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  1. qacbaro....^^^^^^^^^^aaah...........thats the sweetest thing u ever said to me....i think im falling for u, so would u teach me to write somali?
  2. guys,,,,,im in the house all alone,,,,its dark and raining outside... please...i really dont wanna open anything scary so just tell me... whats in it?
  3. qacbaro ....if i asked u to stay ...and was my husband ....would u stay by my side and support me while i give birth?
  4. shiiiidh,,,,O-G that one baught tears to my eyes... SubhanAllah.....may Allah guide and protect us all..
  5. u know what, i want my husband (if i get married) to be there with me, has he got a choice- HELL NO! it took 2 of us to make this baby, and it will take 2 of us to bring it into the world. ok, so he is faint hearted and whatever, i'll allow him looking between ma legs.. he can comfort me, hold my hand, strock my hair, wipe my 4head with a cool cloth, tell me he loves me, and when that final push comes...cuddle me. plus he has to be the 1st person to hold our baby and say the SHAHADA, cant ma baby hear nothing before that moment---no-one elses voice! shhh! u guys complaining about blood, and fluids coming out?......suddenly u saying your crap smells of roses? naah we put up with all your xaar, we support u in whatever u a lil support in our time of need, when we are at our weakest! if u cant do that then get gone!
  6. silent-guy.....we have one thing in common...i didnt know that somali shias existed,,,seriously.. so, do u guys pray to a stone? when u making sajda? and do u beat yourselves....if so...why? Nur, thanks for the education, and nice topic!
  7. Question 1: Do all of us think of what we write when starting a topic or posting a reply? no i dont really think...i just write whatever drops into my mind and my fingers type faster than i think....and once i have written it, i dont re-read it and edit it, which is why my style of writing is that of some-one sitting with u talking rather than some educated dribble. but on Islamic issues, course i have to think! Question 2: If there were students that learn from the wisdom of the words we write (in SOL), do we think our words contain any useful information that can benefit them (student)? only when i talk about Islam, all ma other writing is just my opinion not meant for educational purpose not even for entertainment, im just bored and feel like practising my typing skills Question 3: About chitchats, do our words in regards to general talk contain anything beneficial to any reader that browses SOL, or does our chitchat serve any purpose? yea, when i chitchat i think it serves a purpose. say i had a bad experience with a guy, i qossip so others can learn from my mistakes...and course, i learn from theirs! Question 4: When we start a topic what is our intention? Are we after learning from others' opinions or just to seek popularity of some kind? neither....when i start a topic i dont care who reads it or why....i just write what im feeling , seeing or going through...and i rarely start life is too boring!
  8. its easier said than done,,,getting our kids out the schools.. if it was easy we would all be doing it! see the Islamic schools cost money, and i aint gone cheat my kid out of an education by saying imma teach him at home that which i aint qualified to teach, plus im studying and working & dont wanna be claiming benefit - ok so it might seem like excuses, but its the honest truth, it aint easy bringing kids up in the west ,,,its crap-proper depressing, u get a 5 year old telling u what sex and being gay is seriously, if i wasnt scared of abandoning and not being there for my child, i would send him home to my family in somali till i finish my education - but i grew up without ma mother and i aint gone let him. now before u judge me or jump down ma throat gimme an alternative--- and dont say get married, coss i aint ready for that nutty ,,,,,now what u mean by u muslims?....u seperating yourself from us?....aint u a muslim?
  9. i dont think u promoted the film... that article just killed it for me...seriously., living in an airport for 16 ears...i couldnt do it, or watch anyone else do it. its like, everyone else has a life. and places to go ..and your frozen on the same spot...siiidh!
  10. ok....interesting. legend ooooooooops i meant LEGEND OF ZU (before u bite ma head off) good or bad whatever the whiteman said, u have to admit he spoke the truth im thinking he made that statement centuries ago,,(i dont know) but that statement still describes me real well,,,,5/6 is 100% true. friendly, brave i take it u dont have a problem with these two so ill skip them. im proud , that im a somali and a muslim, if i wasnt vain i would be like all others getting plastic surgery and not being happy with what Allah has blessed me with. yes im beautiful and proud of it, i aint depressed wishing for what i aint got. :cool: merciless, i am against those homo's that i live and work with, and when the day comes, ill show no mercy when fighting them. :mad: difficult <---ok this one,,,,,he is out of line....we aint difficult,,,,,how are we difficult? i dont get it! he smudged our creat nation with such a crude remark,,,,i want his head on a plate! qac u and i both know that everything ZU is saying is 110% true, give the guy credit, he said what we was thinking but failed to mention and now we just argueing because we b difficult
  11. classique , true say i heard that its the shaydaan that makes us feel we are missing some sort of satisfaction in this life...he tries to make us look to fill the emptyness by trying things that destroys us and our emaan, e.g. listening to music, going clubbing and taking drugs ect -- but have u ever noticed even after all the clubbing at the end of the night, u feel like xaaar, worse than u did when u left the house. he gets everyone on different levels, so i guess for us lot, being ungratefull for what Allah has blessed us with is shaydaans goal, so always remember to look below u at those worse off than u , and remember Allah and thank Him. Alle- ubaahane , cheers love, i hate poetry and havent got a poetic bone in ma body, yet when it come to religion and when im stuck for words, its t he only way i write -- i know im a weirdo! nuttydread , see now i wouldnt call it lazyness or see it as a bad thing, i think we all just laidback, chilled-out, mellow, taking everything as it comes, and not rushing, my aunt always used to say 'shaydaan baa deg dega' i know ma somali bad she used to say 'the devil rushes' take your time! May Allah guide and reward us ....amiiin! p.s i have to say somali's have the strongest charachters, i never seen a somali being bullied or crying about being bullied, we all stand our ground, and fight for our beliefs, plus so many of us have suffered, loosing loved ones, living with distant relatives, or even alone, and we pull through -- without the help of councellors, psychiatrists, or psychologists. ooh, and i aint seen non of us on anti-depresents.. and those on drugs, and alcohol. they missing Allah in their lives, thats all!
  12. i know that it takes 2 to tango ...aight, so there are 2 in the relationship and the choice has to be joint and benefit both parties. man cant marry me and force it on me, thinking its best for me to end up in somalia, nor could i marry a guy without telling him my intentions, future goals and plans. 2ansa your Question, i would go to somalia, live in somalia 4eva and be happy in my mother country without a doubt! with or without a husband -- its my ultimate goal to go back and work in my own country and help my own people. i know i aint British, though my passport says i am, and even though i dont know a single thing about somalia- i dont remember it, and it would be hard to go there and live there,,,,if others can live and survive there then so can I. for ma kids, somalia is the best place, the way people talk about it, its better than them arab countries where u get called 'YA ABIIDA' or the western countries where even if they dont say you know they cursing u under their breaths. the kids run free, and they dont have to see homosexuality and all the other fusuuq that these sick countries got to corrupt them. even dubai that i used to think i would move to, is no better than where i am right now....naah imma make hijra and make it to my own country! i just have a few things to sort out, then im out!
  13. as if it aint enuff that we use countries, tribes, area codes, to seperate the same somali people - generalising and making propaganda against thos slightly different to us,,,,,,,now we using NAMES? aight.......... move over and let me in on the i agree with the sister that said somthing about the Hadith - choose a beautiful name for your your child after a sahaba or even the Prophet(pbuh). however i have to disagree that a name makes a difference, though my subconcious says it does,,,im tryna think logic..on the spot...i had an X called mohamed, then i met a few mohameds, and hated them (ok hate is a strong word) i found similarites that i disliked, or maybe it was all in ma head...and the name just reminded me of my X, the guys didnt stand a chance..i dont know! but if names share the same traits...shouldnt Mohamed be like the Prophet(PBUH)? lets say, u met 1 abdikhadar in your life time, and u have a bad experience with him, every other abdikhadar that you hear about without meeting them will remind u of him.....if he drove a silver Golf with tinted windows,,,,every Golf car will remind u of him... its a bit like that Usher song - u remind of a girl.
  14. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ok ma bad!
  15. i read the last comment made by salafi-online.... and here i was thinking sonething attrocious went i read all 7 pages of this topic....and all i see is with a slow start ,,,its not a bad discussion on such a sensetive topic, most peole tend to get touchy and edgy and loose their cool when people start talking about their country in negative ways...., u think alike sis...u said all i needed to say on this topic. O_G. sis, i love your dreams....i used to be just like you,,,and still wish i was! but i have come to learn of the great rifts between our people and the hatred that some hold against eachother,,,and that has made me come to the realisation--- to see all somalia unite will only be in my dreams..<---and what a sweet dream that is indeed. i know, and i think most somalis are the same as me....if i saw a somali girl/guy being harrassed in the street, without knowing or asking about her/his tribe, my blood will boil and i will get involved, i would risk my own neck out for them-----why?, because the same blood runs in our veins,,,,we are all somalis wether we be from Somaliland or Somaliwayne - we dont need a country or a name to join us...we will always be one! i just think if the warlords and rulers of the country gone find peace faster through seperation ..if the elders cant find it in their hearts and minds to 4give and 4get....then alls good....lets seperate and live in peace side by side! i know my opinion aint much, and it aint gone build our country ,,,but ,,,there it is!
  16. if i gained what i lack i would not be me Alahmdulillah, i cant say i lack in health, i have plenty of food and wealth, Alhamulillah, i dont lack a roof over my head, or the great knowledge in my head, i thank Allah for the emotions that make me sad, remorse and repent when i been bad, i know im human and want more than i got Shaytan will tell me it aint alot, he'll make me look up at the hollywood stars, but i glance down at those that starve, im not soo rich i 4get to pay charity nor so poor- im waiting for charity, i have everything i need-hapinness and love! and for this i thank the Lord above!!!
  17. Maalinkii arbacad kuna aadanaa 21/01/1421 H. Ayaa ninkaygii i yiri safar shaqo oo shan bari qaadanaya ayaan u baxayaa, farxad ayaa i qaaday waxaana dareemay tanu inay tahay waqtigii aan sugayay. i the only one that noticed the mistake here..... 21/01/1421 H. ????? did they have internet back in them days?....or was it part of her master plan to hide her I.D? i have to agree with the guy before me....that was along story ...and me having difficulty reading somali had even more reading it when its written in xamari dialect.
  18. see i noticed alot of guys that seem to think girls are high maintanence and require alot of money to be spent wining and dining them, just thought id let y'all know, that aint all true, sure its nice for a sister to see u aint a stingy git who's too afraid to put his hands in his pockets, but u aint got to buy nothing, these are borrowed lyrics....but they say how i feel, and how love/relationships should be..... well u can agree or disagree.... "Can somebody explain to me Why everbody is tryin' to be Livin' like a celebrity, Doin' what they see on MTV? Ice is cool but I'm looking for more Simple things is what my heart beats for (Cuz that's me) I don't ask for much (Baby) Having you is enough You ain't got to buy nothin' (it's not what I want) Baby it's you We don't have to go nowhere (it's not what I want) Baby it's you It's not 'bout what you got I know you got alot No matter what you do, You always get it hot, Its you (its you) Baby all I want is you It don't matter that your car is fly And your rims are spinnin' on the side It don't matter where we go tonight Cuz if I'm with you I'll be all right That's cool, but I'm lookin for more It's your love that my heart beats for (Cuz that's me) Don't have to spend a dime (Baby) I just want your time" come on now.....this lil 13 year old said it all....when a girls in love.....thats how we feel...and for u demanding sister....let the brothers save the pennies!
