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  1. I once went to this chinese restaurant near the uni i used to attend. It was a cheap joint I ask for vegeterian dumplings... couldn't help but ask the waitress what was in one of the sea food dumplings, guess what she said? she said "Meat", didn't believe what I thought i heard, so I asked again and she repplied "Meat" eventually a chinese friend of mine asked her in chinese and she replied " Prawns and Pork" That was the last time I ever went to those lil china restaurants. after two weeks the joint was in the news - it was closed by the health authorities after a cockroach was discovered in one of their dumplings! sometimes I just don't trust small restaurants or fish and chips joints Cheers
  2. Sayid, Annoying little brick! My eve was ok, when I got back from work, couldn't keep my eyes open and now can't sleep, bal wax dheh. Saw the bacon comment
  3. Hi Zafirah, Welcome to SOL another Aussie joins the gang of Oz Cheers
  4. Finaly... I was about to starting talking my shadow....pheew Am good Lily, your self? has Friday been good to you? Lunch was ok?
  5. ^^^^LooooL xagee noo waddaa dheh? Khayr, am good brah, just wrestling crocodiles, hopping with the kangaroos, grouping hugging Koalas and most importantly taming wild camels.
  6. ^^^ did your pick numbers increase? or you're still striking zero?
  7. ^^^^ Sxb, Goormaad Chelsea taageerideeda bilowday runta iska sheeg? Adoo saan u qaylinaayo weli kuma arkin this season! Aniga runta ayaan iska sheegay oo weliba koobka gurigaaga kuugu keenay, laakiin waad igu soo celisay! loool Sxb, on paper anagaa idinka jaanis fiican, laakiin wixii dhici doona Ilaahaa og! Ngonge camal ha noqonin, Lucas ee asaga ooga dhagtay! Cheers
  8. Didn't know there were alot of Somali teachers in SOL. Why don't you guys create SOL Teachers Association? Cheers
  9. ^^^ LoooL sxb ma ila aragtay? I wonder if any of them used to support Chelsea before Mourinho?
  10. Sayid, You always want to punish/beat kids etc. most of your replies indicate tendency for violence. So what about all the charity work you've been doing with the Somali kids? How could they trust you with their kids? waabad u fak fakanaysaa inaad layso caruurta? Cheers
  11. ^^^^LoooL great detective work. I argue Khayr to start anothr one but this time from Nationality/ethnicity angle... how many nationalities can you bring together? after all we are increasing the number of this ummah!
  12. Innaa Lillaahi wa inaa ilayhi raajicuun. Allahu yarxamuh
  13. ^^^^ Calaacalka dhaafa, anagaba maalin kasta mid baa la kala gooyaa! Where is Van Persie? ma anagoo qeylinaynaad na aragta. adkaysta reer chelsea haddaad tihiin. I call the Chelsea fans - "dadkii banooniga bartay sanadkii 2004ka" Cheers
  14. ^^^Tuujka. Sxb, Chelsea can't play against aggressive and high work rate forwards and midfielders. See the teams that beat them this year - Man City, Aston Villa and Everton. I was expecting a draw since you have already lost to them at Mancester. I guess I should say Thank you! One thing I agree with Tusbax is we will win it by 2 points! Cheers
  15. ^^^^ Will you spy on your dad? or will you spy for the dudes who are torturing your dad? just a question I thought I would ask. So Raamsade, if you apply the same logic as you posted above (Isreal's battle for survival) if a Palestinian suicide bomber kills civilians because he is acting on for the survival of his people, would you argue on his behalf I wonder? Cheers
  16. Anyone who can give me a link to watch TV shows? Of course excpet the above link, SurfChannel and channel131 Much appreciated
  17. Thanks Juxa and Lily, Waxba ma going gareenayaan...other than exhaustion. i need to sleep
  18. ^^^ Somalis don't pay royalties. Most likely your song will end up online and no one will ever buy a record from you. I think the Somali artists are the most screwed workers in the world. Cheers
  19. Ello trollers, What is going on...apart of sayid's egoistic begging "P
  20. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ Liverpool will finish fourth, adeer (two points behind Arsenal). I thought you were taking our spot? I say Arsenal will win on the final day of the league by 2 points, followed by Chelsea and then Man U Oz & Tuujiye , I said you will win if you want it hard enough but it seems you missed that opportunity. I believe you will lose to ManU and Liverpool both and then get a draw at Villa ManU will lose to Man City and will draw with Sunderland I think the last day of the season will be one of the most intense days ever! Cheers
  21. Norf, What I found these days big airlines offer competitive prices thru their online ticketing system. I used to think lastminute.com and those discount websites offer cheaper tickets than the airlines themselves but that is not true. Airlines are trying to create brand loyalty and are offering members good prices. If you can become a member of the airlines. Also If you travelling - get the tickets at least couple of months prior because they use what is called yield managment system which increases the price as it gets closer to the departure date. Cheers