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  1. nuune, was u being sarcastic, u are very hard to read,,,see u soo dark, its hard to see your emotions... when i was born i was black when i blush im black.. when im angry im black... nuune, come me different shades of black babes
  2. u got a dress sense and your curvy...great shape... raula, she either a model (looks great in a bikiinii. or she 5''4 chubby, squints alot and smiles alot.
  3. i cant beleive, im putting up yet another topic. daaamn..i'll have to learn to shut-up and keep up the silence. well what can i say, u guys bring out the worst in me now, i got into the lift today, and i smelt the best male perfume, sometimes i feel like the right perfume makes the man - an ugly man with a great perfume suddenly becomes attractive...just thinking about the perfume is giving me the butterflies in my u guys agree with me?...and what perfumes turn your pages?
  4. S-H , salaam sis, congratulations on your marriage, and all i can do for u is pray for u sis, like everyone said, sabir. i wouldnt advice you to have it out with her, because there is nothing worse than if she over-reacts to a simple point u make - older people are set like rock in their weird ways..and u sometimes just cant reason with them... stop putting pressure on ya hubby,,,,try and spend time out of the house, just the 2 of you.. or both of u visit your famiyl and spend ramadan with them...see, u aintmoving out, but u taking a break, but diguise it, so she thinks yur family envited u or something.... before u know it sis, it will be time for u to move into your new place...and no matter what, u always gone need this mother in law... while your at hers....try and get aong with her..sometimes, u have to swallow your pride, principles....if she wrongs u, do her right...u seem like a sister that practices....just read how the sahaba coped with these situations,,,some had kuffar in-laws....but they alwasy did them good. try hard sis
  5. i imagine 70% of u guys to have glasses, the girls be fat from eating while staring at the screen, and the guys?...hmm...they skinny coss they too lazy to get up and get a glass of milk.....oooh, the girls are pretty (most of them) and the guys :eek: .....thats another story....farah central... legend of zu,,,,he 3ft tall,,,and he got jareer hair, qacbaro, he skinny farah wanna be fat, shoobaro, he fat jacaylbaro, he goofy nuune, he dark skinned, O.g she light skinned like micheal jackson with the dark long hair ameenah...she has nice eyes....i cant imagine the rest of her. and bee, she got nice lips... sue, has the a laugh that can make u laugh from the heart. xarago, she wearing a green velvet garbasaar, girl aint u getting hot under there, she got nice lips...but funny buck teeth. 7/9 she hard to approach, she the cold ice queen, staring at u from the corner of the room, she probably the prettiest but u could never get near her. sophist he your typical the glasses, and short nose. luis garcia is quite/shy but good looking. j11, OG, motti...hmm...ill come back shaqsii :cool: but he got a gap between his teeth salafi_online: i dont know why, i see him as perfect but with a receeding hairline...veins popping out the temples of his head stressed for some reason nur: dont ask me, a beard,very tranquil, looks good, coss it hides the adams apple. khayr, he looks like the perfect night, when u could count the stars... has a peacful oura around him...u could get lost in his eyes..he got dark eyebrows and long eyelashes..very misterious. mombasa queen, a lil chubby, very pretty, D.A, she quite too, because she behind a screen she thinks she could get away with such aggressive attitude.... she got shoulder length hair, and she takes care of her nails. rudy, he was really pretty in his hayday, but he passed his sell by date. i'll finish off the rest of ya another time.
  6. qacbaro, hmm, that rule was exclusive to u....i dont use tricks on girls! aeryn, seriously, dont u think i was desprate askin little old white ladies about love and if u get over your first....everyone said " oooh, u will never 4get him or get over him, all your other relationsips will be shaddowed by him this old 82yr old lady had a pic of her first love when she was 18, and i was like,,,,daaaamn im dooooooomed! but hey,,,,here i am, at the other end..
  7. Jazakumullahu khayran jazaa, and Ramadan kariim to y'all. hope this ramadan reachs us all in good health and emaan.
  8. Your Energy is Blue. You are a creative thinker with an active imagination. Artistic and talented, you want to reach the stars and bring them down to form. You are trustworthy, honest and reliable. Others feel comfortable in your presence as you project a non-threatening, serene energy. You would do well in any of the helping professions, as an artist, singer, diplomat, orater, or clergy member. What color is your energy? brought to you by Quizilla now that seems quite acurate, im already in a caring profession....but why list them crap jobs...why didnt they just put my exact occupation up.........its the most caring feild ever, why miss it out the pisssed and wha? :mad: when i take time out to do tests i want them to be spot on - im no way near artistic... :rolleyes:
  9. aight, first let me thank y'all for ya replies...much appreciated! hmm, so the kinda control im describing is confusing haa...ok sorry for not making it clear, i just assumed everyone knew wha i was talking about..but i guess a couple of people got me shoobaro u read ma is just as u put it below would you rather be dominated at home or be the dominant one, which we all know is a common fact in a merital house hold. juxa also understood: when i say upper hand, i dont mean getting dictated or dominated, i mean, mostly one partner agrees or gives into either the ideas or in extreme cases the demands of the other. cheers for your well thought out reply sis... I want to ask you, by being controlling, in other words dominating the significant other, in which case, do you mean physically or mentally or you just meant to ask an overall perception of the whole thing??? laziegirl , i meant the latter, overall in the relationship.........dont take it to extremes in simple situations, who makes the decissions, who is more persuasive ext... im not takling about violently controlling u. your reply was what i was looking for explanation to what u like..and why. now dutch diva , did that kind ahelp clarify what kinda control im talking bad for using the wrong wording. just one more Q, see those of u who like younger guys,,,,,do u recon they easier to dominate and thus u ilke being the dominanat partner....or are my perceptions totally wack? i dont know, i do tend to find that younger guys do everything u say...they never let u down,,,,but it is fun to fight every now and again. i hate it when a guy agrees with everything that i say, and never debates what i say/do, then u think he aint got an opinion of his i wack :confused:
  10. ^^^^^^^^^ lol, love is cramping your moood, and your cramped mood is making me high...what a coincidence... the past is the past, best left forgotten. darling, i think your motto a lil messed up, the past is the past, it makes your present and shapes your future...without my past i wouldnt be me, and i would have the same views/ethics/morals/ likes/dislikes, the list goes on for ever all in all the past is never best 4gotten and love, aaaaaaaaaah sweeeeeeeeeeeeet sweeeeeeeeeeeet love.... ****dont know whats up with moi, but im getting kicks outta pissing people off****
  11. DA, no1 jacayl xasiidad! :rolleyes: von, hmm.... u asking for yaself?
  12. queen, sorry sis, im abit slow,,,,,did u say u prefer them younger, but if he ten years older its not right?
  13. queen, lol sis, i didnt take it personal. sarcasm runs in ma somali blood sis.. just do me one fav,,,,,never ever appologies after a joke...well to me anyway, i can tell when u is joking. **scratches head and wonders why everyone feels the need to spell it out to me when they crack a lil joke at my expense***
  14. queen, im still a student nurse, but im in there... i worked in a couple hospital wards with kids..and its fun walahaay. but sometimes its real depressing, like this one time, this baby boy came in, he was only 3 months but he had osteagenesis imperfecta (brittle bones) i was crying through my lunch break because i did some research on how his life would be like, the precautions his family would have to take - it was heart breaking. now, though its heart breaking, the reason why i keep giong back is because, i gotz to get them back to health na'mean, with the help of everyone else and Allah. so, what exactly was u planning to do with kids...nurse or doc or summin therapist?
  15. was real hard to get over him, because everytime i get pissed i would remember this night....and think -- how could i live without him, such a loving, caring, understanding sacrifising guy. and all that came from that one simple action....daamn i must still be delussional queen, women think with there brains/feel with their hearts, while men think with their :eek: and feel with their hands..
  16. queen, u offering me the anger management up for it ya know... nuune, lol, i gotit all, my somali terrible but, i guess u mentioned all the major organs in the body and siad jacayl entered them all (for some1 who is bad at somali i dont have problems translating it :cool: )
  17. queen anytime sis, anything ya wanna know just holla and ill let u know - if i know my reason for choosing peadiatric, was becuse i guess kids being our future in somalia and around the world, they seem to be the ones that suffer the worst, they great to work with!
  18. ^^^ u getting desprate? :eek: seriosuly bruv, just google search it, and u will get more than 10 pages of different websites deducated to this crap! :rolleyes:
  19. ^^^ u getting desprate? :eek: seriosuly bruv, just google search it, and u will get more than 10 pages of different websites deducated to this crap! :rolleyes:
  20. A simple slap is probably a good indication of what's to come. A pretty good warning too. I personally wouldn't wait around to see what happens in the future or to bring children into such a union. i agree with all ma sisters, strong enuff & smart enuff to say they gone walk out if man ever raised his hands... now, if we was playing, thats a different story...we can have pillow fights, slap the shit out of eachother..and he can prove he stronger than me, and i can test him --though we both know the end result----but this dont leave the bedroom!
  21. Men are like ........Chocolate Bars ...... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips. Men are like ........ Coffee ...... The best ones are rich, warm, & can keep you up all night long.
  22. rudy, smart move babes...halimo going through her own shit right now, and im feeling the need to express every emotion that i feel. krupt, ma bad, see me, i enjoy reading jokes like everyone else..but previous members used to give a warning if the joke was gone be dirty...your title was very missleading. however, from now one, any joke written by u, wont be to my taste, and i wont glance at it twice, since i know wha your about ...
  23. qac, why u gotta come out with lines like that, u making me feel guilty....but imma stick by my words.. aint u ever seen these so called married sheikhs, searching for there second wifes, while there first is at home thinking she the only women in her mans eyes...aint this still cheating if he flirting behind her back? im harsh, but thats just me!
  24. Silent sis, that is all it takes, just to drive to u... so he drove right to ur heart huh, he just brought the kaniini and just went back, are u sure u didn't invite him in for shaah... and then it started like that... just wondering.. walaahay that was some funny shit!! seriously, thats all it took, and he went str8 to my heart. but u funny...envite him in for tea kulaha - im telling u- he had an early start the next day man....he was supossed to be fast asleep snoring in bed, and my tummy ache wasnt that serious i would have just gone to bed,,,but he came. by the way...shoobaro, u taking lessons from christina millian?
  25. qac, lol maybe i dont wann the stress of marriage and relationship, they both more trouble than they worth.. im advatising the single life.. so nuune, i guess in a way, me and u on the same page...however i believe in love, so let me here your arguemnt against it,,,and ill tell u mine for it. u right 10pages ill right 1 that makes more sense. :rolleyes: