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  1. It is time to brag so here we go. Dittore do you have the time these kings were crowned or died. well, here our Ugaases have their recorded history since 1603.
  2. So basically, they do not believe the government will prevail. THat is a sad situation. They probably sense the incompetence of the government.
  3. Dr kenny, everybody knows that certain clans are supporting Al-shabaab. Those who feel marginalized must be given incentives and brought to the fold. At the same time, no mercy should be shown for those who participated for crimes against the people. Aweys was with Al-shabaab until the power struggle between him and Godane. At least he should have been brought to military court to answer those crimes. If certain clan decides to drail the nation it must face the power of the state. This is not dictatorship where a clan may claim to be targeted by another clan in the government. Using the power legitimately will justify eliminating the treat. Those who associate must be dealt harshly. The next President must be both tough and creative. The army should be part of the job creation among the youth. The Youth will come from all over the place. Have you ever heard anyone talking about mixing the regional forces and militias with national army.? How about the Puntland army? all those armies should be mixed in order to create a national army. I asked a member of parliament about addressing the national army issue. He said most of them do not want an army in Mogadishu. They afraid that it might be dominated by a certain clans. The Army is the most important institution for peace and security, and they are not asking their share Every clan or sub clan want to be in the Parliament. Why they don't demand the same way to be part of the national army?, why delegate the power to use violence to certain tribes?. Dhagaxtuur, you probably know better than us but, if those districts are paying the taxes to Al-shabaab, then the government must tell the nation about these harsh realities. Are you saying Al-shabaab is offering something for the public fot these taxes?. Last week I was talking to a businessman from Puntland, not like the "ditore Osman" type, but a logical man who is not also emotional like most of us. We discussed about the choice of the next President and how it was imperative that he must not be a HAG or those who failed. He emphatically said that the next leader should be HAG. I asked him why?, He answered " if we elect somebody else the spoilers may just grab their "Cimaamad" and become al-shabaab again". in his logic, he says in order to eliminate the Shabaab threat and spoilers, we need one more leader of HAG in order to bring the country back. I totally disagree. Hag, must crush the Terrorist sympathizers among them before another leader comes. Every Somali knows that this is the last time for anyone to vote for a Hag leader.
  4. Oh, by the way guy, please stop these nonsense about Qoslaaye sending Al-shabaab to kill the members. Conspiracies must have logic.
  5. Allah ha u Nazariisto intii ku geeriyootay difaaca ummadda. This attack was targeted to the institutions of the nation. In my observation, after this attack there are both good that indicate accountability and awful reality that can't disappear easily. First , it shows for the first time that Somali leaders are accountable for their actions or inactions. The resignation of the security minister shows that people are demanding action and they have been heard. A government that listens the concern of it's citizens is a move for the right direction. Second, the threat of the terrorists will be with us for a long time. No one can stop a brainwashed youth who want to blow up their own citizens. A sophisticated and advanced countries like Israel couldn't stop the Palestinian suicide bombers for a long time. If somebody want to die it is difficult to stop. Having said that , there is a big difference between a lone bomber and a dozen armed men with military gear storming the parliament. How can we stop these groups?. Well it is difficult, but we could do few things to minimize the damage and stop future threats. 1- The Federal government must stop acting like the government of Mogadishu. While there are mayors and a governor for the local administration of the city, the national security of the capital and the country is not job of the civilian administration. Mungaab may be a general, but , we know he is neither a military man or intelligence officer, his main concern should be administrative, policing and local governance. This is not the pacifying of a city but the symbol of the country, so Somalis from different walk of life must used to pacify. It should not be under the leadership of the governor but the federal security agencies. 2- The local military members are probably infested with some disgruntled soldiers or even sympathizers of Al-shabaab. It is not too late to recruit the army from the whole country. Why not ask each member of parliament to bring or recruit 100 soldiers from his region. A truly national and well paid army could much better than the tribal militia masquerading as national army. 3- In my opinion most of these bombs are built and assembled in the Al-shabaab controlled safe havens. It is very important to dislodge and take back these districts from them as soon as possible. THese kind of large number of young men participating in these kind of deadly mission is an indication that they must have been prepared and indoctrinated specifically for these kind of mission. We know Al-shabaab controlled areas lack internet, television or other media to know what is going on. They have probably kept together for months just to poison their mind, and then throw them for the last minute in to their death. The leadership keeps them in dark and discards them like insects in a fire. You can't start the offensive against these districts and then stop another six months, it must be continued. 4- If some of them are assembled in Mogadishu, then random, unannounced checkpoints must be introduced daily. Of course you must project an image of save city for investors and others to attract , but that constant, emergency like mentality must be present in the minds of the security and intelligence officers. No more partying or wedding. I heard that the security minister just got married few days ago to his second wife. Well, how can he go to honeymoon when the country is bleeding. THere are certain districts in Mogadishu where al-shabaab operates openly. this must stop. The sympathizers must be pressured and followed. How come Dahir Aweys still talking. He should have been put to death for the mayhem and destruction he caused for many innocents. Life in prison or 10 years would have been a gift for him, instead he is coloring his bear in comfortable suit. 6- The movements of the army within the city limits must be controlled. All of the terrorists use military uniform when they attack government places. I don't how it could implemented, but the movements of military personnel must be coordinated or known before hand. 7- The spy network of Al-shabaab, especially those who assassinate are roaming the city. I have seen few captured members in the media. They seem to be well dressed and local boys. These guys may seem ruthless in their targeted killing , but they are not willing to die. Confession and information gathering from them is easy. Every case must be investigated thoroughly. 8- If all these and many other measures do not weaken Al-shabaab or produce tangible results, then the strategy must change, including relocating the capital to a safer place where the security forces could be build and parliament can operate openly. Xadhig jiid ma soconayo.
  6. Che, Have a mercy for the brother. Big victoria car , just like cops. way to to go Holac.
  7. Dittore, I agree, if those four blocks came together the job could have been easier. Imagine, Xaaji and Ciidan Suldan; Mooge and Dittore, and Mlister & Somalirising all playing for the same team. It could have been a formidable team. The unfortunate thing is instead of playing with a same team, they are opposite teams tearing down one another. Any way let us hope for better future. " hope is the best of things , in fact it is the best thing" ( this quote was from a movie called " the shawshank redemption". great movie.
  8. Xaaji, you are right. When it comes to rule of law and institution building they were great. Probably , the 1954 transfer of Hawd & reserve to Ethiopia showed their treacherous agenda to dismantle and divide the Somali People.
  9. Hawdian is a young man. He doesn't know that his ancestors fought the British with Draawish. In fact the early skirmishes that created the Darwiish movement and those who confronted were his ancestors. After 1911, the relationship with Syidka got worse. The most important diplomat of the movement Ina Shrix left the movement and Sayid Mohamed executed his wife and children, yet there were people from Somaliland who were with the Daraawiishta until the end. There was even a famous poem by Salaan Carabay, lamenting about the end of the movement. Now, let us talk about about the royal visit of Somaliland in 1958. While some of the public warmly recieved the royals, a large segment of the were no happy about the visit, including the independence movement parties and the educated segment of the land. On that occasion in 1958, the famous poet Mohamed Ismaciil Barkhad Cas or Balaayo Cas, recited this famous poem on that occasion. awoowgey ninki adoonsady ninkii aabahay indhaha tiray ninkii anigana i iibsaday hadaan arkayoonan ka aarsan karayn hadaanan Aadanow unuunka jarayn Ninkii ooridiisa ugeynaayow aan ooyee albaabka ii xidha. 2) Isagoo Iglan joogabuu i diloo ushuu soo fidshaa i iimaysoo waataa aramidii i oofa tirtaye itaal dari aan la eedaadoo Ninkii ooridiisa ugeynaayaw aan ooyee albaabka ii xidha. 3) Bal oggow isticmaarku abidkii iriduu marinaayo awr raran irbadbuu ku dayaa ayaamaa horee Ragan aan arkayee u abasaxayow ninowna ha odhanina soomaalaan ahee ordoo magacana ka iibsada. 4) Libaaxa anayiyo Abaarso ka ciyay Abu Riin Lo’da joogtabaa urisoo ooday jebisaa intay u dhacdoo amsaxuu ka guraa idaylkeedee waakaa isticmaarkii u iidaayee Ragan aan arkayee u abasaxayow in shaahiyo keegu waa urugee iimawdee axankaaga weynee. 5) Ugaadha ninkii gatee urursada ka soo arkabaa aduun ka baxshee ninkaa imanaaya awgii waa kaa isticmaarkii iidaayee Ragan aan arkayee u abasaxayow ordoo magacana ka iibsada. as you could see, this was a resident of Hargeisa in 1958.
  10. IL Cubano, do you know your name sake Cuba was on the other side of the war. The most important factor for the defeat ( withdrawal ) of Somali army was political. One ward that everyone agreed was the main cause is " Somali Irridentism ) " Back then the world was divided in two camps. The western capitalist block and the communist . In 1975 both Somalia and Ethiopia were part of the eastern block. In the real world, there is no way two countries belonging to the same camp to go to war. Siyaad Barre refused to acknowledge this simple fact. When Fidel Castro met him, before the start of the war in 1977, he did not even accepted that a communist revolution replaced the long ruling king. In one of the secret documents released by former east Germany reveal that Saudi Arabia and others were pulling Somalia from the communist block. It was a right war executed a wrong time. Also as Holac said, a lot of good generals were lost due to that war for political reasons.
  11. Ahmed Diiriye and Dahir Xaad, the two leading members of the " Odayaasha Dhaqanka HAG" have shown to be tough and principled. They stood against A/laahi Yusuf, they confronted Shariif Ahmed and even challenged some of the Jubba policy of Hassan Sheikh. Politely, they stated that they support the peace and progress in Somaliland, but they stick to their one nation stand. These men must be respected by their principle.
