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  1. Rag waa raggii hore hadalna waa intuu yidhi. Ah, I feel young again. By the way, our Somali women always smell good.
  2. Haddii Mogadishu la tago Ceerigaabo waa meeshaan Caasimada gayn lahaa. It got mountain rage and nice and cool climate.
  3. To tell you the truth, I am not a music guy myself these days. But I cherish Somali folklore tradition, literature and poetry. Rich culture translates rich language and tradition. A society without tradition would be a lost tribe like many black Americans and new Somali urban gangs with no foundation and tradition to lean on. If you listened Somali Qarami in the old days , the chances are the man playing the Oud (Kamanka ninka garaccaya) was no other than Xudaydi. Suldaanka, Riftoon type songs and Balwo could be hundred years old and still could be sang by every generation. Xudaydi has been playing Oud for seventy years. While Balwo and some Somali folklore is rooted in deeb west(Galbeed iyo AWdal), Hargeisa is certainly the " Mother of Somali Suugaan" and fun. Even today they lead in terms of creating new generation young stars. Xidigaha Geeska could not have flourished without Hargeisa as their base. Look at this new modest way of presenting time tested songs with new modest young men and women. Ilahhayaw ummada isku soo celi iyagoo nabad ah.
  4. The Guardian reports today that 30% of those in intensivev care in UK hospital syatem are Black, Asian and middle eastern people. Even among the 10 or so doctors who died are all born outside UK.
  5. Allah ha u naxarristo Ustaad Xudaydi. Here in my home , I have a volume 8 edition of " Bidhaan" a Somali international journal published by Mcalister collage with Ahmed Samatar and other like minded Somalis. It was 2008 and Ustaad Hudaydi had a chapter narrating his life and times. I even use some of those quotes here in SOL. In memory of Hudaydi, let me write here some excerpts of that interview. AIS: What form of transportation you took from Eden? a plane? Hudaydi: No. I took a boat to little coastal fishing village of Maydh. during those days there was a cohort of young educated and professional somali men who dominated social life in hargeisa. to cut down their uppity prominence, they were exiled to the remote outpost of dayaha, near Erigaabo. Among them were Abdisalam Hassan, Hassan cali Henry, ku cadeye and nine. AIS: who exiled them ? the colonial British? Hudaydi: No. They were posted by the new political and business class who became somewhat envious of this educated groups popularity .The assignment was to make this cohorts teach at the new intermediate school in Dayaha. At the Maydh , a custom man sent a word of this young man of maddening skill.The Dayaha associates sent me a vehicle (a nice Landrover) immediately. When I arrived , they requested me to9 arrange a play. The day was coincided with Eid celebrations and a football game against Burco. AIS: How long were you in Djibouti? Hudaydi: I had spent seven years in the 1960s. Later I will live in Djibouti another six years. AIS: When did you return in Somalia? Hudaydi: in fact, the French throw me out and I returned to Hargeisa some what unwittingly. THere I put togethera play with the title " Macal cume". I drafted a number of school teachers to participate. Among them Muhamed Hadraawi, Faisal Cumar Mushteeg, Mohamed Mooge and Abu Shiraa. AIS: Who were the singers and musicians in Hargeisa at this time? Hudaydi: this was late 1960s. Among them were individuals of exceptional abilities. Maandeeq, Magool, Guddudo Arwo, Saynab Bahsan, Farhiya Ali, Young Hibo Nuura, Mohamed Saleeban, Mohamed Mooge, Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Yusuf and musicians like Ali Fayruus, Mohamed SaidAli Dheere, Abdialhi Haamari and Mohamed Afweyne. AIS: Compared to other Somali Fuun centres like Mogadishu and Djibouti, how good was the talent pool in Hargeisa? Hudaydi: Generally speaking, when it comes to rhythm and therefore music, the southern Somalis by far were superior. Just think of the fantastic Huseen Banjuuni and Ahmed Naji , if not the second generation headed by the breathtaking Oud master , Daud Ali Mashaf. But, when you compare poetic composition and Luuq (singing)northern Somalis and Hargeisa was captivating. AIS: In the 1960s, how would you characterize the relationship between art and politics of independence? Hudaydi: A few years after 1960, the nationalist fever, which was high, begun to sag. It felt as if we entered post honeymoon period in which what was seemed like an era of limitless possibilities was disappearing. one could hear some anti-regime Heesayn (Song). AIS: What was the central points of disapproval by the artists? Hudaydi: In the beginning the main issue was rather related to a perception among some that the distribution of the ministerial appointments overlooked some kin groups. But one could see the potential for greater danger. , the beginning of the divisive manipulation of communal identity by individual greedy for self promotion. Still , this feeling was marginal. among the citizens. and many of us saw that way AIS: if, you assert, " self promotion " by the politically ambitious, why do you think the democratic and constitutional order laster only nine years (1960-1969).? Hudaydi: From my prospective, i think it come down to number of key elements : exaggerated expectations and a craving for unearned material privilege that began to blunt the daring and honourable creative mind and spirit.This was an early warning: if we, as a people, didn't see decolonization as the opening chapter of a long journey of hard work and nation building, the future will be a massive disappointment. Few were paying attention but the majority were intoxicated with easy pickings delivered by the new political order, and particularly, the arrival generous foreign aid. All in all a normalizing of of a corrupt small mindedness started to eclipse social art (FUUN) that moved listyerners to in to civic belonging. President Aadan Ade and A/risaq Haji hussen tried hard to resist , by example in leadership, a rising imbecility( Garaad Xumo) and equation of manliness ( Raganimo) with looting of the commons. Anyway, these words of unearned material gain and expecting foreign aid mentioned by Ustaad Hudaydi still persist among consecutive Somali leaders and generation. This are the time tested words I learned from Ustad Hudaydi. Will try to post more tomorrow, InshAllah. Allah ha u naxariisto.
