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  1. Mesha gabay kumaba arko ! I weep for the 'nation of poets'.
  2. I will be back to Xamar some day inshaAlah !
  3. Nice story and a wonderful life lesson Kaamvi. If the took the advice he might have ended up losing the kids, the wife and the friends in the pursuit of becoming rich. This is a proof that we have everything we need if only we are content ! I should send this story to some of my friends who don't believe me when I say I don't care about being very rich.
  4. My inadeer is so talented maanshalah !
  5. @ Lychee abaayo 23 is not old. Actually I think that the best age for marriage is 25 but it really doesn't matter what i think ; Guur waa calaf at the end of the day. Mida kale you shouldn't feel bad coz your friends are married since you might be a lot better off than they are. I know many ladies who married and miserable. May be because they were too scared of being the ' lonely pseudo feminist' like you are and settled for less than they deserve. Marriage is no small business ee good luck to you and all the single SOLers.
  6. @ Nuune Yaanyuurtii uurka laheyd eed aniga igu habaareysay baa adiga ilaahey kuu soo diray miyaa? I should have told you in aan dhal culumo ahay ee taas ha kuu ahaato tusaale. Ducadaasna ma saxsanee si quman u soo ducee ama bari libaax baa kugu soo bixi yaanuur waa ciyaaree. @ Aaliyah I told you ninkan in uu is sharaxa diyaar uma aha. Anigaba I can't understand him and we are supposed to be from the same side of the world marka wuxuu qarinayaa jira. Mida kale adiga yaanuur ma taqaanid miyaa? Ala maxaad Canadian noqotay hada Waa in SSC lagugu celiyo LOL. Yaanyuur is a cat.
  7. Somalina;681712 wrote: Aaliyyah, marba haddaad Xamar hawadeeda adigoo baby ah (is important info to note) soo martey, waa lama huraan in naturalized reer Xamar lagaa dhigo. Welcome to the biggest n most powerful family on SOL. Iga gudoon teesarahaan. @ Aailyah yeah it counts. Anigaba I have no memories of Xamar but I am glad I was born there. Welcome to the reer Xamar Candian group ! @ Somalina you are welcome abaayo. Keep representing the family and we will support you !
  8. @ Aaliyah waxaas ka bax ee ninka iska celi anaa kula budheynee. Wax aadan fahmenynin suuba kuu dhihi karaa? See I told you you are too kind.
  9. @ Aaliyah ma hubo macanaha lakiin wax fiican in eysan eheeyn baan arkaa LOL. I guess I shouldn't get you in to a fight when I don't know the meaning. @ Nuune horta maxaad ii habaartaa mar walbe beerka caaro kaa xagatay ee.
  10. I agree with Somalina...Canadians rule this forums. My favourites are Aaliyah and Somalina. Aaliyah because she posts meaningful threads and comments. Plus the girl is just so nice.@ Ailiyah some times I wonder how you keep your cool . Somalina/NinaNC posts unique threads and pictures and can really kick ***. Not forgetting that she represents my city Xamar :cool: Mida kale koley some people will think I m being biased but I generally find threads by the ladies more meaningful and interesting.
  11. Aaliyah waxeey nimanka haweenka ku sameeyn jireen baad sameysay dee....I bet you were so busy looking that you didn't even listen The guy is more than a cute face, you know? I am just kidding inadeer. I love his story telling style
  12. Yeah it is heard of; many people from dibadaha and other African countries go there to work. I personally know two of my Somali Kenyan high school teachers who have found good jobs there. I think NGO's and other international organizations employ people and I was told that the pay is good. Good luck.
  13. Progressive islam side laguye. She is a million times more than that; she is a strong Muslim woman. I am tired of watching these people change everything to fit with their own interests in the world. robably the only reason why she was recognized in this award is because 'extremist muslims' baa la dagaalay lakiin Dr Hawa was doing this work since the civil war. She deserves more awards especially from the Somali people !
  14. @ Nuune waad indha dareysay dee hadaadanba arag wax meesha ku jiro. LOL@ Nimanka Somalida jaceyl wax kama yaqaanaan baa la dhihi.... Said who? I never said that, ever. @ Ailyah wax fican kumuu dhihin Nuune ee Admin u dacwoo ama better still sue him. What he said comes under a certain type of harassment
  15. Ismalura


    Aaliyyah;681210 wrote: ^Thanks Ismalura for your advice. y dnt u link me up with ur friend..khyr buu ifari laha. Kidding LOL Good luck abaayo. Ilaahey ha nagu hagaajiyo jidka toosan kuligeenba.
  16. True it depends on how you use it. Mida kale it is quite a waste of time lakiin who cares? Not hadaan Cali iyo Caasho koriyaa aniga? After I do everytjing i need to I have an extra hour or two to waste and I use it on Sol and Facebook
  17. Yep nice looking and talented too.... watch him sing... Isn't he just lovely? Xanta, ceebta islaamkoo la fidiyo, judging people left and right and issuing death Fatwas on SOL doesn't make anyone a good muslim.
  18. Aaliyyah;680988 wrote: lol@ dress right nah boi ama wear ma abaya and hijaab..n dnt worry abt any faduulin. I can watch my back just fine!... Pepper spray @ Aaliyah..... Who needs 'a strong fella'? LOL
  19. Ismalura


    @ Aaliyah I tried and failed many times before lakiin for the last few months caadi baan ka dhigtay oo maba ka fikirin in aan iska daayo. You have definitely made a good decision but I think you should start off gradually; first minimize before you stop it all. I trust God's mercy that He will forgive us and hope that we have enough good deeds to balance the bad ones with. I know it is doable because one of my friends hasn't listened to any music for the last few years. I do wonder how he does it but it is possible and that is good to know.
  20. Mad_Mullah;680825 wrote: Islam says so, and Somali culture. Homosexuality is not between him and Allah but between him, our sword and Allah. As far as I am concerned murder (waliba serial killing) is worse than homosexuality. Can you provide support for your claim? I believe ilaahey danibgaad ka gashay in aad ilaahey uun uugu toowabad keeni karto while the other one involves more. @ TheZack anaga maxkamad islaami ah ma nihin ninka waa isga iyo alahiisa. I doubt if xan aan SOL ku xamano will make or us better people. Ilaahey ha suu hanuuniyo, waa hadaay run tahayba waxa la sheegayo. By the way the guy can dance. I have watched all of his videos on youtube...
  21. AaliyahI guess you grew up listening to other music. Aniga I grew up with Somali songs soo hada waxaan xiseynayaa the other side Listening to this.
  22. I have known about Dr Hawa Abdi and her wonderful work for about a year now. It is unfortunate how we recognize efforts like this only after gaal cadow does. I think appreciating people who do exceptional work for the community more often would motivate others. May God protect Dr Hawa and the likes.
  23. "Ask her if she likes you? Outcome: If she says yes casually, then she does not love you rather if she finds it difficult to answer this, then she love you." I know a lot of people who believe this. Why is it supposed to hard if you feel that way? :confused: