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  1. Alpha, apology accepted. Yoniz, I have to approve you. Any way good luck.
  2. Brazil may dance their Samba, but they are a weak. Look at their forwards, Neymar or Oscar of chelsea and compare to the big horses like Balotelli, Ronaldo or Muller of Germany. They can't shoot from outside and the age of dribbling around strong defences is over. THe Dutch have been always good and could give a challenge to anybody. But can't close the game at the end. I say the last four could be Germany, Italy, Argentina and Portugal( Brazil). If messi can't win this cup , he will never be one of the greats. the final could be Argentina Vs Germany, or Argentina Vs Portugal. I say Forza Italia.
  3. I think the Arab states of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon will not last any longer. Sectarian lines are forming. Maliki aligned himself with the Iranians and Asad regime, and also he decimated the Sunni Iraqis. Now the Sunnis with help of every extremist in the land are trying to curve their own territory free from Shiite rule. From Anbar province in the west to Tikrit and Mosul will be a Sunni republic of Iraq. I think the Saudis and others are backing this idea. Even Syria could be divided along sectarian line, with the shiite Zones along the Bekaa valley joint Hizbullah's lebanon and forming their own state. Hizbullah fighters are very active in the Syrian war and they believe they are fighting for the survival of shiite in the region. It is a mess. About ten or so years ago I heard some analysts predicting that the Arab states may revert to their original tribal ways and rules just like Somalis.
  4. Safferz, Have you been the old town of Harar. I heard they have some one thousand year old " Qur'aan Kitaabs" with an old calligraphy. Friend of mine told me they are designated as International heritage site. By the way do not talk politics with local people and even in SOL. You are Canadian, but it could take months sometimes to free people from Ethiopia. JUst little concern. good luck.
  5. I do not know where the feminists has entered in this discussion. THere is " hadith which says something in the line of " if you see good things, take it belongs to Islam or lost from it" maybe Khayr will correct me. Apophis , I thought you were the most western of all Sol guys since you adopted the most extreme version. In last thread, I have purposely encouraged discrimination of your ilk, which I thought is acceptable in terms of marriage. Buuraha, I apologise, I used our political feud personally and used for my thread. I am happy for your family and children. Khayr I agree, some good able men can take a second wife, without leaving behind the first. Last week it was Hawdian insulting and Jumping up for from a small cartoon by Amin Amir, now itis Alpha insulting a whole tribe to retaliate for small matter. , go to Hiiraan and most of the insults are coming from Somalilanders. Is this insecurity or just bad behavior. I thought after these many years Landers were self confident who can take a heat. It is strange, those who are loudest among Somalis in terms of debate and discussion , are also the first to agitate in any infraction. Finally, mr. Administration, I have never seen any moment where you demanded anyone an apology or retraction.
  6. Xaaji we have two airports and not much aviation to manage . what will this huge office building can contribute. I would have put all ministries in a single building. For me it is a waste of money. I would have used that money for clinics or water wells.
  7. Barwaaqo, Ina adeer waad mahadsan tahay. gabadh ku amaanay ma wax loo dhiga ayaa jira. That Hadraawi song, really sums up the value of the Somali mother. I will do my best, although some young punks may want to expel me from the SOL.
  8. Dr. Kenny what are you waiting?. Are you in school? if not , then why are dragging your feet. Take a charge.
  9. Ragii ma adigaa ka hadhay ( the few good men). Here in the west, when people talk about the next generation, or the future of their grandchildren, they really mean it. It is not just a talk or encouragement for people to look the future. Everything that surrounds you is a testament of generation of people transferring leadership, government, wealth, property, infrastructure and a long lasting system. When they build highways, bridges, and overpasses, they construct to last for their grandchildren. Just look at the American interstate system, it was mostly built in nineteen fifties and early sixties. Everyone is trying to give the country better than how they received or would strive to give the next generation the same opportunity as they had when they were young. Those of us who have matured in the late eighties and early nineties inherited a country destroyed by our fathers and uncles for one reason or another. Now , without further delay, let me get to the topic of this thread. We the middle aged men and women who spent half of their life time in the diaspora, we will not be transferring a nation, wealth or anything we have accomplished back home. We went through a lot to be a productive citizen. Now the ball is on the side of the young generation Somalis who grew up in the diaspora, particularly those who spent most of the age in north America. Many of these young men have perished and lost their lives in this tough streets, while others are spending their time behind bars, vast majority of them have somehow survived and are making strides in their lives. In this thread I will concentrate, not the bad and the ugly, but the good young men who made it. Those who are making an honest living through hard work and those who achieved some form of education to better themselves. Last year, one of my friends son got married to Eritrean girl, and just last summer on of local girls who attended one of our schools married a foreigner. These are not the exception to the rule of our young men and women marrying one another, but it is becoming a common thing. I know love is blind and you can't do much about two people who want to share life, but, this could create social problems for our young people. I do not want to raise the alarm bell or create wrong expectations , but this trend may grow bigger if we don't fix the problem. The main culprit in the issue could be many things. I did not made any research on that matter, but I would like to point out few major reasons. 1- The Somali girl is achieving much higher than the boys. As I mention in one of my threads, a higher percentage of the Somali girls are achieving much better than their male counterparts in education. In some provinces in Canada the ration could be 2:1. These creates higher expectations for the girls to find suitable mate. Usually, in a marriage compatibility is essential. Even in the Sunnah, it encourages the marriage of people that share values and are compatible, not the outdated tribal values of the nomads. In this scenario, the typical young man is scared to confront the genies girl who is perfect in so many ways. as the tradition demands, mostly it is the male who courts and initiates the first step of the " hasaawaha". A decade or so ago, the Prime Minister of Singapore was saying the typical male is becoming fool in the age of the these well educated women. He encouraged girls to stop pursuing education and start getting married. Well, I will not be proposing that, but I will suggest to the boys to go and challenge these geniuses. They might overachieved, but they still need the love of a caring man. 2- Some are Going back home to find the perfect pride. I see a lot of young men, especially those who have been in this country just over a decade or others who are not exposed to the family life of the Canadian Somalis, they go back home to find a pride. Sometimes, they just want to drag things in a few years while the wife, that he went back home to marry waits for the process to finish. I was counseling a young man few months ago about that long process. Why not marry an educated or just a local girl instead of going back home to find a pride. For the local girl, you don't have to teach her the language, and she won't be spending years in Esl language; you don't have to teach her how to drive a car, because she is already licensed to drive. She may even contribute financially until you had babies. It is what we call win win situation. 3- These young men are refusing to take their stake in their world. or just refuse to grow up. I have a beef with these group of young men who just doesn't want to grow. Some have already finished school long time ago but , they are not done yet with the single life and hanging with groups ( asxaab iyo maaweelo). They do not want any responsibilities or the just want to drag their feet. A large number of these are partying or having some kind of useless relationship on the side. these are the guys who suppose to fill that gap I was talking about. They are really compatible with the local girls, they grew up here in North America, they are educated and they can be the new generation of Somalis that should take whatever legacy we leave behind here in the diaspora or contribute the revival of the Somali people in the horn. 4- Finally, we must adopt with the changing technology and way of life of the modern Muslims of north America. The arranged marriage of our forefathers, were someone may recommend to you the next door girl who is both good and caring is over. for these generation of girls, you can't choose for them or even suggest who they should be marrying. The best you could could or should do is she must know those who share her values and faith. There are no social or other community venues that these young people could meet and understand each other. University or educational places are not enough. There has to be more interaction about the neighbors and the community in general. Barbecues, volunteering, and Somali events must be done to bring the next generation together. Last year, I was invited an event hosted by the ONLF ( Ogaden Liberation Front). The speaker was the number two man of the movement, and former founder of WSLF ( western Somalia liberation Front). By the way I was always a contributing fellow of the movement ( Qaadhanka Bill kasta waan bixin jiray, inkasta oon magaca diidanahay, ilayn berri hadii laxoreeyo , Kaadi baan u soo cabnay ayey xaafadu odhnayaane ). I have to throw that line in the middle. Any way, when the speeches and other matters were over, it was time for some cultural dance and refreshments. As usual , the traditional " Dhaanto", had started and the room became alive. While the young man and women were participating , some of them were somehow reluctant. After the dance , people demanded one more time of the Dhaanto. The vice chairman took to the microphone and said, " waar u daaye ha ciyaaraane, hadaad diido in ay hortaada ku ciyaarto, meel kale oodan garanayn ayey ku ciyaariye". I still remember that quote. He was encouraging for the young to play in front of their families , or they may go and play in nightclubs or other an savory places. 5- They could be worried about economic well being. This group, are just afraid of the modern economy. They believe , they can't sustain a married life in these competitive environment. Time could be out until they find that cosy job which pays a ton of money. We came to Canada twenty some years ago, life was much tougher than todays environment. Yes we had some education and could speak passing English, but we were stranger in a new country. jobs were scarce. The North American free trade decimated almost all manufacturing and factory jobs, which was the entry points for new immigrants. Unemployment was high. It was a difficult to get a dish washer. The minimum wage was 6/hour. Nowadays, someone who just came from a refugee camp, could start a warehouse labourer for 15/hour. What they don't know is, here in the west, consistency and having permanent life like a marriage is a recipe for prosperity. Whatever you earn, you will some how spend, at least spend in your family. There could be other reasons. Now since we are pointing fingers, let us see which group these young lads in SOL, fare in this litmus test. Some how, I assumed most of you are young. I do not meen teenages or late teena. I mean those who are in their middle twenties and early thirties. let us say from 25- 31 old category. If most of you are among those group who neglected their duties or refused to grow, then I must rethink my future participation of this forum. Because, I do not want to be associated with bunch of young men who do not want to fulfil their moral duties. I have a niece graduating next year, and I hope a decent guy comes for her hand. now let me try and do survey. Please answer truthfully if you are single or married. I hope these will not infringe your privacy. We are doing it for the good of the community. 1- Ninyaban, single, just by judging him in " somalia behind bars". 2-Che, measured man, married. if not God help us. 3- Holac, good man but still single. 4-Dr Osman, Radical puntlander, single, otherwise he would have slowed his zeal 5- Saalax, single, there are no women in khaliij. 6- Alpha, single, doesn't want to grow. 7-Cadalle, married. I read some where. Finally , good for you. 8-Dalmar, married. reer Mudugs do not wait. good I hope. 9- Mooge, over achiever, yet Single. he should have, long time ago. Guity. 10-Ciidansuldan. He went home good for him. Married. those who went home are contributing . 11- Dr, Kenny, married I hope , otherwise guilty as charged. 12- Mahiigaan, hard to say. since he doesn't know much about Mogadishu, he must be young. married. 13Dhagax tuur, married. 14-Malister, married. Caynaabka hay. 15-safferz, guilty as charged. Single. 16- Deeq cawil, married. keep the big picture. 17- Adnaan, young, single. maybe too young. 18-peaceaction , married. 19- Tilamook, tough guy already married. 20-Wadani, married. hard to judge. 21- Apophis. married to a white lady, or I do not mind him being single. It just discrimination. I know. 22-Tallaabo, Marreid/ single . could be enjoying life, hard to tell. 23-Yoniz, Single. could be still too young pank. 24- Mustafe, Single, doesn't want to grow. 25- Maskin Macruf akhyar. Married, otherwise guilty as charged. 26- Libaax sanka Taabte, Single I hope I am wrong. 27- buuraha, Hope he is single, otherwise pray for that girl. 28- Somalirising, married. 29- Miyir, Single. Probably. Now , in this list imaginary list only less 40% are married. That is really bad. Finally in order to perfect the survey please answer the question. Thanks.
  10. I agree, they have no where to hide. Al-shabaab will target them outside Mogadishu. The good news is they way Sheekh Atom addressed the murderous ways of al- shabaab, like enslaving, oppressing and starving innocent people for collateral damage. many like minded people must speak loudly in order to persuade young people to abandon Al-shabaab. Aweys and friends should speak louder and condemn al-shabaab rather than spew these nonsense about " dalka waa la haystaa". If he doesn't say that ;loud and clear, why shelter him in Mogadishu. send him to his old friends.
  11. Did I mention that I also do care a lot about my other country Canada?. We came from a war torn country and they did open their doors to us. Gave us an opportunity to make a living and raise a family. The Canadian middle class pays most of the taxes and is the backbone of the country.
  12. They can resolve this issues through legal avenues. If both Ahmed Siilaanyo and Ina Biixi want to run for Kulmiye, it is easy to resolve. call the party convention and let the delegates vote. the number of delegates is around 1200 members. They can choose the winner and the problem is solved. I am afraid, as they usually do they push the problem for another day and the matter will drag on until the last minute. The Guurti will create either wrong solutions or illegal maneuvers. There are three scenarios. 1- They will decide to make Ina Biixi , the vice president of Siilaanyo in the next election and eliminate C/raxman Zatlici. They do not need to disclose this , but proclaim that a solution was reached. 2- They will postpone the election two years. Rather than 2015, they will propose in July/2017. In this scenario, both the Guurti and Parliament will be part of these extension. In other words, they are doing themselves a favor since their term is already expired. Ahmed Siilaanyo will serve until 2017, then, he will resign to make way for Biixi. The constitution is clear on this . " election can only be postponed due to war or natural disaster. None of these reasons are there, unless Biixi want to create that war in the coming months. In other words , it is illegal to postpone. 3-the last but not the least is to put a band aid to the problem. Instead of facing the issue, they may recommend to keep the status quo and say " Gudddomiyaha waa in loo daayaa maamulka xisbiga, madaxweynuhuna dawlada ku eekaadaa". Anyone of these steps will not resolve the deadlock. Also, I see some anarchist tendencies from the supporters of Ins Biixi. Can you imagine a former vice minister who keeps "BKM' machine guns in his home to protect himself from his own government. You can have a single security guard, a pistol or a gun, to protect yourself from criminals or bandits, but to have three armed men and machine gun in your home, shows extremist tendencies. That is why probably the security forces raided his home in the middle of the night. Siilaanyo made a big mistake by transferring the leadership illegally without contest. If Ina Biixi has support inside the party, let him contest and win . even if Siilaanyo leaves , someone else inside Kulmiye could easily defeat Ina Biixi.
  13. Tutu, good question. Actually I am a typical Somali in terms of issues facing my country, it's history, culture and the future. I believe we are free, independent, interpleural people who have a potential to build a good future for their nation, if given another opportunity is given. I know this thread is all over the place, As Ninyaban said, sometimes, these Somali issues consume my mind daily, and I should let it go. Rather than put all my thoughts in one thread, maybe I should address each differently. Having said that , I believe I have a lot to offer to these young lads tearing one another. " gadheerayaasha, beryahanba waan saaranahay oo Al-shabaab iyo belaayadan ay noo keeneen baan ku haystaa. I have great respect for those Propagate our faith and nurture our tradition.
  14. Miyir, it seems you just woke up from a long hibernation.
  15. not only amateurish it is stupid. because Gaas " doob gabadh raadinaya oo guur raba ma aha. He is married. Totally misplaces comic.
  16. meel nidaam jiro ayuun baa loo cawda. He have been cured, but he want to go outside the country. do not politicize his ordeal.
  17. This document presented by ambassador Sherman is one of the most comprehensive the United States ever released on Somalia. She is well informed and well prepared. " Somalis have to decide, whether they want to exit as desperate clans, isolated from the world and, in conflict with one another or a country with all attributes and responsibilities a united could brings". this quote sums up the future. Remember folks, the main issue won't be the defeat of Al-shabaab alone. The main task is the one this good ambassador outlined. We welcome the united State as a partner to build the somali national army.
  18. I think there is more to this latest incident. last week four well armed men have been captured in Lughaya region of Awdal. THese men were traveling in the rural area of the district by foot, the local people saw them and could not identify them as local army since they were not wearing civilian clothes. The local ,people informed the Lughaya mayor and later they were arrested by the security officers without incident. THey were transferred to Borama jail. since then there were no information about those men. It is hard to tell what was their mission. They could have been Al-shabaab looking for soft target, or other politically motivated people targeting civilians and putting mistrust among communities. Further more, Ethiopian secret agents have been captured and arrested in Gabiley, two months ago while armed and traveling without any Somaliland escort. They were later released after they were identified. The good thing is people are vigilant. I think Djibouti also could be lying by saying that they have been assisted to cross the border. The Djibouti border is porous one. any one can pass the not controlled area of the Border. THey are trying to reassure the Americans and other western nations who have bases their that the border is secure. The bad consequences of this is Djibouti could be coping the Kenyan action and start deporting Somalis who have settled their.
  19. believe me we are not like any other society. we have been the victims of our own making. few years ago in just about 24 months, 28 young Somalis were killed in this part of Canada, for unresolved murders and other related to drugs or just brothers killing one another. A third of the murder in city for that year were somalis. There were famine just three years ago in Somalia, so does other terror and piracy related issues. In the light of all these bad publicities, we are trying to show the world and our own communities, the good job and better side of the vast majority of Somalis are doing. We are trying to show them that we are a law abiding, family people who are doing their best, regardless of the hardships we face. On that end, little things like punctuality, order, politeness and considerate to other will go a long way. THese values are not white people's values, they are universal values. WE are trying to project a better image, and we should start from these little things.
  20. Nin-Yaaban, thanks for your advice. Walaahi, I swear to Allah the all mighty,that before I wrote this story, I was thinking, Is there any way to teach us Somalis how to behave and interact other people daily?, some kind of medium, and you came to my mind. I was thinking, why not nin-yaaban, instead of writing that awful " somalis behind bars", write a different one narrating the daily ugly habits of our so people could learn and avoid. Let me give you an example: while I was doing some banking at my local bank, two Somali middle aged men entered the business. We were all in the line up. They were laughing and talking loud as they entered. When they took their posts at line, their demeanor and behavior didn't change a bit. Just like to guys in the street chatting. Since they were behind me, I said " waar suuqii Gaalkacayo ma joogtaane hoios u hadla ". One of them said " are we really loud?, I said, yes. The other one said," Soomaalida cabsida iyo baqdinta lagu riday ayaan la yaabay". He was thinking that we were scared of our surroundings. They do not care. you can speak your mother's language as you like nut with lower tone. It is rude to speak a foreign language in a business establishments, and loudly get the attention of others. Finally, before I left the first one said, " how do you know we were from Gaalkacayo". I said " I know your accents". In fact it was just a wild guess, i could have said, dhuusamareeb, or other place.
