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  1. I do not know if there were any negotiations going on in Ethiopia or other places, but the latest news in Khaatumo region of Somaliland is that The International Community ( Britain, United States and Igad), ordered both Somaliland and Puntland that " political and peaceful negotiations are the only way to resolve the dispute in the Khaatumo region. They will not allow any war in these region, period. THat is why Somaliland pulled out. Puntland may talk tough but, no war will take place. THe only war that should happen is the war on Al-shabaab. Ali khaliif thinks these latest actions from the international community is a tacit support for his agenda, but the truth is, this a strategy to keep the status quo.
  2. The humiliation started long time ago. Somali ministers and members of Parliament are checked twice before they land to Nairobi. The plane that leaves Mogadishu stops at Wajeer regional airport before it lands nairobi, where they are checked for second time. After Al-shabaab attacked Villa Somalia a month or so ago, The president of Uganda sent him 400 specially trained soldiers. Here you have the Somali president that can't find few hundred Somalis soldiers to guard him. Caasimadan noqotay madax furashada Soomaalida hadaan laga wadin Muqdisho, oon meel kalec la gayn, walee Soomaali meel tan ka sii daran ayaa laga don dooni.
  3. Momunculs, saaxiib waxa jira anigaa kuu sheegaya, ha dhegaysan Ditoorka bootaynaya. hadda ka hor dittorka iyo asxaabtiisu waxay dhaheen waar soomaaliland hala iska daayo. Reer Pumtlaanka qeyb baa jirta immaanshaha soomaaliland " is some kind of threat". Any way I will tell you what is going on,,,,,, . Sorry I hAve A duty call, so I will come back.
  4. Somalilanders in general are not hypocrites. either they love you like they loved the Somaliweyn of 1960, or they have reasons to reject it.
  5. Ciidansultan, these people do not care about Somalia. Look the answer Cali is getting. This man is one of the last heavy weights from Somaliland. jiritaanka ummada iyoi caasimada midkee muhiimsan. atadoo meelo badani nabad yihiin ayaa waxaa la yidhi Soomaali ma jireyso Xamar oo la dejiya maahina. People like Cali went to the most dangerous place on earth to revive Somalia. how many have to die. I don't think they are getting the message. Nin baa waxuu yidhi " walee Hag hadaan dalkan laga qaban Somali way kala Dirayaan. I think Ciidansultan and other hardliners are hypocrites. THere is a big reason for their decisions
  6. I think after 1950 when the Italian trusteeship began, the southern politician started to worry about power and privileges. In 1956, they were politicians when we were protesting the Hawd and reserve annexation of Ethiopia. By 1960, the issue was power among SYl. The emotional Somalilander was interested about greater Somalia. Get go talk to you guys latter.
  7. Maba fahmayaan waxa uu ka hadlayo. Look at the headline in the clip " siyaasi, reer Muqdisho aflagaadeeyey". These people left their communities for higher purposes, yet they have been humiliated everyday. The southern politician can't see the big picture. It is sad.
  8. I like it . meeshay yimaadaan khayr kama soo kordho. mashruuc cusub buu rabaa oo ay wax ku liqaan. waar halkaa naga joog.
  9. waxaa aad sheegaysaan wax badan ayaa run ah. Rajada Ilaahay lagama quusto , laakiin koonfurta war wanaagsani kama imanayo. Axadii, nin saaxiibkay ah oo qof xamar ka yimid Sabtidii airportka ka soo qaaday, ayaan waraystay. Walaahiu waxuu igu yidhi dhamaan waxii tuug iyo "looser ahaa ee dhulka joogay ayaa dawladii galay. Ka bilaw madaxweynaha illa askariga qof karti leh ama daacad ah ma rabaan. Waxa uu ii sheegay taliyaha Poliska iyo kan ciidamada qalabka sida in ay labaatan sano Vancouver, Canada joogeen oo ay hal truck wada lahaayeen oo wada wadi jireen. Waxay caan ku ahaayeen buu yidhi musuq iyo nolol ka dhac. Allahu yaclam , laakiin waxa uu yidhi in xataa ay dhacday in ay dad is qabteen a=y biyo kaga shubeen meeshii batroolka lagu shubayey. waxa uu yidhi xamar qofka wanaagsan waa laga cararayaa, mana soo geli karo dawlada. madaxdu waxay ku mashquulsan yihiin buu yidhi wax hel iyo balwadahooda. waxa uu yidhi dadkii ka yimid goblada kale way ka soo socdaan. calaa kuli xaal wxa iskugu tagay buu tidhii dadkii "incompetant" ka haa. Ilaahay bay leeyihiin.
