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  1. qacbaro, lol, is that a compliment? ,, i mean my somali is bad as u already know, so askarta mahdiga (the soldiers of the mahdi) thinking its a compliment -- well, i take it as a compliment, the mahdi is a religous guy right?, who comes before ciisa (jesus) and leads the ummah...right?...well, if im right, thank u for the compliment... Lander, yellow was one of the colours i mentioned before, i dont know how people do it. well, the somali sisters fashion polics can try and stop me, i saw this real nice green jacket, and im going to get it...u know, ill b egoing to uni with a black skirt, and a black jumper, and black shoes, so i guess a little green wont hurt.
  2. sorry, to ask such a daft question,,,,but could some one help me out... see, i cant be asked to read the whole thread, and im sorry if some1 had already explained this... but what is halyey?, what does it mean.. im not joking nad please, dont take the piss, just gimme a sr8 answer. many thanx in advance!
  3. well, im from the UK, almost born and bred here, and i have always had a dissabledd person in my school. i have never had one in my class, but i wish i did, i see them as an inspiration. they have so much in life to cope with, yet they have so much life and love in them. i say this because sometimes i think to myself, if i had an accident and i lost my legs - i wouldnt want to live, then i was in hospital and i came accross this 13 year old girl, she got into a severe car crash, she was in a coma for 4 weeks, and was on a (DNR)do not resusitate order by the doctors, because they thought that her damages were so bad that she would not make it - it would be better if she died. she came out of the coma, though she is stuck in a bad, she is able to watch t.v, she laughs and cries, and one day, i was changing her feed, the equiptment being new to me, was making a funny noise, so i asked her, were is that noise coming from (i was a lil scared) and she stared histerically laughing at me, then i figured were it was coming from, and every day after that - whenever i mention the machine incident she would laugh at me. now she is off, the DNR list, she gets physio therapy and all the other care, and u should just see her determination to get better.. in my secondary school, we had a few kids with downs syndrome, it was soo nice to see them playing and learning and messing around--they helped me understand their condition,, whenever i hear about downs syndrome, or people with downs syndrome..i dont think that its a foreign desease, im educated about the condition i dont see the people with this condition as a threat, or as mad uncontrollable people. as a student paediatric nurse, i have worked in a hospital with dissabled kids, walahay it would make u cry how brave they are. the amount of operations a child goes through, and how he still has a smile on his face, and the ditermination to carry on living,fighting and learning. disabled people, can teach all of us a thing or 2 about humanity. to lock them away from society is in-human and out of order. they should be out and about getting the same learning oppertunities as everyone else. obviously u have different disabilities, and different severities of the same dissabilites, if they are able and want to go to school with 'normal' kids, they should have that choice. i dont think it is right to force them into mainstreem shcools if they want to stay in special schools...however i think that integration is good for them, and for us aswell, we can all learn from eachother. p.s i feel that more should be done for disabled people in terms of access to facilities, some schools, buildings and train sations--still dont have disabed access, and because i commute on the trains alot, i find that those stations with the lifts -- normally have lifts that are not working!
