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  1. Exactly. The British are a nation of law and citizenship. He might be Indian by heritage, but he shares abd adopts the aspiration of his party and country. This couldn't happen within the Latin nations of southern Europe, especially France. Mr Sunak was the son of immigrants who came in the sisties. In France, the second generation of North Africans whose grand father fought with France in the second world war, couldn't even master to be mayors of big cities let alone high office. Here in Calgary, the most conservative city in Canada with 1.5 million population had elected a Muslim mayor three times with 75% in the second term. The most racist people on earth are the dirty Indians. Ah, one more thing, the powers that be are also pushing the Indians yo higher places. I don't buy the so called genius thing, other than few software programers .
  2. Only a fool will think the future is Taiwan. Even Prof. Samatar said that other than " Shaxaad" or few millions of crums, Taiwan is a pariah entity abandoned by the whole world except a dozen countries. Thre Taiwan thing is nothing but few dollars for the unemployed foreign minister of Somaliland who got nothing to manage diplomatically.
  3. I totally agree with your observations. We never heard about the Wajeer security check of Somalis entering Kenya before landing Nairobi, until few people mentioned. It was Proff. Ahmed I. Samatar who openly raised these demeaning and abusive double security screening of Somalia in 2012. Just like you, he was shocked and questions why the leadership is accepting this while the prime minister of Somalia was detained at the airport for hours after he skipped the WAjeer security check. While The Wajeer issue is bad, I see a lot of improvement on the situation of the Somalis within the Kenyan state. They are very visible in almost every aspect of the Kenyan society whether it is business, politics and even security. The Kenyan police commisioner is Somali so does the director of the CID. Somali officers could be found in the top levels of the Kenyan intelligene and the military. Both the lawyer that was arguing on the election case and the officer who guaranteed security in the election poll gathering were Somalis. Since Kenyan democracy is growing in stature I believe Somalis would be the winners. Even the Somali leaders are elequent and forceful in their pride and pronoucements, just observe Farah Macalin and Barre A. Ducaale. In Somali DDS it is the opposit. When it comes to Jigjiga, I concur your observations. Every federal department is manned by Amhara. Almost all labour, technincal oe skil jobs are filled by Amhara, Oromo or others from southern Ethiopia. If they strike the city will shut down. In terms of Somalihood, Jigjiga is much better compared to Cabdi Iley, who could have arrested you in the middle of town with little suspicion and throw you in jail, although the Amharas were invisible during his rule. The ruling guy is appointed by Addis and he is nothing but a supervisor for the occupation forces. Of course it is peaceful because of the harmony among the occupied Somali population and the cruel enforcement of the clan soldiers who would shoot anyone that opposes them. The small infrastructure that exists comes from the federal budget, but most of the money is looted by the clan. Some people wouls even tell you that without the Amhara and the federal presence the clan infested system would collapse within months. There are no courts, functioning police or institutions that serve the public. JUst like Mogadishu of warlord era, there are check points between towns where soldiers take bribes from buses and trucks. . Yet, like some dimentia patients they talk about fake Somalinimo, there is no hope in the Somali zone with or without Amhara until those clan supervisors for the occuaprion are replaced.
  4. Sand dunes are even present in the fertile coast of Lower Shabbelle. The best answer is planting trees and more trees. The bigger problem is soil ersion for coastal properties which needs the effort of the local government. We the diaspora are just talk. We might have some good ideas, but without being in the ground, it is all water under the bridge. Today, I had a coffee with a member of federal parliament from Puntland and he told me about his visit to Garacaf in 2019. He explained to me the efforts of the current Puntland president Saciid Deni who contributed more than $7 million dollars from the government to build the port. He also said that Gaalkacayo was a dangerous city for the last 10 years where hundreds of its best citizens were murdered before C/laahi Deni pacified. Furthermore, he built the 240 KM highway between Galkacay and Garoowe , the huge roads and infrastructure in Garoowe city and many more. I asked him, if that is the case why we have been all badmouth this capable man throughout these years? I ask our friends B Xoofto and Xaaji when was the last time a 50 or 100km road was built in Somaliland other than Bebera to Hargeisa road. We have been waiting Djibouti --Borama road for 30 years. Anyway, if Puntland keeps builds infrastructure in this pace, trade and wealth will flow.
  5. There are so many surprises in this war. I think the Eritrean army intervention changed the war. I thought they were talking about peace few weeks ago, and now these new defeats of the TPLF. I think Abiy and Afwork took advantage of the Ukraine war
  6. I agree. Free market, competition and competent leadership is what made the Asians rich. Besides, they have open access to the richest market in the world, The United State. Yet, no one can ignore the constant meddeling, dictatorship empowering, and resource looting of the developed countries. When I visited Kampala, Uganda, the main airport was the one built by the British in the sixties. THere were no four lanes higways except the one started by the Chinese. They will tell you that Uganda is a close ally of the US, for what really? On the EU, of course it is a win win for both, but the rich countries are giving the eastern European backwaters billions of dollars to reach medium level developmenmt. Imagine $10 billion a year of ivestment in the horn, it could transform. Yet, all they talk about is aid. $2 billions were donated to Somalia in 2018/19 alone by EU and US, where did that money go? Of course blame goes to us Somalis and others. Everyone is trying to regain what they destroyed. When my son asks what is going in Somalia? I simply say: We had free education, free health care, even walking clincs ( Bukaan socod eegto), secure borders and peace, and everyone is trying to gain again what was destroyed. We have been waiting for 30 years just to be able to walk in the streets.
  7. Baala Xoofto, thanks for posting this. I was trying to write about it this morning. This is nothing but a theift of resources by corrupt and incompetant government interested to pocket few millions. These crooks are not oil exploration or oil extracting companies, but front companies designed to gain the rights of the Somali resources for future brokerage. They have been created for the sole purpose of abtaining the rights. They also abtained and bought all the rights of Someoil company created by HSM, Khayre and former British concervative party chairman. Coastline exploration doesn't have any capacity to explore or drill oil. If you visit their company website, there is nothing but false propaganda and fake exploration expereince of 150 years. They have zero revanue of any financial statement. I heard that the deputy premier whose purpose in Mogadishu is just to make money teamed up with the current and former energy ministers while bribing the foreign minister and others. Hamza, the premier is playing Dhaanto in Godey mesmerized by the clan while the shop is looted. $ 7 million ayaa lagu bedeshay khayraadkii Somalia. THis fools don't even know how resource is shared these days. The so called 30% tax of the future profit is a well known scheme used by companies to gain access for the resources. At the end , they will infliate their expenses and give you pannies to the dollar. The best and modern way to make money on the resources is royalty per barrell of oil. As thhe price of oul goes so does the royalty. Here in Canada, where companies invest billions before they extract and sell the products, a 10% flat rate of the revanue is applied. After the company recuperates its costs, the rayalty goes from 25% to 40%. in most cases, the royalty increases with price of oil. if the price stays less than $50 per barrell, the royaly remains less than 25%. but if price goes beyond $60 or more the royaly goes up to 40%, which means in a $100 barrell market, the government takes 25-40 dollars. It is the main reasons these brokers put the royalty as 5% which is pennies when they are selling $100 per barrell. Anyway, forget about the calculations, this deal shouldn't stand. If you want to extract oil go to the big or medium companies. Stop taking these small bribes. Just like C/weli Gaas did in Boosaaso, HSM and company are doing to the Somali resources. Tuugadani goormay dhergi?
  8. Certainly Berbera is huge. It is a port for the future. Berbera development was going on through diferent stages since sixties, eighties and now in the 21st century. 20 million Somalis and Oromo in DDS and Harraghe region are probably the intended market, yet less than 5% of Ethiopia's freight which is mostly relief aid of grain from the UN goes there. The natural gas pipeline from DDS to Berbera is much closer than Djibouti, but no onw is talking about berbera. To make even things worse, the ruling class is poking the Chinese Tiger to make some poket changes from Taiwan. Berbera is an empty vessel sitting there. What is the use of first class port whose market is the 2 million people in Somaliland. no one else. Baala Xoofto, nations and people self exmine and say: do we have to keep doing the same thing for 30 years? with 70% unemployment, 250 million budget while the world trade is passing $100 Trillion? empty airports and port in Berbera. When was the last time a 200 passenger airline landed in Berbera? The biggest infrastructure development in the world today is the Chinese BRI and when it reaches the horn of Africa, the first projects would be probably Addis to Garacad highway or a gas pipeline fro Godey to Garacad. In terms of Gaeacad, the first stage is even much better than Boosaaso. Certaily this port is for the future. Those who built it are targeting for Ethiopia mostly. I agree with you that Boosaaso will certainly lose business. The advatage Boosaaso has is it is very close to Yemen, Cuman and the gulf. It could service these nations with livestock trade and small marchendise, but big container freight will go to Garacad. Also, unlike Boosaaso, Garacad has the climate of the Indian ocean like Mogadishu which will atract more people. Boosaaso is unbearable during the summer months. Boosaaso is already dysfuctional due to the gread of Puntland leaders by pocketing few millions and giving the shop to the corrupt Arabs. Anyway, as mentioned , we hope this Garacad thing spreads to other regions like Lughaya port and throughout the region. You don't need the world bank or Dubai port to build things.
  9. IT is how you manage the incoming decline. You either accept with grace and manage or you will drift back and forth. It isn't only UK, but Italy, France and even Russia are in decline. Leaders used to rise like a cream on the top, but when you pick medocre leaders like Liz Truss or the former clown Boris Johnson expect disaster.
  10. Most of the migration to Europe is from west Africa (Sahel region) due to the exploitation of France and East Africa because of the so called war on terror. Although they had some legacy infrastrcture built during Soviet socialism, Eastern Europeans were poor in 1991, but massive equalization payment from EU membership was invested in infrastructure and other developments. . imagine if you are poor dirt Romania or Bulgaria and yoiu gets tens of billions. I was cheking the Euro Fund allocated for many countries due to the Covid 19 and Romania alone got $80 billion. Germany and other larger economies were investing billions to create a middle class and market for their goods. The same with China. The BRI investment and connecting the world to China ctreated a massive wealth. Some had estimated that the BRI had created $12 Trillion worth of trade. This is something America and Europe will never do for Africa. To create a market and trade with people, you have to invest and build infrastructure which will cost billions, but would create a middle class that could afford your goods. Furthermore, the chaos wars should stop . THere are no Syrians or Iraqis ever left their countries. And Finally, no one wants to go to eastern Europe, the final destination is usualy UK or Nordic countries.
  11. These two don't build public utility businesses like ports, electric grids, water or hospitals. They prefer guaging people with their telecome businesses and money laundering to get rich. Every penny stolen from Somaliland is deposited with Dahabshiil. Hersi Gaab might deposit $10 million stolen from the treasury and Dahabshiil will accept the deposit no questions asked. When the real Somalis come to power , all this will be investigated.
  12. Garacad port means nation building by Somali standrad. Folks, this is big. I haven't seen Berbera port, ut I visited oth the container and oil terminal in Dooraale, Djiouti. This Garacad port is almost similar y design, the concerete wlls and the gravel barrier. One has cost over $400 million, and Garacad probably a few dozen millions. N&N refused to attand the the begining of the first shavel to start the building , yet they went on without looking back and achieved their goal. HSM and company will probably show up tomorow for the opening cermony. If you build they come. Congratulations. The company that built must be a household name.
  13. MMA, dhirtii miyaa la bililiqaystay? Allow sahal amuuraha.
  14. $400,000, that is a daylight robery of Somalia. Why not put 25% tax on that and make $100,000 a day and fill the state coffers? sometjing must be done. you can let this continue if you are a decent leader
  15. One thing is becoming clear. This is becoming a HAG people's war against Al-shbabaab because both Ahmed Madoobe and C/caziiz lafta Gareen refused to use clans. So, this isn't a national effort but a regional or localized war by certain politicians close to the president, especially Sanbloolshe and others. If this war is led by the military, we want to know the army general who is in chaege, because clans can join that fight , but they can't be left to them to manage or lead. As we know Somali clans arre usually very strange, because traditionally, where the ctribe begins, integrity ends. Even some local clans are complaining because the Sanbloolshe clan want to take all the credit, and then say, " Anagaa Kaadida U soo cabnay". Even Xildhibaan Jeesow took his gun and showed off with the camera to claim his clan turf of this war. Furthermore, if the clans and the army lose this war, or leave things as they were before, it could be the biggest disaster of all. That is why it is do or die for HSM and company. In fact, if he loses this war, he has no choice but to resign.
  16. Congrats. I think HSM should have gone to the staduim to witness this. Does he know these little gestures go a long way to build the moral of people and the nation?