  12. Holac, Saaxiib you are correct. These are his peers, and there is a big case for his removal. The issue is the process and what is at stake. We already have head that people claiming the matter should be refereed to the constitutional court. That will drag on for months. There are no credible courts to take the case. Culusow already flew to Uganda to solicit their support. In the meantime, the war against al-shabaab is going on. We don't need another distraction at this moment. It is unfortunate but we must accept the reality on the ground.
  13. I think the time has come for Faysal and his Party to take advantage of the situation. There is no kulmiye party. Sooner or later they will implode. Let the family circle of Siilaanyo and Ina Biixi clash. Those who are looking clean, honest government and capable leaders must vote for Ucid. I urge the Awdal community to discard the tired party and elect UCID. Vote foe new direction and new leadership. Let us defeat Xirsi, Morgan and company. THere are more than 152 million in the Somaliland trust fund donated by the international community. Rather than collect few dollars for years to build small port, demand that money should be distributed. Talk to Fatsal and others, they will build the port. Time is running out of Kulmiye, they can't build anything with one year left. By the way the interview was great, but too long.
  14. It has been a few days, since a group of parliamentarians waged a campaign to unseat President Hassan Sheekh. It was difficult for the naked eye to sort out the motives and the identity of these group. After the storm subsided, a clear image of the " Xildhibaano" is emerging. They could be divided in three main groups. 1- Warlords and The old enemies against the restoration of the state. These are mostly warlords who have committed crimes against the Somali people for the last twenty years. We all thought they were all disappeared in this new beginning of the Somalia. Rather than been put to jail , sanction their movements, or quietly move on, they came back with vengence. President Shariif Ahmed and the supreme court chief allowed them to join among the " Xildhibaano" selected by the tribal elders, after the technical committee denied them and disqualified for past criminal activities. This is the price you we pay when those who should be in cell block becomes Parliamentary block. Cumar Finish, Qanyare yaasha, C/qadir Cosoble, C/rashid Xiddig, Ahmed Madoobe, Saransoor, and others are among them. For these spoilers money is their main motivation. Also , since the emergence of the Damujaddiid, they may have lost some of their business activities due to the new NGO groups who dominate contacts and other government related businesses. These group are mostly HAg, with few others from the Sahal members. Among them are former (IC) Maxakamado, members who masquerade both as "Wadaado and Businessmen. The leading member of these Maxakamado is C/qaadir Cosoble, who after winning, 24 vote in the last presidential election, thought that after all everyone could be a president. Sahal members may say that the presence of the "HAG" among the dissenters, makes the campaign against Qoslaaye a pi-partisan agenda. The truth is these maneuvering among the Hag circle shows the deep underlying conflict among them. They are spoilers in chief. It also demonstrates that the idea that tribal loyalty exist among Mogadishu clans is not true. In fact most of the Somali Parliamentarians, may have been selected as a 4.5 tribal formula, but they are their own men with personal interests. 2- Old dogs and losers who never quit. These are people who once held high offices in their capacities. Within that position , they learned few tricks and other methods to spoil or drail the journey of every government if they do not get their way. They are also the best vessel to carry the agenda of the foreign countries, especially , neighboring countries against Somalia. Also throughout the years, they stole enough money to carry their dirty tricks. These coalition is led Mr (Sakiin) Shariif Hassan Sheekh, Hassan Abshir Faarah and others. Mr. Shariif controls about three dozen members of the .5 group and D &m members. If you are interested in kicking somebody for a political price, stop your bus and pick the Shariif, because he has an abundance of "Xildhibaano". These group , also attracts the opportunist "Xildhibaan who intends to make some money on this ordeal. 3- The big guns and the neighbors. This group is definitely the ones who are interested in the big chair. They have both the resources , infrastructure and the backing of the foreign powers. They probably are the ones pushing the campaign from behind. Their main goal is to weaken the President in order to prevent him for seeking second term. In my humble opinion , these group are not shooting to finish the term until 2016, they are eliminating the threat of Qoslaaye coming back for re election. Among them is Shariif Ahmed, C/raxmaan Faroole, Cali Geedi, C/weli of Puntland and C/raxman Baadiyow. The Somali people have seen this film before. They can't wait the next election. The premature dismissal and the weakening of the Somali President and the prime Minister has been always the biggest obstacle to achieve some kind of continuity and sustained political change. It all started in Carta, after Prime Minister Galaydh was dismissed without just cause while traveling out of the country. We have seen what happen to Farmaajo, just after a year in office. No nation can formulate a sustained policy if you change the leadership if two years. After Al-shabaab attached Villa Somalia, I was favoring a review of the presidents position at the end of the second years which is September, 2014. Now I changed my mind. After seeing the coalition that is gearing for the power through warlords, criminals, Maxakamado, and tired political operatives of the last century, I am on the side of the caution. I believe a caution is the right thing for many reasons. 