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  1. Cargo business is could be lucrative without going to Dubai. The Emerites, do not produce goods or have factories. Logistics and Cargo companies could take freight from Berbera port directly to South Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda. THere is an opportunity. That is true and sad. At least in Somaliland, both under Ahmed Siilaanyo and Muuse Biixi cabinet, all ministers are people who pray five times a day. You will not find any minister drinking Alcohol in Hargeisa. It is no no. Sheikh Aadan Seero or other Imams will use their Jumma Qutbah and there is no where to hide. There were some drinking governors during Ahmed Siilaanyo regime, but Muuse eliminated them all. In fact, While Muuse Biixi is greedy in terms money, he is very strit on vices like alcohol. The last governor of Awdal used to drink and the local Imams cried faul and he was replaced very quickly.
  2. To be fair , I didn't read the debate about development in the last page between you and Baala Xoofto. I was just reacting on what signor Tallaabo said about Qat and others. On the issue of Alcohol Majlis, It is hard to say . One thing I can atteat is that the new generation of Somali refugees coming in trhe west these days do not chew Qat that much whether they are from north or south. AS we all know, the country became very conservative in terms religeon. Certainly they chew Qat in Mogadishu, KIsmaayo and other places in the south just like in the north. The biggest deference is in the north the elite chew Qat regualrly and its a national past time. They use big villas and luxury style setting with everyone having his own thermos of tea , water, posh pillows and so forth. I don't blame them. There are no local sports teams to watch, parks to walk or any other actvity to do. Even office work is between 8:00 Am to !2:00 and then what? Go to the hotels sit there , pray Duhur and rece back to the Majlis. How about the TV in the evenining for families to watch? nothing , but news and tasteless broadcast. There is nothing but politics and clan debate. There is no imagination or creativity anymore. Hargeisa used to be the capital of Somali folklore, playwrights and entertainment. It is all dead thanks to Muuse and company. For Qat to disapear, there should be something else for people to replace, like long hours of work, home entertainment, and parks to relax.
  3. IF they are holding elections, the Guurti election should be the first one since they are unaccoutable to no body. THey extended 5 years for vthemselves and two for Muuse. Saleebaan Gaal: Waar maxaynu yeelaa muran baa jiree? Guurti: Muuse muxuu ku yidhi? MuuseL : Khater baan geleynaaye hadaan la ii kordhin? SG: OO adna laba sano ayaad rabtaa anagana Guurtidu doorasho ha gasho ayaad leedahay. Muuse: Bal Saleebaanow ka waran hadaad 2 sano oo aniga iyo 5 guurti ah ka dhigto? SG: Warkaas ayaa i gala. Che, during Rayaale there were disputes about the commission and voter list.And Ahmed Siilaanyo said he wasn't coming back so, both Cirro and Muuse agreed since he was vacating the place. Talk about democracy is useless.. It looks Muuse will take his 7 years and leave the arena, that is the only thing acceptable to the opposition. I would sujjest change the useless Dastuur and make it one single term of 6 years just like MExico and some other places where the leader refuses to leave. The big deference is in Somaliland leaders refuse to hold elections.
  4. I agree. The people of Hiiraan had already sacrifised a lot, yet there is no intelligence about the movements of the Khawaariij. The two truck bombing that took place in early this year in Beledweyne had happened last week almost with the same route and plot with devestation results. Furthermore, I haven't seen any American led defeat of Khawaariij insurgency other than ISIS which was mostly the sacrifises of the Iraqi people. You need command and control from the army , continued logistical support and also control of the war narrative. This Al-shbaab people had emersed among the elders and others.
  5. Qatt consumption is mainly a Somaliland/Djibout problem , espeially in diaspora. There are few southerners here and there. Here in my town, in North America, both the Djiboutian community and those fro Somaliland have their own exclusive Majilises just for Qat session. Those from Togdheer and Awdal, especially middle aged guys, consume the most. I haven't seen any respectable Southern Somali eating Qat. Thoe who eat mostly live at the inthe edges of society, while even proffessional Somalilanders eat Qat weekends regularly. The good news is almost all the new young generation of Landers do not eat Qat.
  6. Hiiraan is on a roll. If they clear the Khawaariij from Hiiraan , the sky is the limit. Ahmed Madoobe hasn't lifted a finger yet, and Qoor Qoor is waiting the results of Hiiraan. The biggest concern is no one knows who is in charge in Hiiraan. The there is a confusion between the army, the tribal militia and people with no known titles like Sanbloolshe. Furthermore, where is the minister of national security. You can't allow the local tribes to lead without supervision.
  7. Baalo X, I welcome this. Let them get arms and defend their farms from the ugly Faradheer who looted them.
  8. Xaaji I support the opposition not only fir the sake of change, but for the rule of law to survive. They were the opposition during Ahmed Siilaanyo and waited five years to contest this one. Now without any debate they extended foe two years. That is clear power grab. Rayaale had extensions, but all were due to logistical issue of registration and commissions issue. Siilaanyo was due to drought and was accepted by the opposition. One year would have been logical, but two years is power grab. I have other reasons, but I know you would accuse Wadani as pro union. .
  9. The danger of this war is unkown. Defeat isn't un option for Putin. If he loses the war, he will be deposed and will lose power in Russia, and that is very serious for his survival. As mentioned , he could use low yield nukes. When he met XI of China in Samarkhand, Uzebekistan, reports indicate that he was asked to conclude the war as quickly as possible. Yet, I do believe before the nukes he will destroy the electric grid and more infrastructure of Ukraine.
  10. In Somaliland, after 30 years , everything reverted to clan hegemony. They used to call tribal democracy ( Dimoqraadiyada Beelaysan). Every clan and sub clan approached the party leader asked for him to run for that said party. If the sub clan couldn't get a slot for their son ( women do not need to apply since the clan is rapresented and there is no one single woman in parliament), they will seek the permission of another one. After the election is concluded, if the sub clan wins the seat, the member of parliament serves the clan and votes for those who paid him or the clans he favors. Not to his party. That is the rule. Members of parliament do not vote for their parties or party lines they represent. In other words, the political party was just a symbol used to reach the parliament. At the moment, the Somaliland opposition parties control the majority of the seats or 62% of the current seats. Yet, they can't frame the agenda of Somaliland, the election time table, the yearly budget or the future debate of elections. Members of UCID and Wadani who belong to the sub clans of Muuse Biixi had consistently voted against their own party in favor of Biixi. For the last 12 years not one single iten of the budget was refused or modified at the behest of the parliament. IN fact, they are inactive for the whole five-year term except when the dear leader wants them to pass his preferred item. The dysfunction of the system is clear for everyone to see. When disputes arise, usually they call the clans or elders to mediate, when people are arrested by a minister, a police captain, governor or even a mayor without a warrant or court, the elders and clans interdict between the clan and the president. THey beg the dear leader and ask him to let go their son since the arrested fellow is his maternal nefew of the president (Madaxweyne wiilka abti baad u tahaye siidaa ). When there is constitutional disputes or arguments the parliament who has powers couldn't legislate a resolution. THe so-called supreme court is a one-man jury appointed by the dear leader after his election while dismissing the old one. There is no deliberation or debate. Last month I read the verdict of the Kenyan Supreme court on the challenge of election results by the losing candidate Raila Odinga, and I was amazed how they were well versed to the law, responsible and logical. Even the language they used was the highest caliber. When they were ruling about the resignation of the four members of the election commission just hours before the result were announced, the court said, " You cannot disqualify the votes casted by millions of Kenyans due to the the last minute actions of the commission , rather it is the reflections of the dysfunctions of the commission not the people of Kenya". The parliament is the highest body in terms of legislating the time of the election, yet usually, the election commission who is a technical body decides when the election will be held. Muuse Biixi insists that he is not the who decides when the election is held. He supposed to prepare the election during the time line. THe commission said they will be able to the election in 9 months which could be the next summer. Yet this unelected clan body called Guurti rejected the will of the clan elected parliament, the suggestions of the election commission and decided without futher debate to extend two more years for the term of Ina Biixi. The Somaliland law is very clear on the issue of government extension. It can only be extended due to war, drought or natural calamity. None of that is the case, yet it took them just one signle dayand siad, " we extended for two years for our Gole and that of the president". It is illegal