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  1. I am not 100% sure , but this fellow Harun Maruf is probably looking a job to report for those NGO's who are trying to safe the earth or humanity. It could be a fake news. Here is why. First, Since this being Somalia and this kind of trade is usually involved outlaws and others it can't be organized well. What I mean is , what are the chances of seeing a well organed convoy of d double hauling trucks in any Somali highway? the trucks are well loaded and balanced. They just looked like the logging trucks in Kenya or other African country. Second, if you look the electric wires beside the highway, they are all elevated in legal proper manner. I am assuming that there are no electric wires running beside the highway in Afgooye road. Folks I need prove.
  2. Every time he opens his mouth he is probably embarrassing her. So, She is banishing him to the killings fields of Mogadishu. I would have dome the same thing. A senior adviser? for what? If I were him I would stick around twin cities. Because he could be targeted by Al-shbaab and become one of those statistics in Mogadishu.
  3. In the blood. We might not like C C/shakuur because of his antics as am opposition, but so far there is no proof or evidence he looted anything. Our OG friends are spreading false or unproven allegations. One of them told me that president HSM was told that Ina C/shakuur crimes were not just corruption , but open looting of draught resources. Yet when I look those who are appointed as the gate keepers of the relieve effort, I see nothing but corruption and nepotism. The chair of relieve emergency management is a member of HSM clan family and the deputy is a cousin of premier Hamsa. They want to keep the corruption and the looting among family members. At the end C/shakuur isn't member of Dump Jadiid and definitely not a yes man. Besides, how many things does this Faqi guy has to manage. He is the minister of interior, federal affaires and reconciliation. Now he is in charge draught relief. Now we know who are " Milkiilayaasha Dawlada". Folks, Ina C/shakuur might be a loud mouth guy , but he is outsider. In fact, the country might need his opposition to Dump Jadiid. We need him to check these corrupt oligarchs.
  4. By the way this is the third village to fall since last year. Every time the local leaders were lied to and told that the Somali state will get back. There were even proposals to bring back the the displaced people back to those villages. It was bad leadership both from the locals and Somali region. Last year, I was one of those who suggested a peaceful compromise the would keep the Somali residents in their villages under the Canfar state while having self rule until a referendum takes place. Others said, they will not allow one inch of Somali territory to Canfar. Remember, it was Abdi Illey who gave these villages to Canfar in 2014. Now hundreds died and thousands displaced while those leaders already decided to hand the land to Canfar. That is really sad.
  5. This war is lopsided. The Canfar militia has the full support of the Cafar state militia and the full power of the "Kililka Afraad". The Liyu police had left the scene long ago after secret agreement was reached between Mustafe Cagjar, Abiy and Awal Arba the Canfar state leader. False Facebook propaganda by the diaspora members kept showing us poor nomads from Western Siti region with guns showing off their warlike statements and how ready they are to crush the Canfar. How could a poor Somali nomads with few guns and no mechanized weapons defeat the Canfar which has most of Ethiopia's fire power?. Dadka shacabka ee masaakiinta been baa loo sheegay waana la khiyaameeyey. Also, as Duufaan mentioned the policy of Omar Geele is also hurting the locals.What is unacceptable is why Canfar is pushing out the civilian population? If they takeover the towns they could rule the residents. One major reason is Ethiopia is probably is going to disintegrate after Abiy and every group is trying to make ethnically clean their regions from others. The Oromo is doing the same thing, yet the Amhara are moving in mass to the Somali region and Jigjiga,
  6. Why would a Somali governor needs to congratulate a foreign leader? Shaqo ayey waayeen.
  7. Don't you get tired beating a dead horse? Why you don't you tell us all the crimes that took place after the death Marxuum Siyaad Barre? Get over it and think about the future.
