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  1. ^^^ more like a surfing pirate couldn't resist
  2. Anyways, am off to bed. Sol long trollers
  3. This whole thing sounds a lesbian fantasy than a real story... Stuff and Nonsense
  4. LoL Juxa, Since am a Farax and dem faraxs mostly do not go well with the water, I stay away from these liquid elements, but lately i have been slowly lurred by treasures that the sea promises I mean isn't the word Somali and Pirate synonymous. I mean it shows a farax can achieve whatever he wants once he notices the bucks. JB, it is absurd, init? Cheers
  5. ^^ Walaahi, my exact sentiment but it seems the family are supporting him and keeping him focused. you know once you see what the life offers to footballers and you practise everyday with the guys you used to watch on TV, i believe motivation takes a whole lot new meaning. Well done to him, and I am sure cheering for him.! Cheers
  6. Hi Malika, Norfy...may be it is time to check Malaysia... I am thinking of moving there. dhulkaan Gaalada yaa iga horyimid... can't stand it! Faheema, how do you make your mind and body sync? (i thought about a witty comment but couldn't come up with anything) Shaiza Enjoyed the Beach today, am begining to like the water again! Cheers
  7. ^^ what is up with the blank response? afkii miyaa juuqda gabay? mise waxbaa ku heloo, oraahda iyo qoraalkaba ku hilmaanshey What is up trollers? I have recognised a pattern! Cheers
  8. ^^^ I know F'ing tuff. But if we cant handle the above matches then we can not be champions! If we get 5 out of the first 3 matches or 14 points of the all six matches am in heaven! Am hoping Cameroon losses tonight!
  9. So...What is going on @ your end of the world?
  10. Loool Juxa, maya...shaqo waa nacay, banooni ayaan sugaayaa... Saan dad ugu shaqeenaayey oo dgiigayga loo cabaayey..am on Strike! Seriously how low can someone stoop to? Walaahi Aduunya ayaan aragnay, saanna ma naga danbaysay!
  11. I could have sworn that I've responded to this thread. Anyways, I quit music nearly 18 months ago and I don't miss it one bit. It just doesn't appeal to me anymore and my heart can't stand it! I have picked up couple of nasheeds in last year but even then I am not that much into them. Cheers
  12. Hang on...ok...wait a second. she is just a girlfriend and doing that infront of the mother? why didn't the mother say" saqajaanyahay wiilka ha ku dhegdhegin? ma adaa dhashay?"
  13. [edit] CL.. She was signaling to the mother that he is in capable hands... and she was telling you "you can't take him away fom me, I do all of these kinda of stuff for him"
  14. Remember Everton game when Denilson fell to the ground and he was in agony, no one touched him so everyone knew he fell due to pain, Cahill took the ball didn't stop and they attacked and nearly scored such is the cruelty of this game. If anyone should complain about physicality it should be Arsenal as were from time to time decribed as the softies with the pretty play who don't know how to kick a fly even if their life depends on it. Sxb we lost a whole season due to bad tackles. Move on I say...Move on As in terms of Stamina, last two games against Bolton and the one before against Everton are the games we would have lost last season. Now we have a belief even if we are down by any goals we can get back to the game! Only 16 games are remaining from the season. Even if we don't win this season, Arsenal will dominate in the next few years no doubt! Cheers
  15. ^^^ Sorry to tell you this bro, Gabadhaada ayaa kaa caqli badan - bal ilaahay ku xamdi
  16. Originally posted by Legend of Zu: ^^^^^ Dude, I am an Arsenal fan through and through and certainly i feel the change in wind at the Emirates. I would say it is going to be very very close this year. But here are my predictions:- 1st Chelsea/Arsenal 2nd Chelsea/Arsenal 3rd is Man U 4Th is Liverpool I think Chelsea will struggle after Drogba goes to African Championship in Jan next year and that is critical part of the campaign.... I think that is when we will get the edge. Sorry Mate, cant be a football critic Just so I can remind my cuz Oz
  17. ^^^^^ I can't believe how people are talking about this tackle and forget what Bolton has done to Fab the two games - remember when Taylor put his knee on Fab's neck and held him to the ground? Don't panic Chelski boys, there is a long way to go. we are not counting our eggs yet. Everything will be revealed in the next 4 weeks. Oz, waad i lugoysay, are you back in Perth? Ngonge, Even if it is short time (until Chelsea plays their game in hand) it is a psycological blow. it is a statement of intention. To prove those bundits and useless commentators wrong. Yeah Arsenal are the weakest of the top four - my foot! Cheers
  18. Who's on TOP! Gunners are on TOP! (sing it, babeh...sing it like Rev Run - whose house? Run's House) PS: Glad Liverpool are back - but I still think Macal weyne coupled with two idiotic owners are effing up the club. Cheers
  19. ^^ Faheema, am good - doing well alhamdulilaah. Actually Yes, it can get slower and down make me discribe how many ways it can get slower!
  20. Regardless of whether you say " It is a short term" or not We shall be on top of the table come this wednesday night Cheers
  21. ^^^ or may be he had these pictures as screen savers Cheers
  22. am off now. but if you read your arbaciin you will know what i am talking about. other than that Cheers