and it must be rejected. This unelected Guurti who are sitting in that chamber for 30 years must be abolished and disbanded. How long it takes in a peaceful region to register voters? probably 90 days. What most people don't understand is that the Borama Conefernce of 1993 was to save the communities from anarchy and more civil war due to the actions of the current leaders Ina Biixi and Ina Kaahin among the warring members . They were members of SNM warlords who ravaged from Burco to Berbera and Hargeisa. How can these outlaws who were marginalized by Cigaal, Rayaale and even Ahmed Siilaanyo got to power. Peole will tell you that since Hersi Gaab was elected leader of WAdani in support of candidate Cirro, Muuse and company had lost their head. THis move by Hirsi has changed the 30 years old staus quo which ally's certain clans to be alliances against the other. The city of Burco is divided along clan lines since 1991, and the east want joins forces those from Hargeisa west. Suddenly this tribal alliance had cracked and some east Burco decided to join the opposition, and that is dangerous for those who want to hold power while dividing clans. That was the main reason the war in Ceel Afweyn lasted for five years with no resolution. WE the people of Somaliland want the 4.5 system. It is the only real clan-based system that can operate in this clan-based environment. No one would accept a one-party system in Somaliland. The corrupt kulmiye would be ruling 14 years thanks to the illegal Guurti extension, and if the field is fragmented as planned , he want to win another five. THat is 21 years just like the Kacaankii October. The Kacaanka Barakaysan built a nation, secured the border, provided free education and clean water. This group of leaders who were corrupt in the eighties are greedy now and own millions worth of land and assets while Jaale Siyaad died broke with zero money in the bank. THis power grab by Biixi must be rejected by the people of Somaliland. The second move should be to abolish both Guurti and the parliament and elect members through 4.5 system which is fairer and more honest than this fake political parties sitting in the parliament. It is a sad situation that after 30 years, the whole debate was reduced to clans voting and elders deciding the outcome. Yet, people will tell you that deep clan attachment was there in the north than anywhere else in Somalia. People will tell you that even in 1960 days before the British left, the 33 elected members of parliament were divided along clan lines before they even reached Mogadishu. Like incompetent manager, you can go as far as your incompetence allows you , but the laws of the nature will finally catch you up. A friend of mine wo was a member of WAdani party years ago told me in 2019 that Muuse Biixi is copying and modelling the Somaliland system to that of OMar Gheele of Djibouti and want to rule 20 years. I told him that Somaliland isn't Djibouti and if the opposition are not accommodated to take their turn this fake democracy will explode. It is the nature of multi party political system to let the opposition breath and take their turns ( Mucaaradka hadaan albaabka laga furin burbur baa xiga). Furthermore, the so called international community that travels from Hargeisa to Nairobi every other month must reject this power grab. You are partially responsible since you finance these elections and guide the system. You will bear some of the responsibility if you don't stop stop this illegal action. Furthermore, these two colonels were always incompetent even in the early days of nineteen eighties. Ina Kaahin was promoted so quickly within few years he went from captain to colonel. He was personal informant for general Salxaan in Hargeisa enjoying big perks and comfotable life as the close asscociate of Salxaan like many northern officers who relocated to Hargeisa. And went the later was transfered, the new general told him that his services were no longer needed and was transferred to Mogadishu. Since he couldn't get his cushy job of Hargeisa where the Qat sessions were unlimited, he felt homeless and disgruntled. Like spoiled boy he got mad and crossed to Ethiopia. It might seem so strange for many of you guys, but in those days, if you feel slanted or certain commander or boss wrongs, joining the Mengistu inspired rebels was the easy way out. Let me tell you this brief story about a rich businessman who used to travel out of the county for business. After few trips , he found out that his wife has been unfaithful with a government connected guy. Rather than divorce the lady or remedy the situation, he crossed to Ethiopia and claimed his wife was taken by another man. Most of These rebels were disgruntled , angry and short fused Somalis who went from one minor problem to major disaster. In fact, those that were wronged are not with us any longer might Allah have a mercy on them, but and they were small in numbers. I don't want to be sidetracked by unrelated issue, but these men were the reasons many people died. Why we have to deal these warlords in 2022. No one in Puntland of south Somalia will appreciate the return of old washed-up former rebels. THe people must insist on the election within 6 months and until that takes place must be opposed by this new gang who want to rule for another 7 years or more.
  11. Finally, I met someone who knows one or two things about the moves of president Hassan Sheikh Mohamuud (HSM). His weak cabinet, frequent flyer trips, regional foreign policy dynamics and most of all his declared war on Al-shabaab. This week I have met a member of federal parliament from Puntland (elected Sool) region and had extensive chat while having lunch in a private and quite restaurant. I had a lot of questions and he had answered most of my questions, although I never reached the bottom of some issues due to the presence of a third party who kept asking about Farmaajo. Certainly, he wasn't a fan of Farmaajo, and he considered the N&N leader as someone who was out of touch , surrounded by late teenage boys who have zero experience about Somalia. Anyway, let us cut to the chase. Galbeedi: How is this war against Al-shabaab is going in Hiiraan and Galmudug? Member of Somali Parliament: It is early to predict, but this is the last option for the whole country. There are no other options left. GalbeediL What do you mean the last option? MSP: it is either do or die. The country was facing a slow death for a decade now. 500 to a thousand died in October of 2017 bombing, people are shot daily and no one cares, it is just numbers. Almost everyone believes that if Somalia fails this war, the country will be taken over by Al-shbaab or might not survive anymore. Galbeedi: So, all hopes are upon HSM? MSP: Yes. No one cares about the composition of the cabinet, which clan got what or any other issues anymore. Even despite certain disagreements, all regional governments are on board of this war. Either the country takes this war seriously or else. We couldn't go anymore lower than this. HSM has to come victorious in this war for the future of Somalia. Rather than Somalis dying slowly and being abused, it is better to die and liberated, that is what happening in Hiiraan today, People said enough is enough. Galbeedi: How about clans being armed by the state? some people believe that arming locals will lead to clans taking matters in their own hand or challenging the state later with road blocks other means of extorsion. MSP: The idea that Somali clans lack weapons is false. Despite the regional governments, Somali clans have arms. In fact, I should say that Somalia is one of the most armed nations in the world. What they need is guidence, strtegy and purposeThere is no bigger danger than Al-shbaab today in Somalia. They are becoming more dangerous as times goes. Hotels, business people and others used to pay taxes and other levies after signing agreements with Al-shbaab. The code word was , " you pay and you will be left alone", but now the demands are getting worse. They are demanding the hotels not to host anyone connected with the government, and that was one of the main reasons they attacked Al-Hayat hotel. When the business people say they have business transactions with the government, they are killed. They infiltrated hotel employees and every other business. No one is safe. Galbeedi: So, are the business community serious about facing Al-shabaab finally? MSP: The business people got richer than ever before , especially certain groups, and they probably want to enjoy their money without a fear in their own country. Also, Al-shbaab is increasing their demands and the killing of the business people had oncreased lately. Galbeedi: Tell me about these no stop foreign trips of HSM . In most cases, there are no cabinet members like the foreign minister or other cabinet members related to their Ministery. MSP: When he was elected he called the parliament for dinner and he told us nothing but his war against Al-shbaab. He said , " we are going to fight and eliminate Al-shbaab and we are in hurry ( Dagaal baan Al-shbaab la galaynaa, waana degdegsanahay oo dhaqso ayaan hawshaa u galayaa". Then he begun his foreign trips. He visited almost ten countries and the message was the same: I will be fighting and clearing Al-shbaab, how could you help us? . Most of these meetings were in a secret and very few people know it. If some of these states offer some help and demand something in exchange he was willing to offer and signed it. No one knows, but thre whole trips are about the war. GAlbeedi: So, HSM got this mission of eliminating Al-shbaab and doesn't care if he steps someone's toes? MSP: Exactly. No one cares about the composition of the cabinet, which clan got what or any other issues anymore. Even despite certain disagreements, all regional governments are on board of this war. He knows this his last chance for him and the country. If he wins this war, Somalis could give him another ten years. Also, as this is his second chance, he doesn't worry about elders or others barking. Galbeedi: Al-shbaab isn't a group of nomads who showed up one day to create hell on earth in Somalia. How about those who have clandestine hands on this? MSP: Regardless of the original intent to wreak havoc in Somalia through these movements, due to changes in the region and the world, that chapter could be closed , or I should say that HSM has convinced the international community that it is either now or never. Galbeedi: How you see the foreign trips of president HSM at the regional level. MSP: in some of his trips , he mended fences both with Djibouti and Kenya which are very important neighbors, while also deciding his own destiny in terms of his trip to Egypt and Ethiopia. Also, unlike Farmaajo, he showed that he doesn't need no one's permission to visit the countries where the interest of the nation lies. Farmaajo had made huge mistake in terms of Kenya. Few mouths ago, I was praying one of the largest