  21. Buuraha, I know you have your own deluded history. We believe we were the ones who forgave the crimes of SNK in Borama and many other places. In the so called alphabetical guerilla movements in Somalia , they were all based on tribal idea. either you are with them or against them. just to remain in your own land and defend is a crime against these movements. I do not recall any place where Awdal people went and killed any civilian or other innocent people, but we have plenty of evidence where innocent men were murdered. Some even in mosques in Magaalacad. You are reer bari, and you probably don't know much about the west. In the early nineties you were weak and anarchic; most of your regions in internal communal strife, but we did not watch and stand by when you were murdering one another. We were " gurmad nabadeed", tried to reconcile the brotherly community. The past is the past, and I do not intend to debate or put a blame at this juncture of the history, but I believe we forgave you more than you did. Forgiving one another is a virtue not a weakness, which produced today's peace. Dahir Rayaale did four election. From municipal, presidential, parliament and the last one. all of them were fair and free and ended with success. Give the man at least some credit. I know you are looking for trouble and tribal " rag iska dhici" debate, which is useless in this kind of forum. In my book you are warlord, and I do not want to engage warlords. Finally, let us stay away from what happen and concentrate for the future.
  22. Ciidansuldaan, you raised some valid points on the issue of Awdal and her progress. I may raise hell for Awdal share of the pie and so on, but I have never ever hated or wished the demise of my neighbors. I know we have a same destiny. If Hargeisa blows up, it will effect us immediately. I disagree with you on the issue of the Center Community, I really do not fear their power. I may even say that Somaliland may not be even possible without us Awdalite. We belong together and we share a destiny of peace and progress. Another valid point is Awdal, and what did it gain from Koonfur?, Nothing. Every thing that is their is built by the people or through Somali land system. The police station, the hospital, the amoud secondary and all public offices are those left by the British. I could not find one single functioning building built by the Somali state. The people are larger than the politician as you said. I respect your love and care you have for Somaliland and it's people. Your principle is admired by many. As our friend Xaaji said, I am those who dream that greatness which slipped away from us. That blue flag and the concept of a free independent Somalia in the horn is ingrained in my blood. I tried many times, just like Prof. Samater and others to forget Somalia and pack my bags. It is an age old idea can't erased by war, dictatorship or the dysfunction of the southern politician. It was the taxes fro the lady selling fruit in Arabsiyo , Hiiraan and afgooye that made me a productive citizen. I want to give back both to Somaliland which is my roots and the larger Somali in the horn. I asked once a well respected author, nationalist and philosopher Dr Omar Raabe , May Allah have mercy in his soul, why the world especially the neighboring countries do not recognize Somaliland ?. He said, they won't. I said why?, he said " Soomaalidu fadhiid ma ahan, Soomaaliland taa hadii la aqoonsado, beri waxaad arki iyada lafteeda ayaa libaax weyn noqon ooo toban jeer ka awood badnaan Djibouti iyo kuwan deriska ah". He said, Somaliland may even help and lift other Somalis and build greater Somalia. That is why they will not allow a stable Somali territory. So while we nurture what we have we must no for get what we could be if we are united and strong. I live in continental country with three time zones. I share the country with jews, christens , Hindus, black , white and yellow, and others, yet I am doing okay. I can't abandon that great Somalia which includes Somaliland , which is in my mind. The Awdal and local tribal issue are almost nothing in my mind. yet I want to contribute positively and encourage the peace and the progress of Somaliland. Some times I even think " Soomaalida la sheegayoba in ay Somaliland thay ". Look at the traditional songs, history and culture. I can't leave the nation and the identity t of the Somali people to corrupt southerners politicians, . I will take the country back from them. We will take the power and restore that great dream of powerful Somalia, feared by it's enemies and admired by it's friends. It is tough call, but they " geesigu wuu raacda dheer yahay, marka uu baaduda luntay doono, ama neefkii oo dhintay ayuu keenaa oo raqda ayuu soo kor joogsadaa ama ma soo noqdo. In order to reach that goal maybe i Should comment less these " isjiid jiid issue of the local politics and concentrate the big picture. Thanks for your concern.
  23. Why this young guns keep treating me like an old man. The other day one Yuniz, or some one called me old man, now this . Guys I am in my forties. since when forties are considered old. I feel young in my heart. Or you saying Somaliaonline is only for the young punks like you?.