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  1. TFG with KDF Today has received Al-Shabaab defectors in Afmadow. More Al-Shabaab fighters are abandoning their militant activities with Al-Shabaab and laying down their arms, Dozens of fighters and senior troop leaders have defected to KDF/TFG and are now under KDF custody in Afmadow.KDF Military intelligence has been interrogating them to gain vital intelligence that will help them plan on the strategic layout of defence and the strategy the militants are using. Al-Shabaab has lot over 250 troops in southern Somalia since Wednesday last week after a barrage missiles, aerial attacks and artillery besides special forces operations in Southern Somalia. waxan la rajeyn hayaa in kuwooda oogu waa waayna ey isa soo dhiiban mar aan saa u dheereyn Godane iyo ragiisi very soon gacanta ayaa lagu soo dhigi doonaa toloy Godane hadii lasoo qabto xagee lagu maxa kamadeyn doonaa?
  2. A car bomb killed a Somali lawmaker in Mogadishu’s Hamarweyne district on Monday morning and wounded five others, including three of his bodyguards and two civilians, according to government and al-Shabaab officials who spoke to Jihad Sympathizer Mohamad adow . .Credible sources in the Somali Security Forces told Terror Free Somalia that the bomb was concealed and fixed inside the car and not a suicide attack as earlier reported."The death toll remains at one person: A former ****** Jihadist MP Mohamud Abdi Garwayne," said government official Warsame Godah.The victim was a former Islamist and member of the former Islamic Courts Union before he joined the current Transitional Federal Government (TFG) led by President Sharif Sheik Ahmed. He served as a former minister for trade and industry and was a close friend of the president, according to TFG officials who spoke ****** Jihadist Reporter Sympathizer Mohamad adow .Initial reports by witnesses suggested that the attack was carried out by suicide bomber, but a senior al-Shabaab official who declined to be named told Terror Free Somalia they masterminded what he described as 'a high profile mission that enabled the death of the lawmaker.'"It was not a suicide attack but that should be a clear message to other TFG officials and their foreign supporters that al-Shabaab fighters are still active in Mogadishu although the enemy is claiming we were forced to flee the capital," said the al-Shabaab official. Witnesses, however, believed it was a suicide attack.“I was here when the car went past at a high rate of speed, passing all the vehicles, but I was did not assume he was a suicide bomber. When the blast hit, I went down at once. When I raised my head, I saw everyone running around me and shouting. I saw three civilians, including a young lady, who were wounded in the attack," said eyewitness Sahra Mo’alim. Shortly after the incident security forces reached on the scene and blocked the roads, firing gunshots in the air.The hardline al-Shabaab militant group has been carrying out number of suicide attacks in Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia’s southern regions against Somali and African Union troops.Earlier on Sunday the interior minister of the transitional government, Abdi Samad Moalim, vowed to increase security in the city. “As we are approaching the holy month of Ramadan, security should be highly tightened all around the country to avoid of further violent attacks by the terrorist groups. We have to be a vigilant," said Abdi Samad.In the past, al-Shabaab has increased their suicide and guerrilla attacks during Ramadan.H/T Kismaayo24
  3. A prominent American fighter for Al Shabaab has claimed his life is under threat from fellow guerrillas due to internal disputes within the group. Omar Hammami, an American citizen from Alabama, and the only foreigner who holds a public position in Al Shabaab, joined in 2006, under the nom de guerre Abu Mansour al-Amriki. Last week he posted a video saying he felt his life might be endangered by other members of the Harakat Shabaab al-Mujahideen "due to some differences that occurred between us regarding matters of Sharia and matters of strategy". There were reports that Hammami had been arrested near Merca following the posting of his comments on YouTube but Al-Shabaab quickly denied the allegation and promised an investigation to verify the authenticity of the video and motivations behind it. It said that it could assure "our Muslim brothers that al-Amriki is not endangered by the Mujahideen" and "still enjoys all the privileges of brotherhood." There have been frequent reports of long-standing divisions between Al-Shabaab Somali commanders more interested in Somali affairs and those who concentrate on a more global jihad and the links to Al Qaeda. There have been claims that the former were implicated in the deaths of at least two figures closely linked to Al-Qaeda, Fazul Mohamed and Bilal al-Barjawi. The factions have accused each other of giving information to the Americans. Hammami’s video suggests that disputes over ideology and strategy are having a serious effect on the organization, and it has been described as a significant public relations setback. The indication of more divisions near the top of the organization is likely to have a further demoralizing effect on Al-Shabaab's foreign fighters. There are believed to be several hundred of these though there were unconfirmed reports a few weeks ago that 300 of them had left Kismayo and retreated to Yemen so it seems that these terrorist group are facing serious issues.
  4. if a father speakes the children will start crying, the international community does not know three or two somalis they only know one somali one flag. xaarka hala iska duwo. wakhtigu wuu imadey.