  17. MMA, Of course Siyaad was feminist in Somali standrad, but this statement was probably said in early eighties when socialism was replaced by uncontroled and messy capitalisn and rambant corruption fuelled by the IMF money. Anyway, If I am not mistaken, history shows there were no women ministers in the military government. Anyway, compared to many socialist countries, the Somali Hantiwadaag was milder in terms of attacking religeon. In many Muslim counties like Albania, former Yugoslavia, Cuba and others, Masjids and churches were closed. In fact, looking back, other than trhe killing of the " Wadaado" in 1975, the somali socialism was moderate, because Jaalle Siyaad didn't believe in socialism , but used to hold the power. Furthermore if you listen today the speech Siyaad made about the " Xeerka Qoyska" he was absuletly correct about empowering the Somali women. Waxa uu yidhi; "Inta uu lix caruur ah ka dhalo suuqa iska galayaa, markaasuuna wax masruuf iyo daryeel midna siinayn". Siyaad extensively addressed the neglet of the families by Somali men. Infact, I agree with Siyaad Barre about Wadaad Xume. They were used by outsiders to foment unrest. Reliable sources among the Kacaan said the Russians had insisted of the elimination of the Wadaado. Jaale Siyaad was ahead of his time.
  18. Last week was the celebration of the birth of our Prophet , peace be upon him. Millions of Muslims around the world observed with hymn, chants and Qasiido to honor one of the mercies Allah has sent to his Ummah. For many Muslim families including mine , it just any other day while acknowledging this special day. When we were growing up, especially in childhood, it was exciting to see the cheering and chants in the street and the free food and during provided by those who love the Prophet PBUH more than others, The Sufis. For the last 35 years the knowledge of Islam among the populace had increased dramatically. Worshiping the dead and congrating burial places of famous Sheikhs had disapeared completely among the Somali people. Nowdays, people know who to worship and who to ask help. While educating the public and encouraging them to get rid of certain habits that doesn't serve them or their faith, that doesn't mean , that we Somalis, the foundations of Islamic faith in the horn of Africa, didn't discover Islam lately as , claimed by the current crops of Wahabis. Islam came to us before it reached Medinah. Decades before Islam reached Baghdad, Cairo or Lahore, Pakistan. We have Masjidu Qiblateyn in Zailac Awdal, which had two Qibla, one for the early Qibla Jerusalem and the later Makkah. You could easily find our Islamic traditions in our poems, folklores and history. Sometimes, you might gain something while losing other valubale traditions that holds communities as a glue. Burial ground worshiping has disapeared so does mercy, social cohesion, time honored traditions and the Somali culture itself. Before, I get sidetracked let us get to the main topic. President HAssan Sheikh Mohamuud had decided to change the strategy of the war. With the suggestions of the minister of interior Ahmed Macalin Faqi, who seem to be the main ideologue of the HSM government , they will be waging the war on ideological front. While some clans in Hiiraan are waging the war against the Khawaariij, , the deep penetration of Al-shbaab among Somali elders and society, especially in rural and small villages is deep. It was Sheikh Hassan D. Aweys and others who instructed their flowers to immerse themselves within the communities they live with by marrying the druthers of Sultans, chief elders, business people and those who have moral standing among the people. Sheikh Aweys himself married women from defferent clans by enlarging his entourage. The top Al-shabaab senior leader killed by American drones was his brother in law along with his son. So, HSM and Faqi had decided to arm another group of or I should say "sect" who has extensive membership within the country these days. They decided to arm the Sufis. The Sufis, especially those in central Somalia, oppose the WAhabi inspired Al-shbabaab. . In fact, the Sufis will not only hunt them down, but they oppose and hate the ideology of Al-shabaab with a zeal never seen anywhere. This idea of unleashing the Sufis against the Khawaariij is an out of the box thinking, in fact, it is a genius idea. Every idea has advantages and disadvantages. Let us explore the main advantages first. First of all, the Sufis doesn't need indoctrination or patriotic sermons to convince them to fight against Al-shabaab. It is part of their ideology to get rid of the Wahabis from the land. THey even have slogans that say the " Khawaariij does not love Prophet Mohamed Peace be upon him. Second, unlike the Wahabis , they have certain Sheikhs whom they admire and flow. Furthermore, they don't flow none of the middle east and east Asian movements like the Tabliiq, Akhwaan or the Wahabis. It is a home made tradition with its local strength and weakness. Also, just like Al-shabaab, they cross tribal lines smoothly with ease. In central Somalia, you have the Caabudwaaq, Xeraale and Dhuusamareeb clans all united in their movement despite their different clans. The disadvantage of arming the Sufis are also there. First, unlike the " Macawslay" of Hiiraan, these guys want to be in the government. Remember Sheikh Shaakir and Macalin Mohamed who fought through the nail to be part of Galmudug government. Also, they have connections with the international players in terms of procuring arms and other for help, especially Ethiopia. Second, their hatred of Al-shbaab includes anyone connected to the Wahabi sect. And that will create a huge problem. The Wahabi flowers have extensive business and educational connections from Borama to Burco, from Boosaaso to Mogadishu and beyond. And these Wahabis consider the Sufis us lost souls that must be eliminated, not through education , but even by force if necessary. Folks, this could be a big war that could unleash something we haven't seen before in our life time. Wahabi Vs Sufi. A Sufi officer pronouced the other day while tounting the Khawaariij: Love the Prophet PBUH , so your hellfire stay could be moderated (Rsuulka Jeclaada Cadaabta ha la idinka Khafiifiye)