  8. They are taking the speech out of context. In fact, the speech is about sacrifices. He was even talking about his travel to Somalia way back in 2011. I always believed that defending your country or fighting for your freedom isn't about how much money you got. Yet, on the other hand I do believe what the great poet Raage Ugaas said about the likes of Musaveni: Baadida nin baa jira kula daydayaayo daalna kaa badane Anse doonahayn Inaad hesjo Daayin abidkaaye. Who would, t like 10,000 of your soldiers and officers sitting in barracks inside Mogadishu and earning a $1000 dollars a month?. If any of your generals thinks about a coup or plotting any kind of insidious idea you just send them to Marka or Mogadishu, or In Beledweyne in the case of Omar Geelle. It is known in Djibouti anyone suspected of a plot is exiled to Hiiraan. If I were Musaveni, I will collect the cash for another ten years.
  9. Sacdiyo Firinbi is playing games. She will get few ambassadors and couple of other appointees. She told her clan family that in these part of the world, " Dagaal, hadal iyo boob mooye meeshaan si kale wax kuma heleysid". That so true.
  10. No one said they will not get the confidence of the parliament. It seems this government is in its third or forth year. Usually new governments make the first mistake in its first year and then few major ones after two or three years. These guys had made four or five major policy mistakes before 90 days. It is going to be a long and bumpy ride
  11. Guys, I disagree with you on this. The one China policy of Somalia is more than 60 years old. In 1960, While Formosa (Taiwan) occupied the seat of the republic of China , Somalia has recognized the Peoples Republic of China as the legitimate government of China. Many nations including Ethiopia, Turkey, Some Arabs, western Uerope and many Africans denied China and accepted Taiwan. How in the world you ignore 800 million people. As such the Somali embassy was located around the Tinmen square. Late American president Nixon went to China in 1971, gave the UN general assembly seat and permanent seat at the security council with the veto power. That relationship was very successful. China built the largest highway connecting from Mogadishu to Berbera, the Mogadishu Stadium, the national theater and other projects. Today China is building huge infrastructure in Africa and around the world. Everyone knows that the only way to lift nations out of poverty is to build big infrastructure like roads, railways, ports, electric grids, irrigation canals and large farms projects. If the Chinese finances $970 billion BRI prpject reaches us we wil have a economic boom that will cross from the Indian Ocean to Ethiopia, South Sudan and the rest of Africa. In this move president HSM isn't taking side, he just stating the national policy of Somalia since 1960. While we should always have good relationship with America due to large Somali diaspora, we shouldn't apologize to anyone for our relations. The $400 million stooge Rashid Abdi mentioned is a drop in the ocean. Probably $10 million of that money will reach the central bank. America doesn't build things anymore including its own infrastructure. Yusur Abraar, the former central bank governor said $1.2 billion dollar was pledged to Somalia by the UN, EU and US , and only $10 million reached the central bank. In 2019, the US provided up to $900 million and EU close to a billion. Have you seen any roads, electric grid, army base, port or anything meaningful done with that money. Rashiid, Matt Bryden and Sahan group will get probably some slice of the pie than Diinsoor or Qardho. Hassan Sheikh should travel to Addis and mend fences with Abiy and ignore the Galmudug boys who thrive through the chaos.
