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  1. Ethiopian girls may be more beautiful than Somali girls lakiin waxa kale waa bullshit. Everyone knows that Somali women are beautiful on the other hand I am not surprised that Somali men didn't make the list
  2. I know that Tusmo is a traditional Somali name but in this context waa runtaa it means share something (I don't know what) with me.
  3. Yeah Aaliyah the accent is not Somali but I can imagine this announcement on a Somali air line. i mean that is how we do dee LOL
  4. Sticking together is one of the best parts of our culture. How many Somali people are absolutely homeless and sleep on the streets? Very few because we can fit 10 people in a room for two and we all stay around each other. I have observed a trend where people pretend to be too good to live in meel Somali badan. A couple of my relatives and friends made a point of telling me that they are the only Somalis living in their building I would rather live in a somali neighbourhood any day because despite warka, dhibka iyo gethonimada I know some one will be there when I really need them. Long live my people !
  5. Maanshalah ! So beautiful. I love how the sheikh says "It is about contribution not about integration." I would love to go but I am too broke and I have to work as may hours as I can over the break
  6. How is being gay worse than killing people? True homosexuality is abominable sin but it between him and Allah SWT kaliya unlike murder. No reason to feel shame on his behalf qof walbe xisaabtiisa aakhiro waa gaar. Ilaahey ha soo hadeeyo is all we can say.
  7. As far as I am concerned surwaal is a man's clothing and women and men are not supposed to dress the same.I also have some friends who wear pants and whose dedication to Islam is otherwise wonderful but I am still not convinced that it is ok to wear pants alone. God knows the best.
  8. @ Aaliyah you are right jalbaab dheer qasab ma aha lakiin walaaleey wax intii la xidho goono ama surwaal dhuuban masar yarna madax lagu xidhanayo oo lagu leyahay hijaab baan xidhay ma ila saxsana aniga. The idea of hijaab is about covering up so any modest clothing is ok as long as your body is not showing. I totally agree about nimanka gabdhaha iyo xijaabka uun daba taagan yagana aan is firineynin. Some guys on my Facebook oo yagba aan ilaahey ka cabsi wax ka ogeyn baa every day muxaadro ka jeediya how gabdhahii eey u halaben etc. It is high time eey yaga is xisaabiyaan Faraxyaashan.
  9. This is great ! Ilaahayow wadankeenii noo soo celi.
  10. I miss the she camel and the line on top that said " Giving nomads their piece of/on the net." It was priceless. Please, Admin, soo celiya labadaas.
  11. wyre;680237 wrote: Post your pic and i'll tell you whether you are ugly or caramantula for me I used to add every girl that i think iney cuntameyso, Though aan hadda aqbalo uun, yacni kuma darsado waan uun aqbalaa keliya, Yeah kulmiye facebook pointless waaye haddeyr (it's for idlers and I'm still 1 of them ) @ Wyre How can you judge if he is good looking or not when you are both guys. That can only be done by a woman ee ha lugooynin ninka @ Kulmiye some of my male friends tell me gabdha darsasho nagu dhibay. Ofcourse, I always tell them waad is fanineysaan. Gabdh maxeey idnkaga darsani lol @ Nuune Winnipeg kuye LOL. Meelahas aniga laigama helo lakiin you might have seen me at Dhagaxbuur (I couldn't insert a grin here). You can never figure me out that easily !
  12. Voltaire;680469 wrote: Stop mixing languages. It was a simple question, dear! Nothing wrong with mixing languages unless you don't understand Somali and you are asking me to translate what I said. I asked you to define what immoral is and you will easily find the answer to your question. I understand that it is all relative and that you may not feel the same way.
  13. True about the double standard! I have always said for every gabadh oo ***** dhahsho nin ***** dhalaa jiraa but you only hear about the woman. It takes two tango, you know. Anyways the guy can sing and dance. He is talented and I don’t see why the rumors matter! Live and let others live !
  14. Voltaire;680209 wrote: What is 'immoral' about the video? What is not immoral about this video? Horta is weydii what is defined as immoral and you will find the answer right there.
  15. I have discovered many of the new features now and I like some of them. Lakiin qaaar badan baa useless and confusing iska ah. Seriously why would I want to connect my Facebook to my SOL account I don't think any nomad wants to do that. Glad that I have had no trouble logging in or posting. Well, I always was a lucky girl
  16. Showqi;680065 wrote: Maxaa waaye kashifadaan.......... Balaaya ka dhacday, thread walba cidii akhrinaysa waa la arkayaa. For example in the women category 70 of the 78 browsers are men )
  17. I got a couple of Ginas on Facebook lakiin unfortunately I know them soo waji kabnimo aan ku tiro ma hayo LOL And yeah sure we can back it up...
  18. FatB it is not faan if you can back it up and we can...Sorry I mean Aaliyah can *winkkkkk
  19. You are welcome Aaliyah ! I saw about the 'unfriend' day on another thread inkastoo wax aan tiro uusan iigu jiranba. Lol @ Gina lavato; Laundry or Ashton? I think I should start watching Jimmy Kimmel show lol
  20. About my picture not being there Kulmiye unbeey ku socatay. He said he adds the cute ones lakiin I receive friends requests every day even though I have never had a photo of me on Facebook. Iskaga darso weeye dadkan waxooda ee sawir iyo sawir daraba kuguma deynayaan. I used to accept all female friend's requests until I was told stories about niman magac gabadh wata oo dadka caayaya. As for you hadaada sawir saarto waa 1000 requests dee. I know beautiful people from their writings and I am sure you are one of them....LOL even though I am not kidding.
  21. @ Aliyah same thing here ! I could never understand how someone can have 'friends' they don't know. Many of my friends were insulted by one or more of their 700 friends and I am always like 'I told you so' ! LOL @Kulmiye I was just kidding inadeer. You said you add the cute ones and I don't even have a picture on facebook so you wouldn't even know.
  22. Nice one Aaliyah. Brandy is talented; she is one of my favourites !
  23. So you one of the over 200 friend requests I ignored. I see
  24. Faarax-Brawn;680115 wrote: LoL. Seriously,you gotta be slow not to see em. (i just used one cool feature now,the post quick reply button)(and spell check tho it did not work)) I can see the features alright but I am just not sure how cool they are. Me? slow? Sawaxiliga waxeey dhahaan 'Asiye kujua hakuthamini." and that is not bragging.