  4. 4get me going to a married man and becoming 2/3/ or 4, if my current husband married a 2nd, i would divorce him i would make him sign a prenup stopping him remarrying and if he does, our marriage is over. if he refused to divorce me -i would make his life a living hell, till he gave me my paper. i know that the prophet and the sahaba did it, but im not Aisha (radiaya Allahu anhu), i dont have the same selfcontrol or patience as them....and today is very far away from the time of the Prophet(pbuh). no way in hell can a man raise and treat 2 families, 100% equal in this day and age--- that simple facts stops men claiming their right to marrying 4 wifes) yes im jelious i wont deny it, im extremely jelious and the thought that the man i married, is screwing another woman and 2morrow will come home and try screw me? with the same filthy toothpick excuse for dick...hell no, id rather castrate him then let him come near me! if i wasnt satisfying my husband, he can divorce me and get a new wifey...however, if im satisfying him - doing my best left, right and centre, him getting a new wife is insluting to me. p.s., i have been in a situation with a married guy. i was with him before he got married, he got married without me knowing, and started talking to me after he got married but by then i had found out he was married....a$$hole wanted to have his cake and eat it. now i was heart-borken,shattered and thought i would never recover coss i was like head-over hills for him. it has taken me 3 years to get over him.....and even if it killed me, i would never ever have gone near him - id rather die than talk to a married man
  5. personally- as posted some where else....(now i have to stick with it) i wear black black and nothing but black.. i admire, my sisters that wear colourful clothes, as long as it suites them and they carry it with class. (im not saying wear all the shades and colours of the rainbow all at ones) im saying wear bright colours, but wear it well! i think they are confident in wearing whatever colour they wear...i mean, my neice loves the colour green, i krindge at the thought of me wearing green, however she has a whole wardrobe of green clothes and accessories, and i have to say she looks beautiful in them. she looks so funky and nice, that sometimes i wish i could wear green and feel as comfortable in it as she does...but i know green aint my colour! my sister has a thing for red and purple, and it looks good on her -- as long as i make her mix a lil black in there...wich she does,,,so she coems out like she stepped of a cat-walk. the other one has a thing for brown, another for grey, and another for pink?..i know for a fact it looks good on them, and sometimes, when i feel wild...i wear a hint their colours (in accessories). i say wear whatever u like, as long as it covers u up well. (what i find weird, is sisters in jilbaabs that wear bright colours, like yellow, green, orange, pink) i can wear them colours in tops/shirts and t-shirts, but in jilbaabs?....see, i love black, somethings look best in black (if not black jilbaab, grey or dark navy blue) maybe its just me....
  6. luis garcia Its only a colour, those who automatically think its a girls colour or gay colour are just shortsighted and insecure. They probably wear items that are worn by 90% of others, which doesnt make them 'unique' but followers! intresting! :rolleyes: , let me correct u, im not a follower, im boooring!, i wear black, left right and centre. i look like im going to the funeral every hour of the day, 365days a year, sometimes (when i try out make-up) i still wear black---i end up looking like a Gothic freak. im not a follower as u put a silent observer, i like to blend into the backround,, become part of the furnishing or is safe and will never let me down, it helps people cope with obesity and anorexia- black could make and ruin your day - dont ever under-estimate the power of black. quantum leap Talk about superficiality....I cant help but fellow some of us are way too shallow in their thinking here im not shallow, i just have high standards! 4 other people called me shallow this week, and i gave them the same reply.
  7. wlcm back sis, hope u enjoyed ur summer break, this is probably my last night on here....back to uni 2morrow, (till my next break) but ill check on u guys when im bored and sitting in the library looking for someting to waste my time on...i actually tried tht last year and it didnt work, i didnt have time to get a drink let alone sit in the library,,,hope fully this year would be easier... daamn, i never used to say soo much ,,,,u people have like really opened me up (the lady that said my husband opened me -- i laugh to myself)well, i cant stop writing. they said, some pointless debates in politics, and some stuff between the shia and sunni somalis (dont ask me- i chose to ignore this topic)
  8. *** walks in, shakes her head at the man above...and walks out***
  9. qacbaro ....thank u!, is that the only way of saying it, or like most other somali words, is there another word that u could think of that i could use, because that word sounds too arabic? ( maybe its just me!
  10. boolbaro, thanks walaalo, and best luck to u too,,,,dont kick it in, get it over and done with (u know wether u take it this year or next year, u gone take it in the end,,,,just get over with!) and next year (or the year after)u could celebrate ur graduation ( InshaAllah)
  11. thats a classic story, least u dont wear it now... sophist,,,,u wear it with pride....u go ahead..and stick by pink! pink power!!!! ***cries at the thought of a somali guy in pink***
  12. XU, u said it all for me aswell, i preffer the man to be better educated than me, i mean, i think it would affect his self-esteem if i had higher education and a better paid job than he did,,,,thats like all his manhood gone out the window. (i wouldnt complain if he spoilt me rotten) and if he preffered being a house-husband, thats all good with me...but i just dont see that in a somali guy....(nor would i want to see it!)
  13. baranbaro, thank u very much sis....i start on monday, and i need the prayers (first day back and i got an exam in the morning) may Allah make this year easy for all of us...amiiin
  14. a guy wearing pink?....hell no, please, that makes me wanna puke, i dont care what shade its in or how small it is, pink on a guy instantly spells out gay, its a such a girlie colour -- i wouldnt be caught dead in it. pink on a guy = uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf! why u guys tryna weaken our musculine somalimen?.... clasique, so well put, them guys that work out all day at the gym, then wear a t-shirt 10sizes too small....akhaaaaaaaaaaaaas! tight trousers,,,,,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish!
