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  1. The only information I passed to you guys came from people surrounding Zaylici and his house. They might have changed the security guards or deployed more soldiers. We don't know the reason. Other than that, I mentioned the move Zaylici made which is probably calculated. How can you declare to run for the president and his chairmanship while the sitting president had more than two and half years to go? OOdweyne, you are the the delusional holding to false dreams. I am realist, and I can feel the burn in Hargeisa.
  2. UAE is losing in Libya. Mercenaries are airlifted from Sudan and Chad to help Hifter. The foreign militia wasn't facing any major opposition from the GNA until now. Now they are dying by dozens everyday from drones and airplanes from above. This week Warlord Hifter had declared himself the leader of Libya without the consent of even the Tabrouk based parliament which appointed him commander. Many regions in Libya rejected the coup. Some said, " why would we support a military dictatorship while we overthrew a rich and better leader like Khadaafi?. I think the Arab spring of 2011 is manifesting again in different manner this time around. Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya will be ruled by an elected people. France and Italy should forget about Stealing oil and making deals with despots.
  3. OO, the issue is not about coup but health issue. Some, like Hadhwanaag News are reporting that Muuse having some kind of medical episode.
  4. For the mayor of Mogadishu to declare the death of 500 people without any evidence is fishy or worst political plot. Is he trying to cash on the death of the people due to Covid 19 or others reasons to postpone the election. Even the information minister Maareeye is saying " Qofkii dhintaba waxa aan u qaadanaynaa in uu Coronavirus u dhintay". Cajiib.
  5. Folks, breaking news from Hargeisa. A large number of soldiers were dispatched to the house of vice president Zaylici tonight.
  6. Allah caafimaad ha siiyo. A lot is going on in Hargeisa these days. I will write my my scoop after Ramadaan unless things unfold so quickly. Vice president Zaylici came out from no where and declared to be running for the chairmanship of Kulmiye and president. This move from Zaylici could not happen without the blessing of Muuse Biixi. The east Burco boys became greedy and are pushing from many fronts, Hirsi Gaab from Wadani, Mohamed A Haashi through Boqor Buurmadow creating mini rebels from Ceel AF weyn and screening in the airwaves. On the other side West Burco folks believe this time the Hagbad is their turn and are restless since November 2017. The quarrel, jealousy and rivalry among the Habro is so great these days it is effecting the whole system and well being of the whole society in Somaliland. Even a friend of mine from Burco told me that the only way to save Somaliland now is to transfer the power from the Habro to other communities, especially after observing the five years old mess in Ceel Afweyn that refuses to end. As I said, this is not the right time for speculation and I should wait until the sky clears. It is either about the health of Muuse Biixi, or he is flowing the old advice of Mohamed I Cigaal which was to keep the power away from the eastern Somaliland outlaws and keep in the west. Besides, Zaylici, in his life, had not seen anything east of Laascaanood which might fit well among the inward looking attitude of the certain segments of Somaliland. Ramadaan Kariim to all.
  7. THis city, MOgadishu, had enough of hospitals, schools and everything else thanks to the aid given by Turkey, Qatar, USa and others. The so called police of Somalia is basically the Banadir police, because they operate in MOgadishu only. You might see the minister of health fighting with Banadir region hospitals because he has nothing else to run than the local hospital. It is one of the reasons Hassan Sheikh , Farmaajo and everyone else opposes the creation of regional Banadir administration. Haddi dawlada gobolka banadir la sameeyo, maxay maamuli dawlada federaalku?
  8. THe UN report mentioned above was commissioned during the regime of Hassan Sheikh. The minister who supervised the project was C/raxman Caynte.
  9. Disclosure first: I did not watch the video and didn't read most of what you guys wrote here. Why? easy. A somali region can not secede from Somali state. Same people, language, history and culture. Evertthing else is quarrel among brothers.
  10. Who knows, this Coronavirus could change a lot of things around the world including Somalia. THe curfew in Mogadishu could sideline the sleeper cells. I would even use intelligence gathering and unannounced raids in certain sections of the city. I heard the army is quietly pushing in JUbba area. Despite the virus, the army should be pushing to literate as many towns as possible. It might even come this summer.
  11. Suldaanka, You can call whatever name you like, but Somalia is one of the very few African countries paying the poor. If they pay people just before the Ramadan and another payment in late May, Somalia could join the few caring nations of Africa. Somali is giving welfare to the needy. Folks, that is huuuuuuge.