1- First It takes four to six months to organize, build the coalition and eventually defeat the President. It will be another six months before a new president , prime minister and cabinet are formulized. That is one full year wasted, then , what is left is one year. 2- In order to remove the head of the state certain thresholds must be met, among them, treason, crimes and other dangerous deeds that will hasten the collapse of the state. 3- It is not our antipathy or dislike of his policy alone that warrants his removal. 4- since the United Nations monitoring group report I have certain mistrust of the intentions of the group. 5- The policy and agenda of this President must take it's course. Then, we can totally judge his failures and achievements. Every Somali leader who becomes president have probably encountered huge interference from outside powers, which makes his task difficult. 6- Rather than put the focus on the total defeat of Al-shabaab, and gathering of intelligence, the President and the government may entirely concentrate to save itself from defeat, and stay in power. That means all the gains and territorial advances against Al-shabaab may take at the back seat. 7- We are in transition, Al-shabaab has been militarily defeated, the liberated zones must be consolidated, food and other relief must be sent to these communities. The building of the national army should be speeded. Sometimes, things should take it's course. I say no to the constant shoveling of the deck. I say no to the coalition of the opportunists who have shown any principle to the betterment of the country. I will not accept , the weakening of the leader. Somalia needs consistency and continuity. The Somali people do not tolerate two more years of bickering, maneuvering and vote buying. Both the Parliament and the government must be replaced at end of their term in 2016. the evil When the time comes, a whole group of leaders, including the president will be judged for what has taken place for the last six years, so , let chips fall where the may, in due course. Having said that, there could be some advantages for shaking the President a little bit, not removing him from the power, but Shaking ( In layara Gilgilo) him. This shake down means: A) It may awaken his senese and work harder. b) He may realize that no one is above the law, and he must follow the rules. c) He will no longer drag his feet to prolong his mandate and prepare for another term. This shake down means no second term for him. d) His reliance of foreign powers, like Uganda and others will not be a key to his Presidency. e) Tribal loyalties and surrounding himself with his sub clan, doesn't guarantee support. f) He must realize that Results on the ground like, security, peace and institution building is the ultimate judgement of his term not his connections. Waar tolow colka jooja.
  15. Odayaaashu waa marti sharaf leh, waa in la soo dhaweeyaa oo siduu dhaqanku ahaa xoolo loo loogaa. Ummadu waa in ay wada hadashaa oo is waraysataa. It is a good move. After meeting with elders, Let them speak freely, and intermingle with the public.
  16. Holac, I hope these guys and girls are Amxaaro Muslims who are also Amharic speakers. If these are Somalis, where is their music and culture. Don't they know Ethiopia doesn't mean Ahmara.?.
  17. Is that all you got. Being a majority of certain Somali place doesn't improve life for ordinary citizens. I want rule of law not my uncle is in charge. remember one of my close uncle was in charge of Somaliland for more than 8 years and nothing has improved for his own village. I do not like Siilaanyo because he is tired, sick and old age. It is not personal. In fact Siilaanyo was always a capable man who could do things. He was never accused of corruption during the Somali government and the SNM time. The main issue is he has health issues which doesn't allow to be alert or safeguard the public purse. These gives unelected family cronies unqualified access. This exactly what happen Somalia in nineteen eighties. In hargeisa, just like Siyaad barre, we have a " Morgan" the son in law of Siilaanyo, arresting newspaper editors and journalists., just because they wrote about his un elected access and abuse. Did you see members of parliament being bought in Mogadishu?, well it is happening in Hargeisa. An entire members of former Udub party from Awdal were bought by cash to join Kulmiye party. So please, The new "Reer Siyaad" Gaahgaabso yaan gaadh lagaa qabane". people are not stupid. We see a cabinet chief, a mere minister being welcomed at the airport like a president. I see A Muuse Suudi ( Muuse Biixi), an unelectable gangster bulling people and trying to be leader by corruption and collusion. La isma gaadhin, soon we will write all the misdeeds of Siilanyo, Geele, Qoslaaye and the rest.
  18. Ciidansuldaan, I don't mind the Americans, they better than the French., but the issue is this island is for sale. The Japanese want to lease a base, so do the Chinese, the Germans, Spain and others. All the money is pocketed by Geele. No conditions no rules, just rent to everybody.
  19. Somaliarising, moving the capital is huge. It is nore important than Prime minister or president. It is a big move. To make Hargeisa the foundation of the vnew Somalia is great. The truth is southern politicians will not allow to happen. I think Xaaj and others will not be felixible at this junctu of Somali debate. ' midho guntigaaga kujira kuwa geed saaran looma dadiyo". You should never nogotiate uoy of weakness. This is the same issue , Somali government is doing with Kenya, Ethiopia and vothger. The truth is Somaliland haven't been challenged enough so far. they never faced a leader who put his house in order, organized the south and then came to the table. As long as there are no big vission leaders in the south , the status quo will remain.
