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  1. started from the top,,,now i can join in,,,, Amrika====black-comedy
  2. i used to watch the TV without a lisence, hmm. well one day the inspectors came round, and if u are caught without license u can get taken to court and fined £1000, hmm, i was taken to court,,,,but the lady (judge) let me off, i had never been to court in my life, i kept making the stupidest mistakes (i would sit down b4 she told me2/ i would walk over to her to show evidence, when the guard was supposed to do that,, etc) she gave me a 6months warning (if i did a crime (tv license fraud) in the following 6 months, i would pay the fine, and the court charges... bwoy since that day....back in 2000, not only do i pay my bills, i keep the receipts.
  3. posted by 1eyed DARMAN whats "TV licence" ???? walaalo, in the UK, we pay to watch tv. we have to have a lisence to view the free channels
  4. lucky................thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu i could kiss u!!! now all i gotta do is find the hadith that tells women to lower their voices.
  5. I_Poet: go to sleep!!! lol, thats my favourite one(when i got a headache, when im down, when i wanna shut all out) but i thought the khayr said he/she was busy with work,,,,,or was i hallusinating?
  6. bee ^^ yup definitely. You carry your TV licence with you? What if you lose it? order a new one.....i got receipts from 2000 in my folders, they got nothing on me sis!
  7. i said, i thought this to be common knowledge,,,,,, nasheeds (islamic songs) without musical instruments (accept a duff/drum) is permissible. songs with musical instruments, sexual, racial, satanic subliminal orientations/messages/lyrics are not permissible in Islam, the topic here was these girls, and the music they are producing, i dont know nor do i care about those Musicians /singers u mentioned above. and like u said, these girls music does not fit the bill. i see u looking for a debate,,,,islamically walaalo i can only debate what i have knowledge ,and im 1st to admit i dont have enough knowledge, both men and women are told to lower their gaze. i dont know why just women are told to lower their voices and not wear perfume, were as men are aloud to do both, but they are. i felt i should share what i know, if u have doubts about what i have said, and u seriously want proof, go to your local mosque and ask the shaikh for the evidence supporting refuting both cases, im sure he would be better informed. then u could walk away satisfied. Personally when told something is haraam, the fact that doubt has crept into my heart is enough to make me refrain from it.
  8. my cards: (everything else is private) *barcleys bank card *NUS card * student card *library card *t/mobile top-up card *BT payment card *housing rent payment card *blockbuster membership card *card with dentist info *card with local police office info *TV license card *sainsbury's dicount card *asda discount card *matalan card *card to hospital i did work at *provisional driving license card (i have to stop using the bus) *bus photo card (not in use) hmm, the change in here, wont be in here by the end of the week so no need to mention it! i used to carry photos in my purse, but i lost a pic of me when i was 6 with no front teeth, i cant 4give ma self for that! i cant bring ma self to carry any photos in a purse. keep them safe and secure at home!
  9. somalien, walaalo, the music part of your Question --read the iyaat from suraat luqman that i have quoted above, women singing and raising their voices in Islam is haraam. go ask any shaikh! <---thats me not being rude but admitting i havent got the evidence. wait having said that, i read in a book that one of the signs of the day of Judgement is women singers! Allah knows best, im not claiming to be all holy, but to me this is basic knowledge. as for a girls voice being a Provocative sex tool, hmm, a girls voice down the phone can turn a guy on real easyyyyyy. i dont think that i really need to explain that in any more detail.
  10. loooooooooooooooooooooooooool @ earthquakes, waar my skinny somali a$$ couldn't conjure up a small breeze! and thats the worst riddle i've ever read. hmm. hope u aint waiting for a kiss back!
  11. hmmmm, if u ever see a somali woman being abused by her husband,,,,,,dont ever, ever try and help her by telling her to leave him......this will backfire on you. some women are weird and enjoy, even survive on being treated like shiit.
  12. shujui, tell me how it works.....i guess with us all having different bodies, and responses,,,,,,,,,,,id like to hear your results!
  13. Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. hmmmmmmmmmmm, i can think of many!
  14. sorry if that came out too harsh, but i felt it really needed to be said.
