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  1. i dont think that it is Islam that drives people to commit suicide bombings...its a situation that they cant handle. palestinians are a different story, we can never comprehand or even try to sympathies with them, we dont know the first thing they go through... its easy for us to sit here, and condemm them committing suicide and bombing isrealis, but when there innocent babies are killed,,,,its an eye for an eye, 'they killed our babies, so we kill theirs. im not applauding them, im just saying we cant be judge and jury of them. what they do is between them and Allah.. and Allah knows best.. did exactly what rudy asked me not to do,,, **secretly hoping he pissed off***
  2. hey sue....u and my cuzz doing the same course, at the same uni, right... misee was she doing bio-chemistry? NEways are y'all on ya placements?
  3. lol @ all the jacayl hater....stop the jacayl xasidnimo :mad: jacayl is a part of life, if u hating - u aint either getting it, or u been struck bad by it u know the sweetest thing he was like, y'all know london is quite big, so he is at one end and im at the opposite end.. and it takes him like almost 2hours drive to get to me... so here we was on the fone, and i got a tummy ache..he goes to me, have a fizzy drink and i told him i didnt have any in the house.. he getting up the next morning for work at 7am...he drove down. baught me some medicine, and stuff, and the fizzy drink... he handed it all to me at the door, and went str8 back to his car..and he was talking to me on the phone while he was driving... to him this must have been a real simple act....but it meant so much to me.
  4. hmm...rudy, if that came from anyone else i might have taken offense, but the ramblings of a retarded fool is no skin off my back.. and dont generalise all a man and have the balls to put my name in your reply!
  5. update it again... im a peadiatric nurse...well, thats what im studying to be, i work in the hospitals from time to time...its 50% practice 50% theory. hmm.....imma join the biologists though...after i finish this. (just a lil joke on the side, when people ask me wha i do, or they see me in my uniform...boys use the typical shukaansi,,,"i need a nurse, u could nurse me baby" and i would come out with i only do kids....guess what they reply?)
  6. looooooooooooooooooool, i followed the crowed and did the same as the above 2
  7. valerie, darling-- it was my own stup!dity that led me to read this thread, one could say curiousity killed the cat,,, however, i have never before this moment seen an Xrated joke on this forum..and to me this one was not to my taste.... ok, maybe im ill ask nicely... :rolleyes: could u please put an Xrated joke cerificate on your nasty jokes!! hows that?
  8. amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. Allah have mercy! hows burco?
  9. ^---------- lol, u joker! naah, it aint like that, and i dont need the advice now, itwould have been nice years ago....but not now... dangerous, hmmm, im happy sis, im not a jilted lover though i upright now. chocolaato, amiiin sis...well put! now guys...this aint about me right now, its just that when i was in that state and i went to my cousins and aunts, and even the white old ladies ,,,,everyone told me i would never get over him.....and i kinda lost hope... so i was just letting sisters know that they shouldnt think that they cant get over a guy...because they can!
  10. 7/9 true say, control is a strong word, and no1 should be controlled,,,,but u know wha i mean, some1 always has the upper-hand. i dont like it when i have the upper hand, and i control what happenes in the relationship (please guys dont preach here about Allah controls - i know, and im not takling about it on that level). i dont think its perticularly nice when a guy actually meets all my demands and wishes...i loose interest real quick. dangerous, i think u read my other post...there aint no1 here at the moment, and im enjoying it, however, recent experiences have me reviewing my views....
  11. maybe im bored and have a lot of time on my hands.... but i been thinking about this for a while,,,,, firstly do u prefer guys that u can control, or guys that control u? secondly does age really matter personally, i like a guy that can put me in my place. and i think that age matters, the thought of ever-even thinking about dating a guy the same age as me or younger than me, makes me sick. i know its not rational because people mary guys sometims 10 yrs younger than them....i just need to here the arguements from the other side, or to support me,,,,coss, my rationale aint feeling itself, and though i feel the way i feel, there is a small part of me that feels it is wrong. p.s, guys opinions are welcome!
  12. dont we have some under age kids in this forum. or, religious people, who dont expect sick jokes like this coming from fellow nomads... i aint religous and i aint under age, that was sick and there was no need for it. grow-up!!!
  13. ok, someone has already taken the nit-picking award,,,i give lazie girl the fiesty awards :mad: shiit, thats what i love about somali's its our weakness and our strength, we argue our point even if we are wrong, we so big-headed. if we were asked to argue aout the colour of digsi gubtay dabadii or dhuxuul madow, we would argue that it aint black.
  14. were i am right now is perfect. its too perfect, its soo perfect-im apprehensive about whats to come. its like the quite before the storm. in my life, i remember feeling like this once before, a few years back. and for like the past 3 years, i been tryna get back to this state. now, that its here i dont want it to go away, im so scared of it going away, that im not enjoying it to its fullest - pray for me just incase u thinking ive lost the plot, let me talk about love. see, when your in love, your in love. if he loves you back, u enjoying it, and if he dont love u back u confused. now, say u fell in love (or thought u did) and then things didnt work out. what do u do? u try everything under the sun to get back that feeling u had when u was with mr.lover u might go date other guys to get back that love. u compare the new guys to the first guy, and your not satisfied because, mr.lover was so perfect in your eyes :rolleyes: that nothing the new guy did could match up.u might sit at home, cry in your pillow, stop eating and wish he would come back,,,u might step of your high horse and go beg him (never recommended- stay on your high horses!) u allways have this hole in your heart, the pit of your stomach - something is missing. ok, so your in a state between chatting to guys dating guys, and everytime things dont work out with a new guy, u think back to the time you was with mr.lover, and how perfect things were/could have been. i mean u strung up over this guy, like usher raymond said, - u got it bad!. dispite all his flaws - and u know he got alot of them - u love him. sometimes u might delude yourself for a few days/weeks and say u over him- but something brings it all back and u back to where u started- thinking of him. u feel like, u might be stuck in this state for the rest of your life - and them olden-day movies dont help nor does talking to little old white ladies (they talk about the man they loved and still love and how u never get over it) do u ever think way back, to before u met mr.lover? now that time was perfect right? u wasnt in love, looking for love, didnt know about love, and didnt really care. am i right? thought so!, see im back here. and it feels soo goood :cool: . why am i putting this up?....see i know a few friends and family, that are still between guys- u know tryna get over mr.lover. this is for them (love u guys) and anyone else that feels they in this rut aint no other guy ever gone take his place - and u aint never gone get the feeling u had with him from no1 else--dont get this other guys hopes up, lead him on and waste his time, u should know how it feels to be played/ or whatever mr.lover did to hurt your feelings. stop this vicious cycle of hurting people- get over mr.lover first so has a fair chance. now if mr.lover aint already by yourside and u feeling shit, he aint worth your love. he aint worth feeling shit over, so dont go after him, and dont go after anyone else. u need to get back to were im sitting. u need to spend time on your own, trust me, u will get over him. it might take u 3 years, it might take longer, but be patient and be strong. p.s. if someone had told me this 3 years ago - that u can recover from being in love, i would have appreciated it......hope it helps, me saying it to u guys now - for those of u in love, out of love or tryna get over love.
  15. legend of zu, lol walaahay thats a good one, i wondered about that one a few times myself. personally i think there is a difference between a playa and a sweet-talker, a sweet-talker is a lier half the time- he says what he thinks u want to hear thus using all them sutpid lines from soppy movies and internet chat-up lines (they even have websites full of such crap?)a sweet talker says he would do anything for u, so u ask him to meet u 2morrow, and he says he is busy. u can catch a sweet talker out - they tend to make false promises. a playa, is a man who knows how to handle his girl, she is probably so in love with him, she doesnt see all the neglect and crap he is giving her. a playa uses the term 'treat them mean keep them keen' to the extreme. true say section6er, the girl makes the playa, depending on how dumb, neive, easy, ext... she is. all men cheat!! get that one into your heads girls wether he is a playa, sweet talker, wadaad, or miskiin.
