring it on!
  6. ^^dem Xaliimos know when they see good stuff!
  7. ^^^^ Oz, those guys are bafoons and they are well know...at least they don't know more than this Guy Am sure you understand when he says he is wary of Arsenal Cheers
  8. LoooL@ Ngonge, who can argue with your depth analysis. it seems all your predictions were out of line. Best defender, well I haven't been watching other than EPL and the occasional La Liga & Seria A (due to bad timing in our region) I have few in my list who at the moment - may have been injured or slightly out of form. To me: they can be classed into three tiers Tier 1 Vidic Vermalean Lucio Tier 2 John Terry (despite of the all the crap that went on) Skretl (I don't know but I find the guy tough and reliable) will come back later to complete my list Cheers
  9. Based on Oz's fixture list Your fixture and possible points :- Remaining fixtures of Chelsea vs ManYoo Chelsea-------------------------------Man United March West Ham (H) W 4-1-----------------Wolves (A) W 1-0 Blackburn Rovers (A) Win -----------------Fulham (H) Win Portsmouth (A) Win ------------------------Liverpool (H) Loss Aston Villa (H) Draw -------------------------Bolton (A) Win April Man United (A) [/b] Loss [/b] -------------------------Chelsea (H) Win Bolton (H) Win ------------------------------Blackburn Rovers (A) Win Tottenham Win (A)-------------------------Man City (A) Draw Stoke Win (H) -------------------------------Tottenham (H) Win May Liverpool (A) Loss ---------------------------Sunderland (A) Draw Wigan (H) Win ------------------------------Stoke (H) Win Even if Chelsea and Man U draw then Man U will end up with 83 points (assuming they will beat Sunderland - which I said a draw in the above list) which means Chelsea will have 84 points. As for Arsenal, they have to win all their remaining games or realisticly draw with Man City and beat the Spurs to win the championship! but I am more worried about a draw with Birmingham than losing to the Spurs, to be honest. if my worries come true then we have to beat both Man City and the Spurs or at least increase our goal margins - to make sure at least we win the title by goal difference! Cheers
  10. ^^^ Sxb, do you know how many of your first team are 30 and above? The spine of your team are 30 and above! think of your self the Milan of the past! mar dhow sidii mashiinka cajiinka camal aa la adiin warwareejinaa. Ha ha ha. Ma team kale oo cusub ayaad soo gadanaysaan? SXb Joe Cole, Mikel and Essien led qabtaan wax yar yar - ayagna 28 -29 ayeey jiraan. Good bye Chelsea man! Alex Ferguson was smart - he always mixes youth with experience - Chelsea didn't and next season they will have punch of kids or totally new players Either way forget the championship! Cheers
  11. PS: Chelsea will be in the same position as Milan is today. the problem of hanging on to few many old men!
  12. Waa wareey..Bismillaaah... W Waryaa Peacenow, xageed ka keentay masawirkan. PS: Cunuga yar maxaa wuxuu aad iyo aad ugu egyahay qof aan aqaano. Subxaannallah. may be qofkaas ayaa dhalay warse uma haayo!
  13. Tuujka iyo Oz, bal u kaadsha hal mar, waad iska hadlaysaan. Let me get few things out of the way. For the last three seasons...we have not claimed or said this is our year or blah blah. We have heard Arsene giving excuses like we are a young team, maturing, inexperience etc but that talk is done now. You can't say that they are inexperience or maturing in this year (in footballing terms they have matured – they’ve played or about to play CL Semis and some of them will play in the world cup), yes the team is young (when you consider the likes of Fab, Samir, Abou, Song, Vermalean - they are in between 21 - 24) yes the team is improving year on year and that is where Arsenal is fundamentally in a better position than teams like Chelsea. Chelsea are aging team period! Ballack (33yrs) is done, Drogba will slowdown (32yrs), Lampard (31yrs) is in the same category. whilst most of the Chelsea players are nearing retirement or slowing down in pace, Arsenal players are getting wisdom in the pitch and becoming complete players. Arsene’s strategy was to build a team from the ground and he made a lot of mistakes no doubt (his handling of the players who left i.e helb and flamini) and he seems he is correcting them by his own way for example he extended the contract of all his best players early in the season rather than do what the media and pundits tell him – buy this and buy that, oh you need this kinda of player and so on. In the process of all this he has frustrated Arsenal fans the most, as fans We all wanted to win a title and win it right now! I have the sneaky suspicion that Arsene knew he won't win anything durin this rebuilding. On top of that he board of directors and him agreed and made the decision to see thru his strategy knowing that it will cost us trophies! His strategy was to keep pace with Chelsea and ManU during the development years because he believed if the gap is too wide then that would mount a huge risk for his youth policy and jeopardise his long term plans. During these last years he bought very few players as if he is filling a jigsaw, planning them one at the time – Arshavin, Vermalean, Sagna to name few. He knows he needs couple of signings this summer and the team is then complete and with that I say be ready for Arsenal dominance! Chelsea will not be a threat next year, I say they will probably finish 4th. I see the return of Arsenal vs. ManU in the next two seasons and possibly Man City. Liverpool can come back to the mix if they get rid of Rafa (and of course Lucas – just to annoy Ngonge). Am not saying Rafa is not a good manager but he has lost his players and he can’t motivate them anymore! He is done! – The players know it and management know it, they are possibly moving things behind the scenes. Don’t say Legend didn’t tell us. Be warned Cheers
  14. ^^^ but is it true? Chelsea is another version of Stoke City!!!
  15. ^^^ Get ready for Arsenal dominance for the next two seasons - both Europe and EPL Cheers PS: The Best Prediction of Arsenal vs. Porto Game You have to love this
  16. Norf is a true Liverpool fan. am not sure about Ngonge though Not to rub it on Oz & Tuujiyes' faces but guess what they say about Chelsea Chelsea on the other hand look very useful and are like a more expensive and technical version of Stoke Cheers
  17. I can't believe you fell for this crap day annointed by the crap UN Cheers
  18. BTW, Rooney is dhaawac, Owen out for the season - ManU are relying on Bebatov to score and win for them Cheers
  19. Originally posted by Tuujiye: ^^^^ anoo team kale tageeraayo maad i arki jirtay or maqashay duqa mise wax kale aad kala jeedaa? Arsenal Hope ee leeyihiin been ma aha laakiin shaf garaac lee heysaan horta lead qaata marka hore... wiligee ma arkin sanadkaan sanad la mid eh EPL ka so wax kaste ayaa dhici kara.... Totenham and Man City ayaa isku heystaan 4th and sadexda kale 1st yaab waaye waxaan.. Wareer Badanaa!!! Tacbaan yahow waa ku kulalaysanaayey nooh, Dad badan oo Chelsea gadaal ka bartay aa buuxo! Reer chelsea haddaa tihiin saa u qaylineyseen oo anagaa koobka leh u hayseen, hadda waxaa isku bedesheen "lama hubo"
  20. ^^^ loved Malaysia, I vowed I'll move there insha Allah (that was weeks following the holiday) now that I am back in the rat race, it kinda feels like long time ago. Ever been to Malaysia Buuxooy LOL@ wey isa sheegatay, war badanaa shimbirtu!
  21. ^^^ Horta shimbir inay dab qaaday yaa soo sheegay?
  22. Buuxo, I have seen it in Malaysia - Beef Bacon. I suspect they are smoked and prepared like bacon. Sayid. looool dhagaxyahow kaahir ah.