  10. Ciidansuldaan, saaxiib you said a big if. that is right before we dismiss these let us see . As you are saying, everything will depend on the state of Somali government. After the defeat of al-shabaab and some kind of Stability, if the Southern leadership does not establish competent administration, all this could be " biyo ncol dhaanshay". today they have an excuse to blame somebody else for their incompetence. Also after they gain some powers due to the peace, if they behave like a corrupt dictator and reckless leaders, then people will judge. believe me, if the southern elite, especially the mogadishu guys, do not change their behavior, Somaliland will be the only Somali nterritory that left to stand. I was listening in the media an interview given by Cali Daacuun, from Sanaag. He said about constant threat he recieved from Hag and others. He said " maxaad madaxweynahayga u dhaliilaysaa, maxaad wasiirka wax uga sheegtay, mushaarka dekeda muqdisho ayaa la idinku biiliuiyo wax la mid ah" if Talaabo accepted 11 of the fifteen that is good news. if you accept immigration, senate, courts and others, the military issue can wait. remember you are facing 300,000 Ethiopian troops who are paid forty dollars a month. Personally I believe all southern generals and others must be dissolved. Non of them is worthy of a general. Finally, waar Soomaalida la sheegayaba waa inagee, ma dad aan u qalmin baan u daynaa. Ilayn waataas oo labaatan sano ayaanu daynay meelna way gayn waayeene. Caasmada waa arrinta ugu muhiimsan. waa in la keenaa Hargeisa, Halkaasna dalka laga seedareeya. Waar meeshan la isma daynayo, ama aynu xukuno ama ayagaa dalka madax furasho u haysan.
  11. Ciidansuldaan, Somaliland is not sending the army to south. If the there is a union the amount of solders allowed under this agreement. they don't need to go immediately, there could be a period were they could still remain in Somaliland Also you said Somalia could be the same in ten years. Actually there won't be any union unless the south and Mogadishu are stabilized. It is peaceful Somalia join already peaceful Somaliland. You may even share the first five years only currency, foreign policy, trade( flights and vehicle traffic), . you may even see growth, jobs and harmony. We will spend our money in infrastructure instead of security. Dalmer, after ten years of business, economic growth, direct modern airline travel and strong nation that can't be bullied by the neighbors, The Somaliland people will vote to stay in this Union.
  12. Puntland and Jubba states will exist as part of the federal system. Puntland minus Sool will exist. Xaaji you must remember the international community have a big stick. they are not forcing any bone but they are not begging veither. agreements must come through them. They give a lot of aid to both sides so they must haave some leverage.
  13. ALso, the nationalists must swallow their pride. If they want a strong united Somalia, they must yield and accept concessions for Somaliland, otherwise they may not be a genuine nationalists. THe Eritrea model is too tasky for Somalia. The ten year period, in the 21st century of information highway and inter-commerce may change the hearts of the Somali people in general. They may realize or taste the advantage of the unity.
  14. Xaaji, the way international types operate is there has to be a starting point. They can't say okay to separation, but a guideline. In south Sudan John Grang wanted autonomy and federalism, but he died accidently. The new leader said : separation is dignity:. For you where you start the process. You can't declare unilaterally so some kind of negotiation has to happen
  15. I have been sitting with this information for a while. The changing conditions of the Somali Government in terms of security and internal squabbling last year made it difficult if these memorandum of understanding will ever be implemented. This Information is coming from the federal government side. The main issues discussed were security, financial corporation, parliamentary sets and international agreements between Somalia and international organizations. Turkey unlike me and you or other governments, explained or understood the Somali issue in their own terms. They said after the collapse of the Somali state, warlords and bad leaders took over the state and the neighboring powers took advantage on the situation. Somaliland was the only Somali entity that survived the mayhem. So, in order to bring back the state, the country must be rehabilitated and Somaliland should be encouraged to the union. They did not dwell about old history or Islamist groups or the so called factions. Rather than understand 4.5 or tribal machinations they started from common denominator. 1- Both sides agreed that to keep meeting on Ministerial levels and avoid languages that may harm the goodwill among the partners. 2- The process of merging must be preceded by confidence building measures and multilateral agreements. 3- The leader of Somaliland should be the President of the Union, while the Somali President becomes the Prime Minister. In this scenario Siilaanyo or his successor will be the head of state. Hassan Sheekh is gearing as the prime minister. Probably after he wins the next election. 4- All international agreements that connects The Somali Nation to the united nations mandated organizations must be brought under the control of Somalia, Among them International Air Traffic Control will be relocated to Hargeisa. That process has already started. 5- All agreed to reconfirm the London memorandum of understanding which state that: The Somaliland administration Shall be the only legitimate government that represents the Somaliland people. 6-The Siilaanyo government should work closely with all other communities that reside in Somaliland and resolve all outstanding issues peacefully. The "D" community are pushing Hassan Sheekh daily on Khaatumo, but, he can not break his promise. Their won't be Khaatumo or Awdal state. 7- relieve and development aid must be given directly to Somaliland. Europeans already have implemented the London Agreement. 8- Somaliland army will join as whole during the merger. up to 20,000 are agreed to come from Somaliland. Immediately after Siilaanyo signed this agreement, he gave Somaliland Military officers their ranks. He promoted about three dozen officers from Lieutenant to general. 9- the number of seats in the parliament, will be determined by census in Somaliland. That process is already underway and some of logistical issues have been studied by the donors. Somaliland demanded 40% the federal parliament. 10- A referendum will take place in Somaliland ten years after the union. The referendum was demanded by Somaliland in London and agreed that it should be after the union. 11- Turkey will start implementing major projects in Somaliland. 12- The merger agreements shall be ratified by both parliaments and the senate. There is no senate in Somalia, they must mean "Guuritida" Somaliland. !3- The seat of the Somali capital will be discussed further. 14-- both sides shall cooperate on all security matters and will fight terrorism together. Some may say, where is the document?. folks these are the samples of the conversation I had with a member of parliament who is well connected. They could be summed up in to six or seven major agreements.
  16. Xaaji if the conditions do not change, the Mogadishu guys are the ones who have the logistical advantage. First Puntland Does not have the capacity to help khaatumo economically or financially, second the international community do not want any war in the region, they want to keep the status quo. On the issue of Mogadishu, Siilaanyo will not allow a northern to get that job. Galaydh want to try one more time, I don't know how he would achieve that, but he knows if Siilaanyo is ready he could take the whole thing without a big a effort.
  17. Ditoore, mararka qaarkood waad asiibtaa. Galaydh is looking for the top job. He is un opportunist. If he want to help Khaatumo, he could have chosen to be " madaweyne Khaatumo". He is not interested to settle Taleex or even if Laascaanood was under Khaatumo. Also everyone is tired of "reer Koonfurka Qori isku Dhiibkooda" Mar Shariif, Maena Hassan Marna Baadiyow mise geedi, inta kale ma rootiyaa. Everything depends on the health of Siilaanyo. We all know Siilaanyo is a player, but if his condition doesn't improve Galaydh will have hard times. Khaatumo will not fly any where according to the guidelines of Igad, EU, Turkey and others. One of the first conditions Somaliland demanded in order to continue the dialogue with south and other multilateral agencies were that The Siilaanyo administration must be sole representative of that region. In order to push for united Somalia, Khaatumo was one of sacrifices given to Somaliland. Ali Khaliif finally realized these conditions.
  18. Maybe I went too far, not everyone will be able leave. There will be always Somalis in east Africa for business and other purposes, but, you must have a base and a nation. If the Somali state is strong and stable, Somalis will be respected and their property safe guarded. common sense tells us that the total relocation of Somali business to Kenya was not sustainable.Hadii laguuuri karo ma ahan waa laguuri karaa. dalkii meelo badan ayaa nabad ah. I have seen Somalis who took their children from Canada and settled in Nairobi. or some who took their families there and came back to support them. Why not take them to Hargeisa. There are many safe places in the country. over fifty Somalis are killed in South Africa, if safety is an issue why don't they move back home or safer places.
  19. It is not silly . If I were Hassan Sheekh I will keep the pressure on the Somalis in Kenya. Some of the business people were acting =like Somalia will never come back. Even those who made the money from piracy have built skyscrapers in Nairobi. Why not invest inside Somalia. Also the political class have settled. a year ago even "xildhibaanada" used to spend three weeks in Nairobi one week in Mogadishu. They are filling the hotels. all hot shot politicians have boat houses. Even Djiboutians are now buying homes, Siilaanyo family members are buying houses. Well this money should came back. If you keep playing with fire eventually you will catch the fire. Some of these businessmen were sympathetic with al-shabaab just few years ago before they switched allegiance. Stop the Meru khat and stop flying there for vacation or other visits. Let the Kikuyu manage their economy. Nairobi is not the center of Somali universe.
  20. Dalmer, about ten years ago i even met some puntland's who want to secede like Somaliland. Puntland have a lot of potential like most Somali regions. One thing I respect about them is they do not occupy other peoples lands or initiate conflict in their land. They live and let live.
  21. Apophis, economy is what what creating prosperity around the globe. The business community, if supervised may not rob as much as the government. If you have a restaurant and some company asks you to provide 100 plates of lunch a day or every few days, believe me , you would be happy to provide that services and you do not need to cheat. Even if they steal 10%, the job will be done. If you give that simple task to a government guy he may cut the lunch half, give some bribe to the businessman and deliver only 25 plates. They are stealing the salary of the solders by falsifying the names. Can you imagine these guys can not even deliver the soldiers o
  22. I do not think there will be a war on that part. It has been quiet for 20 years.
  23. I think puntland can't afford a war with Galmudug, so they must make peace with qaybdiid and work with them. This Dittore Osman is just putting fuel on fire. He must stop "booto".
  24. Dittore, since you are saying the power stays with regions including the power to deal with international issues, why not advocate the dissolution of Somalia. You are an educated man who can understand that the regional states could have great stake on the internal economic growth, infrastructure, healthcare, education and other related matters. At the same time you need a federal government to unite and control the whole nation. If I were the president I would ask all military personnel in Galmudug, Puntland and Jubba must be incorporated. Hassan sheekh s not asking that which reinforces that the government is a Mogadishu based. Bahashan waxaan u malaynayaa in lakala diro ayaa la rabaa.