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  1. NATO sates should know that Arab gulf despots do not have long term strategy or even a lasting interest. THey will come and go. At the moment, their main strategy to prevent democratic elections in the Arab which will be a losing strategy in the long run. At at one time the Saudis supports the Houthis of Yemen to prevent the Islah party to take power in Yemen, and they are bombing the Houthis . The UAE is carving out a South Yemen state and had abandoned fighting against the Houthis. NATO should not allow Russia at the southern flank of NATO or in the eastern Mediterranean. A pro NATo and pro Turkish state in LIbya is the interest of the whole region. In Africa, the remaining despot of the continent at the moment is C/faraah Sisi of Egypt and his time will com God willing.
  2. NATO position on Libya consistent, says alliance chief President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg have discussed on the phone the recent developments in Libya and Syria as the latter reiterated the alliance continued to support to the internationally-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), which is under attack by General Khalifa Haftar’s forces. A written statement issued by the Communication Directorate late May 14 also said that the two leaders talked about the ongoing fight against the coronavirus and solidarity between the allied nations. In a separate press release, Stoltenberg praised Turkey for helping NATO allies and partners with medical equipment over the past months to help combat the virus. “In these challenging times, it remains more important than ever to demonstrate allied solidarity,” Stoltenberg told Erdoğan, according to the statement. Turkey sent medical equipment to a number of NATO countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and other countries since the pandemic hit the world. On Libya, Stoltenberg reiterated NATO’s readiness to help the war-torn North African country by building its defense and security capacities. The Erdoğan-Stoltenberg conversation came on the same day the latter explicitly lent support to the GNA. In an interview with Italian daily La Repubblica, Stoltenberg acknowledged the fact that there is an ongoing arms embargo on Libya, stressing, “However, this doesn’t mean to put on the same level the forces led by [Khalifa] Haftar and the government of Fayez al-Sarraj, the only one recognized by the U.N.” “For this reason, NATO is ready to give its support to the government of Tripoli,” he said. ‘NATO’s Libya stance consistent’ In a written statement after his phone conversation with Erdoğan, Stoltenberg suggested that NATO’s position on Libya remains consistent in line with the conclusions of the 2018 Brussels Summit of the alliance. “NATO is prepared to help Libya in the area of defense and security institution building, in response to the request by the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord to assist the GNA to strengthen its security institutions,” he said. NATO ready to support Libya's government: Stoltenberg “Any NATO assistance to Libya would take account of political and security conditions, and would be provided in full complementarity and in close coordination with other international efforts, including those of the UN and the EU. The Secretary General also recalled that all parties should respect the U.N. arms embargo, as reaffirmed at the Berlin International Conference on Libya in January this year, and that NATO fully supports U.N. efforts to find a political solution,” added the secretary-general. The Libyan government has been under attack by Haftar’s armed forces since April 2019. Haftar’s forces in eastern Libya have launched several attacks to capture the capital Tripoli, with more than 1,000 killed in the violence. The Libyan government launched Operation Peace Storm on March 26 to counter attacks on the capital. Following the ouster of late ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya’s new government was founded in 2015 under a political deal led by the U.N. Top Turkish, Libyan diplomats discuss pandemic Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu discussed the coronavirus pandemic in a phone call with his Libyan counterpart on May 14, according to diplomatic sources. Çavuşoğlu and Mohamed Taha Siala exchanged ideas on steps to combat the pandemic. The sources did not provide further details on the content of the phone talk. Second batch of Turkish virus aid arrives in Libya In the meantime, the second batch of Turkish medical equipment arrived in Libya to help the country fight the novel coronavirus. According to diplomatic sources, Turkey’s Ambassador to Tripoli Serhat Akşen personally delivered the medical supplies to Tawfik Harisha, the country’s Government Emergency Administration of the Health Ministry director. Emphasizing that they were grateful for Turkey’s help, Harisha thanked Ankara for its support in every field.
  3. . If you need a propaganda against the Turks , here is one by the dirty Greeks. Desperate nomads , which one of these groups you would like to join. The UAE butchers who are dismembering Yemen and sawing discord in LIbya?, Hifter, the new dictator who shells hospitals and civilian homes in Tripoli to create new dictatorship?, or the Sisi the butcher of Egypt?. France as a member of NATO should not be joining these despots.
