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  1. wooooooooooow, sophist congrats.....the second in paltalk to get married.... have a long happy married life, InshaAllah! MABRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK
  2. MO. lol waar dee waa caadi, wax kastaa waa caadi, i got indian/nigerian accent,,least the somali one is better
  3. sayiid-Mo lol,,,,,,aint no1 going to laugh at u, we all got qaxoonti accents... plus,,,,i got a brit accent,,,(some people get irrotated by it) and others have american canadian and australian accents,,,which i think are cute,,,but some may dislike... and my nick on there,,,,is come on ur accent cant be worse than that nick!!!
  4. Rudy ,,,well,,,,i already said all my congrates before... but i wanna know..... why have the mother there for the 1st month?.... isnt that month, the month were u both on lock-down,....onda bed... why have the mother next door? im sure u wanna be doing it day and nite in the 1st month,,,, isnt it weird....waiting for the mom to go to bed?
  5. hey ....i went to bed...i went out....came back.... coss like i missed y'all already ..... and no1 is there where u guys hiding now? coss, i know we kept changing rooms and all!
  6. hey devil.....u joka.... we both on there....but let me join ya....whats ur lock word? we might all aswell be in 1 room!
  7. hey......look for it now....since sue gone to bed.... i done u a lost peoples room the lockword is still...Nomad <---pass word
  8. yea....its bedtime for us UK folks next time....some one with a different bedtime...should take the code off her SUE ,,,,U HEAR ME .....U GOTTA PASS THE CODE ON......WE CANT RELY ON U TO BE AWAKE 24 HOURS SUPERVISING US!
  9. Somalien..... go to and download the free version....its usually situated on the bottom right-hand corner....or the top-right hand corner... or just google search paltalk download. good luck! oooh, once u have downloaded it.....go to 'GROUPS', go down the list to.... 'BY LANGUAGE/NATIONALITY/OTHER' then look for the SOL members only room.
  10. heeeeeeeey,,,,,,,well done u bringing my SOL Community to me...u know Paltalk is my second home! well, i checked out the was really cossy.... sue gave me shaah with xawaash and biscuits/cookies. she had really comfy fadhi carbeed. and her hospitality was incredible. i had a nicer stay there than in a 4 star hotel...(well u need to get me more entertainment to get the 5th star) all SOL users should take advantage of this great oppertunity. its a 1 in a life time, dream experience. (small print: please state your SOL name when entering the room..a lil self introduction, if ur paltalk nick and SOL nick dont match ---OTHERWISE IMIGRATION WILL DEPORT U (BOUNCE UR BOOTY) lol....just kidding bout the last bit....dont sweat....all are wlcm...
  11. well, i cant be bothered, cuting and pasting...nor re-writing,,, but i got 51- 60 POINTS and since i had a few friends over,,,,,they actually agreed that was an accurate discription of me and how they feel about me.
  12. thanx for the wlcm y'all hey, whats with all the new nicks.....i mean, i wasnt away that long,,,and everyone got a new nick,,but most are the same people. <---feels disorientated. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ,@ MY POST WAS DEPRESSING! COMMON THOUGH, ITS TOTALLY TRUE!
  13. salaam. hey guys, hope y'all missed me. O.G Girl....this is because of, im taking time out of paltalk and out of ma studies to come mingle back in here with y'all......and daaamn i missed u guys. back to the topic... love u get this affection for a person, u admire them, you feel safe happy and warm when u are with them, all your problems seem to disappear in their presence. u get desires, like u want to have his kids, spend the rest of your life with him, and u start to picture the 2 of u old and wrinkled together, probably sitting in a park bench still in love and holding hands. u are infactuated with them, u think about them when they are not around, and your heart skips a beat/ur belly does summer-sults, or u get butterflies, u go weak inda knees when u remember their smile. dispite their bad looks or bad habits, u have this deep attraction for them, and it doesnt matter what others say about them, in your eyes they are the world. and could not be at wrong. the key to love, u have deep respect and trust for this person. they are your friend, your family, your future, your life, a part of u. . . . . . . . so i guess when the trust is brocken, u feel lost, u dont know who to trust, u loose faith in the whole opposite gender. u feel u was foolish, naive, dumb, ****** , u start to doubt yourself, thinking how could u have been so blind - as they say is blind.. i truely believe u feel love, when u loose the one u love, thats when it hurt---they also say love hurts. u get depressed, ur whole world has crumbled around u, u start to wish, and all the 'IFS' come to ur mind, u play the love-story over and over in your head,,, you loose your apetite, and u dont see the point of love if all it brings is pain, u wish u could go back to the old days, then u wish u never met them. and so many years down the line,,,,,he still haunts u, u rehearse what u would say /do if u was to bump into him. and u always remember the perfect dream u had for the 2 of u, and all the things u loved about him....and though he may have been a pig, u still have some love for him....and sometimes, your heart still misses that beat!