Masjids in Nairobi, and a collogue of mine pointed out a couple of hundred men and said, " Do you see those young men in their forties? most of them are multi-millionaires,". In fact, in terms of wealth today, Somalis are only second to the Kikuya community. Kenys is today a nation where Somalis have a huge foot print and we do not need to be their enemies. Galbeedi: Do you have any news about his current trip to Ethiopia? MSP: I heard that HSM has a serious meeting with Abiy Ahmed. He told him that since Ethiopia manufactures armored cars and other weapons they should ship and sell to Somalia. HSM told him that we will pay the money, if not today but in the future. Galbeedi: It seems the west had embraced HSM. Did has their support during the last election? MSP: No. HSM was supported by USA and others during the election of 2012. In fact, in 2012, four months before the election, former secretary of the state convened a meeting in Nairobi with Shriif Sakeen, Shariif Ahmed and others, and told them streight that, " They vacate the place for the next government". Later Shariiif Ahmed complained openly saying they should not be interfering in our affaires. In this election HSM was either number three or fourth. Or I should say " Waa nin Nasiib Badan". When he visited America, he invited to explore the oil resources and signed a strategic partnership with America. Some of his demands were the the territorial unity of Somalia and the USA had accepted his position which he stated openly for others to hear, Galbeedi: Talking about the election of 2022. According to my sources, some people believe that the man who lost the last election was not Farmaajo, but C/laahi Deni. Do you believe that sentiment. MSP: Yes. No one prepared in that election more than Deni. The main strategy was to be in the final round. Everyone knew that whoever reached the final would beat Farmaajo. He had the guarantee of at Least a hundred members before he left from Garoowe. In former elections the region ( Puntland) mattered a lot and people stick together for win or lose, but things are changing throughout the country. Many heavy weight politicians came to Garoowe to fish and make deals, especially former premier Khyre who convinced a group of Aaran Jaan (The children of hell based in Garoowe) to support him while offering the premiership, also, HSM, Shariif and others might have taken some of the votes away. I have no doubt that Deni had 100 secure and even engaged up to 180 people. Galbeedi: Lame duck Deni is looking an extension of one year, Dayaano family in Boosaaso object any moves by Deni, and Faroolle and his base (the children of hell) will claim this to be their term. Does that mean a serious issues of conflict in Puntland. MSP: It all depends how the Deni acts and manages his moves. He could convince his Reer Bari base to help him against his rivals. Also, this extension thing is a fever going throughout the country. Since Ahmed Madobe did everyone want to go five instead of four. Galbeedi: Finally, what is the state of Somalia in this juncture? MSP: Anything bad that supposed to happen in Somalia had happened, we have reached the lowest point in terms bombing, taregeted killing and chaos. Yet, the Somali people, especially the private sector has reached unprecedented achievements and know, and if the country settles for once the sky is the limit. There is a malaise in the country both regionally and in Mogadishu, it if your ear is hurting your whole condition will be unstable . It seems everyone is looking a way out of this mess. Finally in the south, it is now or never. We either win this war or we are doomed. Folks that was the main points. There were other serious issues, but I rather not broadcast hare to the public. I am of the school that Al-shbaab was deployed in directly by others. If you remember in the early nineties, both regional governments and certain international community members objected peaceful Islamic oriented parties to come to power whether they were in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt or Yemen. They used military coups or despots to prevent these froups. Finally, A Gulf sponsored Wahabi and anti democratic movement showed up most of these counytries , especially in Somalia to prevent elections and peaceful change. Also, almost all of the current leaders of Somalia were members of these movements. Some were extremists, others like Ina Cabdishakuur were just using the religeous card to get to power. This war was between thhese groups and some of them now became close freinds of America. I hope those who used these groups for chaos had finally decided to close that shop. We hope. He minimized the Puntland power cake which is boiling due to many factors. Imagine these fools in Puntland are talking about elections after 25 years of inactivity. At least, I can understand why C/laahi Deni spent three years neglecting elections and rule of law in Puntland, because he thought curing the Mogadishu quagmire was the overidding issue in Somalia and Puntland is just a minor player. Now, he cannot fix and revisit what he failed to do three years ago. The armed wing of Reer Bari is waiting and the Faroole children of Hell who had stabbed C/laahi Deni from the back are going nowhere. I forgot to ask him about premier Hamza Barre. Will do next time. The only think I would say about him is that he is working behind the scene and doesn't like the limrlight or publicity. Anyway, we don't much about his abilities yey. Let us wait few more months. And finally, Somaliland might go to 4.5 system and abolish political parties. This is huge. I have to write more later.
