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  1. ^^^^_________im embarrassed **red cheeks and hot flushes** but im still gone ask the Question that made me feel this way....nyce dont u look when u doing the deed?
  2. DeadlyVision daaaaaaamn, i went through the whole poetry section looking for u, was ready and willing to send out a search party after u, couldnt comprehend, how poetry section survived without u, so your back, and i wait for a wlcm from u, instead u tell me not try to understand u :confused: its seen depression is getting to u, explain yourself coss, now its on u!
  3. batchelor, thank u for the reminder, may Allah bess u and reward u..... its best for us to always remember death and prepare for it, its the only obsticle that stand between us and the hereafter, once we die we cannot repent no more,,,,and we have no idea when this time will come, it isnt like the day of judgement were we have signs to look for, no, remembering death reminds u to always have Allah on your mind, and perform acts of worship. if u die doing good u go to heaven right, dont get caught out doing bad infact avoid bad acts all together-- i know its easier said than done, but when death is on your mind, u will remember to walk away from the bad. may Allah make death easy for us, and reward us paradise!---- amiiin p.s this all just my thought on death, it wasnt me preaching, just saying how i feel .
  4. ^--------walaalo, khayrow, Ilahaay khayr ha ku siiyo, i respect u, and i dont think u are an older man, i think u are wiser than me, and i tread carefully out of respect... i love u as my brother for the sake of Allah, nothing less and nothing more (please dont take anything i say as an offence but as a light-hearted weak attempt at a joke) Anyways, I'm glad some of the SOL OG's (Long time members!) are coming back. im just shocked to see so many changed names, few familiar faces, and this new weird family phase some of our old memebers are going through!
  5. An Af-Somali section would be a brilliant addition to SOL for two reasons; 1) it would be educational for most of us and 2) it would get the Baro clan out of our hair. Now how can anyone possibly see it as a bad move? thats the most sanest comment i heard al day! but sis, leave khayr alone, maybe its the nickname and not him, but whenever i see him, i feel i have to be on my best behaviour, its always good to have khayr around u. i feel like soon some one will suggest admin make me my own room....i wouldnt mind that...i usually write dribble not remembering people are going to read what im saying
  6. lol, sacabka baan kuu tumay - although i think u are usless and a waste of space, u have had 1 use, u have succefully initiated me learning somali better... im glad to see im erratating u as much as u are erratating other!
  7. khayr, its sorted, the new room is being created, why u gotta stir trouble for the girls even if we do come under attack more than u for our lack of somali knowledge (well we come under attack simply for being girls), we dont duck and dive and avoid being picked on, we admit we cant read/write somali, and ask others to respect us---i dont see how u can call that screaming. what we should be concentrating on is the plans intended for the room, the contents and ways of improving what we already got.... lets stop bickerring and comparing war-wounds. we are all 'abusive victims' no-one here is innocent, lets just grow-up and get on with it!
  8. boolbaro, why not just admit u was wrong in talking to the sister, when u had no place, then the weerar u are calling for wont have a reason to take place. (thats u and your clique)
  9. ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch! u fool! :mad: why u gotta do that to me @waryaa dude... i fell off my chair laughing (loooooooooooooooooooooool did u hear how he speaks english....shiiiiiiit!) alla beerka! **im scratching my head,,,,,the bump is noticable, no more shukaansi for me for the next 2 weeks**
  10. bisinka.......everywhere i go, its the baro mafia bashing the daylights out of people, then when one foolish somali joins-----shaming him and shifting the blame.
  11. boolbaro, r u 4real, the sister made it up? u actually pay attention to what the rest of your baro clan are saying?, do u take into consideration how intimidating that could be to an individual.....u know what your doing and dont think people dont notice... dadka lagu ma dul sheekaysto lagu mana dhega hadlo! :rolleyes: shame on u 'baro boys' hmmmm i can do nothing but shake my head in disappointment barambaro i like your reply to the sister, very simple consise and str-8 to the point. (baranbaro-- thats how i would have spelt the name - maybe its a difference of dialect, or maybe i imagined it{i do that sometimes-make up my own words})
  12. ^------walaahay your a joka (MashaAllah)
  13. Is it appropriate to send flowers to a Somali man to say congratulations, or to say I love you? i cant say much that hasnt already been said regarding this, question....that is, u know your friend better than anyone else, and u should know if it would offend him to get flowers, as u can see from the replies from the guys, they all somali but all have different views! personally, i dont see what the problem is, like they say its the thought that counts, he might throw them in the bin soon as your back is turned but trust me, he will never 4get the fact that u sent him flowers. if u descide to send him flower, dont 4get the message (i know im repeating the girls) hey, guys (qacbaro & jacaylbaro) whats up with u guys.....i know deep down u wishing u had someone that put that much thought into u, someone that cared for u enough to send u flowers to express how they feel about u...and whats wrong with flowers to say sorry and cangrats? stop fronting and give the girl an honest opinion, maybe u dont believe in love (are totally against it) but it makes u humble and appreciative of the simple things -- why u gotta judge the guy that was happy to recieve flowers from his girl,,,,it doesnt make him a sissy, it makes him human and understanding! it amazes me the lengths some somali guys go to, to stop themselves from becoming vitims of love, they front like they never been hurt, yet u sense they got fried so bad they dont wanna open up again. my advice to y'all is demolish this wall (greater than that of china) that u have built around your hearts, and be true to your feelings, express yourselves properly and say whats in your heart (stop being so defensive all the time damn it!.
