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  1. qacbaro, after a very long and intensive battle of our personalities,,,, i bet i culd dominate u!
  2. bisinka, qacbaro, that made so much sense to me. well the last bit about sending ur man to holy war didnt make sense... but the way u difined being in love and loving some1, ,,,, i see ur sensitive side coming out :eek:
  3. MashaAllah raxma, thnk u sis, i really appreciate it, JazakAllahu khayran. may Allah reward ya!
  4. i take it we all agree that killing the innocent is haraam. thats good. i agree too If you kill my parents I wont kill you only , I would revenge from your kids too .I will not wait and say " oooh let me think is halal or Haraam"!! true say, if some1 killed ma kid, boy - oooh boy, i would kill their whole bloody nation. isnt my kid innocent, like OG said, an eye for an eye, innocent civillians for innocent civilians. i cant judge the actions of those in the middle east till i put myself intheir shoes...and to be honest no matter how hard i try to imagine/sympathies...i will never be able to fully comprehend their suffering, my views of the world too clouded by the media and propagandas of the west.
  5. king, why u gotta diss the girl, she is a smart woman, the point i was makin, he aint her man, but she still spending his money... caano geel, u got it bad!
  6. women are getting desperate haa,,,,,get a man, he is free and u gain money not loose it, well if he aint handing u the money (like caano geel) least he saving you paying for ya lunch.
  7. ^^^--------- have a heart, the topic sounds real interesting, but the somali too big for me.
  8. whats this with uunsi and foox or whatever other somali smell your talking about?....naga daafa old fashionka, leave that for grandmas house. i like cented candles in the house - they real nice, and warm up the air aswell.... as for me, my no1 spray i use is coolwater, daviduff, or whatever his name was. paul smith is real nice and light...dolce&gabbana light blue - forwhen i wanna stand out. but everyday cool water girl. u have to come right up next to me to smell my perfume, i dont drown ma self... but seriously...some male fragrances, are just a girft from heaven..
  9. O-G, thanks for the translation sis.... hmm, mutakalim, who is suffering?
  10. qacbaro, u have learnt the power of persuasion...u now the master of persuasion. ok, u twisted my arm, i should not say all men...but the majority , the good are a handfull scattered all over the world. its like finding a niddle in a hay stack.
  11. lol, im suprised to see that i aint the only one whatched and fell in love with th movie 'two can play that game' zu, lol u just realised u in a room with some Sexually frustrated males?
  12. cano geel, unless u got a soft spot for her still....tell her to get lost...and if she dont move, shave her hair off! :mad: maxayku mowday.....see, this is what i was takling about when i ask who is in control. they aint even in a relationship and she still ruling his money. :rolleyes:
  13. sure...wha u wanna talk about about...start the topic..and appart from sports and politics..i got an opinion on everything... and and the 2 topics i dont like..many people do..
  14. chocolaato, why didnt u ask him for the name of the perfume...then u could buy it as a present for some guy....or just spray your coat...mama smells it, tell her the train was full and some white guy got too close
  15. 1084 is my highest so far,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but why is it all we can use is the mouse.....dont any of the computer keys help... and why is it the lil mexican jumps he smalll driving around, then he seems to rise of the ground... my fav bit, is when u make 2/3 polics cars crash and they dissappear after blowing up/// starting to sound like a terrorist :eek:
  16. shiit, see where it says they head str8 for your hips.... i must have read that statement 4/5 times... and everytime...i read...LIPS...dont laugh!
  17. u know wha makes it addictive.....u look at the high scores....and u wonder how they did it... so u keep trying to improve your score....its funny though!
  18. no, its not the quantity love ...its the quality... u know certain smells are afrodisiacs...they highten your senses and drive u wild... this perfume...daamn........imma stop talking or this thread gone become Xrated.
  19. besbaaso, i have no idea sis....imma have to go and raid supperdrugs, and boots perfume section...pretend im buying a fragrance for 'my hubby' and hmm...if i find,,,,,when i find it.....imma buy it, and spray a lil bit...just to queen, so well said...same here.
  20. mutakilim, u know i cant read arabic, however all i understood was Alhamdulillah ladii cafanii.... i cant read the rest.... could u please translate..i really wanna know...and indeed, Allah praise is to Allah the most High.
  21. u want me to advice u sis,,, take the doc,,,if u got the time, and pateince, wich i lack, u dont wanna be a nurse working after and around the doc's when u could be in charge... me, i got family at home waiting for me to send money, so i aint got time to waste studying 7 yrs, even if i tried, i dont think i could handle the high degree of study and the pressures of family. but, i would recomment anyone to go for something more than a nurse...InshaALLAH after i qualify, imma upgrade and climb the proffessional ladder...
  22. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool she pretty ya know. i taake that as a compliment by the way, i was born in kenya, and im related to the massai
  23. Queen, ok, thanks for spelling it out sis, sometimes all i see is letters and i cant make sense of them,,,,dont worry it aint a just slow. aeryn, i would hate to be the guy that comes up against u....u would just be killing their male we might as well ask if there is a single man that likes to be dominated as u u think if u put that in a lonely hearts add....u would get a single reply :confused: :confused:
  24. <-----gets parranoid.....damsel?...u my lost twn....for some weird reason that last stament showed me a mirror image of me... kow.. raula...i havent seen the film. and sorry about the spelling mistake...i meant a supermodel...u know, great shape complexion, and tight.