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  1. Inaalilah wainaa ileyhu raajicuun. Ilaahow u nxariso. Ilaahow umada u gargaar...Aamin.
  2. I stopped reading half way the article because it was enough ****** for one night. If femininity mean docile, superficial and powerless than no woman needs it. Some of us don't have to act 'feminine' to feel like the women we are. @ CL great song !
  3. Only for 150 ksh? I feel for him maskiinka. Only one crime deserves cutting off.....
  4. What causes the murders in my opinion? Evil...there is such thing as pure evil. And yes 'anaga' waan garneynaa in la is karbaasho oo macana daro laisku dilo.
  5. 'Somali parents'? Some of us have parents who-despite the thousands of miles difference in distance- ask how our day was, If we read Quran this week and how we did in the bi weekly quiz. Most Somali parents I know give up everything for their kids.
  6. Kool_Kat;689874 wrote: Wyre, before aan afkeyga (well, faraheyga in this case) kala furin, meeqo sano ayaad jirtaa? Exact age ha'ii sheeginee, ma dhalinta labaatanka horey kasaaran baa dahay mise gadaal, mise sodonmeeyadii baad kortay, mise ku dhex socotaa, mise kasii dagi rabtaa? Hade afartan hadeey sheekadu gaar siisan tahay, waa halkii ayeeydeey (AUN) "kabaxay anigu"! KK You crack me up lol @ Wyre inadeer school dhigo ee adoon high school dhameyn ha isku guursan. Reerka guurso weey ku dhahayaan lakiin masuuliyada adeey ku sarantahay. Jaamacad haduu qofka dhiganayo waa la isku wadi karaa guur ama shaqo lakiin intaadan meshaas gaadhin weey adagtahay.
  7. Good for them....exactly what he deserves. Kuwa isku camiyaa iigu daran xaasidnimo eey u qabaan Og'nia darteed
  8. @ LazyG are you talking of inconsistency now? I though that just few days ago you argued that you didn't care about the Somalis starving in jails.I never called myself sheekhad on SOL. If you had a working memory you would remember that I was never in the business of talking about and judging people's private lives. Why would it be dulinimo for all of us when adult women decide to do whatever it is that they wanna do. Mida kale adeey siyaad iyo ree hebel kaa caratay ee aniga I have no interest in the politics of the North. The man was sentenced to 4 years and that is fair considering that it is not a sharia law government (hopefully you understand what that is). Finally, ruuxuu ciil dilayo let them kill them selves but I don't see what the noise is about.
  9. And what brings incest to this discussion? I told you if it bothers you that much than go do something about it. What people do in their lives is not a situation for Somali oo dhan. Wake up, will you?
  10. 5;689496 wrote: And the award for the most 1diotic reply goes to... Ismalura. Walaal, BOB* is 100% right. This is not a case of a woman choosing between a red dirac or a green dirac to flash her chest in. This is about a foreign man coming to an Islamic country and seeking poor, disadvantaged women in desperate situations to take advantage of. 4 years for destroying the souls of these women is a joke. Let us keep cheating our selves that because we are Somali we are better than the rest of the world and anything we do is some body's fault. Two(or more) consenting adults decided to do what they did and Somaliland is a secular government so what did you expect them to do? @ 5 There is drug abuse, pornography and prostitution in the Somali community almost every where so go kill your self now.Cantarabaqash wax ma taree let everyone take care of them selves and those under their care.
  11. Shaah and casho get cold? So we back to the baby sitting argument ! @ Ismahaan great contribution. Close minded people are often extremely ignorant too. Prophet Muxamed (SAW) worked for Khadija (RA) and than married her...HELLO !
  12. Somalinimo laguye. Everyone is responsible for them selves. If a Somali woman wants to sleep with old German man yadeey u talaa. I don't see what is Somali/muslim about that since it is a personal choice. God has given everyone a free will. If he was recording a video/taking pictures with out their consent than that is a different story and four years seems fair.
  13. AYOUB;689323 wrote: Oh we're the insurance claim type, are we? Phew, pardon me young lady. Insurance kuye LOL. Like your poor Somali self has any life insurance. If you want to kill your wife for insurance go marry some cadaan woman !
  14. AYOUB;689145 wrote: Some folks are just not romantic enough to believe in crimes of passion. 21 years bla bla.. Who said anything about crimes of passion? Or did you lock a body up some where adigana? I am just telling folks to do some more research. There is more to mental health (and everything else) than what you see on TV.
  15. Listening to the greatest son over and over !
  16. Ilaahey ha naxariisto maskiinta dadkeedana samir iyo iimaan ha ka siiyo. Mida kale the idea that mentally ill people are more violent than others is nothing but an assumption and is actually part of the stigma. Many people with no mental health issue murder so you never know.
  17. @ Taleexi horta wadaadka intaad noo soo dhajiso markaan wax kaa weydiino maxaadan ugu jawaban? Where is that book ood ku shegysay in uu qoray?
  18. Tuujiye;688800 wrote: loooool 2004 intro! I'm still Ina baqti lagde Still ciyaalka xaafada And I'm Still here in SOL lool... This is how you new people should be introducing your self... Shiidh fooqul Shiidh.. Have fun a little guys. Wareer Badanaa!!! Tuujiye you are growing too old for SOL. I have noticed that many people here are on the wrong side of 30....makes me feel better
  19. This topic never gets old LOL !