  20. The colonials who came to the shores of Somalia at the end of nineteenth century described the Somali people different ways. I am not going to indulge the outright racist or the small minded colonial officer or writer making a judgement, but there are certain descriptions that seem to fit the Somali behavior. The most eminent English literature writer and historian among Somalis, Prof. Sad Samatar, described few adjectives that colonial writers coined on Somalis, mostly inconsistencies and independence. I also added some of my own descriptions and narrations as usual. 1- They are constantly consistent ( Waligood wax ma daaimaa). Ku ogow in aysan wax Daayimin. This one mainly pertains about appointments and tasks that need time and space. Professional developers had concluded that to perform a Job (Shaqo), there must be a place to do the job and there must be defined time to be finished. Otherwise it could became talk and more talk or the Somali way of " Faanoole fari kama qodna". Since 2006, the day C/laahi Yusuf government entered Mogadishu and the two governments that followed, everyone is talking about the formation of Somali National Army. If you put aside all the political talk and flying around the globe by the leaders, the main issue is " ceelkii yaa qoday xoolihiina yaa Waraabiyey". there is a Somali saying " Ninkii dhalaalayaba, cidbaa Dhoobada Ugu jirta". Well , we all want to shine, without any body dirting his clothes. Change, can only come through painstaking work, patience and hard work. The treasury must be guarded, the salary must reach the soldiers and all the leg work must be taken in a dangerous environment. Extraordinary times need extraordinary men and women who are willing to do things differently. You want to contribute to the well being of the Somali stalk,?, keep your promises. In my own town here in the Diaspora one of the "parasitic unproductive", communities were organizing a Somali week festival some six years ago. They advertised in fliers about their incoming activities, which included children's "jungle Jim's, soccer tournaments, barbecue and food, and other indoor performances. Verbally, they asked us to help them organize physically some of the jobs. the Fliers said , the festival will start from 10am to 7pm. Me and my buddy went there at 10am to help. No one was there. THe first one among the principal organizers showed up just before 11am. None of them brought anything. The barbecue grill oven was brought around noon and it did not work. They have to find another one. we were lucky enough to set up things around 2:00pm. These are the people who are paid to conduct these matters. Rather than start Six in the morning and get ready for the big day, they just took their time. Imagine some of these types of individuals taking charge back home, or , if the man who has food on the table, roof in his head and have comfortable live here in north America, is not doing his duties toward his communities, what you expect from the soldier who is not paid his salary. 2- They are Republicans , who are fiercely and independent. They say the Americans are the most freedom loving and independent people. I will add that we Somalis are known throughout the ages by two main characters just like the Americans and even more, " We are people of faith and freedom" ( Xoriyad iyo Iimaan). These two characters are our foundation. " Dalka malihid anigaa ku idhi Dooroolaha e. A Somali poet by the name of Mohamed Nuur Laangadhe( Ahn), was asked by the British in 1945, in Hargeisa, to make a poem describing the and praising the victories achieved by the British in the second world war. He was given some money and taken to the Radio. Mr. Laangadhe, did not know the ideologies of the combatants, the Holocaust committed by the Nazis or the battle between totalitarian and democracy. For him it was a battle among feuding european powers. His poem became one of fiercely independent Somali way of life, " Maxaa iiga gidiisha". I do not care. gidhligaanka gariiriyo Garnayl loola tagaynin Iglan baa gubanaysa Maxaa iiga gidhiisha Gudaha ceelka hargeysa Weligay gees uma dhaafin Bal maxaa laba gaal oo abtirsiimo gudboon Midkood aan u gumayn Midna guusha u siin Maxaa iiga gidhiisha Gudaha ceelka hargeysa Waligay gees uma dhaafin Inta aan wax gasiintiyo Intaan gaajo ku seexday Hadii aan isu geeyo Mala waa isku gow e Mar haddaan ka gabyay oon go'aygiina ka qaatay Maxaa iiga gidhiisha After that they arrested him " The great composer (ahn) C/qaadir Xirsi Yam Yam, said it best in the heydays of Somali Republic. Waqtiyada socdaalka ah Ayaamaha silsidda ah Xilliyada bal suuree Soojire haddaad tahay Sadarrada dib ugu noqo SOOMAALI WAA KUMA? Sinnaantaan la magac ahay Sanku-neefle ma oggoli Inuu iga sarrayn karo Anna garasho sogordahan Sooryo ruux ugama dhigo SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY Ninna madax-salaax iyo Kama yeelo seetada Sasabada ma qaayibo Sirta waxaan iraahdaa Saab aan biyaha cellin SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY Dabayshaan la socod ahay Salfudeydna uma kaco Waabay sunaan ahay Marna samawadaan ahay Samir baan hagoogtaa Soomaali baan ahay Inkastoon sabool ahay Haddana