  12. There were zero opposition to HSM when he was selected. Everything was going for him. His vision is clouded by two groups, one domestic and another foreign. Sahan through its operatives are pushing his foreign policy including Egypt and Ethiopia. The other one is Galmudug and certain HAG members who want to encroach KG and incorporate Lower Shabelle to Mogadishu. Roobow, the killer who went from prison to minister, which is first in the world, will be used to destabilize South West region through tribal confrontation. Also, Roobow has his former Al-shbaab/tribal militia waiting in Bakool and will be used when needed. In my opinion, Roobow a card carrying member of Khawaariij won't be managing Waqaf or any religious affaires. Deni and Puntland who were quite for the last two months will soon raise their objections of Roobow and other Al-shbaab members within the government. Roobow will soon resign and start his campaigning to replace C/caziiz Laftagareen. In fact, he doesn't need to resign , he will be working full time to his campaign while carrying a false title. THere are no Waqaf or mercy tasks to manage in Mogadishu. The next battle between Laftagareen and HSM/Galmudug will be in lower Shabeelle. Forget about fighting Al-shabaab, it will be about consolidating tribal regions. HSM is a man of huge contradictions. He talks about peace, yet he is cultivating seeds of war and confrontation. The EU and the UN are somehow level headed organizations who are not simplistic in their view of the world. If you see stupid or disastrous foreign policy, It is probably created by Americans who had failed everything they touched for the last 20 years. Why in the world would Somalia in the horn of Africa immerse itself in the quarrel of oil and other businesses of the gulf, Iran, UAE and Israel.? HSM want to run this marathon with the speed of sprint which means he will be tired soon. Ethiopia doesn't need millions to aggravate the Somali internal politics. It has millions of Hungry peasants who will be recruited for less than hundred dollars to be deployed at the border regions to cause incursions by providing weapons to the willing Somalis who have tribal grievances. Ethiopia can't defeat a unified Somali leadership or a populace who support their government, that is why internal harmony is a must. THose who are trying to stage this proxy war are enemies of Somalia. As Che said, HSM still has a chance to ditch Sahan and others and implement pro Somalia policy.
  13. If there is any rebellion, it won't be coming from Ahmed Madoobe. Jubbland has 15 Wasiiro, Wasiirudawo and deputy ministers among the 77. That is 20%.
  14. Mr. Qansax, indeed this is a declaration of war. Yet, there were better ways to wage the war. Using former Al-shbaab killer against Laftagareen is really bad. I think C/laahi Dani has been tortured by many this year. The only way he could take revenge is to implement the one person one vote in Puntland and deny the the stupid Shalango to Farole.
  15. Guys, you don’t understand where this deputy minister is coming from. He shares seats with cabinet and parliament with the 4.5 group especially the Somali Arab groupings. Ome minister is taken by that Khadijah Diiriye who is constant in Somali government since Catta. The other one is taken by a lady called Ina Makzum a Banafiri, but everyone knows she doesn’t represent her community. She is the wife of former Galmudug president Cabdijariim Dhagajuun. It is the new corrupt Somali system where in laws and others are incorporated. Macalinkii Kacaanja ayaa laga bartay, Ahmed Siilaanyo did, Farmaajo also used. I don’t blame him. No one said let us use competency fir cabinet nominations, and if tribal shares are the rules just like the parliament, the Arab S who are one of the prominent Somalia in terms of business and prestige should get the minister not the lady whose husband is Damujafiid.
  16. Khadaafi, It is hard to pin point the real thing, but there are two plausible scenarios here. One is Those who deploy Muslim Khawaareej around the world, got an oppening to stretch the Ethiopian army and eventually force Abiy to make a deal he can't refuse with the TPLF and this al-shbaab incursion could very well achieve it. Abuukar Armaan said that. The second scenario is the false flag thing. I saw Jamaal, the SKY TV journalist who produced the latest Al-shbaab video was in Jigjiga last week before Al-shbaab invaded Ethiopia. In this sceanrion both Abiy and Mustafe could score points and try to rebuild American credentials and earn the badly needed dough that Meles used to get. Personally, I do believe the first scenario to be the logical one. The EGYPT travel, Mukhtaar Roobow, and the Shbaab invasion could be all related.
