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  1. Salaam to u all, Let m esay this is an intresting topic, although the lady who started it had a problem with other ppl being lighter than her using chemical stuff . Am wt u call a dark gal n i was freinds with arabs,Asians and generally lighter skined ppl all my life n not even once i was made to feel i was not like them,and even if they had i was and still happy with my skin color, coz am still tehy way i was. N being a pharmacist i really feel bad about all teh somal;i young ladies and hooyooyinka somaliyeed who really use dermovate n other corticosteriod based medicines, coz they discovered that these drugs they actullay affect the melanin level in our skin, n hence ur skin depegments(hypopegmentation) n ur skin dopes bnot have the original color, n its indicated for some dermatological conditions where by the skin color darkens and it has to be brought back to its natural color. N once the person stops these medicines ,there will be hyperpigmentation, n tehn u get darker, n that is why u see these ppl skinh color is un even, n to make matters worse, the cartilage of ur skin gets lighter that it can be torn, n if u get an accuident it will never be crafted actually it cant. Use of corticostroids even if its not orally has many side effects taht u can read about. if u want ur skin to look radiant, just eat a lot of fruits, drink water n u can take some vitamin E dose it will do woners with ur skin. and stay black
  2. Wiilo dhibta jooji? hey QAAC adiga somaliga dhigistisa miya kugucusub mise CARABGAJO baad tahay. It is not dhibta? It is dhibka?
  3. I thought i made my point was to alert all the ppl who did not know( obviousley u r aware n ok with it)about the increase of there numbers, n that this is not something that they cant stop,if they want to! u see Qac those of us who know science dont just judge ppl until they really know they r not having any physiological reasons or genes for such preferences.
  4. Well of course i know it exists , although i knew gays were there, i had even mentioned i had seen many of them but i never knew of lesbians!(in muslim world) But they r there and plenty of them, so that probably means they are among the somalis too. The reason why i had raised this issue is coz most of these gals were saying that they were introduced into homosexuality by someone( be a teacher,class mate,play mate who ever). But after that it became their way of life, so if there are other muslims, n specially somali gals of even men, u go n get help coz this is not somthing that u cant help ,like some sort of a disease,COZ U CAN! U see with us muslims we never talk about such issues but they r real n they r there too.
  5. This is important n i wanted to share with u ppl. i was watching a talk show on one of the arab channel in the Arabsat, n found out the number of lesbian gals in the arab world is increasing! Lesbian callers were participating ,as they tell their stories n their prefrences. Some say it was the teacher who taught them, others its the gal she sits with in school n so on. n when some where asked if tehy would like to have anormal life n have a family? they said they never thought of it, n were very happy the way they were ,while others 9we were told comitted suicide. N also they brought a psychologist n sexocologist n the two doctors agreed that that science proved that there is nothing in their DNA(homosexuals)that force them to do this,BUT TEHY ONLY CHOOSE TO HAVE THEOSE UN NATURAL RELATIONS. bottom line there is nothing like i cant help it if i like the same sex, coz i (astaqfiru ALLAH ) once felt sorry for those ppl n thought they cant help it coz i saw many of them. But ALLAH SUBXANAH WATACALAA IS VERY JUST. wabilah al tawfiiq, shydaanka ka cudu bilaysta walaalayaal.
  6. i used to think like that when i was a teenager but since those days r long gone. I think of Quality now, not the height, the gals here r intelligent so think wisely dont just dismiss shorter guys. NB.even if u r very tall next to a guy u will look of the same height unless he is a skiimo of course(no offence),coz they have broad sholders n all. so thumbs up to short guys
  7. U know Qac N Jumatatu, i was able to go back n see the school when Siad bare was outr, n boy ow boy u could not have believed the mess. they had thrown everything all over the place. We went there to look for my papers wc was not easy, u remember the headmasters office , the door broken n they scattered papers all over .even i think there was aroom next to his office also that it was the same case, n of course we could not find any of my stuff coz they were already taken by someother freinds n i got them later(i dont even know why am telling u all this) lol. anyways when i left somalia i for many yrs believed that this was a bad nightmare n on eday am going to wake up from,u know kids but deep down i still hope my dream will come true. N everyone should pray for that. wabilaah al tawfiiq.
  8. Yeah qac it was great , i used to leave my food at home on purpose so that my Dad give me money to buy it. those were great days , inshallah our children or their children will be able to live in sweet somalia one day, amiin. peace.
  9. Well i was in school al safaara al masriya by the way(so hi to all the ppl who were there), my Dad came to pick me n my little sis n he was fast n so anxiuos to reach home coz we could hear madfac. I remember my uncle's place was next to ours his daughter could swear that the sound of madfac was nothis but dhawaaqa oo kal iyo mooy:). taht is of course the innocence of children n unfortunetly that is wt we all lost that day , but i feel very sorry for those r still loosing it daily in somalia now. N the irony of life i remember few weeks earlier we had gon eto a farm owned by my Dd n his bro in afgooye n my cousin was like :yuqii this water(the one of teh river)is so dirty n was wondering how ppl actually drink this , n we had to drink that water n get malaria n all. i think for all those who were in somalia during war time will always remember it ,atleast some of it if not all. peace.
  10. Well am impressed for the first time i had seen a topic wc insults our gals n guess wt , u got ur answers from the guys who were all against ur theory . Anyways bro let me tell u one thing ,its true that we all have to be raaliyaas becoz ALLAH says so.But i had lived in pakistan for many yrs n interacted with their gals n believe me these gals were trained from an early age to be like that. But the wosrt part is for them they are told they r fed n brought up so that she can get married n once that happens she is not to get divorced even if he is the worst man on earth, she has to live with him no matter wt. If u see their gals the way they behave before marraige :eek: u will be shocked coz they know there is no fun after she is taken to a man she had not even seen( i attended a wedding of a freind who saw her husband after the NIKAAX), that is too much n unislamic period. Besides why would u want a woman who will not share ur worries n give u advices(although most men pretend they know it all :cool: ego!) but regardless u still need someone to spice up ur life not someone who will act with u like SEESAYED n SIT AMIINA,those who know arabic will get that. N those who dont, lets just say that u r not very nice to ur wife at all. Although calaf is there for marraige weather she is somali or not, but plz we have alot of good women, so give us credit man!
  11. Classique sis u r so right about this ,we should not be like ganam n just do stuff coz others r also doing it. besides i know for a fact that guys r dragged into thi sissue coz his GF will be angry if does not, so he is not even happy when he is going to the shops to buy u some think on that particualr day. instead everyon eshould have their own special time or day when they want to express their love, n yaa7abatha if it was always ,right claasique
  12. Salaam ppl To the brotehr who decided to abuse the arabs, am sure u r not alone n many somalis say n feel like u do BUT I TELL U ARABS R JUST LIKE SOMELIS OR ANY OTHER RACE. there is the good n the bad n its not fare to genaralize n say all are bad, coz we as somlis r not all good. N remember also that arabs have great history n just coz tehy r being bullied like many other third world countries u should not underestimate them. And am proud to say that from the day the war happened in somlia till this day all my best freinds were n still are arabs n am proud to say that.
  13. Salaam to all of you. Now with all do respect i dont believe that organization u r talking about exists, but am sure the women exist n their number is increasing too. N if those women like to marry married men they do it with or without(mostly) the knowledge of his first wife. Now am not with polygamy n am not against it, coz if a guy wants to remarry there is no way for u to stop him ,even if he loves u very much. Also some men get pressurized from their families to remarry coz they want more male children, n u will be suprised when i tell u that i happen to know a university prefessor who did that(we all know that any one who took bioilogy in school know its a man who has XY n its his game to get a boy or a gal). But ALLAH IS kARIIM N THE MAN GOT MORE BABY GALS (can u believe that it still scares ppl to have gals uptill this day :rolleyes: . So for all our muslim bros if u want to remarry ,tell ur wife first n remember its Allah who gives male or female child.
  14. Salaam to all of u ppl,well first of all i would like to say that i had actually i had watched an islamic show on the Iqra channel(Arabsat) by someone called Amr khalid n he is wt u can call a very moderate but a through in diin jazah Allah khayra.anyways he talked aout the way the Rasul calyh al salaam stressed on the importance of not forcing anyone to marry but who they LOVED .there was a man who came to the Rasuul calyh al salaam n said he wanted to marryu off his daughter to a man who was rich , n the Rasuul asked if she agreed n he (the man) said no but she is in love with a poor man ,so CALYH AL SALAAM said marry her off to the one she loves . So we all know that the parents have more experience than their children ,but listen to this (i hope ppl will not say that ma writing long replay but i thought this is good to share) a talk show on arabsat also (for those who know arabics they can see it on Egyptian channel) a woman called n from her voice u can feel that she is someone suffering n they were talking about a arranged marraiges ,anyways this woman came from arich family n she fell in love with a poor guy who of course her family did not approve off, n was forced to marry someone of her standard. the woman claimed that she could not win the battle so she went n married the rich guy her family liked. the marraige never continued that long coz she still loved the poor guy ,at the same time this woman was having alot of headaches. when she divorced he family gave her a big house where she lived alone n anyways the woman after having to many episodes of fainting n strong headaches, she was diagnosed with brain tumor n she is going to die(according to the prognosis) now thsi woman was crying n saying the reason she called is coz her family called her old love back so that she can see him b4 she dies. n she said plz i tell all the parents not to interfer with their childrens lives. n i think they can interfer if the person is really bad for their kid n not coz of money ,or qabiil or any of those ****** stuff somali ppl r valuing. Alxamdulilah my folks r not like that n if they have to interfer it will be very healthy for me coz i know how they think. peace.
  15. Salaam to all of u ppl,well first of all i would like to say that i had actually i had watched an islamic show on the Iqra channel(Arabsat) by someone called Amr khalid n he is wt u can call a very moderate but a through