waan sarriigtaa Sacabada ma hoorsado Saaxiib nimaan nahay Cadawgayga lama simo SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY Socdaalkaygu waa meel Sahaydaydu waa dacar Soohdintaydu waa caan Seeftaydu waa cudur Naftuna geedka iga suran SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY Nin i sigay ma nabad galo Nin i sugayna maba jiro Libta weli ma sii dayn Gardarrada ma saacido Nin xaqlana cid lama simo SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY Nabaddaan u sahanshaa Colaaddaan ka selelaa Sooma jeesto goobaha Ninka nabarka soo sida Gacantiisa kama sugo SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY Ninkaan taydu soli karin Uma yeelo suu rabo Sida dunida qaarkeed Ninna kabaha uma sido SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY Ninka iga sed roonow Siintaada magaca leh Ogow kaama sugayee Hana oran “sasabo bedow” Dareen seexda ma lihiye SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY Saan la kala jaraan ahay Summadi ay ku wada taal Rag baa beri i saanyaday Anoo xoolo soofsada Xil midnimo anaa sida (SOOMAALI BAAN AHAY)... 3- They are up to no good, they do not have a leader (waa Kaligood Suldaan). One of the first colonial writers and officers to pass east Africa was exploring the land with some Kenyan Swahili natives. Suddenly a caravan appeared from the distance. As they got closer, the officer noticed that these men were different from the kikuyo and others in their clothing and physical features. He enquired , Who are these guys?. One of his swahili men said " They are Somalis, they up to no good, each one of them is his own chief". They have no leader. A leaderless society is doomed. When the British Empire was ruling around the globe, the foundation of their success was the rule of law and the undisputed supremacy of the King Or Queen. Things were done for King and Country. Wherever these British has settled, they are well known to the supremacy of the law and leadership. A friend of mine, few years ago, traveled from Dallas, Texas to visit Mexico. While he was speeding to the border to beat the rush hour , he was stopped by a Texas trooper. The usual, north American standard questions were asked, like : can I see your driving licence, insurance and registration?, He gave them all, and was given a speeding ticket. Have a nice trip. He proceeded and crossed the border to Mexico. . While inside Mexico, he was stopped by some of their local police without speeding or doing any traffic infraction. He gave them all the necessary documents and they went inside their car. He waited for twenty minute which then turned to forty five minutes. When he asked what takes so long?, they told him amigo stay in your car. after waiting more than an hour, some african American passers by asked him what is going on?. He told them his ordeal. They told him, give them one hundred dollars, and soon you will be in your journey. He did, as they said , he proceeded to his journey. . Well, welcome to the over two hundred year old Republic of Mexico. It is a latin country. The rule of law can't take hold even after two century of existence , just like most Somali territories, especially in Mogadishu. We did not keep or modernized d our traditional leadership and hierarchy, nor we fully implemented the western system of modern leadership. If a person of great stature visits a city, the leadership of the community will be led by the Mayor, the business community, religious leaders, civic organizations and those who achieved success in their field. There are no tribal chiefs or other useless characters. Sometimes due to cultural tradition, an old man who have done nothing in life, may take the microphone because he is an elder. Here in North America, there are no legitimate leaders among any community. Just like the warlords back home, they keep the community hostage. Non of them, I mean not one single of them was elected by their communities, yet they claim to represent the diaspora communities. We do not have leaders. Some even suggest that one of the biggest obstacles of rule of law in Mogadishu is the people their left the traditional Suldaan and Mallq leadership, at the same time did not reach the modern western tradition of civic leadership which was destroyed by the military dictatorship. 4- The French said " they will never have a hero". Since the French was among those who colonized the Somali people, they had their own research in the Somali subject both during the colonial times and after the establishment of the Republic. Just last week , a fellow Dittore was arguing about the name the French coined to Djibouti. After the uprising of 1967, De Gaulle, decided to change the name "French Somaliland, and changed to " the territory of Afar and Issa", in order to take away the Somali character, promote certain tribes in order to defeat the Somali nationalism. The French said " since the tribal identity is the most important among them, they will not have a National hero". In their research, they said " The hero have to come from certain tribe", that alone will bring the condemnation of the other ones. Do you remember the "siira of the Prophet " in Makkah, when one of the tribes objected