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  1. How come this didn't wake up any of you? You people are no patriots.
  2. Juxa;684142 wrote: hadal haan ma buuxshee inteenan meesha soo tuban maxaan ka yeelnaa? there should be an sol-pot to help others no? Juxa dhawr jeer baan is idhi there is a lot potential here ee there should be something on SOL. I was thinking more like a youth effort kind of thing but than every one here is an anonymous so nothing much can be done. May be we should establish a political party with our user names
  3. Abaayo I totally agree that image is important and that we are losing dignity by showing films like that. That said these people are suffering and are in dire need of everything from food to security. I lived in those camps when it was a lot less populated and it was a very tough life. I can't imagine how it is for them now and I can sacrifice some pride and reputation to feed them. You are right that charity begins at home and we should help our people before we beg dad kale for them.
  4. @Nugul first of all I don't see how your reaction to the film can qualify you as 'kufr' since it has nothing to do with faith or religion. We as Somalis have lost the privilege of keeping our dirty secrets and worrying about keeping our image. I agree that begging (waliba as a whole nation) takes away our dignity but these people are lacking the basic needs in life and we can't ignore them and philosophize their situation. There are underlying complicated interconnections of social, political, religious and economic factors in these whole 'Africa is starving' campaigns and we have a lot of work to do before we can mend our image.
  5. This is a sad situation we are in. Ilaahow u sahal inta dhibateysan aduunka.
  6. Happy new year Solers. May God bless you all. @ Yaa tahay you mean by saying 'happy new year' we become part of the non muslims? I don't think so...Go back to the hadith and its meaning.
  7. @ Chimere I would certainly make sure that my sons (if I have some) know how to cook and tacke care of them selves. I would also expect my husband to cook some times but I am not a fan of a family system where the woman works and the man stays at home. Somethings are just un natural, you know? Ilamaha waa la isla heyn karaa and there is always day care when we are both busy. @ Juxa thanks for wishing us well and giving us some good advice. To some extent we are on the same page. I agree that there will always be obstacles in marriage but I insist that there shouldn't be surprises. You will most likely find the same person you married that is if you both took your time and were honest with each other. Patience and sacrifice will always be needed goortii la guursadaba ee InshaAlah kheyrka alaha na waafajiyo.
  8. Soo dhawaaow Huming bird. Ganbadh qaado: shaah iyo canaana iyo snacks na waa la soo wadaa. Love is too strong to describe how I feel about SOL; I like Sol.
  9. He thinks naag Canada ku halowday in aan ahay and I think he is a chauvinist Farax who just wants to put down the sisters. Ninka in aad isku keen disho miyaad rabtaa marka?
  10. @ Aailyah you are right. You can do it gradually until you get to point where you stop it all. Wiilkana waan kaaga qaleeyay. Thanks for the song. waiting for the call
  11. Mr Somalia ku away? Come on man Any one? Even Ngone?
  12. The zack aa? Ninka waxa hor nagu soo dhax maray meydaan arkin miyaa?
  13. I want to believe the 'you can have it all' theory more than any one else but the reality of married somali women's lives is different saan u arko. Yes they are determined mothers going to school but as far as I know they take two courses a semester and are always burned out. I love that they have kids and are going to school at the same time but I wouldn't trade places with them. I know marriage doesn't necessarily stop you from doing other stuff but they are financial and social factors that make this things too hard. We all know that our culture is really different from the western one. Most Somali men's idea of being supportive is ensuring that you don't even need a career in the first place. How many times baa la i yidhi " why do you need a job/ a career if you husband can do everything for you?" Mida kale many of us here are struggling because we have to support people back home and when both time and money are scarce for labada qof ba there will certainly be huge problems. @ Juxa I believe that there is something like preparation and finding mr right before you get married. If you take your time you can get to know some one very well. I am not saying that there will be no challenges later but there certainly will be no surprises. Waxaad ku gursatay unbaad ninka kala kulmi and that is ok since no one is perfect. @ Chimera stay at home dad aa? My man has got to have a job and bring money home so no that is not an option. Like I said before I am still trying to figure this out but looking at all the factors I am leaning towards waiting till I finish school and manage to make some money.
  14. Mida kale cida Saado weey ku heystaan saa'id. I saw a welcome song oo Sangub/Jaango uu qaaday. I wanted to post it but couldn't find it. I will ask about the cute guy. Armuu aniga i dhaafi waayaa lakiin? Nice touch about the karate aniga pepper spray baan wataa :cool: Talk to you soon hun.
  15. Wow ! Nice Saango. Saado is talented and beautiful that she can make everything heart touching but this is more so a very touching song. We used to listen an audio of this at home when I was young.
  16. Ismalura


    @ Nugul you are welcome sis. Good luck with everything.
  17. @ Ismahan and Taleexi xageen ka helaa wadaakan cadi ma aha qoraalka ee. Do you know the name of his books e.t.c?
  18. Ok here goes... Gabyaa baan ahiyee geesi garsho dheeratay, gabay iguma gaadhidoo koley anigu waan garanee, Ama garwaaqso tasoo golaha gees uun ugu guur, Ama guulahey bari go'e yadan gaasirnee.
  19. Marriage is great but it is almost impossible to have a career when you get married at 20 and have five kids before you are 30.... I am still trying to figure this out but the 'you can have it all' story is looking more like a myth least for most people.
  20. Asking the guy to marry the older one is a bit extreme lakiin diidmo for the sole reason of gabadha waa laga weynyahay waan arkay. This issue is very common with dhaqankeena but dhalyarada today know that it doesn't make any sense. I have an older and a younger sister and we all agreed that has each her calaf and her decision to make. Waxyaaba qaar waxaad is dhihi xageey ka keentay Somalida; I mean does it really matter who gets married first?
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    Nugul;683052 wrote: I am not ready this to get personall. I read everything that has beEN SAID SO FAR AND AM TAKING IT INTO CONSIDERATION, BUT PLEASE STOP WRITING HERE. COULD THE MODERATORS PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD AS I AM REGRETTING STARTING IT. I NEED TO GET BETTER NOT TO BE JUDGED. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE Walahi Somali yaab beey ledahay. Nugul asked you to stop writing here and give her space to take everything into consideration. Why don't you just stop already? Mida kale the moderators should listen and delete the thread if they can.
  22. Ismalura

    ila qosol

    Lol @ maxaad waxbarshada u sii wadan weyday...
  23. Sayid*Somal;683370 wrote: ^^^ Bakhtiyow is buunbuunshay, sidii ri' isnuugtay This made me LOL.Gbaygii meel xun buu tagayba. I can write verses a little better than everything I read here. May be I should challenge some one or...not. Waan yara xishoonayaa dee:o
  24. @ Nuune aniga masaajidka 6th street kumaanan xidhnay but rumour has it that there was more than quraan dhigid going on there . Shaqdaad ii sadisayna alaha ii sahlo. I would love to be a manger at such a place. @ Aaliyah Nuune hadaad maxkamad saarto aniga waan ku soo hiilinayaa lakiin af somaliga waaweeyn ma kula tartami karo wadaadkan. @ Wyre Nuune ma pm hanjabaad ah buu kuu soo diray tolow