  14. ^^^^^^loooooooooooooool jokarad wayne ba tahay sis.... well, im in the third group however im proud of my somali dialect. i aint westernised, and i dont have very little knowledge of somali tribal bull-shid,,,im a anti-gabilist expert and therefore have studied gabilism... but then this tudy is for peeps in america..not UK!!!
  15. cave hirra (correct my spelling!)
  16. <------lives on fast food, all i have to see is the halaal sign on the door, otherwise i stick to vegie meals.
  17. JOE=======> bedroom (s.x.x came to mind 1st, but its ramadan)
  18. signs of love: * u think about the person all the time (even when in salaat) * u recall your conversations with them when they are not around. * u smile/laugh at the thought of them. *your heart races when they come near *your tummy does summersults at the thought of their smile at the scent of their perfume *when your with other guy/girls u want to be with them and no1 else *you think that you would die for them *you think that if anything happened to them e.g. they lost a leg and had a major constructive surgery on thier face, your would still be their to love them. *you could do anything for them i have to go ,,,,,,more to come.
  19. Acudu Billahi Mina Shaydaani Rajiiiiim! hmm, Alhamdulillah, i have never had any personal experience with jins, Alhamdulillah. someone said they find jins scary, ,,,,never ever fear a jin, they thrive on that fear. I believe that as long as u read your adkaar(du'as) u will be safeguarded by Allah from then, and indeed Allahu-Akbar. Sophist, MashaAllah i really like your style of writing, i saw it come under scrutiny on another thread. this being the first oppertunity i have had to see it in action, i like it! i know i said i never seen jins etc, but i watched that film,,,,(4got the name),, the one where the lil girl has a jin possess her body, and it refuses to leave her. the demon spoke like a man, and had all the signs of a jin. i found the film real educational, though my cousin was wetting her pants and the other was bored out her brains. (3 extremist-weirdos!)
  20. naftah.....whats it mean....spill the beans...coss i cant seem to comprehend that one
  21. somealien, 1st, when u say music, it implies musical instruments which are not allowed, as i have told u above. but Islamic songs etc lift spirits and i think thats what your referring to. about the womes voices,,,,,InshaAllah on saturday, ill either be corrected, or i will get the hadith(s). as for the perfume (women can wear it at home, but not outside or around non-mahrem men. proofs: (1) abu musa Al-Ash'ari (radiya Alllah anhu) reported that the Prophet (saw) said "any women who wears her perfume and passes by people who would smell her perfume is a fornicator". (An-Nasa'I & Abu Dawud) and (2) A woman passed Abu Hurairah (radiy Allahu anhu) wearing strong perfume. He asked her: "O slave of the Powerful! Are you going to the mosque?" "yes" the woman answered. He further asked her, "Did you wear perfume for this purpose?" The woman answered "yes". Yhereupon , he said, "Go back home and have a wash. i heard Allahs messenger (pbuh) saying "any woman who goes to the mosque wearing perfume, Allah does not accept her salat unless she returns home nad washes off the smell of her perfume". and (3) Abudullah bin 'Umar (radiy Allahi anhu) reported that Allah's messenger (pbuh) said: "three people Allah will debar them from jannah: an alcoholic, a person who is not dutiful to his parents and a daiyuth* who approves perverted behaviour of his wife" (Ahmed) * the epithet 'daiyuth' literally signifies a man who knows and tolerates his wifes infedility, or one who does not feel jealous when his wiffe goes out wearing perfume and make-up, exciting men's lust consciously or uncounsciously. and (4) shaikh Al-Haithami asserted: "when a woman goes out wearing make-up and perfume, she commits a grave sin even if her husband permits her to do so". (Az-Zawajir) hope that helps sis!
  22. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidh me and my big mouth .....rer UK bac baan ku xidhay... at least this might discourage holland peeps from flooding us!! (every cloud has a silver linining)