  6. Holac, you really scare us this time. I thought we Somalis had stronger immunes. Some were even suggesting that Africans may fare better against Covid-19. I am worried about Oodweyne, because UK could be another Italy in few days. Besides, Europe is were most Somalis are dying. Nations with bad leaders like Boris and Trump are in dire situation.
  7. There is a calculated campaign against Turkey. While they were sending medical equipment to Italy and Spain , there were reports about Turkey blocking equipment intended for Italy. If they were hiding numbers, why are they reporting thousands of new cases everyday?. in two weeks , they reported close to 25,000 which is huge. At the same time, they didn't peak yet.
  8. Those of us who flow Turkey understand the institutional capacity of that nation. While Turkey doesn't have per capita income of most European countries, and mostly considered a developing economy, it is one of the few nations who are well prepared to stand alone in terms of its place among the nations. According to some analysts, Turkey had prepared " a world reality: defense, localization, systemic transformation (the presidential system), social state, relief organizations, geopolitical plans, strengthening the central power domain, returning to its own claims (to its historical legacy), equipment preparation in a way that it will not need supra-national structures". Not only they invested in national infrastructure like airports, highways and railways , but also health care and human development. Their healthcare system and infrastructure is second to none. Here is one new one in Ankara. They even expanding around the globe. Here one Qatar: Here one in Mogadishu helping our people.
  9. Washington: American lawyer Larry Klayman has filed a USD 20 trillion lawsuit against China for the creation and the release of the novel coronavirus that has infected more than 334,000 people globally. Larry Klayman, his advocacy group Freedom Watch and Buzz Photos, a Texas company, filed the lawsuit in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, alleging that the novel coronavirus was "designed by China to be a biological weapon of war", and that whether or not the country intended to release it, China violated "US law, international laws, treaties, and norms." "Because China has agreed by treaty to outlaw such weapons, these actions cannot be official governmental actions of the People''s Republic of China and are not subject to any possible claim of legal immunity from suit," the lawsuit said, as cited by Law and Crime. It went on to allege that the purpose of maintaining the virus within the laboratory was to use it to "kill US citizens and other persons and entities in nations perceived to be an enemy of China." The virus, which first originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has spread 189 countries or territories, infected more than 334,000 people and killed over 14,500, as per the latest data available on the World Health Organisation website. Novel coronavirus vaccine still months away: scientists Researchers say previous work on the closely related MERS and SARS could benefit the vaccine development strategy to fight the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. "COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous disease because it has an extremely aggressive nature, was designed to mutate from person to person, spreads very quickly and easily, no vaccine exists yet on account of it being a new disease, the means of transmission are not fully known with certainty, and treatments are only just being worked out, and the disease appears to be about ten times as deadly as the flu," the lawsuit read. It said that the lawsuit was designed by China such as to be an effective and catastrophic biological warfare weapon to kill mass populations.
  10. The communist party of China had a 40 year uninterrupted economic growth. In 1991, when United States of America embarked its campaign to destroy monsters in the middle east, the Chinese had less than $400 billion dollars of GDP. They were an average developing nation with large population. With less than 25 years, they quadrupaled their GDP every four years. They had a free ride. The greedy American capitalists who have no loyalty to any nation flooded America with cheap Chinese goods and destroyed the manufacturing base of their nation. Government owned corporation were unleashed to compete against private western companies. No nation would allow a $400 billion dollar trade deficit to another nation. America can not win trade war , conventional war or nuclear war against China. The best chance to decouple America from China is to take advantage of the Coronavirus to re-allyn American manufacturing needs. Anyway, to make the story short, the push back had begun. There is a 20 trillion lawsuit filed in Texas district, and some Indian lawyers had filled a genocide against China in world criminal court. I do not bet on the Indian case in Hague, but the one in Texas which is pushed by American lawyers could force America to confiscate the two trillion Chines treasury bonds in America.
