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  1. ^---- no thanks,,,,,i wouldnt wanna come out smelling like u!
  2. in the north (believe me i know alot more than u about the north) its a simple word like OY! (it isnt offensive but those 'sensitive' and touchy' females who wish to make a man look bad would over-react to that simple word!) u said i bite, u bite back just as hard?,,,, hmm....i sense u backing off,,,,,baq baq baq baqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaq chicken!!!! stop being a drama queen and looking for attention, i can see u learnt a new word from my vocab ('tantrum' ok stop writing it u got it perfected) u have now officially been dissed and cirka caay, dhulka caay, dhuusadaada laciyaar..i couldnt careless,unless u change this broken record-- i aint gone waste another mili-second of my time reading or replying to anything u say, u aint worth the xaar i step over in the parks!
  3. what waryaa dude said, is not a big caay, and like i said, im biased and feel u deserved it 150%! u calling him a ba!stard and implying im some kind of animal on a leash?....and when u get called nayaa u start crying out like an abused housewife, nayaa naaq waa tahay (mid waalan at that), nayaa to a rer woqooyi is not caay so stop crying wolf, as for dhowciyl...u act like a child u get treated like a child...(take this lolly and huush-huush now) refreshing my memory.....the satement u quoted still applies to u, i dont think u have a working cell in your entire brain, and in the whole thread, u aint said anything worth more than the spit off a dogs tongue. a two year old with temper tantroms has more self control than u, acuudu billaah,,,,,naa bax nala daaf fitnadada! p.s,,,,,,,me and O_G had a debate, like she said, we both admitted our wrongs,,,,and came to a comprimise....i take it u was looking for a battle, between the two of us, but we too civilised and know not to bite to the bone (you'll only damage your own teeth), im sorry u was disappointed and didnt get the childish bickerring u want from me and O_G, BUT U WANNA PLAY CHILDISH - I CAN BE CHILDISH TWO....AND MY YOUNG TEETH BITE 20TIMES HARDER THAN YOUR DENTURES!
  4. firstly let me make my greatest appologies to my dear brother WARYAA DUDE... walaalo, sorry ka soo go'day kashka iyo laabta ayaan kuu soo dirayaa, hope u could accept it.. im sorry u had to face such disgusting abuse, (and all because u made 1 simple comment, that i (with a biased view) feel was justified! XARAGO, i need say no more to u, i see your true colors have come out for all to see, callling a muslim brother a bas!ard and abusing a little girl that has soo much respect for u, when i was angry and ready to diss u to the ground and put your face in the dirt,,,,who calmed me down andtold me u was a big lady and i should respect u ....yes -----> O-G GIRL... O_G, SISTER, dont respond, age doesnt = maturity, some people become senile as they get older ( i think PMS is getting to her!) sister, we both better than to quarrel with this old bag....just read the following sublications with me....they helped me when i was pissed off! Alhamdulillah Alaa kulli haal (Praise is to Allah in all circumstances} ^^^^----the prophet (scw) used to say this du'a when something dis-pleased him (and yes she has dis-pleased me!) Allahuma fa ayyumaa mu'minin sababtuhu faj'al dalika lahu qurbatan ilayka yawmal qiyaamati {Oh Allah, whomever of the believers i have abused, give him the reward of a sacrificial slaughter for it on the day of ressurection} ^----well, i know i havent spoken ill enough of her,,,,but im wiser than her, and shall rise above her!
  5. bisinka waryaa dude,,,,this is regular pervert lyrics,,, "abaayo macaanay diricaga kor uu qaad, dabtaydana ku fariiso" u nasty boy!!! your cd must have a 18 certificate, even 50cent wasnt that explicit! (my advice to u is get married, then u wouldnt be fantasising and writing about your fantasy) KHAYR,,,MashaAllah its good to see u laugh....dont fall off the chair now take it easy....breath and out ... (normally u a grumpy git and me has to walk on eggshells around u-->u know, wouldnt wanna piss the religious brothers off and all that)
  6. quote: xarago ____________________________________________ silent sista i hate to bash day light into you but you have been weighted, measured and put on a leash and paraded as a trophy ____________________________________________ hmmm, thanks for the compliments....i take it u actually dont have anything worth listening to to comtribute to this thread, therefore u go about tryna insult those that dont agree with your opinion, oops, what opinion? (i dont recall your miniture brain putting together two sylables worth glancing at)..... waax aad ku xaragootid baa iska yar, wether im on a leash or not, u just another speck of dirt of ma shoe!
  7. heart-broken kulahaa, aree siyaada alle, waliba glass broken, shoes broken, timo-broken, muraayado-broken hakugu darmado.. bisinka iyo yaasinka, waa maxay habaarku? kow, qalbi(wadno) gariir baan rabay inu kugu daco, but i wasnt ready for u to throw habaar at me what happened to the tough girl....jacaylkaga so when did jacayl become jiljilec? NEway ..ill take my broken dacaas and leave u to it (str8 after i nick your tuusbax and hit u over the head with your bakoorad) and u can keep your somali lessons...i think i can learn without your help! p.s nuttydread......ooooh i get it now....thanks for the directions!
  8. O_G its all good sis....i was just pullin ya leg
  9. il capo.....i challenge u to show ME taking sides...
  10. patriot i for 1 am shocked, i know the past has a lot to do with who we are today, and the white man says learn from ur past.....but then Islam teaches us the art of 4giveness. the fifth region of ethiopia deserves to forever be part of ethiopia, their is no such thing as puntland becasue it never exsisted until abdullahi yusuf declared it in 1998 Oq@den exists, if it didnt u would not know what we was taking about and im sure the person before explained real well, how lands are named after the dominant tribe that live there(sometimes not always) puntland does not exist :confused: ...are u wishing it doesnt become recognised...i mean at the moment neither puntland nor somaliland are recognised,,,, so if we gone debate somaliland, and everyone accepts somaliland calling its self somaliland,,,,,,then let others call them selves whatever they desire
  11. Asalaama alaykum! i know that its really early to be thinking about this, but every year i miss out on soo much, and every year i always think next year, and i miss out again... soo here's whats bothering me... ramadan is coming and i know that there are days u hold fast/special prayers ect...before ramadan actually starts... could some1, if u know what im tryna get at,,,please break these days and dates down for i dont hear about them the next day.. jazakAllah in advance!
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^-------why do u laugh sis.. is it the fact that i am soo not with the program on somali affairs?....i told u before, i aint a big fan of somali politics, simply because its too close to my heart and i cant do much about it, so u wondering why i am getting involved in this topic.....well, all the arguements from individuals are infront of using logic not knowledge to agree or disagree with the points they are making i dont have my father or grandfather sitting behind me prompting me on the historical events ...and i thank Allah that u have that... however thing the fact that i have not been influenced and have very little knowledge about somali current and past affairs makes it easier for me to look to the future for a peaceful resolution.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^_________- would u care to elaborate on that comment?
  14. O_G, InshaAllah, when somaliland and somaliwayne and puntland and all the other somalis get their act to gether.....and finally unite oq@deen will become part of somalia as it always was......just coss u be colonised by ethiopians, dont mean u aint somalians and ony1 who says u aint a somali or have no right to have a say in somali affair is mistaken.. as for the original topic..... am i seriously supossed to say where i am from? :confused:
  15. I am somali and I know Somalia pebublic wont ask me for visa to enter BUT at the same time I wont move from my land and leave it for Ethiopans. i admire that in you sis, very patriotic, it makes me proud, its yours, and u aint going to give it up, thats the story of every somali persons life. i accept your appology sis, and i thank you for understanding and listening to my points and what was bothering me,, if only everyone had it out, solved their differences and moved on with life....we might be united without seperating..(one can still dream)
  16. O-G, ma bad sis, i miss read his comment --and saw it how i wished it...Og@den being part of somalia not ethiopia.. but u have to admit, i wasnt jumping down your throat for now reason... u was the one who came out with the red face, and lost your cool, saying u dont care about the good for nothing refugees in your oq@den region, dont u think that was a bit harsh? originally posted by O_G I wouldn't cry if ALL your clan move from refugee camps since 1988 to Hargeysa. Atleast we don't have to face "jasuuses" for Ethiopian ! :mad: . I even will help you to leave our region. You people good for nothing.
  17. salafi_online, like i said i dont have the Islamic knowledge to debate this topic, however i thank u for sharing your arguement, and for showing me a different way of looking at the situation. and i would really like it if we all debate rather than argue, and then we might get somewhere.
  18. very wise words jamaal,, well said! O_G, sorry to bother u again, see im extremely slow, so could u simplify it it for me and tell me Og@den presently a part of somaliland or ethiopia i ask this because, i was thinking that it is till part of ethiopia, which is why i kept referring to ethiopia when tlaking to u about 'your' region. ethiopian 5 region will forever be ethiopia (somalilanders who live their will get citizenship of somaliland) as for the statement above that affended u, when i read it, walaahay i thought he was saying all somalis in ethiopia will get somaliland passports... see i thought u are a somalilander, if u live in somaliland,,,no mater what your tribe or background.. maybe im wrong..
  19. O_G , 2 simple questions 1) is Og@den, part of somaliland, or ethiopia? 2)is Og@den also a tribe? dont get me wrong here, im calm and i aint getting worked up...and im sure in this whole thread (note im not saying forum because im sure im human and have made many mistakes) ive tried to be as unbiased as i possible can, and if u think i am being biased then please put me str8, ill take my wrong satetments back and admit my ignorance, just quote me, generalising a group of people, or using degrading little insluts,,,and ill appologies. as for u considering me a friend of yours....i wasnt questioning our friendship, i was questioning your remarks.... ok so i take it u was provoked by patriot, so if u didnt care about the topic, why u loosing your cool sis?
  20. O-G, if i didnt have the true opinions, of true oq@den people, your words might have hurt me, now, i myself nor my family have ever been refugee in ethiopia, but yes,,,,i have been a refugee because of civil war, i resent that u use the word refugee in such away to make those who reside in ethiopia look smaller than u, or have less right than u..and im sure even if u havent been a refugee, someone close to u has.. secondly, there are other tribes, some very dear and close to me, that live on the outskirts of somaliland near ethiopia, some parts of the lands are now even part of ethiopia, now im wondering when these part and whatever part of ethiopia u live in suddenly became 'YOUR' region? possitive many of these other clans have been living in these areas of hoowd way before 1988, so, how would u feel if they said thats their region and you should get out? as for your dont need to explain yourself?.....well i agree, you contradict yourself so often, that even if u tried to explain yourself you would confuse yourself, 1st, u against clans/tribes, but your nick reffers to a tribe, then u against division -- yet u claiming land that u share.. keep incriminating yourself! p.s how do u know what everyone in this forum cares about? i for 1 do care!
  21. Sistah- May be we should send you as our own SOL representative, when Somalia and Somaliland finally sit down face to face. I think the sentiments you expressed is what would be needed. Kowneyn thanks bruv.....but walaahay...i feel my soul would be corrupted if i got involved in somali politics....its all he said, she said, they killed my goats, and he stole my chickens.. ^---and u dont know who to beleive because there were no witnesses that are telling the truth, arent biased and that u could trust. <---thats the past as for the current issues.....listening to this debate made my blood boil so many times.. 1) the way people be be generalising and using 'YOU' and 'WE' statements.... pe-leaZe! 2) O-G girl .....i resent this statement...i cant believe u went minute u looking for peace the next u insulting tribes, I wouldn't cry if ALL your clan move from refugee camps since 1988 to Hargeysa. Atleast we don't have to face "jasuuses" for Ethiopian ! . I even will help you to leave our region. You people good for nothing. now u getting personal sis..."ALL the clan", "U people"....which people exactly..&.which clan?... (how can u have so much hate in u...and u complaining about the hate in the tribalist fools?) 