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  1. It could be paid, but interviews could be handled in a professional manner. "WAxa la leeyahay reer hebel ayaad wax siisay". that is ugly. He calls hinself "Ifiye"
  2. Just 58 cases this week. Suldaanka, it could be the weather since you guys have a hot summer at the moment.
  3. According to Cagjar no one is under detention politically in Somali Galbeed. Last year, when I visited Jigjiga the biggest difference is you walk the city without fear like any other Somali town.
  4. Guys, I was always a critic of Musfare Cagjar, yet he seems well versed and well prepared. The problem about Somali journalists is they are mostly illiterate. THey do not research their subject and their talking points come from facebook. Since when a Facebook is a source of information.
  5. I totally agree. THe world had seen a little glimpse how the virus affected China, but the Africa had seen how the virus decimated the first world. Imagine if this virus was originated in Africa?, a black person could not have walked here in the west.
  6. The East side of Jeegaan are becoming greedy. THey think the unusual " Hagbad" thing will go forever. Boobku in uu iska soconayo ayuu moodayaa. Somaliland mar haddii kaadhka la xoqdo mar labaad ma suurta gelayso. ASk Ahmed Samater who were used and discarded by Muuse and company. By the way Buurmadow is broke. He has 1500 head of camel and he needs salary , food and other things for his west SAnaag enterprise. When I saw the two principal Suldaans of the Jeegaan, Suldaan Hassan of the west and Buurmadow, I knew there is someone trying to jump the ship from Somaliland to Mogadishu and these vagabond elders could not make these moves without the permission of Muuse Biixi.
  7. It looks like Boqor Buurnadow shaking down Muuse Biixi. Cash is short in Somaliland these days, and everyone one want his share. That old fart Ahmed Siilaanyo ( managed by Hersi Gaab) has corrupted the landscape and no way out. When you see Suldaans joining the fray in negotiations with Somalia, certainly they are desperate of getting some dough. When you see everyone from East/West Burco ganging up against Muuse Biixi , he must be doing something right. No minister could sign any invoice with more than five thousand. THere are too many people crying in the media. It is either Biixi closing the "Qasabadii lacagta" or his family looting people from their land. It is hard find out the truth especially with these ametuer media.
  8. I never opened this thread until today. I thought it was one of those low blows Suldaanka used to throw around here. If it is true, this is a real scandal. We need free press in Somalia more than ever.
  9. I know prime minister Khayre is really pro-active man. I was thinking exactly the same thing.. Giving resources to regional governments to tackle both equipment and food aid issue. Cordinhate with the regions. One more thing, Somali should stop taxing stable foods . Imports foods must be taxed to help Somali farmers, but should not be taxed at the local stores. Here in Canada food , whether packaged or not, are not taxed at all.
  10. Allah ha inoo gargaaro. on another note, British Formula 1 engineers had created breathing aid devices. Mercedes F1 team to start delivering 10,000 breathing aid devices to… WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK The Mercedes Formula One team will start to deliver up to 10,000 breathing devices to the National Health Service this week after receiving a bulk order from the Government.
  11. THese stupid leaders were playing with the lives of helpless population. Waar bill ka hor baanu lahayn waar wadanka xidha inta uusan ina soo gelin. MMA, Dhaqankan ah waxba ma awoodo wax shaqaynaya ma ahan. If you are a government you try your best to feed as much people as you can. No one is asking them to give people cash, but their are ways to help those who are weakest among society. Millions are spent in government ministries and other bureaucratic operations. Those resources must be diverted to social services and food distribution. It amazes me how Somalis who were in the diaspora and have seen government operations and how companies organize things and manage become dumb and knownothing once they go home. Somali leaders have seen about a month ago the news of major nations introducing curfew and keeping people inside home while paying them to stay home. When you see that you must shop for food around the world, especially to Turkey, USA and others and buy as much as food you can find in the market and bring home. It might take a month or more but it could arrive before things get worse. Now, the virus is here and there is no need to look back, but to look the future and mitigate the virus people and minimize the death of the poor Somalis. In 2011, when the worst drought hit Somalia, the government of Shariif Ahmed and C/weli Gaas had spent almost $12,5 million to the office of the president while spending similar amount to the government ministries. International donors found out that in those tough days of 2011, Somalia had spent only $50,000 dollars for social services. The Farmaajo government will be judged how it acts in these tough times. THere are ways to feed people. It will cost much less than what the government spends in its bureaucratic government ministries. Other than security and military every dollar must be used to distribute food to the people. There are indigenous relief organizations who had mastered food distribution and drought relief. Amoud foundation and Mercy international are among them. They will deliver the food with fraction of the corrupt government managers. They spend only 9-11% percent for administrative costs. Also, this is an opportunity for the government to show that Somalis have someone who will be there in their times of need. I saw in the news the mayor of Hargeisa threatening tea shops vif they dare open for business. THis fat cat probably doesn't know what is essential service or a retail market shop. The tea shops in Hargeisa are a lifeline for the poor and those unemployed people walking around. Find a way to reduce the crowd, but not close them for good. Rather than threaten people divide the city in zones and try to feed the most vulnerable citizens.