  15. flavine, w/salaam wr wb sis , wlcm on board ---and ill take this oppertunity to ask u to 4give me b4 hand, if i offend u in the future. (daamn i should have done this with everyone, then i could offend everyone saying they already 4gave me) my kaaftan is very distasteful sis, dont take me serious.
  16. so why was i sitting here reading this? daamn...thanks Ngonge, u saved me writing a usless reply!
  17. QACBARO......ouuch, that hurt, what makes u think i wont take offence of that statement...when did i suddenly become a habaar... ok, so my soul aim is to give u wadno gariir, but marna habaar baan noqday, marnaa sida shaydaan ka baa tidhi acuudu billah 2me? naah, my kaftan with u is over,,,,,,wadodaada mar!
  18. 3 pages later.....and no1 has told me how u say sentence in somali??????????
  19. buubta, i guess its the way the sister above said,,,,maybe its a cultural difference,, if faraax said to halimo..."waan ka helay" if she was feeling him, she wouldnt waste time with lets get to know eachother as friends...she would say "baby aniguna waan kaa helay (or show she feeling as much as u feeling her)
  20. its amazingly shocking the way things are going! isnt there a hadith that says, if there are 3 in a room all speaking one languge but 2 of them share an extra language, one should speak the language understood by all, so that they dont leave anyone out, or make one think that they are backchatting them (i dont know maybe it wasnt a hadith --but my aunt drummed that into me since i was a young kid.) sue, im sorry u have to face crap like this, if i could translate i would,,,,,but u know i aint that fluent (i would probably exagerate the meaning and stir more trouble than is needed) as for people being faceless voices....(i cant recall who made that comment and im too lazy to go check) but i have to say as annonimous as we are, behind that plasma screen, writting these faceless words, is a real person with real feelings and emotions, so please be conciderate and treat them with basic humanitarian courtesy.
  21. farax says to xalimmo ' waxaan rabaaa in aynu is barano, waan ka helay (farah says lets get to know eachother, im feeling u) halimo says haye walaalo, lakiin walaaltinimo, iyo saxiibtinimo aynu isku barano (hailmo says 'ok bruv, but on the brotherly and friendship level aight!') this means, she dont see u in that way, she aint feeling u, but she dont wanna hurt your feelings and tell u str8-up, if u opt to agree to her terms,,,, please dont think she will grow to love u, with time , this is a msitake i see brothers making over and over again!
  22. nuuune.... my days, how things have changed in here! i didnt even recognise u with that new shirt on, **day dreams off, back ino the good old days 'the mature days'** now why the he!! do u have to be soo horrible. u know full well that sue does not read somali,,,,,why do u have to reply to her knowing that she will not be able to respond?....fix-up! :mad: if that is da case, so do we, but when we do, hanala yaabin oo afka hanala soo galin,hana nagu sheegin wax aanan aheyn, laakin wad is ammaantay, gabar is ammaantana wax ka daran lamaba shegin dunida no love, u dont answer as individuals. see, im talking to u now, but guaranteed, some fool with 'baro' at the end of his name will come, wont be brave enuff to address me, but will make a silly comment about me to you (just coss we aint fluent in somali dont mean we cant undrstand your game) example of a coming comment -- wareer badana tanna xageebay ka timii, boolbaro iska daaf xajiyadu buufiska bay iska saraysaa, wareer badanaa!! and u call that not ganging up on people? :rolleyes:
  23. qacbaro,,,, r u that blind? when did my name become silent-sue? i love the way im making u dilerious, as for me speaking somali/english....remember im fish&chips, ill mix them up like the federation u eat @ the maqaaxi!! dont ever try and think i would listen to u dictating to me what langauge i should speak, and if u didnt understand a word i said, im glad -- now u know how others feel when u talk!
  24. bisinka, my girls told me i fall in loofe easily, i never beleived them, till i started wishfully thinking them lyrics where deducated to me... which lyrics u ask...(from the bits i understood) all the lyrics on the last page! *these days i suffer from verbal diarrhoea*** i dont know when to shut up, things that used to embarrass me come flooding out my mouth and i cant controll it!!
  25. ^-------- thats actually a good idea, then she can admire the fact that u took care of her present --is like she baught the present and u slyly gave it back ,,,,u work undercover bro.