  16. sullen sue... lol, dont tell me u was the psycho in somalinet aswell - probably was u! daamn,, i remember ciyaal suuq, he used to get on my nerves like no mans biss, the screen just used to start running, u wouldnt be able to read 2words, coss, he wrote ten pages of coded crap,that made all the others disappear,,,see now if i had known his purpose was to stop us talking rubbish, (which, some members did sometimes i did all the time - still do mind u,)i might have supported him. daamn, thats memories like 3/4years back
  17. ^^^------------ ***has me turning all the colours of the rainbow, blushing bright colours****
  18. lazy girl. calm down sis, the brother gave really good advice, and like qacbaro said, it is beneficial to both men and women, yes, sophist should have made it univiersal and not titled the topic exclusive for sister. however there is nothing wrong with the content, you just have to remember that smiling at someone is charity in the eyes of Allah and u get rewarded for it, so if u made the effort (to do 1-20 u only get reward) e.g. to teach Qur'an to little kids in the weekends -u will get reward, and everytime they pray, read that qur'an or grow up and teach others. u have just invested yourself a lifetime of reward, i dont see why your complaining, if u dont have the time, just appreciate the advice. Nowadays, there are more people who are eagered to stabbing your back for having success/good work in the community, then there is for god fearing muslims praising you for your efforts.(especially women) well, why dont u break the cycle in your community and when u see a sister doing good, congratulate her and encourage her if she is on a good path and struggling,,,,im sure u know sisters @ uni who wanna quit because the stress is getting too much,,,encourage them to complete the course, even if they dont work as what they are studying - they have gained knowledge. sophist, thanks for the advice, may Allah reward you for it, im sure i cant do all, but a few wont hurt and the knowledge is even better, see, if i already was aware of the advice, the reminder was a bonus.
  19. salafi coreect me if im wrong, but i was told that we could eat the meat of the jews (koshar meat) because they slaughter it the same as us....but we can only eat their meat if we cant find halaal. but, i was told that we could never eat christian meat, they dont slaughter like us, plus we cant eat with their cutlery and plates, because they had previously/probably eaten pork on it (but the jews dont eat pork so its ok) i dont confusing my self...imma have to give my mother a call 2morrow.. and as far as u saying, "if u are not aware of how they killed the animal u can eat the meat", i was told that whatever u are unsure about...u refrain from if u are not sure, or have the slightest doubt (shakii) that the meat might not be slaughtered right...then dont eat it. as for the original topic, of visiting the family, i agree with salfi's answer, never cut family ties, even if they be christian, visit them, show them kindness and a good example of Islam, teach them and save them from the fire.
  20. i was at college, and a few of my friends where obssessed with the photos of a couple of guy on here... one day they introduced me to the site, i checked out the guys...and daaaaaaaaaamn....a few were good enuff to eat, and lick my fingers afterwards... well, by the time i joined...the pictures were gone....however i believe its interesting being here, with or without the pictures.
  21. waryaa dude... thanks babes, i learnt a new word!
  22. ok, so u cant cut and paste the whole chapte rof the book... can u provide me with the link, so i could go and read the whole story for myself, rather than 2 or three lines specially chosen for your purpose.. no offence bruv - hope u dont take it as such.
  23. sahal.... hmm, instead of cutting out one or two lines from a whole book, and telling us how u translated it, why dont u just cut and paste the whole chapter or the whole book,,, so that one would be able to see, why and in what context the man who wrote the book made them statements. see, i have seen it with my own eyes in this website how someone, by ignoring what u wrote in a massive chapter can totally discredit u by picking on two lines that dont paint the bigger picture.
  24. qacbaro, my attitude to married men has nothing to do with him, see the reason i mentioned him was because, one could sy to me -- u have never been in love with a married guy so u wouldnt know how u would react---so i was just letting one know that i have been their and i practice what i preach. married men are a real put off! plus i have heard a few cases where the somali man does not tell the 1st wife that he is looking/found/getting married. she just hears about it when the deed is done. i personaly know a sister, came to the uk from dubai. she met a somali guy, he said he was divorced, she married him, and on the weekend after their wedding, he gets a phone call and she picks up the phone, a women asks her were so&so is (husband) and the new wife asks who r u?...well the women on the fone tells her im his wife. men are such gits, i dont see the point of even stressing myself with marriage!!