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  1. Tell her "being happy with failure is hating one'self" or having no self worth
  2. What happened to my assessment of the Manu game? b&^%rr
  3. ^^LoooL stop qarxiska. every now and then I will look at them and enjot following the chronicles of my friendship wth the great people I have met in this place.
  4. Did you know, you have lost all the prev PM's you had in your inbox.
  5. dunno. they all look commercial to me. I have got a nice pic as profile but can't used it as an avatar.
  6. Since I have lost my avatar. am looking for anything that is close to it. mind you I have got my own avatar but I can't upload it. not happy Soler
  7. shaise, it is the closest to my previous avatar
  8. Just to check, how to post in this environment
  9. Yeah BOB. hopefully Chamack and V Persie will play together today. am predicting an easy won for us and Chelsea will find hard to beat everton and Since Manu are not playing for a while we will be on top for little while. Cheers
  10. I have missed alot gents...been busy with work and school. From the very painful and disappointing loss to the friggin sp&^#$ds to the wining @ the villa and progressing into the Carling Cup semis. I hasn't been the best of months for the gunners. nasiib waxaa ah inay Chelsea and manU ay ka taalo labadoodaba oo ay nala qabaan. I will take time to contribute alot to this section inthe next few weeks insha Allah. lets rock and roll. Bloody unpredictable gunners! Common let's win this year!
  11. To Ngonge was right when he said Chelsea do not have the depth they used to. we will see how they cope with injuries and absentees. I can see the begining of the end for Chelsea!
  12. ^^^ They know. I have been accused of showing up when Arsenal wins and disappearing when they lose. Now I show up with big grins! So where is Tuujiye??? Cheers
  13. LoL@Welcome back LOZ.. he he he. waan ogahay waxaad u dan leedihiin. Well, everyone knows this year there is no clear favorite but still Chelsea are the leaders. I expect them to falter soon and Arsenal to get into full gear. Liverpool could be a surprise runner up and Arsenal to win it . I have that feeling! Cheers
  14. ^^^ Ooopps! I haven't watched today's games - but recorded them so I can't say much about the games. am glad we are back on winning ways. now Everton and Hope Chelsea and Man U drop points! As for Liverpool...I don't have to say anything, you lots are doing great job of hating your own team and manager! Cheers
  15. ^^^ it is getting interesting sxb this year. Certainly it is more exciting than last year~
  16. it is already becoming a three way horse race. where manU are the likely ones to fall down. I had Joe in my fantasy league the dude cost me money!
  17. Interesting week. Arsenal to top the table soon insha Allah... Chelsea seem to getting slower by the week. ManU are just crawling which I wonder when they will just stop all together.
  18. I can' t believe some of the folks here regurgitate what the rumor papers write. Every coach knew he won't be leaving. It was all the PR stunt. Great weekend for Arsenal as they are facing citeh. Only a win will make me smile, a draw will make me frown and a loss shall make me swear! Cheers
  19. Tonight we have to beat the brums comfortably... I want to see the 3 points... Chelsea to lose at the villa and Manu draw with the WBA. Fulham and Spurs a draw... or may be spurs get kicked their asses again!
  20. Actually the results flatter Chelsea more than what really happened in the pitch. Anyways a win is a win and congrats to Chelsea. I can write off our season unless Wenger buys a one fo the top strikers in the world... which is no one or he buys one of the toughest midfield tacklers in the world which is no one. so there you go! Cheers
  21. Innaa Lillahi wa inaa ilayhi raajicuun. Sabar iyo iimaan asagana jannada ilaahay ha ka waraabiyo
  22. Ngonge and his arsenal haters, I can't help but feel chelski are done and they will be beaten at their backyard. I just want to see tuujka oo calaacalaaya. Cheers