  12. Djibouti is a sad case of a despot surrounded by thieves and Khat addict ministers. A ten minute rainstorm would even flood heavily the upper side of town. With the city surrounded by the sea, it is easy to build few kilometers long pipes to drain the water. THe Italians built in 1950 in Mogadishu downtown.A little storm exposes the false African states which no one knows who they really serve. IMagine for 30 years Djibouti state could not build a bridge between Djibouti city and Balbala. They used to pave the road passing the dry creek and when the rain comes it washed again and again. A whole country can not build 40 meter bridge. Do not be fooled, Djibouti is a one city state with over two billion GDP. With hundreds of millions earned from foreign aid and rent from bases , they can easily afford hundreds of millions of capital infrastructure. The problem is the fat man Omar Ghelle doesn't believe investing in people and their infrastructure needs. Folks, here is how you measure Djibouti. He is basically a mayor of one town. 90% of the population lives in Djibouti city. As a mayor of Djibouti city with close to a billion dollar budget, he could create a modern city with wide streets, drainage, water for everyone and cheap city run electricity. Djibouti state works for 200 families of oligarchs who loot everything. If you open a successful business, the ruling family will demand shares or you will close. DO not be fooled about the port infrastructure which doesn't serve the people at all. Even 70%of the employees at the port were foreigners when I visited the container port in 2010.
  13. Che, Ninyahow I stand corrected. Not today, but probably ten years ago , I heard some of the high rises were from Budhcad Badeed money. Certainly Somalis have built a large legitimate business in Kenya and had thought the SAwahili the art of business which was dominated by Indians before 1991.
  14. The largest money in Eastleigh , Nairobi comes from " Budhcad badeed". If he is Budhcad badeed, He could be from uncle Faroole and Eyl zone. Good on him
  15. I bet this man is "Reer Bari" probably coastal Bari and Boosaaso. I have met many from that zone who are not dependent of government largese.
  16. You could be right. The virus case in Borama had recovered. I heard after 14 days the young man was out even playing soccer. So far only five cases in Somaliland.
  17. we might even have already herd immunity back home. Someone who was in Hargeisa in middle of February told me that he met people who left China in late January and he heard a lot of people suffering Wuhan Virus symptoms. He said he even heard people with pneumonia and high fever, and some has described it as the typical " Kaduudiye" decease. Some people might have already died without knowing the virus while others had recovered while assuming the disease was some strain of flu.
  18. THis os a big step. Pay the people what you can in these tough times. Somalis will remember this move. Let us see what regional enclaves do to alleviate hardship. Why not give the money they saved from government operations.
  19. Jay Bahadur trying to be irrelevant and make a buck in the Covid-19 era. This guy and many more will be out of work soon.
  20. It is all about testing. Less than a thousand test produced four positives in Ethiopia. if they test ten thousand a day , they might have close to 50 a day. A country with daily flights to makor Chinese towns should have thousands. Abiy declared curfew for six months and postponed the election indefinitely. It is an opportunity to rule without been elected.
  21. About 20 years ago I used to live in Dallas, Texas and the whole county of four million people had two public hospitals. The rest were all private. Unless you have private insurance you will never ever think of going hospital. You might go to clinic pay $50 dollar and get prescription by tou do not dare check yourself or do any blood work. Once I accompined a friend who dislocated shoulder while playing football. Went 9:AM and left 9Pm while the doctor talked to us just five minutes and wrapped the shoulder with some band aid. It was the worst experience. They discourage people to visit the public hospital. Now all these private hospitals treating sick people would not spend tens of thpousands of drugs to help recover the poor. If you are in America may God help you.
  22. OO, Now you understand the crimes the communist party of China committed. At the end we Somaslis and other Africans will be paying dearly for the actions these Chinese. When Ebola outbreak ended in 2016 less than 12,000 people had died. America and CDC had trained thousands of healthcare workers in Africa. In America one single African immigrant died in Dallas while two nurses recovered, yet Obama lost the midterm election due to the propaganda fear waged by FOX news and others. Here we have a Chinese virus that will kill hundreds of thousands throughout the world and the Communist Party of China (CCP) is not paying any price. A very small virus outbreak in Wuhan which could have been prevented easily while patient zero was trackable became a worldwide pandemic thanks to Chinese government. The corrupt WHO even suggested in January that the virus can not be transmitted from human to human. We have some idea how to sideline China. It all depends how the west treats and deals with Africa. THey can invest and trade with the African continent which has young and vibrant work force, but if they want to continue the same old and failed policy of peddling aid and probling up despots, China will take over Africa. BY the way, the Chinese are not interested at the moment to rule the world, but want to grab as much money as possible. The corrupt America media is covering up the Chinese crimes of the century.
  23. our best hope is vaccine might be developed in the fall around October. UN report says the virus could kill 3.3 million people in Africa. The Germans are propably hospitalizing people early rather than wait until the birus weakens the immune system. In America people are sent home while feeling sick and only brought back when they could not breath and needed ventilation. 75% of those put on the ventilation do make it. In York State they have about 3000 people in ICU , and 20% of them are dead every day.