  12. Here in Canada , our prime minister not only provides financial help to Canadians affected by the virus , but also gives comfort and assurance to citizens that the government of Canada will be there for them in their time of need. THe most vulnerable and the homeless are taken care off. Those who face domestic violence at home are provided help, and every other Canadian in need. My Allah bless Canada.
  13. OO, These Virus will change how the world views China. They are using their medical aid for political reasons too. We will keep them out of Somalia.
  14. Suldaanka, I am late comer. You know more than I do. Never heard of Faadumo Amaano.
  15. I thought Rashid Bulo was Yemeni/Somali.
  16. Certainly he has the voice of Mooge, little bit deeper which a good sign of mature man. I guess, Dacar is still alive and kicking in Hargeisa. The problem is these generation of Somalia needs something great than their hometown to aspire them. "Walaalha Hargeisa" was inspired for the longing of Somali independence in late fifties and early sixties , and the later generation were inspired by the longing of Somalis under one big five star. To see big talented young men and composers to shine they need something bigger than themselves. Since we Somalis are not aspiring to reach the moon, we need something else that brings our poetry out. Certainly Hargeisa has a talent for culture and literature, yet it is difficult to export and share with other Somalis due to politics. We were called the nation poets. Here in my own town the poet laureate of the city is a Somali man, as well us the young poets of Alberta is a young Soomali women. WE need our young men to learn our folklore and Qarami tradition and push them to abandon the music of the lost tribes of America.
  17. These are very talented young men. Learning the Oud and the Somali 'Qarami" music is about learning culture and tradition. Our history, tradition, love stories, poetry and culture are buried in these songs. Since our alphabet was written later than most nations, our oral way of transmitting , history , poetry and songs kept us to have culture and tradition. Even In America, the blues sang by blacks for a century carries their values than gangster wrap. When I lister the late Magool (AHN) sing " Webiyo Isku ooman" , I look back the man who composed the song, the great Huseen Aw Faarah. In the seventies , when he visited Khartoum , Sudan, he went to see the waterfalls where the blue and the white Nile meet. He observed that as the rivers crush and meet , they seem to pause for few seconds. Huseen was astonished by the pause of the movements, and thought they might be kissing or hugging, but then again he decided that these rivers might be thirsty and drinking from one another . Thus he composed this song: Webiyo Isku ooman. Way isku oomanaayeen oo way kala cabayaan. How about Hadraawi seeing his mother visinting him in Baydhabo where he was detained by the military government in the seventies and compose " Hooyoy La'aanta.
  18. Those who landed in Mogadishu never been quarantined until it was too late. Checking temperature wasn't enough. We warned them to close the Somali air space, but they waited too long until the virus arrived. Ilaahay bay leeyihiin.
  19. The sun can not be covered with hands. Turkey have a capacity to help its neighbors. Their death rate is small . Turkey are sending PPE to Uk.
  20. We love to bash and talk about America, but that doesn't mean we prefer China over America. WE have tens of thousands of Somalis making a living in North America who are the lifeline of our people back home. We have no connections with Chinese, Indians, Russians, Brazilians or South Africans. WE have real connection with America and its well being is our interest. Do not worry, the Orange man in the white house might leave soon and America could be the real partener to Canada and the world.
  21. The evil Chinese and their Virus will kill millions. The WHO declared the pandemic almost two months after it ravaged China. If it declared pandemic in early February , the world could have been more prepared. In March 10 , the Ethiopian WHO figure head said, " Europe is now the epicenter of the virus", but he never declared a pandemic. America contributes $300-400 million a year for WHO, while China pays around 35 million.
  22. Maybe for future growth of the region. Ceerigaabo is too far to get any car or trade traffic from Burco or Laascaanood.Why would anyone travel 300 km. Its best hope for growth is to connect more to the North East. Rather than connect with Berbera it should look east.
  23. That is a great interview. Xudaydi is a one man band.