  14. u know what guys...for the 1st time im gone agree with the dude above me.. i think when the topic started, there was a fair number of sisters that prefferred the men out.... and as the topic progressed a few brothers have stated they would stay to please their wifey,,, so everyone, find someone that pleases u, and lets all be on our merry way and increase the ummah!
  15. lol, thats real smart......heck, next time i make a phone call to somalia, i'll ask my elders what my hole in the sun is! ill probably have more luck with that than asking what month i was born in. so, jamaal, do u know if those of us willing to learn somali and somali culture, would be able to respond to posts (in somali section) with english....misee somaligayga jajaban oo sacad iyo badh , hal (xabad?) (how do u say sentence in somali? :confused: )--aan qorayay ayaan la galaa? how am i doing? and does this mean that people cant respond to posts in general with somali ,its just that i sense this is bothering people refferring to segregation. either way, whatever admin thinks is best, and i whole heartedly beleive its all being done in the best interest of everyone.
  16. J11, i love the way, im getting bothered and u say something as simple as u have done (above) and its like water to a blazing fire (calm me down str8-up) as for the new section...its interesting, i dont read fluent somali, so i will take it as an oppertunity for me to see the different written styles (i find some peoples written somali is easier to read than others) and to brush up on my reading and writting skills.... hey, no1 laugh if i go in there write somali and get my H's & X's, G's & Q'S, C's & A's mixed up!.......or if i use too many double letters (or too few).... or if i dont have a clue what u said and keep asking u to explain in detail. (i have to run....ill add more later)
  17. ^----- loooooooooooooool. 0_G SIS, my most observent teachers have always said that i make a good leader,,,and a lowsy dictator--i couldnt and wouldnt even dream of forcing my views onto others--- i mean if my views are wrong and others follow me--- wont i get dembi for every dembi they commmit following me??? i like the fact that we disagree on certain tests and strenghtens our frienship.
  18. stop it! :rolleyes: , u'll soon have me believing his the guy im about to stalks long lost twin brother!
  19. see what u get when u read too fast,,,,i understand your point now,,and sure ,,,if it comes back anytime soon, i'll join u on the revolution against injustice (hmm i was actually bussy staring @ tupac and wishing he werent dead and a somali--in fact he looks like a somali guy i know --in that close-up shot were he bites his lips..(u've just given me a bright idea ))
  20. waryaa dude... its all good bruv, i look 4ward to reading !
  21. sue, salaam sis.... hmm, let me say, i totally understand wher eu are coming from, and agree with every word u wrote down.. O_G, me and u im starting to think will always sit on different fenses when it comes to politics, p.s this statement is not weak, to my knowledge (correct me if im wrong) when the elections where held, bushes apponent was winning by a long shot.....however the disciding vote came down to california, which is a biased state (because of their governer) it is larger than the rest, and therefore out numbered them..( any man who wants to run for president should just place his best man in cali) “And if we were to use the modern day examples of democratic countries then I think people would agree with me when I say that election of a representative elected by the whole population is not the case for America when the majority of the population voted against him.â€
  22. Sleeping Snake loooooooooooool more like Sleeping KING KONG.... Here is your mato from now on " she is nice, but you don't wanna see her mad" the incredibale HUNK's mato GREEEEEEEEEn GREEEEEEEEEEEEEn shoobaro, loooooool, naah......i was angry, not mad.. God 4bid i get mad! (even im scared to see me mad!
  23. ^---- lol, kowayne....hmmm.....nice call,,, i never denied being human and getting emotional....and i was first to say, i would get corrupted in this topic, my anger got the better of me!... i aint gone shift all blame...i got my faults.... but im a stuburn somalian, and when provoked....God-help those who awoke the sleeping snake!
  24. u trying to insinuate that i have a jshaydhaan in me?..... Acuudu billahi minashaydaani rajiim...(i seek refuge in Allah from satan the outcast!) u really are sick!