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  1. Waraa Booob waar ileen ugaas ayaa tahay.... Ciyaalkii shaleemo ciyaal jamac aa tahay baan u malaynaayaa... Walaahi rag ayaa soo tubtay meesha... Waxaan xasuustay hadda Victor Ikpepa, Anthony Yeboah, Daniel Fonseca and Francescoli (of Uruguay) Cheers
  2. ^^^ have you seen vanPersie's goals...My God we missed that this season. Cheers
  3. Alrite folks, I have over stayed...ama walk home - Cheers
  4. Am serious Ibti. C&H - am sure those kids you teach should give you a bright smile or they may turn you into a serial killers Bye Juxa
  5. ^^^ I expect Ivory to beat portugal and go second but then they may face Spain (not sure) I also expect at least two African teams to make to the quarterfinals. Cheers
  6. ^^^^LoooL waxaad ku hoos qarisay hadalkaa fogaa!
  7. LoL Ibti, to be honest I thought you worked at mental institution - no kidding, then i thought you worked at a dentist Juxa, jaanis aa ku dhaafay. at least everytime i see H&D it reminds me of you and Lily. would like to see where it ends Ibti vs. Ducaysane
  8. ^^^LoooL call your tekniko asap when I read this article, it reminded me of the movie "Gods Must Be Crazy"...the guerrila guy who is trying to overthrow the goveernment! bizare eh!
  9. Jane of all trades - okey dokey did you figured how you got here yet? Juxa, I always remember the Haag and Das Ice cream. did you know it was my first time to have H&D. dhulkaad berrigaa igu jiiday.
  10. ^^^ [edit] what do you do Ibti? I seems you have changed professions yet again! Where are the other trollers?
  11. Ivory coast are stronger than they were 2006. they have quality players in most important positions Attack - Kolou and Drogba Midfield Yaya, Zokora and Eboue Koulo at the back. these are six decent players who can go far in the world cup. I haven't included the other guys like Koni (Mars), Koffi(Seville) and so on. Their main problem is S Erickson, he is confused manager! I do not believe he can win a world cup Cheers
  12. Hello back to all the trollers who hello'ed me back on my preemptive hello of yesterday. and this is today's hello! Other than commission on dead people, what else is going on? I mean Juxa that discussion is bit on the creepy side! Cheers
  13. ^^^^ Why label it though? can't you seek equality without labeling? just a thought!
  14. ^^^ WADDA - any more details? Pre Trolling "Hello to Trollers"...say Hi back to me even if I am not here Cheers
  15. ^^^ that is is my point. Alonso is not ball winner/DM, he is a supplier of the ball - mostly brings the wingers to the game. How is Spain gonna field Insiesta, Xavi and Alonso in the same midfield unless they playing 4 5 1 or 4 3 1 1? not sure! Cheers
  16. I didn't bother to watch it to be honest. Knew Jose will play negative and Bayern didn't have the mantle and the strikers to hassle inter's defence. At least Jose knows how to win a game no matter what! Cheers
  17. Oh No, I eat them lest to be seen as misleading the public. Have a good one.
  18. ^^ Alonso is not a natural ball winner. he is a distributor of the ball. He is the only player I have ever seen who can bass diagonal from anywhere in the field. So if you play him as a ball winner you will limit his influence in the game. As for Senna you are right he is too old but he has not been replaced adequately see!
  19. ^^^LoooL The guy above you was not a mod in that section in his life time!
  20. Hi deleted Lily and Classical Music! Food channel has become my #1 Channel. and Apple Crumble with creamy Vannila Ice cream has been my addiction of late!
  21. NG....I slept too early tonight..now am awake and cant go back to sleep Thanks Stoic, Masha Allah...
  22. ^^ STOIC, is Sheikh Faisel Somalia?
  23. LOOOOL A&T, Nuune bal ka waran warka suuqa la isla dhex marayo, ma runbaa? Tuujka, Arsenal afkaaga ka daa - yaan hadda karatee kula kicin... I agree, anyone who thinks Lucas is good midfielder should be banned from the Sports section. Cheers
  24. ^^^ LOL NG, am bored too but not to the extent where deleted's oven seems interesting! Bal tolow la murma NG aan maadsanee