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  1. what they selling? dhirac and uunsi?
  2. looooooooooooool, u lot are funnier than the clip-which was sad, poor man cried... almost had me in tears!
  3. where is sipirt? i miss spirit .... at least he one person on this forum i met and knows me.....i could really do with his advice right about now! did clown, but he got banned! i cant say wether im ugly or hot, thats for others to say.... so lets skip that part! guys, tell me if u can be friends with a girl, even if she looks good, and never feel the need to be more! ducaysan thanks for the wlmc bk sis, glad to see some1 is still around from the oldies....and still remmembers me! what have i been up to, i was in rehab sis... i had to attend several months of IAA meetings... Internet Addicts Anonymous!!!
  4. khayr i remeber looking at your name and thinking u was wise and spoke sense.... but that opinion was just low! have you never heard .... good girls stay home! it dont matter the age. im under 25, and hate being seen in a place more than once. i like the fact that when i go out with the girls...once in a blue moon, i dont know any of the guys - and them asking "how comes i never seen u b4" is flattering! some girls dont want to spoil their name....every farah claiming to know them, cos they seen them around. Also as you get older u get bored of alot of things,,,,,, once upon a time going to the cinema was a great day out, now i prefer watching dvd's at home and spending more money on my ice cream,popcorn and snacks. that does not mean suuqa baan soo dhameeyey!!!
  5. ^^^ im confused, i can put it in the contract, but there would be no point, because marriage is halaal and i cant make it even if he agrees, he change his mind!! i like the idea of rinsing his money so he cant afford a second wife....boy, my dowry will break his account! is it true a man cant marry again till he pays your dowry?
  6. :confused: im paranoid im not paranoid, im more confused now than when i first popped the Q :confused: i thought i would have got a few paragraph long replies (not that your 1/2 sentences are not str8 to the point and appreciated ) but i guess i need some1 to physco-analyze this predicament for me, i dont want to back out of being real good friends with guys because my girl friends keep making comments about how its so bait so&so likes me and i cant see it, yet for yrs and yrs we have been nothing but friends. to me if a guy and a girl get along have nice convo and after a month the guy doesnt say he wants more than friendship.......i say we friends without ever being anything more. ummtaymiyyah - i hear u sis, but i never enter dark/empty rooms with my male friends.... galool u my friend and i aint ugly listen beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,,,,none of my friends are ulgly...maybe some aint my type, and some i aint their type, but our personalities get on and we have nice talks ext... and as long as it stays that way its all good, but do guys suddenly regret becoming your friend....coss now they wanna be more?????? i just want to know......i can be friends with a buff guy, hook him up with my girl,,,,,never think twice about our frindship.....can guys do the same? Abaadir A Girl and a guy can be friends if they are both ugly. ugly people can be attracted to eachother.....come on think out side the box!!!!!!
  7. every guy i meet tells me that a guy and a girl cannot be friends without there being some hidden attaction, yet every guy im friends with says that is not true and a guy and a girl can be just friends,,, what do u guys think? (just in case u wondering why im asking such a daft Q, i have a few guys im great friends with,,,,and i kinda suspect 1 or 2 may have develop some feelings over the yrs) or maybe im being paranoid???
  8. zu, your right, but please :rolleyes: dont sugar coat anything for the sitting here watching him choke on that truth! :eek: the fact that the girls are OLDER, should tell u that they have grown out of alot of things!
  9. ^^-----Ameen and Alhamdulillaah sis....i had to reply because the topic offended me as a parent and as a daughter. true say it aint fair to generalise!!!
  10. i had that problem with the pakistani's and bengali's when i was little i truelly believed all muslims were brothers and sisters..... hmm, now it aint so much the young somali generation, that dont say salaam back to you because they think they with a cool group, and u gone cramp their style, they generally appericiate the fact that you didnt judge them and they respectfully say salaam back... what bothers me is when a grown women who has just walked out of the mosque does not reply to you salaam, because your masaar is not as big as her hijaab. i think them ones should know better!
  11. is it haraam, to make your husband sign a pre-nup? :confused: one of my conditions of marriage(agreed upon before meher) would be that if he ever married again, i would be automatically devorced and because its no fault of mine, i get the house and the kids!!!! :cool: :cool:
  12. there are many advantages to wearing a wig......just think about it........ ***you can change your hair colour(10 times a day if u desire) without ever damaging your own hair. ***your hair can miraclously grow--from being ear length to brushing your a$$ quicker than it takes your nail varnish to dry. ***you dont have to worry about washing just buy a new one ...everyday if u wish! ok well, im not a big fan of the wig, and i dont know anyone presently who wears a wig,(although when i was in school a friend of mine wore a wig coss she had leukemia and the chemo made her real hair fall out) presently i know a few somali girls that wear weave(not the same as a wig) they add a few strands of hair to their natural hair, to enhance the volume/length or to give their natural hair colour. it looks cool blends in well and its hard to tell were their real hair ends and the fake begins.... however i would never personally do it,,,,,,,,its pure haraam!