  12. Allah ha u naxariisto Ehelkiina Samir Iyo Iimaan. We remember our fallen heroes.
  13. That is an ugly and misleading headline. She never said " Zinada In la fasaxo ayaan rabba". Of course " Xeerka Jinsiga" is bad and shouldn't be allowed in Somalia. This is a campaign pushed by certain NGO's. In Mogadishu, few members of parliament are pushing this, but in Somaliland the government pushed and tried to pass in the parliament. Sacdiya was talking about the rape of young girls and some issues about womens right, but she doesn't understand the behind the scene campaign of this issue. Can't Baalo Xoofto and company bring things in a reasonable way for others to understand instead of misleading people just to score points.
  14. On another angle, billions of Covid 19 aid has been stolen by thousands of comapnies, corporations and others. In Ontario, Canada golf courses in rich country clubs took advatage of the government wage sussidies to the tune of almost a million dollar. $280 billion have been dsistributed and most of it was taken by companies while cooking books. The Somali nomands had probably stolen pennies compared to others, but being greedy and illeterate, they couldn;t work the system . They are not sophisticated like many Americans . Also, Somalis are getting access of the system many American corporations have sucked for years whether it is the weapons insustry, farmers of poor southern states. Some big boys might not like Somalis entering both the politics and government pork barrel. One other note, while I was fuming and bad mouthing these corrupt Somalis, my sons was mad about the exclusive targeting of Somalis. He was saying " if 40 members of the FBI decend on any community whether they are Italian, Indian or Irish, they would certainly find dirty laundry " . Why they keep taegeting us in their security traps or other none news worthy issues, he said. It is a question being asked. Why target only Somalis while tens of billions were stolen in America.
  15. Congratulations for the people of Hiiraan. This effort must be sustained. Sucessful war is about logistics and keeping the momentum.
  16. Time will tell. Al Shabaab rules by intimidiation. A couple of guys with AK 47 could come a village or a settlement and abuse thhem because they have guns, If locals are armed Al-shabaab can't move feely among the rural people. I think this strategy is a good one. If the Hiiraan and Galgaduud area clans rise up with the help of the national army, a good result could be achived. Insurgency can't survive within a hostile population. Criminal Cali Dheere is desperate. They are even bombing water wells. Kacdoon shacab oo Al-shbaab ka dhan ah ayaa loo baahan yahay.
  17. This is a good move. Al-shbaab or any insurgency can't survive without the support or intinidation of the locals. Cabsigelin iyo Taageero Beeleed qarsoon waa labada sobobood ee Al-shbaab uga jirto koonfurta. If locals are empowered to resist with help of SNA a good result could be achieved. In Iraq, the Americans had created what they called the " Sons Of Iraq" to defeat Al Qeada by arming local clans from Anbar and other Sunni dominated provances which was very successful. The only issue that HSM government should be very careful is register or make flow up to the small arms given to clans who might use to settle scores or use in nafarious ways for the future.
  18. The secret to loot was passed among clans. Lacagta tuugada waa in beeshu isku sheegtaa. THere are a lot of sjy scarapprs going up in Jigjiga lately thanks to the fraud among a group of people led by probably Mr. Khadar Jigre. None of the so called meals reached those who need. Imagine a nation of thieves. Musuq Maasuq Soomali waa meheradeedi. WE want them presecuted according to law. I can assure 99% of them are greedy D block and HAG anarchists. The two evil clans that destroyed Somalia.
  19. The NGO that financed was there too, it seems. I want to know how much is wasted. Do you where is that?
  20. Ah, fursaduhu badanaa. The old empire of rags, Ethiopia, must die. If I were Mustafe Cagjar, I would recruit 25,000 Liyu force and control the Somali borders and prepare for the new maps of Ethiopia. Just declare that the current system of the guy sitting in Menelik palace is unsustainable, and demand a new arrangement. If the Mogadishu quagmire ends, we could even annex Somali Galbeed. Koox baa lahayd waan go'aynaa, anaguna waxaan rabnaa Soomali Galbeed in aan la soo noqono. Aduun waa kala maan. THe Amhara are unable to fight the landlocked TPLF, and today somewhere I read that their, " only hope is for Eritrea to save them' from the so called Wayaane. These Amhara want others to die for them. No way.