3) patriot this statement is sick, i know we as a nation (all somalis north & south) have been sick in the heart by miss-using tribes.. but this statement takes the biscuit:- if you scale the unislamic things somalia has done and the unislamic things somaliland has done somalia wins by a long shot. suddenly u can see into the unseen and judge others?.....SubhanAllah,, on the day of judgement Allah judges us as individuals...not as nations...stop generalising! and salafi_online stop egging him on, either use arguement based on Islam with knowledge or leave it out! (and im not saying i could argue this topic with knowledge of Islam, but im sure them statements are not right) 4) il capo this statemnt of yours would be true of all nations who have dhiig iyo dareen (ma somalis bad) blood and feelings (therefore all humans are guilty not only somalilanderz. Why is it that the people from Somaliland are so bloody sensitive and they can't get their point across without ever letting their emotions get the better of them? mali girl read your statement carefully...and to refresh your memory im referring to this one : silly old people who have no life but saying Some sort of grave is Part of Islam adeero kowayne or wotever is ur nick u r clan obssesed and worship clan, and thats desease so becareful..dont come near us bisinka!! atleast we r pure and love each other for sake of Islam, we even not from same Clan ..... if u r wondering i am from Puntland my sick somalilander people peace out ! u start off by saying this is a silly topic...(ok a part of me agrees its not 100% silly, but the way people have started using childish insults is, it would have been nice if everyone was mature about this 'sensitive' topic. now thats raw, how u can judge kowayne and say he worships clan is beyond me...thinking about it would make my hairs turn grey..did he tell u he worships clan? u do know that by making such an accusation you are testing his faith to Allah?...are u saying he aint a muslim?...because i beleive that we only suppossed to worship Allah and if we worship anything else we are kuffar (correct me if im wrong!) then u go one to expalin that u are a pure people that love eachother for the sake of Allah ---MashaAllah glad to see that and im totally in support of u but why did u have to spoil it with that last comment?.. its nice to know were u are from, i mean Allah split us into nations and tribes so that we get to know eachother and recognise eachother better... but why do u have to go and say 'sick somalilander people'? do u notice that u yourself have put yourself down to the level of those that you was condeming? i think Rahiima made a valuable point, its true, we are splitting a muslim nation apart ---u could say they did it first, but i would tell u to stop living in the past---aint we all looking into the future?...i know we learn from the past, but im sure Islam comes above it all. ( i dont know whats best for somali, i did think seperation was best because of the fact that the hatred is just too much in soo many people --i took the idea that if we cant live with eachother...Allah has made his world large so we can live without eachother.....however after hearing Rahiima's point,,,,im at loss, i dont know whats best and i dont know how we gone solve this dilema)
  22. 4. Itaabo aan kutaabto ^----lol dont them lyrics come from the G-unit song...i wanna be your lover? 50cent: "C'mere, let me touch on you, I let you touch on me Put my tongue on you, you put your tongue on me, Let me ride on you and you can ride on We can do it all the night, we can have a baller night" i guess somalis use alot of metaphores in their song describe things...sometimes i feel like they talking in code... but then i guess so do the R&B, artists....i mean...PEACHES AND CREAM?, YOUR MY CHOCOLATE BOY?...STRAWBERRIES? i think somali songs are romantic (once ive had them decoded)
  23. waryaa u are soo aniga baa igu tidhi 'acuudu billah'?.....suddenly do i resemble the shaydhaan...SubhanAllah...take it back or else! falling for u was a harmless was a way of me showing admiration of your somali...course i wouldnt fall for some1 that i dont know the first thing about, however seeing that its nearly given u a heart attack tempts me to flirt with u till u pass out! p.s. i didnt ask u to recommend me to sholars of somali...i said i like ur style...u dont wanna teach heart-broken!
  24. jacaylbaro lol GO AHEAD (With Raised Eyebrows) This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over "Nothing" and will end with the word "Fine." GO AHEAD (Normal Eyebrows) This means "I give up" or "do what you want because I don't care." You will get a "Raised Eyebrow Go Ahead" in just a few minutes, followed by "Nothing" and "Fine" and she will talk to you in about "Five Minutes" when she cools off. LOUD SIGH This is not actually a word, but is a nonverbal statement often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an ***** at that moment, and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing." ^---that describes me to a T, its soo funny, coss, i thought u read me like a book... however....i dont say fine...i say ...whatever! and appart from thanks and thanks alot....the rest dont apply to me!
  25. Qacbaro......aah, well - and here i was thinking u was typical somali....scared of the blood... lol...sheherazade....well said... p.s - qacbaro....dont try and pull anything out,,,,u might pull on the wrong bit!