  17. Well, it is my turn to add my analysis. Muxuu yidhi Darwiishkii: Mashxaradii Shalay, Hadaan Murugo Waydaaran. Dawladii HSM ee 80 maalmood foolanaysay waxay dhashay Roobow iyo Faqi. Knowledgeable people describe this government as those who are " Angry and Al-shabaab". Most of them are the students and aides of HSM, furthermore none of them are expected raise their voices . Yet, the biggest disaster of all is Roobow. This man isn't a rebel who had repented. In his capacity as the top leaders of Al-shabaab, he issues Fatwa proclaiming it is " Legal to cut the neck of those whitin the government and bring their stomck outside ( Waa in qoorta laga bireeyaa oo Calooshooda banaanka la soo dhigaa). He supervised their crimes and filled the airwaves while he was the main spokesman. Does anyone have seen him asking for forgiveness? never. In fact, some foreign leaders including top UN representatives wanted him to be the president of south west region of Somalia. How does he earned that prevelige?. He didn't leave Al-shbaab in early years. He was one of the top leaders from 2006-2015. In fact, he only left the group when he lost the power struggle against Ahmed Godane who used foreign fighters to subdue his enemies. This man has blood in his hands. To add insult to injury , the former Khawaariij had been given ministry of religion and helping the needy. Do they know the meaning of " Waqaf" ? it means helping others in the name Allah and giving for here after. How does a killer who bombe, hotels, schools, universities and markets would became the face mercy and goodwill. These people had destroyed everything, now they want to besmirch the good name of Islam? Our freinds in Koonfur Galbeed tell us the reason Roobow is elevated from prisoner to minister is to declare war on C/caziiz Laftagareen. It is a war. Now let us look the loser called Faqi. Kuwii maqasha loo diray ee ku fatlgroobay ayaa Geelii loo dirayaa. This guy has failed almost everything he touches. He left the federal parliament and went to Galmudug to became security minister. Instead he became the insecurity man who destablized Galmudug. He let Al-shbaab lose to Xeraale and other regions inhabited by the D...r community with deadly consequences.Then when fall out with Qoor Qoor, he got some weapons from Puntland to fight the terrorist group, but transferred to Ehlu Sunnah which allowed them to occupy Guriceel and other places. He did all that to stick to Qoor Qoor and Farmaajo. Now this loser is elevated to manage internal affaires of the nation. Others I could point out is Wasiir Tik Tok who Rooblaawe appointed defense minister will keep his portfolio. He refused to attend the April 12 commemoration because he feared they might stage a coup. Go figure. The deputy premier is a fellow named Saalax who was mentally unstable as I recall many years ago. For HSM and many soother politicians murder, killing or having bloody hands is nothing but an end that justifies the means. Qofkani dhiig buu daadiyey waxba la aha. Folks, while there are few good guys, this isn't a group who could move the country forward. KG is ready to defend, Hiiraan isn't willing to be the buffer zone for the Ethiopian and Egyptian adventure. Puntland is already out, and if HSM continues in this direction, he will definitely becoming the governor of Banaadir. Among these 77 cabinet members , the overwhelming majority belong to either the senate or parliament. It is like let us wash each others hands. This is how the Italian chamber in Rome works. HSM lied about UAE, lied about Egypt, and hided the Qat deal and so on. I don't know when we have to start the campaign to remove him. I guess we have to wait few more months, because it will only get worse. Sadly judging by the way the empire of chaos works, new maps and other schemes to change the horn of Africa had begun. Ethiopia will be dismantled. Even the ONLF leader had openly said . Guys Somalia isn't ready yet.
  18. It seems that the people Somali Galbeed are united in their opposition to the terrorist group. Young and old men and women had spoken with one voice. They proclaimed their rejection of the group that had killed thousands of Somalis and prevented a peaceful Somalia. (Al-Shaydaan waa kuwii Somalia halkaa dhigay, anagana nasoo geli maayaan) was the slogan of the people. Insurgency can't grow or survive if the local people reject it. Unlike Somalia where Al-shbaab sympatizers are every where from Hargeisa to Kismaayo, the people Somali Galbeed had refused. Cadaani Mooge, the press secratary of ONLF said that , "we trained the people to reject, Al-Ithihaad and other extremists during our struggle in order to sop derailing our mission". The Liyuu police usually were ruthless cowards that only target Somali civilians, yet under Mustafe Omar they have gained some respect. This Liyu force were not even thousands, yet a few hundred army with unified leadership and command has routed Al-shbaab from two fronts. The Somali army could take a page from this and should start the offense. With the backing of 20,000 Amisom troops, crushing and ousting Al-shbaab should be a cake walk. Yet, its all about the will power and believe you could defend your country with your own means. It was a good speech, except the constant cheers at the airport which must be discontinued.