Prophet Mohamed (scw), on the basis of the tribe. They said we were equal in terms of power and rivalry, and now they saying a prophet was raised among them , no way. According to Dr. Omar Raabe, the French have done other secret researches in the seventies in Africa. In 1980, they said, by the year 2000, the Somali Republic will either join the middle income countries who are rinsing, or it will disappear into anarchy. The Great Darwiish. they are up to noo The Daraawiish movement was one of the oldest independent movement in the continent. The British, sent sixteen expeditions to defeat the movement. None of them succeeded. Britain, finally sent a commission to figure out the problem. The leader asked the questions: how many expeditions fought against Sayid Mohamed?, they replies sixteen, Then what makes this one different,?, They were all quite. Then he suggested that " ( Talada soomaalida waa in wax laga Siiyaa"), Somalis must be consulted. In order to save men and material, the British brought one of their new fighter planes in a ship and assembled it in Aden, Yemen. When all the logistics and the men were prepared, they asked the Somali elder what is next. He said let us move without notice. after a while they reached an empty lanscape. The british man said , we have been traveling and these place seems to empty. The Somali man said: " Ingriisoow Kanoonigaaga rakibo" Hey Mr. brit set up your cannon. He vsaid I do not see anything. " Boholahan ayey ku jiraane siidaa Kanooniga. The British then followed the Somali man and fired his cannon. after few minutes , the Daewiish came out of their dugouts. (Hadaba boobahaaga la gaadh, said the Somali man),, Now use your machine gun. After the Daraawiish retreated to their castles, the fighter plane came and bombed. One of Sayid Muhammad's companion said: Coomaadi duulayey Cadan ka keeneene, Cirkii baa is qabsaday, cararaqdoodiiye Aduguba aqlaad leedahee carrar maxaa dhaama. With help of Somali mind the great Darwiish movement was defeated after more than twenty years of struggle. Among us, he is the icon of Somali nationalism of the last century, followed by many others from the corners of the land. From Sheekh Hassan Barsame in Marka, Sheekh Bashiir in Burco and ahmed Gurey in Zaylac. I hope we can all agree on the achievements of our heroes regardless of their shortcomings. Some may reject him because of his clan, thus approving the french research. 5- Resilient and a nation of poets. The traditional pastoral culture of most Somalis needs resilient people to thrive. Most of the land is Savannah and semi desert with constant shortage of rain. A tough land for tough people. While the lands controlled by the Italians are fertile agricultural land , most Somali inhabited areas, from NFD, hawd & reserve, Somaliland and Djibouti are Pastoral nomadic land, which most of the colonials describe in their writings. . Tribal rivalry, scarce of resource and harsh climate made the art of poetry part of Somali culture. Here is the great Ismaacii Mire, in one of his poems about nature, man and beast. Guuguulayahaw haddaad, gugii u ooyayso, haddaad moodday keligaa inuu gubayo jiilaalku, Oo aad gamoorahakan maran gama’ la’aan diiday Ayna gocosho awgeed ilmadu, kaaga gobo’laysay Guumays cirroobaan ahaye war an ku gaarsiiyo Gartaa maaha keligaa inaad, gaar u cabataaye Giddigood addoomaha waxaa gaaray nabar weyne Abaar gaag ma reebaa dhacdiyo, gaatamoo kale e Geelii adduunka u adkaa, gobollo waydowye Golihii ka kici waa raggi,i gaydho hayn jiraye, Tuuladay ilgabadlaynayaan, gobol barbaartiiye Ninkii timirta goob dhigi lahaa, jiingaduu geline Ninna uma garaabeen haddaan, gaadhka laga hayne Gammaankii ka maray dhoodi iyo galaxyadeediiye Gumburigii bar baa joogsadiyo, goroyo cawshiiye Saryankii garbaha weyn lahaa, geed ka kici waaye Wuxuu gooni daaqii habsaday, gubaddadii Hawde Garanuugti iyo deeradi,i gaag yar baa haraye Gobay iyo askari geyfan baa, goodirkii jaraye Guuyadiyo jiiskii hadday, kala gol waayeene Kama guuxo aar goonlihi,i geliga toomoode Shabeelkii gabraar lagu idlee, giiro layn jiraye Oo gododka kama soo ciyaan, gabannadiisiiye Hargihiisa nimankii gataa, guuldarraw sidaye Gaadiidkii la dhaansanahayiyo, giindhaygii maraye Ahmigii la gawrici jiriyo, gaabay adhigiiye Goggii subagga laga buuxin jirey, hataan gorofaadye Basaas bay timihii uga go’een, gaaridii dumare Galowgiiiyo fiintii naf bay, giida la hayaane Gorgorkiyo dhurwaagii laftaad, galayax mooddaaye. Garaad Faaraxiyo Maxamuud Garaad, ma leh gammaankiiye Cood kama gurxamo dooxadii, garada fiicnayde, Garoowe iyo Bookh bay, harraad qaar u go’ayaane Gaajiyo rafaad bay qabaan, garow la’aaneede Ayaxii geyiga joogi jirey, guuto lagu saarye Gubniyaa hareeraha ka maray, gaariyaal wada e, Geedaha sun baa loogu daray, geerinaw badaye Wax ma galabsanine maalin baa, loo guddoonsadaye Adigaaba lagu gaadayaa, gooshkan dabadadeede Guuxiyo cabaadkiyo haddaad, gooha damin waydo Quruumahakan wada geyfan baa, baalka kaa guriye Gaagaabso oo aamus yaan, gaadh lagaa qabane!!! If we keep some of our good characters , like independence, faith, freedom and courage, at the same time get rid of the bad characters, we could be in a better position.
