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  1. What exactly is this man's point? Why does he keep shifting from one useless book to another? Respect is earned not just through the pay check (providing for your family) but also by respecting your wife too. The popular assumption that the problems between Somali men and Somali women stem from the husbands' inability to provide for the family is preposterous. Most men I know have no problem taking responsibility to provide for their families. However, many men believe that bringing in the money makes the woman their salve while in reality they should live as two human beings of equal value who are sharing the work (Since both the inside and the outside work are important). They expect their wives to surrender control of their whole lives and are often abusive. It is not about who cooks or does the dishes it is about treating a women like you would want her to treat you. It is about a woman having self determination and that is something that most Somali men don't even understand. The shit that Somali women take from their men !
  2. Chocolate and Honey;687032 wrote: This is the most idiotic pathetic excuses I have ever read: "Welfare empowers women?" WTF? Welfare humiliates mothers because it is a sign of wretchedness. If the men held jobs, the mothers wouldnt take welfare checks. Welfare is not mandatory; you dont have to take it. In fact, they prefer you dont. The most visible positive quality of Somali men is the fact that they don't need babysitting. Ninka ka cabaadayo about the lack of attention nin ma aha. I agree with you on everything except where you say Somali men don't need baby sitting. Actually they do need a lot of it. Of course it is not the emotional kind (they are too manly to need that) but a more physical one. Me and my friends have a joke where we say to each other "We have to get used to this because when we get married we have to attend to crying babies and husbands." We get the joke from what we used to hear from older women when they were encouraging us to wake up early, cook e.t.c. "Naa maxaad la jiiftaa bari ka maalin nin iyo caruur baa wax kaa sugayee?" :mad: So annoying !
  3. Good idea HB...Carabkaba ugu daalay interviewing people ee I should make a form and photo copy it. Istaaqfrulaah !
  4. I am laughing out loud. Dadkiina Afsomali funny ah baad ku hadleysaa. @ Man of freedom isku sheegow what do you by 'moslem' waa runee? Mida kale did you hear that the interviewer him self said the shahaada wrong. Leave people alone and let them worship God the way they know Him. There are better ways to teach people with out humiliating them on video. @ MMA thanks my Canadian brother. I appreciate you support; waliba Canada bas ma ahee ree Muqdishona waan isla nahay ee saas u ogow . Diinta macaankeeda wuxuu ku jiraa sufida; they are people of love and wisdom. @ Tuujiye adiga anoo junior nomad ah baad welcome ta uun i heysaa ee waa maxay. It is too late to welcome me dee. PS: Maalin hore qof sidaada u hadalyaan ku arkay 'Buulo' wireless @ Nuune islaamahad jiniga ka saareysay ee la shegayay maad ii maleysay markaan maanso lugleey kula cunayo. Seriously though why did you ignore when I mentioned magaaldaada maalin hore. Mise anaa wareersan tolow?
  5. @ Kool Kat oohinta is part of what makes my night lol. @ Somalina hijabi bachelorette is coming to Canada ee send a nomination . We could just call it 'halaal dating show ' and have so much fun with it !
  6. I am really happy for him and his mother. He got a wonderful second chance at life ! Aduun waa hadhka labdiisa galin. This shows just how much great human potential we are losing to poverty and our indifference to human suffering. May be we would find greater things if we stopped to really see every homeless child, man or woman. Did this remind any one of the united way ad that shows a dirty rough homeless man pealing of skin and turning in to a well dressed good looking man?..."What you are really giving is a way out."
  7. @ Tuujiye waan ku dayay hadaad xer racday . Kuwa meshan oohoo muslin kale ma jiro nagu dilay baan ku modayay. Ps: You have a bad memory ee aniga ma ku cusbi seef laboodnimada iyo SOL midana. I have been around for a while and we have met on other threads. @ Lazy G just shut up and go read some more of the foreign ideologies that have brainwashed you in to what you are. What do you know (or care) about qira'a adiga? When you say 4032 are you being ignorant and annoying or just annoying? I wish you a happy new year (Only because you are a Canadian).
  8. 'Women should be educated but..'? There are no buts here horta. Every woman should have the choice and freedom to do what they want to do with her life. It is about self determination so if you choose to stay at home waa adiga but I am not about to waste my mother's early morning anjeero and more....I gotta make money and so much more. The insecure sexists I know would love the thread starter.
  9. Come one KK sleeping beauty is just just as fake. Even though I some times make fairy tales in my head we know by that no handsome prince drops by with a white horse. Not that I care but it just doesn't work like that any more. I know that the bachelor thing is mostly (if not all) about fame and money but you gotta admit that the drama is interesting. Naagaha (or nimanka) is dagalaya ama those who cry when they haven't even known the person for a day make my Monday night. The bachelor this season (Brad) has been a bachelor in the 2007 season and ended up choosing no one. I don't know all the details now but here is chris Harrison's blog with the main information.