  19. Abuker Arman is one of the few who could analyze geopolitical issues without favor. As he points out , the finger prints of UAE is all over the place.
  20. Che, The Moorayaan doesn’t know anything about security or salary. It is a naked fake that could be smelled from a mile away. They have either hire one of those N&N activists for a big bucks or go to school and learn few basic things. First , most NISA officers do not have military style ranks like “Dable or Saddex Xadhigle”. Very few of few of them have ranks like captain or major and these groups originate from the police force or military. NISA officers are classified as such: Technicians ( Xirfafleyaal) : This group are computer programmers, data organizers, camera operators and so on. These guys get paid close to $500–800 a month. Under cover : these are called Xuuraan or other names and are paid high dollars for their job. There are also intelligence analysis who have higher degree of post graduate and university level degrees. These guys are paid $1000 dollar or more. no one gets paid $100 or 150 within NISA . It is basic common sense that those who are involved in intelligence gathering or know state secrets must be compensated well. So, this Mooraayaan is throwing trash and another one is peddling as information . He should try and send these fake info to Caasimada and other’s. The truth is Ina Sallad had slashed the salary of the intelligence officers and probably cashed in knowing that he might not last at helms of NISA. Anyway, the best officers had either quit or left the country.
  21. Under HSM, between 2012-14 the national army led by Goobaanle was used to rob land and kill the Shabeelaha Hoose locals. These locals had break for the last five years and became in charge most of the major districts from Marka, Qoryooley and Baraaw. Now the Mooraayan are back and they just began by killing the mayor of Marka Cadeey. They are unhinged . most of us didn't understand, but some of the major reasons they opposed Farmaajo was he denied their monopoly to use the army for their interest. Laftagareen must stop these criminals before they destroy KG
  22. Don't mix the good people of Somaliland who have done a lot with the incompetent city government and ministers. Despite all that they care about their community and are trying to improve everyday. Cali Mareexaan , the former minister of public works even sold the office of the governor and all the big guest houses built by the British 60 years ago. It isn't anarchy, but the people have normalized these things just for survival.
  23. Oodweyne, I know you deflect everything for a man who is dead 30 years ago, but in Hargeisa of 1990, everyone knew who owned what. The city wasn't that big, and people in every Xaafad knew each other. The main problem is back them there were a lot of open spaces, public spaces, parks, playgrounds, bus stands and just open spaces no one owned, but belonged to the state. The boulevards were wide open. I remember walking to 1July high and there were open spaces between the school and other properties. As the state institutions collapsed, politicians bought the empty spaces and sold everything. When I went to Borama, I couldn't see the huge Djibouti bound bus stands where people congregated while waiting. Beertii Xoriyada became a garage, open parks were sold, open wide roads were occupied by make shift homes and shops until they blocked the street for good. The little yard IN front of your neighborhood where children kicked soccer were built. You leave your house and another one is in your face. Yet, the biggest problem of all is there is no courts or justice to adjudicate cases. Land dispute cases go on for 20 years. But the most corrupt people within the Somaliland government is the interior ministry. A former mayor told me that a third of the monthly budget were sent to the minister or he will depose you with another one of those 21 councilors who represent only their sub clans. I don't know about this case, but I can tell you that it isn't a Somali tradition to kill oneself because some one wronged or humiliated them. Traditionally, they get even and kill those who wronged them. It is easy to find out by checking small discrepancies. Anyway, Allah ha u naxariisto.
  24. I think it is Abiy using this to mobilize and gain the support of Amhara. The main issue is why Al-shbaab attack DDS now? The good news is general Odowa went to the border and met the Liyuu police leadership.