  21. Che, people are divided by clan lines. The so called parties are just a name only. They don't vote or join their parties , but their clans . Even those starving wouldn't dare to go against their clan party to protest and demand changes.. Furthermore, the ruling class go beyond logic to make the contest as much tribal as possible. When they arrest people, they make sure those arrested belong to the the wrong tribe including the women. Only Abdi Iley and Muuse Biixi are the only people who arrest Somali women and keep them in jail for weeks and moths just because they disagreed with him. Regardless of the election the clan thing is irreversible. No one from Goljano or Jigjiga yar would dare to go to the other side of the river. The soldiers seem to be agitating for blood especially when they confront the opposition, and they don't mind running over women with their jeeps. couple of hundred people protest and 100 are wounded and six are dead, what that tells you. These are exactly like the Liyu police of Abdi Iley.
  22. Abiy Ahmed administration has barred their chest. The information minister of Ethiopia called the citizens to take arms to defend Ethiopia. He said, " Our historical enemies" had joined the war. by that he means Somalia. He didn't say HSM regime, he didn't accuse the current leadership. He openly said our historical enemies. I was one of those who believed the Oromo brotherhood and historical connections, but wise and knowledgeable people said the Amhara highlander was always hiding behind the Oromo. A well known former Somali general said" Humburo Libaax bay soo sida" which means the shark is behind the Dolphins. In this war it seems the TPLF is trying to recover the land within their borders like Rayo and Walaqat, and no Somali should die defending the filthy genocidal Amhara.
  23. For the last 100 days, we all have been watching president Hassan Sheikh in action or missing in action for certain serious matters. For those who oppose him, almost everything he had touched resulted in disaster, while others see a mixed bag of good and bad moves. During his term as the leading opposition to Farmaajo regime, HSM was not only unhinged, but immersed himself to respond on every move Farmaajo and company did. Presidents or those who were in power before should always measure their statements for they could find themselves in the same situation. The YouTube archives are full of his current and former statements contradicting each other on every major issue. Many supporters of the former regime seem to be delighted about the political stumbles and the contradictions of HSM. Within 100 days, a major war had exploded between Al-shabaab and Ethiopia, a well known Mogadishu hotel was bombed and stormed by the terrorists while no one has confirmed even the death of the men who entered the hotel. Emergency efforts to engage the terrorists and save the civilians took almost over two hours. Ethiopian military leaders had landed in Garoowe, Baidoa and Hiiraan without consulting the national government. Targeted killings and assassinations are back not only in Mogadish, but other southern towns like Marka and Baidoa. Although targeted killings and hotel bombings were reduced in major ways during Farmaajo government, in scheme of things in Mogadishu, these insecurities are expected to happen regardless of which government is in power, because, the principle causes of these insecurities still exist . Fahad Yassin had deployed many under cover officer in the streets to reduce hit and run targeted killings, but their base, safe houses and operations including tax collections and capacity is intact, as always during Farmaajo years and now. In this article my focus is not about Mogadishu or the stumbles of Hassan Sheikh, but how we the outsiders who comment and analyze the moves of the president and the prime minister. We are all jumping up and down about what we perceive to be the wrong political moves or other pronouncements of the regime, especially in regard to the neighboring countries like Ethiopia and Kenya.. Other than motion pictures and few statements from the government and others, we don't have any real grasp of what are the foreign policies of the HSM''s regime or what was discussed with foreign leaders. In this country, and even around the world today, major things are done behind the scene. Furthermore, elected leaders like the president has the privilege of conducting their own foreign policy without the interference of the public or others. Many of us, including me, are blindsided by our regional biases, our loyalties to the last regime or our antipathy of the current president and those he surrounded himself with. Many had already concluded HSM as nothing but a corrupt oligarch using his office to enrich himself and his backers, while others consider Farmaajo as saint who is infallible just like the Ayatullahs of Iran. Yet, the logic and the truth are in the grey area which is difficult to measure if you have'nt already made your mind. Personally, sometimes I try to measure things and evaluate my positions. In fact, the biggest beef I and many others have with president HSM is his foreigner policy. We thought His trip to Egypt and involvement of the Nile river quarrel was