  11. OO, don't get me wrong. I like the preacher as long as he is in favour of strong, united and free Somalia. I .like his open trade concept also. I hope after the election he will ditch the ugly Amhara and we can all get along.
  12. It was already slow moving caravan. Now with virus disrupting everything, expect the election to be held probably in the summer of 2021.
  13. It looks ok. THe government can take over one hotel with all the protocols and put people and charge them some small money. Remember, the health of the people is more important few dollars. Somaliland can put aside few thousands of dollars for the virus efforts and rent one large hotel without charging the traveler who is locked down two weeks.
  14. Ah, that blue sky. Life is coming back to Mogadishu. This town doesn't belong to one clan or group, but to the Somali people everywhere. One day we might travel to Mogadishu, Hargeisa and Borama without fear. Is that dream too much to ask?
  15. Suldaanka, You didn't get the message. It is not about the quality of the accommodation, but the protocols nations flow to quarantine travelers who might be carriers of the virus. If you put someone in four star hotel and ask them to pay for accomodation they can't afford, certainly they will try to escape or bribe their way out. I would prefer if Somaliland puts them in military camp, a boarding school or some where were the government should monitor their movements. The Korean did a good job of quarantining this fellow from the public.That is why their cases are declining and death toll is very small.
  16. It is nothing but a propaganda. Other than say it will boost immune they got nothing serious. Don't count on Ethiopia producing any vaccine. Last year , they put Ethiopian flag in a Chinese rocket orbiting to space and they claimed to be Ethiopia launching satellite.
  17. Actually Turkey is doing better than I thought. They shut down major provinces like Istanbul where most of the cases are. With over 24,000 cases, their death rate is less than 2% which among the lowest. in the world. As of yesterday they had 501 death per 24,000. That is good news. When Italy had 25,00 cases their death toll was over 4,000. Another good sign in Turkey is their recovery rate is doubling every day. Turkey is similar to Canada. The virus is manifesting differently in many parts of the world. In Germany, with almost 90,000 cases their death tall is just over a thousand. THeir rate just over 1% of fatalities. In Spain they 130,000 cases and fatalities of 12,600 which is 9%. In Canada our fatality rates are just little over 1%. So far We are managing really well. Quebec which is close to New York and have extensive flight connections with FRance and Italy is the worst place in Canada with 60% of the cases.
  18. Yes. Even in the eighties the Italian communist party was strong opposition. THey were not social democrats but real communists.
  19. OO, there is a news why CHina cases were law. \This from Forbes. The ongoing global pandemic which began in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei, China, has hit the advanced economies worse, by a factor of two at least. For the past two weeks, everyone is wondering what is going on here. After ignoring warnings by Wuhan medical doctors for nearly four weeks about the new virus, Hubei ended the outbreak with just 67,801 cases and 3,187 deaths. By comparison, Italy is about a week away from peak and has 101,739 cases and 11,591 deaths. On Monday, President Trump reiterated what his health team is saying about COVID-19 deaths: 200,000 dead is a success. Why are China’s numbers so low? One reason could be that they only tested people who were really sick and they did not usually test those in the sick patients family or social circle. Considering that Hubei province was on strict quarantine, asymptomatic people were less likely to spread the disease beyond their own household. Those that did get it, but had mild, weak or no symptoms at all were — by and large — not included in the total infection numbers. China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said on Tuesday that they will include asymptomatic coronavirus carriers in its daily figures starting tomorrow. So if China’s numbers rise fast in the days ahead, that’s probably the reason. Investors will be spooked, regardless. Officials said the new measures would help to address growing public concerns about the risks of catching COVID-19 by asymptomatic carriers, the South China Morning Post reported this morning THat is correct.
  20. I understand that by virtually locking down Hubei province and Wuhan , the Chinese might have controlled the speed of the virus. Yet, how about the other 1.3 billion people who were roaming the land just before the Chinese Lunar year. Looking the way the virus is spreading big population concentrated in big cities like New York, Chicago and Milan, certainly the Chinese are hiding something.How can they convince us that the virus had disappeared from the mainland? Beijing with few thousands is vitus free. Some British scientist believe the Chinese number to be 40 times. THere are reports that Wuhan funeral homes recorded 42,000 deaths. THere is something fishy about the story of communist party.
  21. It is a mind boggling how the world health body put a slow talking Tigray ( Amhara) fellow to lead it. He might be a figure head which is a perfect for for Big Pharma to implement their agenda. I bet he doesn't know what big pharma is. Instead Covid-19, this should have been called " Wuhan Virus"