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  1. This week on my way to work, I put the dial on the local CBC news hour to listen the " World Report" early in the morning. THe lead story in the news was a report from CBC veteran and foreign correspondent Margaret Evans sending her dispatch from Dollow, Ethiopia just across the border from Somali Dollow. She explained the plight of people leaving Al-shbaab controlled area to seek help across the border. Almost every day, the international media, the UN Security Council and the world is talking about 3 million Somalis on the edge of starving. There is a huge billboard in the highway here in my town where Care Canada is advertising for donations with pictures of Somali wowen with clouful " Shalmado. Yet, no Somali leader is talking about this. Rather than seek help and fundraise for the famine hit Somalia, they go to a lavish wedding in neighboring country and enjoy while the world is watching. If they were moral and decent people they would have fundraised at the wedding and donate the money to the needy. Waar ma sanad la qooqo ayaa la joogaa. Why the wedding of former criminal and a gang who was deputized by his clans more important than millions of Somalis. We are in a war and famine (Col iyo Abaar) plus the Europe sponsored chaos of the " Gender laws" in the parliament. Furthermore, they go to Djibouti and chat with useless foundation wasting money for few parasites who couldn't gain employment any where else. This actions alone would have impeached this president. Waar iimaanka Ilaahay idinka qaadye Ummadda gaajaysan ee colka iyo Abaaru haleeleen u gargaara.
  2. This people live off of the land. They are not city dwellers, but rural communities and small towns people who cultivate their crops and raise some livestock to survive. Furthermore, there are 400 villages within the South West region which is much larger than any region in Somalia. Rural and locals are the people national governments supposed to protect. They don't have passports to flee to foreign countries or connections with the ruling class to get access for their basic needs. If their crops and livestock dies they will be next..Gedo has serious drought, but they are close to the Kenyan border where most of the relieve NGO's are based. Yet, the Gedo drought is serious also, especially in Dollow and Baardheere.
  3. The biggest loser will be at the end HSM. He cleared the air or any doubt about his involvement of foreign powers to gain power. He had ben paid and bought by too many players. The QAt dealers, UAE, Djibouti, and many hidden local business people. Minister Faqi proclaimed the other day that he want to target those who are bankrolling Al-shabaab, especially the Bakaraha business people, but HSM told him to back off. He tells everyone the same thing with a short memory. The UAE had taken the coastal area of Puntland in the name of development. They spent five years hauling dirt and stones in coastal Berbera, but found nothing meaningful, now they are trying their luck in Bari, Puntland and HSM would say nothing. Furthermore, Somaliland won't even talk to him by throwing tough conditions and putting indirect pressure to him. He got plenty of time to achieve something, yet by this summer we shall see if his agenda is settling down. It is hard to judge now because there are no way to figure out progress except the war in Hiiraan which seems to favor the locals.
  4. First , let me apologize for misquoting Dhagaxtuur. If his assertion was about this newly wed lady being in Zina," Jareer baa fuulayey" that is a mistake and would like to correct that. This girl is innocent from any slander. It is the father who used and abused her for political reasons. I was referring to the other lady married to a Catholic Tommy who wears huge cross in public and according to Sharia, unless he becomes Muslim , it is illegal. Any way, I know it is sensitive topic, and I for one have always respected the honor of Somali women regardless of where they come from. What we all object is, here in Djibouti, through this wedding the Somali people will robbed in a daylight. Djibouti had been using the Somali conflict as a cash cow. Before 911, in the year 2000, Geelle couldn't pay the salary of teachers and public servants. There was huge exodus of the middle class to Canada, US and Europe. Suddenly , the war on terror brought unexpected cash. In the name fighting Somali pirates, European, Asian (Japanese and Chinese) and Americans set up their bases in Djibouti. If Somali becomes peaceful, hundreds of millions will disappear.
  5. Tani waa Allah ka cabsadadii Soomaalida oo weliba dadku isticmaalaan markay wax dulmayaan amd ay wax daboolaayan.. I know Samafal is a good man judging by his writings here, but on this subject, he is covering for an evil family called " Reer Geelle Batal" who are morally corrupt by any means. Folks, this is not a normal family and this is not a regular wedding. It is the union of gangs and mafia. I might even add it is illegal marriage according to Sheikh C/raxman Bashir who was not only a knowledgeable Sheikh but also served as a judge in Djibouti courts. Here is how it all started: In 2011, Omar Geelle decided to change the constitution limiting the presidential terms of two consecutive six years. The opposition which was well organized at the time begun huge demonstration where people were killed and many arrested while the leader of the main opposition Dahir Ahmed Farah exiled to France earlier. The opposition boycotted the election, but the agitation and the demonstrations continued. In order to calm the opposition and especially the clan of the opposition leader Mr. DAF, he decided to recruit a young technocrat who was the cousin of the opposition leader. He was elevated quickly from a junior minister to the minister of health and then Gelle proposed to make him his son in law. Also Omar Geelle has signaled to the opposition clans that Dr, Jamac Cilmi will be his heir apparent, the next president of Djibouti. He even assembled the opposition clan elders and told them about his plans. In the meantime, Geelle begun to dismantle the opposition and divide them through bribes, clan lines and jailing the rest. By 2015 he consolidated power. Dr. Jamac started to organize and prepare for the next election to replace Geelle and begun a coalition. The Geelle inner family circle objected the future transfer of power and decided instead to keep the power among the children of Omar Geelle. Then a gossip started saying the Dr. Jamac had an affair with another woman, and through the Djbiouti intelligence the gossip spread within the public quickly. Yet, both Jamac and his wife Haybado rejected the gossip and stayed together. The mother in law of Dr. Jamac demanded divorce but he rejected. Then one night Geelle called the minister to the palace alongside general Sakariye, the army chief and the intelligence boss and a government judge. When the poor fellow showed up Geelle demanded Jamac to pronounce the divorce or else. He refused , but was threatened and eventually forced to divorce. After few weeks he was fired as a minister. Now, there won't be any power transfer or even the chance of outsiders coming to power. Geelle and his wife are preparing one of their sons or dauthers to take power. The drama didn't stop there. While Geelle had dissolved a legitimate marriage of family, he welcomed another one initiated in a Paris night club. An Ivorian night club bouncer called Tommy Tayaro became the boy friend of the dauther of Omar Geelle. After while she brought him and married her in Djibouti. Tommy is a Catholic by faith and Geelle blessed this marriage. The daily gossip in Djibouti about Tommy making erotic movies about Djibouti women and his other adventures are not only the tales in Djibouti but in west Africa and Ivory coast. If you just open Djibouti Facebook sites they are full of his globetrotting and womanizing escapades. Reports of the drug consumption is also on front pages just few weeks. Yet Geele does nothing. So, Mr. Samafal when Dhagaxtuur talks about the illegal ( Wuu Fuulay) he has basic Sharia foundation in terms of the marriage between Tommy and Faaduno Geelle. Dissolving a legal marriage and welcoming an illegal one also isn't new in this family, it began more than 40 years ago, but will leave it there now. Just like the Hollywood celecberties who flow different rules, this family isn't not only strange to the average Somali and Djibouti families who are people with great Somali traditional and cultural ties. Besides , being a gangster with high end cars and flushing jewelry doesn't make one honorable. In southern Italy their is a silent code among the mafia and the public called Omerta. No one will speak if they witness a crime. Some of us, who live in the great white north of Canada will certainly speak and say how the emperor has no clothes. Another illegal action is the former warlord Muuse Biixi showing up and claiming to be the maternal uncle while her own family is sitting there. The ugly Biixi is trying to borrow a page from Geele and rule 14 years or more but that won't happen in Somaliland. Omar Geelle said, " Hassan Sheeikh Buuro iyo Darbiyo waa weyn ayuu jebiyey". Folks, this is nothing but a transaction and the whole sale of " Somali Maandeeq". I would conclude that " There is no honor among thieves". Tilka beynal ayaan. Gangs, enjoy while you can. Nothing lasts for ever.
  6. The poor kid was flowing orders. The Somali young men are dying either as cannon fodders for Al-shbaab, manning checkpoints for warlords and dying even defending hotels and the elite as body guards. It is tough to be a young man in Somalia. Everyone else is cashing in except the unemployed youth.
  7. unreliable reports indicate the president himself was evacuated to Halane last night. reasonable security could only be achieved through competent institutions. Hiring ones clansmen won't protect the president. In his last term, a hired mule got paid $2000 by his brother in law and facilitated for Al-shbaab gunmen to enter villa Somalia and kill people inside the Masjid located in the Villa. the attack happened before the Jimca prayer while president HSM was in his bedroom. He was very lucky. THe man who brought in the gunmen was a close member of the presidents sub clan. If clans could resolve things, why the people of Mogadishu are chasing their tails for 30 years. Mr. President, hire the best people to the job and make them accountable.
  8. MMA, I was quite for the last few months to give a chance and opportunity for the new boys to change course. WE have all noticed the tribe masqurading as the national government, we have witnessed unelected tribal chavanists like Sanblooshe leading the way while the defence minister is treated like a school boy. The foreign minister heiling from Gaeoowe had paid a hefty cash for the election of HSM. He doesn't speak the language of the Gulf Arabs where HSM put his foreign policy to be managed, nor he speaks English or French. He bought the post with cash and must ride the plane sometimes when Somalia, more than ever, needed an expereinced foreign minister to handle the arms embargo file, the future widtdrawl of the foreign army which is not anymore in the discussions thanks to the new tribal army. When the UN security counsil met two weeks ago about the arms embargo, there wasn't even a debate. It was unaninmous no questions asked.: keep the arms embargo until further notice. THey got the army chief, the intelligence chief, the interior, and the power of the state, yet they are acting like a group of people under seige from other tribes. Furthermore, Puntland is acting like a seperate state while allowing foreign armies to control alomst all of the Puntland coast in the name false development. THe prime minister quite and getting alone with HSM which is fine, but a cabinet shuffle is a must. No president can handle the major national issues by himself while dispatching few clan allies. This government looks like a regional government tasked to work among clans.
  9. --The dead are left in the streets and might decompose unless there is a relative or someone identifies. --A young man will stab you at the dat light just to grab your Smart Phone. --A businessman would target you for killing just by speaking out against their crimes and injustice. --There is a bombing as usual, but now home invasion and wanton killings became normal --Most of government owned parked maintained for good neglcted or destryoed in the name transfering the property for unkjown businessmen. --The smell of decomposing human body is becoming regular in Kaaraan, Boondheere , Hawlwadaag, Hodan and many area controlled by those affiliated with the president. --people are leaving the capital in droves either to Turkey, Nairobi or western countries. These are some of the shocking statement narrated by a family member who came from Mogadishu just last week. She had been traveling to MOgadishu back and forth since 2014, yet, I have never seen her disappointed and hopeless until this time. She is someone who prays a lot and when I asked her about " The mercy of Allah and peace" coming to that land some day, she seemed hopless and answered, " how could the mercy of Allah will touch a land whose soil is socked with blood of the innocent, where injustice, wanton murder, leck of basic human morality and criminalty is as normal as the air you breath?". You can't trust your own neighbors. I was praying and reading Qur'aan when one of our neighbors wore mask and tried to rob us. When I said, why would would you rob a 65 years old grandma with no money? I hope the Qur'aan I am reading will hold you and your family accountable until Qiyaama. Finally he took $80 dollars in my phone. She said ' Allah will not allow those who unjust and with their hands full of blood to prosper in peace unless a real cleansing of the wrong doers takes place. That was on the issue of killings and murder in the capital. When I asked her about state institution and order, it is even worse. She said for the first time in the last eight years in Mogadishu, people are lost hope of the emergence of national government. She said some locals do not eve want government or flow constitution. They keep talking about going back to 1991. I said if the clock goes back, it will be a war among the wrong doers and criminals not us.. Folks, when Dr. C/raxman Bayle, who reached among the top officials of the government , sold his own house in Mogadishu and said he would spent the rest of his life helping other Somalis outside the evil town called Mogadishu, I knew things were realy bad. No need to be nostalgic of the past, but the hopes of Somali state coming out from the blood soaked town of Mogadishu is almost zero. We should all go back to our villages and towns and try to invest our time money where people might appreciate. The evil Somali rebels who destroyed our nation will never bring back anything that is even close to a functioning government. WE had free education from elimentary school to university, we had free health care ( Even Bukaan socod eegto or walking clinincs),not the one owned by the greedy doctors who cash $100 just to see you including the corrupt Dr. called Gaboose, our ports and airports were owned by the people not The evil gulf oligarchs, most of all we were proud. Folks, after 30 years, all we hear is Macawsley and DP world and fat man who enrich themselves. We should all forget that city where the blood of the Somali people are spilled for 30 years with no end in sight. Let the evel businessmen who got rich of the blood of innocent enjoy their proffits while fearing the terror they, themselves finance.
  10. Now it is clear. This crazy woman is on a mission. Is this the most important issue facing Mogadishu Today. WAxaan maqli jiray " nin soori qaaday waa nin seefi qaaday". Waar naagtaan Gudoomiye ku xigeenka ha laga qaado si dhibkeeda loo yareeyo
  11. It wasn't a penalty. Usually the VAR intervenes to clarify, but they didn't even call the referee to check. Ganian players asked the ref to check the VAR , but he ignored their protest and proceeded. In terms of Saudis defeating Argentina, I give vthe credit to their manager. A good bench boss could make a defference. He played 4,4,2, but the four central players joined the two attackers and pressed while dominating the center. Furthermore, the defence was well trained to use the offside trap by leaving their positions while exposing Argentinian forwards. Yet, the VAR seems to be in action to save the Saudis even a shoulder or one feet advatage while they refused to use against Ronaldo who is the top stars. Canada got a great team. They dominated the Belgium which are one of the top teams. The problem is we got a law quality manager. in the last 20 minutes rather pull out a defender and overwhelm the opposition by adding more attack, he removed a forward and replaced with another forward. African players seem to be playing individually showcasing their talent. Compare that to the unity of the Japanese, even their bench substitutes are joining the celebration by showing their team spirit. The top teams are the Spanish, flowed by the Dutch, The French and maybe the Brazilians who doesn't empress me.England is good, but Gareth Southgate is timid and always plays safe.
  12. Actually, I might take some of my earlier statements according to a member of Somali parliament who seems to know few things about the oil and gas issue. He said these agents like coastal explorations and others are front companies rapresenting big companies like Shell and Chevron. He siad because of the political situation in Somalia including Al-dhbaab war, the big companies with hundreds of billions of assets do not want to expose themselves to bad publicity and regfional conflicts and through this minor players they want to have access for the future.
  13. Exactly. The British are a nation of law and citizenship. He might be Indian by heritage, but he shares abd adopts the aspiration of his party and country. This couldn't happen within the Latin nations of southern Europe, especially France. Mr Sunak was the son of immigrants who came in the sisties. In France, the second generation of North Africans whose grand father fought with France in the second world war, couldn't even master to be mayors of big cities let alone high office. Here in Calgary, the most conservative city in Canada with 1.5 million population had elected a Muslim mayor three times with 75% in the second term. The most racist people on earth are the dirty Indians. Ah, one more thing, the powers that be are also pushing the Indians yo higher places. I don't buy the so called genius thing, other than few software programers .
  14. Only a fool will think the future is Taiwan. Even Prof. Samatar said that other than " Shaxaad" or few millions of crums, Taiwan is a pariah entity abandoned by the whole world except a dozen countries. Thre Taiwan thing is nothing but few dollars for the unemployed foreign minister of Somaliland who got nothing to manage diplomatically.
  15. I totally agree with your observations. We never heard about the Wajeer security check of Somalis entering Kenya before landing Nairobi, until few people mentioned. It was Proff. Ahmed I. Samatar who openly raised these demeaning and abusive double security screening of Somalia in 2012. Just like you, he was shocked and questions why the leadership is accepting this while the prime minister of Somalia was detained at the airport for hours after he skipped the WAjeer security check. While The Wajeer issue is bad, I see a lot of improvement on the situation of the Somalis within the Kenyan state. They are very visible in almost every aspect of the Kenyan society whether it is business, politics and even security. The Kenyan police commisioner is Somali so does the director of the CID. Somali officers could be found in the top levels of the Kenyan intelligene and the military. Both the lawyer that was arguing on the election case and the officer who guaranteed security in the election poll gathering were Somalis. Since Kenyan democracy is growing in stature I believe Somalis would be the winners. Even the Somali leaders are elequent and forceful in their pride and pronoucements, just observe Farah Macalin and Barre A. Ducaale. In Somali DDS it is the opposit. When it comes to Jigjiga, I concur your observations. Every federal department is manned by Amhara. Almost all labour, technincal oe skil jobs are filled by Amhara, Oromo or others from southern Ethiopia. If they strike the city will shut down. In terms of Somalihood, Jigjiga is much better compared to Cabdi Iley, who could have arrested you in the middle of town with little suspicion and throw you in jail, although the Amharas were invisible during his rule. The ruling guy is appointed by Addis and he is nothing but a supervisor for the occupation forces. Of course it is peaceful because of the harmony among the occupied Somali population and the cruel enforcement of the clan soldiers who would shoot anyone that opposes them. The small infrastructure that exists comes from the federal budget, but most of the money is looted by the clan. Some people wouls even tell you that without the Amhara and the federal presence the clan infested system would collapse within months. There are no courts, functioning police or institutions that serve the public. JUst like Mogadishu of warlord era, there are check points between towns where soldiers take bribes from buses and trucks. . Yet, like some dimentia patients they talk about fake Somalinimo, there is no hope in the Somali zone with or without Amhara until those clan supervisors for the occuaprion are replaced.
  16. Sand dunes are even present in the fertile coast of Lower Shabbelle. The best answer is planting trees and more trees. The bigger problem is soil ersion for coastal properties which needs the effort of the local government. We the diaspora are just talk. We might have some good ideas, but without being in the ground, it is all water under the bridge. Today, I had a coffee with a member of federal parliament from Puntland and he told me about his visit to Garacaf in 2019. He explained to me the efforts of the current Puntland president Saciid Deni who contributed more than $7 million dollars from the government to build the port. He also said that Gaalkacayo was a dangerous city for the last 10 years where hundreds of its best citizens were murdered before C/laahi Deni pacified. Furthermore, he built the 240 KM highway between Galkacay and Garoowe , the huge roads and infrastructure in Garoowe city and many more. I asked him, if that is the case why we have been all badmouth this capable man throughout these years? I ask our friends B Xoofto and Xaaji when was the last time a 50 or 100km road was built in Somaliland other than Bebera to Hargeisa road. We have been waiting Djibouti --Borama road for 30 years. Anyway, if Puntland keeps builds infrastructure in this pace, trade and wealth will flow.
  17. There are so many surprises in this war. I think the Eritrean army intervention changed the war. I thought they were talking about peace few weeks ago, and now these new defeats of the TPLF. I think Abiy and Afwork took advantage of the Ukraine war
  18. I agree. Free market, competition and competent leadership is what made the Asians rich. Besides, they have open access to the richest market in the world, The United State. Yet, no one can ignore the constant meddeling, dictatorship empowering, and resource looting of the developed countries. When I visited Kampala, Uganda, the main airport was the one built by the British in the sixties. THere were no four lanes higways except the one started by the Chinese. They will tell you that Uganda is a close ally of the US, for what really? On the EU, of course it is a win win for both, but the rich countries are giving the eastern European backwaters billions of dollars to reach medium level developmenmt. Imagine $10 billion a year of ivestment in the horn, it could transform. Yet, all they talk about is aid. $2 billions were donated to Somalia in 2018/19 alone by EU and US, where did that money go? Of course blame goes to us Somalis and others. Everyone is trying to regain what they destroyed. When my son asks what is going in Somalia? I simply say: We had free education, free health care, even walking clincs ( Bukaan socod eegto), secure borders and peace, and everyone is trying to gain again what was destroyed. We have been waiting for 30 years just to be able to walk in the streets.
  19. Baala Xoofto, thanks for posting this. I was trying to write about it this morning. This is nothing but a theift of resources by corrupt and incompetant government interested to pocket few millions. These crooks are not oil exploration or oil extracting companies, but front companies designed to gain the rights of the Somali resources for future brokerage. They have been created for the sole purpose of abtaining the rights. They also abtained and bought all the rights of Someoil company created by HSM, Khayre and former British concervative party chairman. Coastline exploration doesn't have any capacity to explore or drill oil. If you visit their company website, there is nothing but false propaganda and fake exploration expereince of 150 years. They have zero revanue of any financial statement. I heard that the deputy premier whose purpose in Mogadishu is just to make money teamed up with the current and former energy ministers while bribing the foreign minister and others. Hamza, the premier is playing Dhaanto in Godey mesmerized by the clan while the shop is looted. $ 7 million ayaa lagu bedeshay khayraadkii Somalia. THis fools don't even know how resource is shared these days. The so called 30% tax of the future profit is a well known scheme used by companies to gain access for the resources. At the end , they will infliate their expenses and give you pannies to the dollar. The best and modern way to make money on the resources is royalty per barrell of oil. As thhe price of oul goes so does the royalty. Here in Canada, where companies invest billions before they extract and sell the products, a 10% flat rate of the revanue is applied. After the company recuperates its costs, the rayalty goes from 25% to 40%. in most cases, the royalty increases with price of oil. if the price stays less than $50 per barrell, the royaly remains less than 25%. but if price goes beyond $60 or more the royaly goes up to 40%, which means in a $100 barrell market, the government takes 25-40 dollars. It is the main reasons these brokers put the royalty as 5% which is pennies when they are selling $100 per barrell. Anyway, forget about the calculations, this deal shouldn't stand. If you want to extract oil go to the big or medium companies. Stop taking these small bribes. Just like C/weli Gaas did in Boosaaso, HSM and company are doing to the Somali resources. Tuugadani goormay dhergi?