  19. That fake extension by the senile Saleebaan Gaal is nul and void. Everyone including Ina Biixi had realized by now. A dully elected parliament of Somaliland was overuled by useless elders whose time expired long ago. When the parliament sent the modified legislation of the election to the Guurti, the chairman refused to debate and sent someone to take the boxes and put outside the parliament building. Since there is no postal carrier to deliver to the chamber it was sitting outside the door. No one claimed. Futhermore, The Guurti, awarded themselves another uncontested five years. Folks, that was what broke the back of the camel. Qaataye Qaado. The donors and others which Somaliland try to show off always refused to play this game. Sometimes, it seems Somali leaders copy one another in terms of political moves. Farmaajo tried to extend, but his intension was to hold one person one vote, while Biixi just want to extend two years or more and then retire knowing he won't have any chance of re-election. The Halane and Nairobi based " Beesha Shanaad" told Muuse that he should hold the presidential election within nine months or else. The Somaliland opposition parties, especially the Wadani party had shut down all international contacts including the beloved British. Even those those who used to loby for the unatainable recognition from the British parliament, or some useless English towns like Sheifild city council had been told to stand down. If Muuse refuses to scrab the fake extension from the Guurti, he will face a paralel government anounced by the opposition.Since there is no Guurti to safe the day, elders to navigate, or Sheikh A. Cali Jwhar and ohers from Awdal to intevene, the file has been given to the beesha shanaad to save the day before these two ugly colonels wreck the boat. Siyaad Barre Allah ha U naxariistee ayaa la yidhi, : Saleebaan Gaal maxaad Wasiir uga dhigi wayday? Mcalikii kacaanku waxa uu ku jawaabay: Saleebaan iyo haween midna wasiir ka dhigimaayo. The old man eliminated the credibility of the Guurti which saved Somalilans sometines. Someone has to save the people from the treachery of that old man and the greedy colonel. I know few more things about these two colonels , but will narrate another day.
  20. Actually the American and Canadians had provided long distance artaley to target Russian command and control position with devastating results. Especially the HIMARS system. Your assesment is premature because so far the Russians had deployed 100,000 forces and another hundred thousand from Donbass militia. The one thing that is boggels the mind is we used to hear that Russia had one million standing army or more, so why do they need to call reserves. On the world military ranking both on air power and land forces , Russia in number 2 before China and behind number one USA. I am afraid that Putin might make Ukraine like Grozy of 2001. We will be watching the next six to eight weeks. By the new year the sky will clear. This war is changing more than eastern Ukarine. Infliation, supply chain issues and the global economy is in danger. Both the Euro and British pound are in their lowest ever against the dollar, Saudis and UAE had joined the Russian to cut oil output over 2 million barrels while ignoring Joe Biden. Money is losing its value, those who have plenty of food productio and energy will survive. One killo of beef is $25 dollars a 20kg of flower is 30 dollars and natural gas is sky rocketing. Most of these so called EU countries surivive because of billions of subsidies from the rich economies of Germany and Nordic countries. Yesterday in Prague, at the Check Republic, they couldn't agree to put a price cap on the Russian fuel. a dozen or so nations had argued that if they put a price cap, evergy prodicers would take their energy to higher price markets which might put Europe even in worse condition they are now. The slow pace of the war is hurting everyone. REgardless, nothing will be the same after the conclusion of this war
  21. Cargo business is could be lucrative without going to Dubai. The Emerites, do not produce goods or have factories. Logistics and Cargo companies could take freight from Berbera port directly to South Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda. THere is an opportunity. That is true and sad. At least in Somaliland, both under Ahmed Siilaanyo and Muuse Biixi cabinet, all ministers are people who pray five times a day. You will not find any minister drinking Alcohol in Hargeisa. It is no no. Sheikh Aadan Seero or other Imams will use their Jumma Qutbah and there is no where to hide. There were some drinking governors during Ahmed Siilaanyo regime, but Muuse eliminated them all. In fact, While Muuse Biixi is greedy in terms money, he is very strit on vices like alcohol. The last governor of Awdal used to drink and the local Imams cried faul and he was replaced very quickly.