  13. salaaam everyone, its been a while but this topic has hit a nerve with me. i was raised by a single parent, my aunt raised me and her 3 daughters, and may Allah reward her 4 it. we were raised with religion, everyday after school we went to mosque learnt the Qur'an and every weekend we went to islamic talks. everyday our meals were prepared all we had to do was balance our studies..this world and the hereafter....and we received sufficient help with both. presently, im a single parent, i work part time while my son is at school, i prepare his meals and help him with his homework on week days. weekends we go to the mosque and i teach him the foundations of islam at home,,,,,he knows his arabic alphabet, a few basic sura's, how to pray and make wudu....i feel he has sufficient knowledge on what being a muslim means, and i support him with his school work. ok, so he is only 7 and Alhamdulillah everything is running smoothly so far, like my aunt i go to all his parent evenings,accompany him on school trips, and he attends several after school clubs. Allah knows best how my relationship with my son will change but all i can do is my best,,,,and i truelly believe that somali mothers do there best. i dont believe that a parent has a child and plans to do wrong by them! everything that happens is qadar of Allah, if my aunt could shield me from pain she would, if i could shield my son i would.........but no one can stop the experiences that Allah plans for you!
  14. i would go back to BURCO, and hmm..... ill take, lots of dough with me, i mean....i wanna have a share in a hospital, and build an orphanage/shelter home... mistakes with wrong diagnoses happen everywhere, atleast in somalia it isnt all in the UK, whenever i go to my aunts house, i get depressed if we talk health services, because she got countless stories of somalis having bad experiencs in hospitals....going in for simple surgery/examination and coming out with organs missing and sometimes even not coming out at all. i think the doctors in somalia are good, the issue is money, id wanna join/setup a charity for those that are struggling and cant afford simple healthcare...well if the government fixes up, they could even support them people........ "there's no place like home" dorothy - THE WIZARD OF OZ
  15. posted by rudy silent-sista!- i saw your nice pic one time! u wanned it back!lolol...i well tell you how i got it if u wanna know! but its gonna cost to get it back! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaax beerka baa ii xanuunay.....its real upsetting and quite tragic when faraxs start conjouring up imaginative pictures of me in their minds...... :rolleyes: ok, rudy......thats enough ....we quits, u married and im engaged.... gimme back my picure coss when i gave it to u i was under the impression u was too old and fragile to ever get married.........i was doing u a favour, and now im doing u a favour again by asking for it back....see i dont want u to be seeing my smiling face when u .................................................................................................................................................................. shit in the toilet!!! **reminds herself its ramadan** Ramadan kariiim, everyone...(just incase i didnt say it before)
  16. ^-----u telling me if u had the power u wouldnt?.....or by muslim sha'ria law they wouldnt (Allah knows best) but i swear, i would!!!!!
  17. king450, and Sisade, u both doing medicine...interesting..... me doing nursing, queen still deciding..we got the pathologists, the microbiologists, radiougraphers, psychologists, we got the whole hospital staff here.... SOL hospital ----comming soon to somalia----
  18. qcbaro, i love your statements... they should be put on a secluded island and burnt ****in' mercy for the bloodi faggs. having said that.....i met this guy, he looked gay, acted gay.....but then, he hit on me, we talked for hours...and he expressed his hatred for gays...however he did recognise that he was slightly faminine....i was baffled....walaahay... but he really hit on me. i beleive he was str8, just a lil soft. and i guess Allah made him like that, maybe a high rate of femmale hormone production in his system....but he couldnt have been gay, no way :mad
  19. may Allah have mercy on their souls, sabiir and emaan to their families....amiiin.
  20. my first crush, was when i was 6, i cant remember how bad it affected me, but i remember he was this lil eranian guy...cute - i never talked to him though. he spoke erani and i spoke french---no i 4got that lingo long-ago my second, was when i was 11, terry whiteman....daamn. we played truth or dare a few times...he went out with my best mate in the end....but said he fanced me at the end of the was good to know - nothing happened -we went to different secondary schools, plus the knowledge that i could have him was statisfactory enough, my crush disappeard! my last crush, was last year....while i was on my 3yr rebound trip. he lasted a few months, which was too long, coss, my crushes never last longer than a month......before the month ends, i analyse the guy so much, that i end up hating him. now come on.........wouldnt it be more interesting if y'all talked about the first guy to have a crush on u,,,,and what a prat he made himself??? the first guy to have a crush on me. it was summer holliday, and i was at my aunts house, she had this jamaican family living next door to her, ooh, and this black african family (not somali) the black family had 2 twin boys about my age, and the jamaicans had a boy - junior, he fancied the pants off me, seriously he was obssessed, he even took his shirt off infront of me (kinky childish strip tease :confused: ) my poor virgin eyes!!....on of the twins had a crush on me too.....but junior said he would become a muslim and marry meant bussiness! well, i was 9. it was all too much at my delicate age. - thats ma story, now spill the beans
  21. silent-sistah


    bruv/sis, u answered the question for me - we gotta open doors for eachother to help our community get ahead, i couldnt have said it better myself,,,,just sitting here nodding my head to it all.
  22. i see my nick in a few posts, but daaaamn hommies, y'all 4getting i cant read somali 2good...' now gimme the damn translations daamnit :mad:
  23. Silent sistah, i think, most of the ppl here are really sexually frustrated.. with all do respect.. unless u r one of those married ppl here... qac, u admitting u are sexually frustrated?....i know for sho i aint!
  24. May Allah restore his health and sanity sis,,,Amiiin im real sorry to hear this too sis, and hope it all works out. i have to agree with everyone that says Quran ha lagu akhriyo. see, since he so successful, maybe some1 did black magic on him, or he got the eye,,,,u know the evil eye,,,someone didnt say MashaAllah when talking about him....i dont know sis, maybe he has got one of the psychotic conditions mentioned,,,,but either way,, get a shaikh to examin him, the shaikh will tell u if he is possessed, poissoned or needs a doc. best luck sis.