  4. I think Signor Tallabo summed up the whole thing. Suldaan Erdogan came to power through the ballot box and he will probably leave at the end of his term. The Turkish economy was just over $200 billion when the AK party came to power. with leas than ten years they quadrupled to 800 billion. They even reached close to a billion in 2013. Poor and dirty Greece had 150 billion in 2002, and today it is still hovering around 200 billion. To be a great nation you need a unified presidential system or the dysfunction of a dozen political party will cripple your nation. Very few nations could survive the parliamentary dysfunction of system where the president cohabits with a parliament. Look at Israel with three elections within one year, or Italy which had over 40 governments since 1945. Somehow it amazes me how far some of these Somalis would go to undermine their own country, people and interest in their opposition to the current regime. Erdogan and Turkey is only guilty of helping Somali people, and that is what bothers the Kenyan guy Apophis. No one likes these Somali nomads who run from one corner to another by abusing the the Turkish visa system for their own unending adventures. Wasn't Erdogan who landed a famine devastated Somali during the rule of your favorite leader Shariif Ahmed in 2011? In fact, it is the French who are losing the plot by joining despots. On the other hand France is losing colonies both in North Africa and western Africa. They lost Tunisia, Algeria and soon Libya. Their economic strangulation of north and west Africa is ending, and will be replaced by Turkey. Furthermore, Mr. Macron who was crippled by public protest since the day he was elected had run out of idea other than bash French Muslims to attract votes from the right wing parties. For fifty years, the French central bank was controlling the reserve currencies of a dozen African nations. The conditions of the deal denied these nations to withdraw more than 70% of their deposits. Even Jacques Chriac said without the African deposits French banks could not have survived all those years. Do not worry about the Sultan Erdogan. He did what he supposed to do and will leave behind a nations much richer and stronger than he found. If you guys are lamenting about democracy and rule of law in Turkey, just look back what happening in Turkey from 1960- 2000. They even hanged elected leaders. NATO head announces support for Libya's Muslim Brotherhood who aim to steal Greece's maritime space (VIDEO) - Greek City Times GREEKCITYTIMES.COM Libya before it was destroyed by NATO in 2011 was the most prosperous country in all of Africa and its long-time leader Muammar Qaddafi was embarking on
  5. Addis Standard is probably the mouth piece of the Amhara and anti Abiy Oromo. I see the disgruntled TPLF and the evil Amhara collaborating to undermine Abiy and eventually team up to size power. Democracy in Ethiopia needs a unifying leader, and I do not see anyone other Abiy. He got enough opposition to keep him in check.
  6. The parliament will decide the timeline of the next election while allowing constitutional experts to interperet the changes. I do not see anyone other than Abiy Ahmed holding this fake country.
  7. Suldaanku arrintan waa ku saxsan yahay. There is nothing politics about this. This shows how deep is the looting of public funds by Somali leaders. Fatahaada biyuhu haddii aanay hadda mar sadexaad soo noqon (2017, 2019, 2020) cidna ma ogaateen lacagta la lunsaday. We are talking about half million from federal government, 600,000 from Djibouti and $1.5 million from China. that is $2.5 million dollars. It is the main reason nothing is built in Somalia. A very small contract of less than half million could high dykes of small concrete and sand. If they can not build that simple work what do you expect them to achieve. Midna ogsoonow, tuugadu Hargeisa iyo Muqdishoba way joogtaa. During the Awdal drought of 2017, a million dollar was brought to Hargeisa by Mogadishu elders. The Awdal region got only $150,000 of those funds. The rest disparaged through government bureaucracy. We are ruled by thieves. Yet, Farmaajo and company are silent as usual. Why not come out in public and explain if the fat man , Waare of Hiiraan looted the money unless you guys are also guilty of stealing some of the cash especially the Chinese money. . That man Waare is trying to get re-elected again. If there is justice he should be prosecuted. Tuugo is bahaysatay ayaa ina xukunta. Intay maalkii ummadda xadeen ayey rabaan in aan laga hadlin.
  8. I know that. The mistrust is deep and historical. And that is why I always object their presence in Somalia. What they did in Berdaale to a civilian plane is a crime. Yet, I always compare notes between Abiy and the former TPLF. WE have to know that the main reason America and others chose Abiy instead of Lema Magrasa is the former's appeal to cross section of Ethiopian society, both Amhara, Oromo, Muslim and Christian communities. The Muslim community in Ethiopia is much freer and well represented in Ethiopian political landscape for the first time in history. Certainly we can not be nostalgic of the heinous crimes the TPLF has committed across the Somali region both within the republic and Somali state of Ethiopia. Somalis are breathing better today than four yeas ago except those who are deeply attached to sectarian enclaves which are by nature anti Somali statehood. You freely travel from Wajaale to Jigjiga without fear or prosecution. The 70 km trip which takes at the moment little over an hour used to be half day with check points and constant abuse. Arms and weapons to Al-shabaab might have diminished and those visits from regional leaders to Addis have disappeared. THere is a lot to watch in Ethiopia , but at the moment we do not have anyone that could hold the hungry 100 million than Abiy Ahmed. He is a balancing act of Ethiopia. The biggest fear for all of us is the reconstruction of despotic and Unitarian Ethiopia by Abiy and his Amhara base, but in all accounts that Ethiopia will never come back. also, despite the presence of ethnic federalism, power in Ethiopia at the moment---I do not know about the future---will stay with those who control the military and the economy (the purse). Ethiopian regions do not have a well established and tax collecting institutions at the moment, and they are propped up by the huge budget transfers from from Addis. 80% of the budget of the Somali state is federal transfers. Abiy is receiving billions of loans and grants from the world bank and those money are allocated for development and even operational budgets. Despite the double digit economic growth, Ethiopia is a poor country . Average salary of public servants is less $250 dollars a month. The thing is Ethiopia will be a country ruled by one strong man in the near future. If Somalis, who are very small community of 12 millions can not be kept together, the world is not stupid enough to encourage the devaluation of 20 ethnic groups of Ethiopia. If OOdweyne, Che, Cadnaan and Galbeedi , who are a small family of connected Somalis, in so many ways, can not agree on basic this like intermingling , trading, living and sharing a house, what do you expect of Ethiopia. Thus while regions might enjoy autonomy , the power will remain at the hands of the dear ruler. So, in that scenario, I take Abiy anytime than evil TPLF who are complaining for lost glory. Do you guys think Lema will be better? I don't think so. Sometimes while things change, they might stay the same. Yet, I will take my chances with Abiy. Furthermore, the TPLF party in Tigray should elect its own regional leaders before they could demand others. TPLF itself is a dictatorial party . THe big Oromo opposition should keep him to the right course and check his excesses.
  9. OO, little correction here. I know you have soft spot for Djibouti, yet they did took part in the second world war.I even know family members whom the French took to North Africa to fight the Nazis. They were collecting good pension in AWdal.
  10. THe shale oil swallowed billions in investment for the last few months, so does the Alberta oil sand. In Canada 10% of our GDP is based on energy and if prices stays around 25-30 dollars , we might all close shops and import the cheep oil. You can not throw good money after bad one. The only hope is for the Saudis to cut 3-4 million a day, and if this Bin Salman plays hard ball , things might change for everyone including him. Yet, another political matter that might keep the prices law for next four years is the determination of American foreign policy leaders who want to bring down Putin and Russia economically. Russia was in shambles before the rise of oil in 2001. Putin was able to build his weapons industry and create wealth among the Russians due to high oil prices for 14 years. The only way to bleed him and make Russia poor is to take away those billions. With law prices, Russia despite its weapons is a second rate economy lower than even Italy. Biden and the democrats might tolerate the loss of shale oil and get a cheep oil for 25 dollar a barrel. THose of us here in the oil country are worried about the prospect f oil not reaching $50 dollar again for a long time. In terms of Iran, both Turkey, USA and those of us who are Sunnis have unfinished business there. Iran had waged a sectarian war across the middle east. They are not about democracy or people's power as they claim. When the Arab despot that supposed to be overthrown is Sunni Arabs like Khadaffi, Mubaarak or Saddam Hussein , they jump in the fray and advocate for the uprising. Yet, when a fellow Shia despot like Assad who murdered hundreds of thousands and depopulated a whole country of Syrians , they will fight to the last man to preserve just as they are doing in Yemen after he overthrow of Cabdalla Saleh. Some might argue about the nature of the rebels in Syria, but the early uprising was led by the free Syrian army who were far from being religious extremists. Because of the dethroning of the American leadership, ISIS and others filled the vacuum. General Suleimani, the man Trump took out had murdered hundreds of thousands of Syrians . What I am getting at is the current situation in the middle east is unacceptable to both Iraqis, Syrians and Turks. No one should accept an Iraqi state which is a vessel to the Iranians while denying the Iraqi people a voice. .The Sunnis (Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds) and christian Iraqis who are the majority of the population and occupy the vast Iraq land from north of Baghdad all the way to border, must have their own state and Iraq divided. THen Turkey must control these area and safeguard both politically and economically. THe Americans should consult with the Turks and create a triangle of Syria, Iraq and Turkey to sideline Iran. Turkey can easily rehabilitate the reconstruction of Syria and Iraq. In the meantime, keep the evil Russians who has nothing but arms from the middle east. Also, allowing Russia in Libya is giving them bases at the southern flanks of NATO in the Mediterranean which is dangerous. I would even go further and divide Iran itself which has more non Persian population and ethnically mixed. What Iran has done in Syria is crime against humanity. They are shipping Shia militia all the way from Afghanistan and Pakistan to slaughter Syrian civilians. For what? how long would they keep this despot ? who is he going to rule? Half million dead, 10 million refugees and another six million internally displaced,. Other the 10% Alawi in the coastal Latakia, the Syrian population is hostile to Assad and his Shia militia. Rather than prop up Kurds and other non state actors , America must work with its NATO ally Turkey and keep out Iran and its proxies from the middle east. The Iran of today must be changed either by force or by design.
  11. Gooni, Webiga ayaa fatahay laba jeer saddex sanadood gudahood 2017 iyo 2019. WEli ma arkayno wax la taaban karo oo dawlada fedaraalku ka qabatay. Lacag deeqid keliya ma ahane maadaama ay arrintan tahay masiibo soo noqnoqotay waxa haboonayd in ay dabagal ku smaeeyaan in hawshan qabsoobto. This issue doesn't need " Igu Sawir". Hal baldoozer oo saddex billod ka hawl gala ayey u baahan tahay. Waxa kale oo ku tusaysaa in muruqa iyo daccad loo shaqeeyo ka muhiimsan tahay lacahg malaayin ah oo lagu tuuro mushkilada. You ca not throw money to resolve problems that need control management and real man hour work.
  12. Could you imagine the so called opposition want to take the power without winning any elections. They are campaigning for transitional government if the elections are not held on time. Abiy should never accept a vacuum or any means to create chaos and interfere with his legitimacy. If the term of the government ends September 2020, the current government will continue to rule and can only be replaced through elections. The TPLF is daring Abiy Ahmed in order to lead toward chaos and war. If I were him, I would not fire any bullet toward the Tigray enclave which is landlocked. All you have to do is blockade them from essential goods including fuel. THey will starve in few months.
  13. Che, here in Canada AR15 and hundreds of automatic guns are banned by the ruling party. Our prime minister said,, " You do not need machine gun to bring down a deer" referring those who always bring hunting to oppose logical gun control. If Trump is re-elected , America will cease to be the lone power.
  14. OO ,I do agree these three points, especially the cultural autonomy. One think you and I agree is that since the Tigray were ruling for a long time they understand the moves Abiy is making and their intentions. The Tigray had also shown for the last 30 years to be well organized with development and state craft. They are ruthless and I do not want them to be close to power again. Despite our references, we have certain connection with Oromo and I hope their presence will keep out the highlander hegemony.
  15. Here in the great white north (Canada), we are flattening the curve, especially here in the west and in my city. We have 503 cases so far with 4/5 of the cases resolved and recovered. For the last four days we were recording one or two cases per day. In Alberta , we have 4.5 million people. 70 people are in hospital and 20 in ICU. That is not bad. By the way, in Mogadishu, a friend told me that the people have completely ignored the government directives. HE said " Taraawiix" are preformed in Masjids and people intermingle as they wish. In Garoowe, Hargeisa and other Somaliland towns Masjids have stopped Jameeca prayers and it seems people are flowing government directives.
  16. OO is welcome here in SOL. For all these years, I never seen OO get angry or emotional , certainly he had some political background. Holac, if OO is Agnew then he is one of us. I thought he might be half Affar with close relations with Omar Gheele.
  17. While Allah ha nu naxcariiste Salaad Gabayre was promoted due to his family relationship (Son in law of Aadan Cade), Caynaashe and C/qaadir Dheel were the real soldiers Siyaad Bare eliminated from competition. Ismaaciil A Abokor, Samatar, Dafle, Rabiile and the rest were junior officers compared to general Caynaanshe.
  18. She is talking about her land and people, yet OOdweyne and company want to cage her in her village. Xamar lagama baaqdee Beerihii afgooyaan cambihii bislaagiyo babay kaaga guri lahaa. Bartii laygu dhalay iyo hawd baalahiisaan Ku bariisan lahayd. Thinking big makes you intelligent.
  19. I know most of the population here in SOL are old guys like me, but if there is anyone 25 or 30 years old who happen to be single and hears this poem , you should get a ticket and find this lovely young Somali poet and ask her hand from her father. She is an original Somali. Maariin dhalaal xiga waa midabka soomaalida. I never liked those who color their face to make it " Casaan" or white. Maxay tidhi gabadhii heeseysay, " Ragii ma adiga ka hadhay"
  20. It is a good poem. Dad yahaw loo soo tashaday Iyana sii kala tashaday Intaa tashataan mar uun Xaqa aad tabanaysaan In mar uun aad timaamataan Miyaa ka talaaalan tihiin. It is a good observation . The people became cattle while the elite is looting them in the name of government. When was the last time people collectively demanded anything in Somaliland?. Speaking of poems, Somalis especially those in Hargeisa , or I should say southern Hargeisa have an extraordinary talent of composing poems that touch the souls of the people. Here is another Nimco Qorane type which I consider a poet laureate of these young generation.
  21. I thought the Somali air space was closed. And planes coming from Kenya supposed to get permission to land.
  22. Case closed. If the TPLF want to hold its own election, they have to separate first. If the Tigray reject to be ruled by Oromo, then they must be forced and brought by the constitution of Ethiopia. Deep down rejecting Oromo rule means rejecting freedom and democracy. In modern politics, shrewd people always find slogans or false cause to cover their real intentions. I do not buy the idea of Tigray fighting to preserve the regional autonomy or the ethnic federalism of Ethiopia. Their aim was to sideline Amhara which they succeeded, yet at the end they are opposed a democratic Ethiopia ruled by Oromo. Here is why: First, over 90% of the population of Tigray is ethnic Tigranya. Very few other ethnic groups will ever settle or visit their region. So, demography alone would keep them ethically Tigray. THey will not be overrun by Amhara or Oromo, and they will rule themselves always. Second, Tigray are Amhara light or few degrees behind in terms of preserving the old Ethiopia. While the Tigray are much tougher and organized than Amhara, they know that because of their geographical location and small population (7%), they will be insignificant in the future of Ethiopia. So, chaos and anarchy is the only route for them to separate. If they can't rule , then they want secede. We should not be surprised or shocked by these moves from Tigray. We Somalis are familiar with the old game of " Cadkanaw ku cunay ama ku ciidayey" Autonomy is the main goal for the Somalis, and while Cabdi Illey has done a lot to promote Somali regional autonomy, he failed the most basic autonomy which is freedom for the Somali nomad. While the Ethiopia of Abiy is unpredictable, the Somali nomad is walking free today in Jigjiga without any fear and that is big in Ethiopia. Personally, I will not shed any tears if we Somalis and the Oromos team up and crush the separatist Tigray and give them the same medicine they prescribed for others. Some 20 years ago an Oromo friend of mine used to say, " we don't want to secede , but if we do, we have to rule them for a while as they did" I for one , I am not buying the Tigray treachery of claiming to be taking one for the team.
  23. Abiy can not put the genie in the box. If anyone, I want the Oromo to challenge him and keep him to ob leash or else. As long as Abiy keeps the evil highlanders away from power , we could tolerate him.
  24. Old O usually does not comment Tigray issues only Somali issues. The TPLF is playing with fire. The federal parliament will decide whether to amend the constitution or set up another date since the term of government ends in October. these are the same despots who controlled 99% of the parliament and refused any democratic changes. Abiy should give them the same medicine. A landlocked Tigray can not go anywhere.
  25. So, they are placing themselves to control future Chinese trade routes. In future stable Somalia, I do not see Somalis visiting Dubai for any trade reasons since they do not produce anything. If the Somali banking system establishes internationally, Dubai would be just another gulf city like Jeddah.