  22. To be fair , I didn't read the debate about development in the last page between you and Baala Xoofto. I was just reacting on what signor Tallaabo said about Qat and others. On the issue of Alcohol Majlis, It is hard to say . One thing I can atteat is that the new generation of Somali refugees coming in trhe west these days do not chew Qat that much whether they are from north or south. AS we all know, the country became very conservative in terms religeon. Certainly they chew Qat in Mogadishu, KIsmaayo and other places in the south just like in the north. The biggest deference is in the north the elite chew Qat regualrly and its a national past time. They use big villas and luxury style setting with everyone having his own thermos of tea , water, posh pillows and so forth. I don't blame them. There are no local sports teams to watch, parks to walk or any other actvity to do. Even office work is between 8:00 Am to !2:00 and then what? Go to the hotels sit there , pray Duhur and rece back to the Majlis. How about the TV in the evenining for families to watch? nothing , but news and tasteless broadcast. There is nothing but politics and clan debate. There is no imagination or creativity anymore. Hargeisa used to be the capital of Somali folklore, playwrights and entertainment. It is all dead thanks to Muuse and company. For Qat to disapear, there should be something else for people to replace, like long hours of work, home entertainment, and parks to relax.
  23. IF they are holding elections, the Guurti election should be the first one since they are unaccoutable to no body. THey extended 5 years for vthemselves and two for Muuse. Saleebaan Gaal: Waar maxaynu yeelaa muran baa jiree? Guurti: Muuse muxuu ku yidhi? MuuseL : Khater baan geleynaaye hadaan la ii kordhin? SG: OO adna laba sano ayaad rabtaa anagana Guurtidu doorasho ha gasho ayaad leedahay. Muuse: Bal Saleebaanow ka waran hadaad 2 sano oo aniga iyo 5 guurti ah ka dhigto? SG: Warkaas ayaa i gala. Che, during Rayaale there were disputes about the commission and voter list.And Ahmed Siilaanyo said he wasn't coming back so, both Cirro and Muuse agreed since he was vacating the place. Talk about democracy is useless.. It looks Muuse will take his 7 years and leave the arena, that is the only thing acceptable to the opposition. I would sujjest change the useless Dastuur and make it one single term of 6 years just like MExico and some other places where the leader refuses to leave. The big deference is in Somaliland leaders refuse to hold elections.
  24. I agree. The people of Hiiraan had already sacrifised a lot, yet there is no intelligence about the movements of the Khawaariij. The two truck bombing that took place in early this year in Beledweyne had happened last week almost with the same route and plot with devestation results. Furthermore, I haven't seen any American led defeat of Khawaariij insurgency other than ISIS which was mostly the sacrifises of the Iraqi people. You need command and control from the army , continued logistical support and also control of the war narrative. This Al-shbaab people had emersed among the elders and others.
  25. Qatt consumption is mainly a Somaliland/Djibout problem , espeially in diaspora. There are few southerners here and there. Here in my town, in North America, both the Djiboutian community and those fro Somaliland have their own exclusive Majilises just for Qat session. Those from Togdheer and Awdal, especially middle aged guys, consume the most. I haven't seen any respectable Southern Somali eating Qat. Thoe who eat mostly live at the inthe edges of society, while even proffessional Somalilanders eat Qat weekends regularly. The good news is almost all the new young generation of Landers do not eat Qat.