  10. I always had doubts about your sanity... Great way to narrate your 'stream of consciousness'. As much as I hate saying something nice about You I have to admit that this is beautiful !
  11. I don't like to take part in arguments about different sectors of diinta lakiin I can't stand the theory that Wahabisim brought Islam to Somalida." @ Tuujiye many people knew how to pray and read the Quran long before qixii ee talk for your self. Tajweedka kama fadli badna codadka kalee quraanka lagu akhriyo...there are different qira'aa styles and imitating a certain voice doesn't make you more religious. @ Ismahaan abaayo subac iyo quraan la xifdiyo suufiyada unbaa laga soo gaadhay. These new wadaado cajalada unbeeyba ka dhageysan jireen quraan. I guess we have our indvidual biases lakiin aniga quraan sufiyada unbaan ku arkay.
  12. @ Serinty I ask my self why the hell I watch it and I don't admit to many people either. The drama has a way of attrcating and keeping me there . I guess I should just enjoy it. @ Yaa tahay enough with the subxanalah pliz. How would you know camal laan in uu yahay unles you are familiar with the show? So who is your favourite? I know you are watching it
  13. Is anyone on SOL watching this season of the bachelor. I watched the last two season and I am becoming addicted to the drama . I don't believe that it is about finding love but I find it a very entertaining joke. What do you think? Anyone?
  14. I saw this on Facebook and I couldn't help tearing up. Knowledge of the religion doesn't help if you have a rotten heart; wixii ka duubayba wax binadaam ah ma aha. @ Oba I don't think it is nice to spread videos like this.
  15. Lol @ Ibtisam. I couldn't agree more walahi. Seven pages of pure ********* is a bad way to start a beautiful morning.
  16. I agree with every thing but the last. 10 years? No Farax or Xaliimo (for that case) wants to wait that long.
  17. This story is so out of hand... meel aan ka qabaanba la' goes; There was a momentary silence as Awaale and Barni looked at their children with their unconscious guest. The question marks were visibly hanging on their faces as brother and sister waited on each other. "Who is this and what is are you doing with him here?" Awaale asked as he hit the table with vexation. "What did we tell you kids about bringing people home?" Barni chipped in. " Do you realize how much trouble this can cause us?" she added. As Muudeey explained the situation to their parents Amina was struggling with horrible thoughts of what her family will do to Hanad. She knew that she had to do some thing and do it quick. And..."Kulkalax kooosari!"she muttered under her breath and flew off with Hanad in a split-second. Over heard in the sky, with Hanad draped over her shoulder, Amina saw her family circle her. "I can't let them do this. There has to be a way out" She thought ! Just than another idea hit her...
  18. Fire and Ice by Robert Frost. Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.
  19. Gardiryo inaad gaf ku hadli aduba waad garanee Adigoo gidaar taaganoon ii laheyn garasho Gogasheyda seen kuugu dhigi gaari baan ahayee? Gabayaa iyo halyeey iyo, geesi nimaan aheynoo Aabahiisna geel dhaqan Ana aanan garnayen Gogal uma dhigayee, Iga gaabso inanyahow.
  20. Ahmadi-najad laguye. Just one more ignorant chauvinist on SOL. Guumesyno is great compared to ina rag qaarkiis ( Like i said in another thread). @ Taleexi yes there is more to life. I would rather not share dee. Polygamy is fine wax kaa ogal hadad hesho; Just make sure Somalina iyo aniga in aanaan Canada kugu arag adoo afar Xaliima wata...
  21. @ Somalina ma ka heshay. Markii si quman wax lagu waayo meey threat is ku badashay. @ Man of freedom Ina adeer the false scarcity principle waan ka soo qalinjabinay. Even if this were true I would rather be single than share a man....there is more to life dee.
  22. The Zack;684618 wrote: Wataciyuhaa udunun waaciyah Did you consider quoting the ayah and may be explaining you point? The 'ear' needs to hear more reason.
  23. Aaliyyah;684505 wrote: " من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم "..that would mean whoever acts like a group of ppl is one of them? but wouldnt this be referring to more extreme acts such as partying late at night, drinking, etc even when it comes to celebrating the Islamic new year. I would think Allah swt is telling us to refrain from wasting a great deal of time celebrating wax waxba laga soo biirsaneen (and also this would be innovation or in arabic bidca since it wasnt celebrated back in the prophet's time csw)... But, just wishing someone a happy new year? it is just words right I dnt think that is necessarily haraam..So, I would agree with Ismalura on this!!!! But, I could be wrong. Allah yaclam!!!! It is not about imitating a qowm; whether we like it or not we are part of this community now. The Gregorian calendar is used every where we go. It effects our work, school schedule i.w.m. As long us you don't celebrate with haram acts I don't see anything wrong with noticing that a new year has started. Naga daaya nimanyahow ha na walina ee !