  21. As I said in these pages, I contact a certain ” Xildhibaan” from time to time. I asked him about the latest noise about Qoslaaye, the campaign to unseat him and few other things. First he said ” CaLI Geedi is not the one behind the campaign, Geedi was broke in Nairobi and made a lot of noise against Qoslaaye and his government. ” THe president’s sister went to Nairobi few weeks ago and she brought him to Mogadishu.” ka dibna waa la aamusiiyey”. I do not know what that means. I asked him about the lunch last weekend. He said ” security and vehicles for the gathering was arranged by Hag Members of the Parliament, it was hastily arranged and some of us did not even knew the agenda until after the lunch. When I asked him about this Cosoble guy and his plan he said ” Qadada iasagg bixiyey, laakiin, cid kale ayaa daaha gadaashiisa joogta, laakiin dhawaan ayaan ogaan doonaa. I also asked him about the President. He said ” cidina naf uma hayso, waa laga soo taagan yahay. That is the words he used if you can understand reer Somaliland dialect”. Now, let me add my few senses. who is hiding behind the curtain?. I do not think Faroole would like to finish someone else’s term. He may want to run 2016. Shariif Ahmed maybe pushing the issue behind since the agitators are his clansmen. How about Cali Khaliif?. remember he is mot done yet. all this Khaatumo visit and other “shir” are all prelude to the big job. The young guys may not know but Siilaanyo and Galayr even tried to replace Siyaad Barre without blood. THey formed a group called ” jeegaanta”( I have to verify the real name) . Galayr and his men were working to make Siilaanyo nthe prime minister under Siyaad Barre. When the time came to confront b Siyaad Barre, he and Siilaanyo slipped out of the country and that task was left to Ismaaciil cali Abokor, mohamed Adan Sheekh, Cumar carte and others. One senior bureaucrat even told me Ahmed Saleebaan Dafle Tipped them off about the the intentions of Siyaad Baree. any way he is gearing for 2016. C/weli, president of Puntland doesn’t want any bchanges, he is preparing for 2016 with a war chest. I do not know who is pushing Qoslaaye.
  22. THey may have logistical advantage, but anyone who have the skill and organization could win. I never never believe that power is given. Mahiigaan , you must take it, then exercise it.
  23. Waa in gudaha lawada dhigaa. Ciyaarihii gobolada ayagoo isku team ah atey midiyo isku qaateen. Saalax hawshan ma Siilaanyaan dusha ka saarnaa mise reer Burco wax baa ka siya?.
  24. As I said in these pages, I contact a certain " Xildhibaan" from time to time. I asked him about the latest noise about Qoslaaye, the campaign to unseat him and few other things. First he said " CaLI Geedi is not the one behind the campaign, Geedi was broke in Nairobi and made a lot of noise against Qoslaaye and his government. " THe president's sister went to Nairobi few weeks ago and she brought him to Mogadishu." ka dibna waa la aamusiiyey". I do not know what that means. I asked him about the lunch last weekend. He said " security and vehicles for the gathering was arranged by Hag Members of the Parliament, it was hastily arranged and some of us did not even knew the agenda until after the lunch. When I asked him about this Cosoble guy and his plan he said " Qadada iasagg bixiyey, laakiin, cid kale ayaa daaha gadaashiisa joogta, laakiin dhawaan ayaan ogaan doonaa. I also asked him about the President. He said " cidina naf uma hayso, waa laga soo taagan yahay. That is the words he used if you can understand reer Somaliland dialect". Now, let me add my few senses. who is hiding behind the curtain?. I do not think Faroole would like to finish someone else's term. He may want to run 2016. Shariif Ahmed maybe pushing the issue behind since the agitators are his clansmen. How about Cali Khaliif?. remember he is mot done yet. all this Khaatumo visit and other "shir" are all prelude to the big job. The young guys may not know but Siilaanyo and Galayr even tried to replace Siyaad Barre without blood. THey formed a group called " jeegaanta"( I have to verify the real name) . Galayr and his men were working to make Siilaanyo nthe prime minister under Siyaad Barre. When the time came to confront b Siyaad Barre, he and Siilaanyo slipped out of the country and that task was left to Ismaaciil cali Abokor, mohamed Adan Sheekh, Cumar carte and others. One senior bureaucrat even told me Ahmed Saleebaan Dafle Tipped them off about the the intentions of Siyaad Baree. any way he is gearing for 2016. C/weli, president of Puntland doesn't want any bchanges, he is preparing for 2016 with a war chest. I do not know who is pushing Qoslaaye.
  25. odayga maanta, marka hore soo dhawoow, marlabaad waxaan ka mid ahay dadka suugaanta xiiseeya. labada wakhti need sheegtay midka hore wakhti aag buu ahaa. wakhtigaas hore waxaan ku arkay suugaan badan oo u badan Faan, Diradiraale, iyo digasho. Inkasta oo waxyaaba badan oo dhaqan, deeqsinimo iyo geesiniom ku jirto hadana waxaad moodaa in ay tayo liidatay. Dhinacayga waxaan is leeyahay, suugaantii gobonimo doonka iyo wakhtigii xoriyada ka horeysay ayaan u arkaa mid tayadeeda iyo meesha laga ciyaarayba ay ayhayd mi saraysa. Bal eeg Barkhad Cas, Xaaji AAdan af qalooc iyo rag kale oo ka hadlayey gumaysiga iyo nxoriyada.