  15. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful "O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except as Muslims." “And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. music, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Qur'an) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-Fire)” Luqman 31:6 I see here that a lot of u are encouraging and not condemning these young ladies and their activities, they are condemned by Allah, sure we should not sit here swearing at them, rather we should make prayer that Allah guides them before it is too late. You guys keep saying, “don’t judge them, only God can judge them” Did Allah tell us not to say when people are doing evil? Does Islam tell us to keep our mouth shut and turn a blind eye? I don’t think so, in fact I remember a hadith that says, when u see something forbidden (bad) change it with your tongue, if u cant, change it with your hands, if your still cant, change it with your heart. (that’s in my words- corrections accepted) Islam tells us to enjoin the good and forbid the evil, and this stuff is past sick, A lot of you keep saying Somali girls dress worse than these girls, in clubs/rewaayads…….does that justify their actions? Just because others are doing it, does it make it ok? We shouldn’t be looking at what society is getting up-to, (most of society is heading for hell) we should be looking at whether this is acceptable in Islam, and it isn’t! U guys can say I’m a hater. Actually, wait, ill say it for u, I’m a true hater, from the bottom of my heart I hate the shiit these lil kids are getting themselves into. The Prophet (saw) said, ‘he who imitates a certain group/tribe, becomes one of them, and on the day of judgement will be raised amongst them’ My point being, if these girls are muslims, they should stop copying the kufaar and should start acting like muslims, (if they are not muslims, then ma bad!) * Visual prostitution , is a major sin, BOYS, stop staring at these lil girls, your eyes will hold you to account on the day of judgement. * A girls voice is zinnah/causes fitnah and should not be raised. * Music is haraam STOP PROMOTING THIS CRAP! Stop defending them! May Allah guide us all-----------Amiiiiin!
  16. rudy....i stopped dancing.... :mad: y u had to spoil my mood....why couldnt u give me 2/3 days to enjoy this new butt-shakin' excercise? i give up on all riddles!!! stuff the lot of u, giving me a headache during ramadan. uuuuuf!
  17. looooooooooooooooooooooooooool.....i see the racism. why call asylum seeker ali hebel-hebel?...are muslims the only asylum seeker?....and the other part is the fact that it is a play to be seen by little kids too, if the kids have never met asylums seeker,,,,wont they take the view that these people are outcast, dirty people? hmm? nice article by the way....hey....i know i havent been in for a while....but i was wondering,,,,did u guys see the article where SOMALI'S WHERE ACUSED OF EATING FAIR-GROUND DONKEYS? NOW if u saw that article,,,u would wet your pants!
  18. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years? wopiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my 1st solved dancing around like rudy!!!1 answer = 'M'
  19. salaam khayr nice advice guys....i like the natural remedies,,,, but im a wimp i get migraines and tension headaches without Ramadan being the cause, sometimes the headaches are too bad that u just cant take the hours it takes natural remedies to work ... like u said, u cant take oral medicine to releive the pain, here in the UK, there is a headache relieve roll on, that you rub/roll over your 4head, (its callled '4HEAD') it really does help....if the pains too bad,,,,try it out...or look for somin similar in whatever country u is in....lil kids have a strip that they stick to their 4heads, try and see if u could find somin similar... to those of u that induce vomit,,,,,akhaaas, ramadan or not, thats sick. take the daaamn painkiller. *inducing vomit, could cause the acid in your stomoach to erode your asophagus, in other words many years of induced vomit can seriously damage your throat. *inducing vomit weakens your stomach and throat muscles, so that later on in life, u will not be able to control your vomit, vomitting will just become another reflex.
  20. hand that lockes the cage My tummy turns; my blood boils with rage, I hate the hand that locks the cage! So trapped this hand makes you feel, Your innocence and childhood it steals, Nowhere to turn and nowhere to run, What happened to childhood being fun? Why can't it just leave me alone? Someone let me out this cage and home, I’d feel safer left alone to death, Or if the hand was left no breath, I sit here reading this page, I can’t stand the hands that lock our cage! With nowhere to hide, I contemplated suicide, Under the carpet 'twas shoved, by those I did confide, This world’s too cold and lonely, I’m too scared to sleep, Late at night, wide-awake in my pillow I do weep. I’ve been pushed too far; I come to a stage I damn the hand that locked my cage! I’ve felt your pain; I feel your sorrow, I dream maybe 2morrow, My right hand/head/shoulder, whichever u need and desire, you feel free to borrow, I was inside and now I’m out, I want to you to know without a doubt, If it comes to you, that wretched hand, Call me! For forever by your side I’ll stand. Now I am strong, free and of age, I’ll curse out loud, those hands that dare to lock your cage!
  21. you have had many replys, which have given you concise advice,,, but i would just like to know when did you go from "huh, whatever" to him kissing and touching you. furthermore, this just proves that women and men mixing freely in the work place is a great FITNAH! and should be avoided, granted that you are already in this kind of predicament, fear ALLAH(SWT)and remember that there is always a reason these laws exist in ISLAM. something about you and your behaviour/dress-sense has provoked this guy to treat you with such disrespect, and clearly he does not see the difference between you and any of the kafir women he chats up. ask yourself why?
  22. <-----missed the answer to many good riddles...gyus if no1 gets the answer to your riddle....give it to us, plz... ooh, ramadan kariim, and hope y'all doing good.
  23. battulo,silent sista. flying still, i thought it's ya only flying still who cares clown but it seems ya'll in luv wit him ^^^^-----mindstate i dont know whether to weep or laugh, have u actually seen me flirting with anyone in here, boy pe-lezzzzzzzz dont ruin my man-hating campaign by spreading malicious lil lies !
  24. May Allah bless them with janaah fardowsa.....Amiiin