unnecessary and reckless. A neutral foreign policy or zero problems with neighbors would be the right approach , so we thought, But, despite what we see or think, leaders have more in depth information and political goals that is sometimes difficult to understand with the naked eye. in other words, HSM is aware like most of us about these Nile river conflicts or the geopolitical issues of the region. His trip to Egypt and other places are calculated political strategy that differ from the Farmaajo administration. While the Farmaajo and Abiy Ahmed relationship eliminated the Addis Ababa Hajj for many regional leaders, it didn't help much to defeat Al-shbaab or enhance national security. HSM might have seen a different Ethiopia than the one Farmaajo courted four or five years ago. The Ethiopia of 2022/2023 is totally different than the Ethiopia of 2018. The country has been weakened by real civil. The real civil war we had in Somalia was from 1988-1994. After that period, what we had was nothing but tribal greed, petrol dollar fueled Islamic movements, foreign meddling and disfunction. In Ethiopia, hundreds of civilians are killed by ethnic militia almost daily. Unarmed civilians are killed within towns, roadways and villages, some even burned alive. The federal government doesn't have any power to intervene or bring peace to the locals. Abiy Ahmed had failed in almost everything he touches. He could not win wars to the end, and couldn't bring peace to end the war. At the moment he is toothless tiger. And don't even try to read their blogs where genocide and exterminations are pronounced openly. If the president of the republic decides to change the policy of the former government, he has every right to do so. We should know that elections have consequences . Being a leader means making tough decisions and owning the responsibilities. HSM had decided to have strong relationships with many nations that Ethiopia might dislike for their own reasons. That doesn't mean he hates Abiy or doesn't desire good relationship with Ethiopia. While we might disagree with him , we shouldn't condone or welcome the disastrous moves of regional leaders to make the Hajj to Addis. Laftagareen have every right to fear and prevent the land grabbing policies of HAG politicians in Lower Shabbelle, but he shouldn't undermine the foreign policy of the national government. He should be condemned as such. When Al-shbaab attacked Ethiopia few weeks , we were all shocked. No one could exactly pin point the main reasons of this attack. I thought it was a campaign to undermine Abiy or move the extremists from JUbbaland to Ethiopia proper. Others had pointed to different directions. Yet, one of the most intriguing issue about that border was the way Al-shbaab commanders forsaken those young Somali kids to the slaughter house. Don't get me wrong those foot soldiers have only themselves to blame for their adventures of joining a murderous movement, but the majority of these are poor country side kids looking a meal and a shelter. As soon as they reached the Ethiopian side of the base , the commanders have burned all the trucks that brought the foot soldiers including the motorbikes during the night. When the war concluded, the foot soldiers were unable to even evacuate their wounded comrades. They were either dead or captured. The intension was to push them inside without even viable logistics. If you ask the criminal leaders of Al-shbaab, they would quote Tariq Bin Zayd who burned his boats while conquering Andalusia. There is nothing to compare here with Tariq Zayd, other than make a headline for their Ethiopian incursion. Prime minister Hamza Barre called those young men who stormed AlHayat hotel as the childeren of "{ Jahanaba) hell, but I would rather focus on the crime bosses who lead these kids. Some are even promoted as ministers while those they used as foot soldiers used as firewood. What I am getting is that we have no real intelligence to evaluate or have access for internal government deliberations, as such , those who have the responsibility to govern must make their call for better or worse. Thus HSM must be given the opportunity to flow his designs. If he thinks joining the western led group of Kenya, Egypt and others, so be it. If he thinks Abiy Ahmed led Ethiopia is a corrupt and outdated fake dictatorship that should be avoided , he has every right. Besides, the ugly Amhara will not stop until they are crushed for good, and if HSM thinks to avoid that ugly quarrel , we should support him. Finally, I have come to the conclusion that we can't pick and choose the foreign policies of the national government, and we can't condone the ugly moves of the regional leaders to cozy up with the military leaders of the dying empire that can't even defeat a landlocked TPLF. Ethiopia doesn't have any capacity to threaten Somalia today. During the border war, most of the fighting was between Somalis ( Al-shbaab and Liyu police ). And one more thing. Mustafe Cagjar should stop worrying about the highlander wars in Ethiopia and must seal his region from the Oromo and Afar. He should stop sending soldiers to north and defend his own region. As our friend Khadaafi used to say, let the empire destroy itself and free our people.