  19. WALAAHAY THATS SICK .... but i dont know her, or her situation,,,,and i know i should shut up here ........but imma make my assumptions and say whats on ma mind. maybe she is mentally disturbed, but she was sane enuff to delivery her own baby - she aint out of it, having a baby for even a sane person is scary, Allah 4bid but if she had that kid as im assuming out of wedlock and was trying to hide it,,,give her credit for giving birth to the kiddo, i mean the number of somali girls having it off with their boyfriends and entering abortion clinics are worse than the somali boys over crowding the young offender prisons of london,,,, i have no idea where our nation gone end up......seriously, u tell a guy sure ill date u but u'll never get in ma pants,,,,and he looks at u like your an alien. i feel sorry for the girl,. may Allah guide her and show her the right path ... amiiiin
  20. jojo, baby its you brandy- afrodisiac kanye west - never let me down memphis bleek - is that your chick 2pac - thugs mansions, missing you, keep your head up biggy sky is the limit, missing you ft 112, 2pac ft biggy runnin' (dying to live) NATHAN Come into my room big pun still not a player jay-z ENCORE BEYONCE FT P.DIDDY SUMMERTIME
  21. fabeero who said i was from the UK? infact im still back home playing hide and seek in the bushes of burco, and im happy for u being in canada wiht free healthcare... by the way, did u change your name from something else...u seem familiar....or u being nice to me coss i said im silent?
  22. FEEBARO, true say i aint gone abandon those members ofma family that i cant stand in there time of need... course ill help them in their time of need.....but i aint gone associate with them as though they were part of me.
  23. i dont know whats bothering everyone up in here... this to me seems like a nice topic, a moment where i can remenice on all the wrong lanes i took in life and all the cows and dogs i met along the way. i dont know--maybe i have changed alot in the past 3 years, before i was extremely religious i guess my circle of friends were more pious than they are now and they were not from my family-- so i didnt have to tolerate anything, i just went with the flow, got hurt moved on, got hurt moved on and so-on and so-forth. till i changed my ways...hanged out with family members, practised the deen a bit less, went down-hill...and hmmmm, got hurt again. seriously i dont think that any of me will ever change, when i meet a new friend or family member or workmate....i dont pre-judge them,,,,i let them make a mistake before i cut my ties with them. and usually i give them 3 mistakes before i cut them out my life completly family or not! i dont think that its fair, for me to say because a few of my family members did me bad...i'll cut off ties with the rest.. nor is it right for me to say men are all *******ds, just because all the ones i know are let-downs. i guess we are near the end of the world, one of the signs is the fact that u will meet so many bad people with black heart, and very few true muslims that have a pure heart. im not saying that only the practising people have the pure hearts, because sometimes all a person lacks is guidance-but the heart is there and pure.. i say stay with the pious and religious people, and those willing and with intentions to practise the deen, and you will find a good freind/companion amongst them. but dont trust everyone u meet from the word go and dont get into personal stories.. a famous saying... KU SHEEKEYE, KA SHEEKEYE, HALA SHEEKAYSAN <----CUT TIES WITH PEOPLE WHO GOSSIP TO U ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. BECAUSE THEY WILL TALK ABOUT U BEHIND YOUR BACK. and what they say may not always be the truth, they add xawaash and basbaas to the story to make it sound better ...close your ears and walk away! im talking tooo much and confusing maself so imma shut-up before i say something intellegent.
  24. a man that cried turns me on....the fact that he trusts me enough to be himself and to let the tears come out knowing that i aint gone judge him but love and support him through his troubles. seriously, it shows he is human with emotions and it can be really moving. i dont think that any of u have ever seen a man is extrmely sad...walaahi u just wanna cry with them, even if u dont know why they be crying.
  25. Amiin may Allah have mercy on them all! subaxanAllah im so glad that i live near u lot.... u americans and canadians have too much drama!