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  1. No Surprise there, you lots.... everyone was scared that Arsenal will win and there will be no one stopping them.... All this defensive lapse and crap that the british tabloits are on about. i tell you what...Arsenal didn't loose because of that they lost because they thought by showing up for the day they will win it. Simple losing Carling cup can be a good wake up for them. I remeber last year, Anceloti saying after Chelsea went out of the CL, they will use the pain to win the double. some loses can make you stronger and certainly for Arsenal's sake i hope it is this rather than emploding. The big danger for Arsenal is not the heartbreak of lossing the carling cup... it is the mounting injuries.... Fab out, Song out, Van P out and Walcot out. that is the problem we are facing now! we never had those four playing together as long as they have this year and we were cruising, all ova sudden they are dropping like flies! That is pissing me off (not you can do much about it). I still tell you, you lots....Arsenal are gonna win the EPL this year...ama ooya, ama caaytama ama calaacala. :D
  2. Amazing talent. i tell you by the time he is 30 he will be better than xavi, insiesta and basquets put together. ok am bullish here but you get the gist. Ngonge, who is better Lucas or JW?
  3. JW is an amazing talent but us gunners we knew it all along, others are catching up now. During the pre season JW and Frimpong were outstanding as DMs and were absolutely joy to watch. that is when Arsene decided not to buy anyDM midfielder and that tells you how much they were rated. unfortunately Frimpong got injured and is out for the season. that is another name they (the likes of Tuujiye and Ngonge) should take a note... that kid will replace Essien in the Ghanian team and he will dispose Song in the next season or the one after. No doubt in my mind. JW is naturaly an attacking midfielder and he will soon become box to box midfielder and that is what he is being groomed for. Thought i may share that with the non gunners and remind the haters is not to late to repent Cheers
  4. Tuujiye;695511 wrote: You can never beat a team like barca when you have a coach like qashinkaan.... Why didn't he watch how Inter defeated Barca last year. You can't be soft with them and clean, you have to play dirty and keep the ball of the ground so that they play the chase game. These guys hate the physical game and they only lose when you bring that effectively. Overall in the first half, I think Barca had more chances to score and should have but Arsenal lost some really good chances on the counterattack. Nasri is finally getting him self in this fast moving game and I think he is a key in this match because he will make Elvis play RB. qashinkaan karti malaha miyaa yaaqee.. war spanishkaan xunxunka ahi dhiigooda tusiya yaaqee shiiiiidh! Wareer Badanaa!!! Ha ha Meeqa sanaan kugu haayey, waxa soo socoda ma ogid. To be honest we are all enjoying this massive win for us, however, the second leg is going to be really difficult to win. saying that am not raising my hopes up...but if you play football, you know that you never go to any game thinking you will be beaten, so am still optimistic we can beat/draw with Barca at their home. This win has more significance for us than qualifying for the quarterfinals, it gives us the believe we can beat any team in the world. i expect an aura of invicibility in the EPL will surround our team from now and onwards. I see us taking the EPL tonight..and possibaly the FA (assuming Arsene doesn't F'ed it up by field crap team) and the important players staying injury free
  5. waxaan halkaan iska soo xaadirin doonaa tomorrow insha Allah... ka dib markaan ka naxsano Barca
  6. Nuune...sxb, maxaa kaa qaldan. I have predicted at the start of the season Arsenal will win the title and Liverpool will be second...no science just a hunch you can't go passed the Gunners this year, United's luck is coming to an end.... lets see what we do to Barca. I've the feeling we will beat them and that will give us all the confidence we need to win the remainder of our EPL games. Cheers
  7. LoooooooL. This made me laugh with some embarrassment
  8. Chelsea hadday wax sheegayaan bal United ha noo qantaan..... this Torres transfer waxaa ka danbeeyey Arsene. meeluhu been been chelsea ku eedeynooyaa si aan asaga loo qabsan. koley suuqa saas aa ku jirto... loooool... Man city and Chelsea are out of the way, Liverpool (minus Torres) and Yoonited have to come to Le Grove... The gunners are in prime position. by the time we are playing against Lifferbool and Yoonited, we have played BarcelonaH H&A hopefullywe have been beaten then and we are priming with confidence), won the Carling Cup and into the finals of FA Cup... Insha Allah. Torres this Torres that, runtii hadduu cid wax u qabaanaayo Liverpool uu meel gaarsiin lahaa. Cheers
  9. Liverpool have agreed a fee to sign Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez from Dutch club Ajax for £23m. Torres and Saurez. that is formidable strike force..... well done dhaglishow
  10. This year is Arsenal's... calaaacalka ha la daayo. reer chelsea...your time was up for a long time...stop crying like babies.
  11. NORF, am in town around 17th Jan. Oz... yeah right.... we are due for a win...the win that will make these kids grow up! Cheers
  12. Rafa, killed Inter.... from trible winners to the six position in Seria A and losing to Spuds in CL. Mourinho showed how better he is than Rafa. embarrassing stuff. Liverpool are still suffering from Rafa's mismanagement.
  13. ^^^ BoB, I think so too. this time we will keep the points... Chelsea, if they leave with any points they should count themselves lucky. Cheers
  14. am annoyed. feel like kicking some people's rears. Trollies are fast asleeep miyaa, mise ?
  15. I agree with you assessment but to be honest the game was tighter than you make it. Certainly some of these kids have matured and it was the first time in the last few years where we had a really good chance to beat Man U. In this season, while Chelsea and Man U went backwards, we moved forward in most of departments only the left side have regressed. Clichy has the tendency to switch off in the big games and Gibbs gets injured before every big game. I can recall the last few big games, Drogba, Nani, Park, Rooney have all scored thanks to Clichy day dreaming rather than defending. Other fellas who are known for their errors in the big games are Denislon and Almunia, both have become squad players this season which is where they belong. However the deficiencies in left side of defence have not been addressed and whose fault is that? well it is the managers at the end of the day. What makes me angry is he comes out and says no new players in January. I’m sure when we lose against Chelsea in couple of weeks’ time. The manager will reconsider and address the left side defensive frailties. Cheers
  16. ^^^ May be you are banned to create a group. knowing what kind of group you will create! Admin got it right that one yaa Xiini