  5. Abtigiis;760982 wrote: And where does the UN and Mahiga came into this scenarios? Can Xinn elaborate. I thought all along he was saying the TFG is a cohesive political framework. And whose framework it is? What can spare scenario 1 if that is what the founders and funders of the TFG is what they want? Xin's opposition to foeign armies doesn't mean much. They are already in, and with the blessing of the TFG. So, is he saying the choice is between scenario 1 and 2? I take scenario 1. Period. We already have "friendly statelets" in the form of Somaliland and Puntland.We will cure the disease and contamination brought by the new "statelets" the same way we cure the Somailand and Puntland ones. Maanta miyeyna Ethiopia far ugu yeedhin Puntland iyo Somaliland? Markaa ma maamulo dheeraad ah oo abuurma ayaa dhib hor le oo aan ina haysan hadda soo kordhin doona? Personally, I don't support new regional states; i don't like federalism. But I will take anything but Alshabab. People wake up and go to bed in peace in the Ethiopian "bantustans" of Puntland and Somalia. They fare better than the areas Alshabab control. As to the grand idea of bringing th central State of somalia back, it is a different discussion, which will not be served by either of the Scenarios Xinn is giving. But I think the two scenarios are false. The TFG cannot beat Alshabab without external help. And I (if not Xinn) know that the UN will not be working to support a strong somali national army to do the job of fighting Alshabab. The solution is to take scenario 1, and try to move from there without suffering the reflexive charge of "a terrorist" country. It is easy to deal with Kenya and Amisom. The big issue is Ethiopia, but one step at a time. If we have to launch a genuine Somalai Re-liberation Front (with no religious objectives), so be it. But we cannot allow Alshabab to control the country and kill the nation. We can talk sense to warlords, bribe them, but we can not deal with people who think they are doing God's bidding. Xinnoow Farooole is accountable to Addis Abab more than Sheikh Sharif. Iska daa dalwad-goboleedyo hor leh oo dhalannayee, first Puntland Ethiopia ka soo jar oo talada soomalida ogolaysii. If Meles tells Faroole to stop cooperating with Shiekh Sharif, he will do. So, maxaad scenario hada aan ku jiro oo na haysata uga dhigaysaa wax soo socda oo dadka ugu cabsiinaysaa? If the future doesn't come toward you, you have to go fetch it,If we do not stop oppression when it is a seed, it will be very hard to stop when it is a tree (al-shabaab).If we stand tall it is because we stand on the shoulders of our neighbours .Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere because al-qaeda is a threat to the world.The greatest threat to freedom is to keep al-shabaab in somalia and in africa at large so is not good to criticise everthing because our neighbours are just helping us to make sure somali pple enjoy their rights. Abtigiis well said keep it up.
  6. Hargeisa,Lascanood, Garawe,Galkacayo, Baladwayn, Mogadishu, Kismaayo and Baydhawo all of them very soon the Premier will do some shopping insha allah. there were alot of african troops are coming to every town in somalia including the north of somalia, insha allah. so rajadu aad ayey u fiicantahay walalaheyda somaliyeedow. wadamada africanka ah ee noo soo gurmadeyna waxba nagama rabaa but they want to make peace and stability in somalia but nothing else somalia one nation one pple.
  7. Garnaqsi;760277 wrote: Saado is the heroine of Somali music. I don't think it's even fair to mention Nimco Dareen in this thread because they are just world apart -- and by this I don't mean in terms of political opinions (I know very little of this) but rather in terms of the singers they are. It's a shame that many people from the North dislike her for her association with SSC; I guess sometimes history can be easily forgotten. walee waad asiibtey, but the truth is saado is always support for the oppressed pple.
  8. sifiican ooga daawo Xaji Xunjuf hadii ay kaga jirtey shiki magaladu waa Borama dadkuna waa rer Borama sxb. kuraxayso.
  9. Hargeisa xagee horta laga xukumaa? the answer is JiJiga ayaa laga xukumaa, marka hada ma waxad naga dhaadhicin rabtaa ninki asagba kuxukumay in aad dhahdo waan xirey.
  10. Knight of Wisdom, Join Date Oct 2011 Join same date?? Bluelicious,Join Date Oct 2011
  11. 2000 troops coming to Garawe??????????? next will be Hargeysa
  12. Al Shabaab on the back foot Mogadishu appears to be safer and more secure than in years It is a big achievement to remove (al-Shabab) from the city, and defeat them also to put to an end the fighting that disrupted so many lives. But the challenge is now to protect civilians from the sort of terror attack. i hope one day one time Al-Shabab will be judged harshly for the lives they took and the atrocities they committed, let us support of all peace-loving Somalis to help our somali military and amisom to restore peace and stability to the countary, We have to retaliate against al-shabaab (khawaarij) for burning our people to death. Somalis fought colonialists before and al-Shabab is a new colonialist.They are not Muslims. They are misinterpreting the religion and have made our blood their business,They have shuttered the dream of the somali future by suicide bombing every great step to change the somali future one was hotel shamo and few days ago was the student who got the turkish scolarship.