  20. Certainly Berbera is huge. It is a port for the future. Berbera development was going on through diferent stages since sixties, eighties and now in the 21st century. 20 million Somalis and Oromo in DDS and Harraghe region are probably the intended market, yet less than 5% of Ethiopia's freight which is mostly relief aid of grain from the UN goes there. The natural gas pipeline from DDS to Berbera is much closer than Djibouti, but no onw is talking about berbera. To make even things worse, the ruling class is poking the Chinese Tiger to make some poket changes from Taiwan. Berbera is an empty vessel sitting there. What is the use of first class port whose market is the 2 million people in Somaliland. no one else. Baala Xoofto, nations and people self exmine and say: do we have to keep doing the same thing for 30 years? with 70% unemployment, 250 million budget while the world trade is passing $100 Trillion? empty airports and port in Berbera. When was the last time a 200 passenger airline landed in Berbera? The biggest infrastructure development in the world today is the Chinese BRI and when it reaches the horn of Africa, the first projects would be probably Addis to Garacad highway or a gas pipeline fro Godey to Garacad. In terms of Gaeacad, the first stage is even much better than Boosaaso. Certaily this port is for the future. Those who built it are targeting for Ethiopia mostly. I agree with you that Boosaaso will certainly lose business. The advatage Boosaaso has is it is very close to Yemen, Cuman and the gulf. It could service these nations with livestock trade and small marchendise, but big container freight will go to Garacad. Also, unlike Boosaaso, Garacad has the climate of the Indian ocean like Mogadishu which will atract more people. Boosaaso is unbearable during the summer months. Boosaaso is already dysfuctional due to the gread of Puntland leaders by pocketing few millions and giving the shop to the corrupt Arabs. Anyway, as mentioned , we hope this Garacad thing spreads to other regions like Lughaya port and throughout the region. You don't need the world bank or Dubai port to build things.
  21. IT is how you manage the incoming decline. You either accept with grace and manage or you will drift back and forth. It isn't only UK, but Italy, France and even Russia are in decline. Leaders used to rise like a cream on the top, but when you pick medocre leaders like Liz Truss or the former clown Boris Johnson expect disaster.
  22. Most of the migration to Europe is from west Africa (Sahel region) due to the exploitation of France and East Africa because of the so called war on terror. Although they had some legacy infrastrcture built during Soviet socialism, Eastern Europeans were poor in 1991, but massive equalization payment from EU membership was invested in infrastructure and other developments. . imagine if you are poor dirt Romania or Bulgaria and yoiu gets tens of billions. I was cheking the Euro Fund allocated for many countries due to the Covid 19 and Romania alone got $80 billion. Germany and other larger economies were investing billions to create a middle class and market for their goods. The same with China. The BRI investment and connecting the world to China ctreated a massive wealth. Some had estimated that the BRI had created $12 Trillion worth of trade. This is something America and Europe will never do for Africa. To create a market and trade with people, you have to invest and build infrastructure which will cost billions, but would create a middle class that could afford your goods. Furthermore, the chaos wars should stop . THere are no Syrians or Iraqis ever left their countries. And Finally, no one wants to go to eastern Europe, the final destination is usualy UK or Nordic countries.
  23. These two don't build public utility businesses like ports, electric grids, water or hospitals. They prefer guaging people with their telecome businesses and money laundering to get rich. Every penny stolen from Somaliland is deposited with Dahabshiil. Hersi Gaab might deposit $10 million stolen from the treasury and Dahabshiil will accept the deposit no questions asked. When the real Somalis come to power , all this will be investigated.
  24. Garacad port means nation building by Somali standrad. Folks, this is big. I haven't seen Berbera port, ut I visited oth the container and oil terminal in Dooraale, Djiouti. This Garacad port is almost similar y design, the concerete wlls and the gravel barrier. One has cost over $400 million, and Garacad probably a few dozen millions. N&N refused to attand the the begining of the first shavel to start the building , yet they went on without looking back and achieved their goal. HSM and company will probably show up tomorow for the opening cermony. If you build they come. Congratulations. The company that built must be a household name.
  25. MMA, dhirtii miyaa la bililiqaystay? Allow sahal amuuraha.