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  1. Abdi Guled Saturday December 15, 2018 NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Somalia saw a third day of protests on Saturday over the arrest of the former No. 2 leader of the al-Shabab extremist group, who has been a leading candidate for a regional presidency. Officials said at least eight people have been killed so far as angry supporters take to the streets and clash with police. The African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia in a statement released overnight called for "utmost restraint" after the gunfire-fueled uproar around Muhktar Robow's arrest on Thursday in Baidoa, and it denied playing any role. His arrest is seen as a high-profile test of Somalia's treatment of defectors from the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab, Africa's most active extremist group. Somalia's government welcomed the defection last year by al-Shabab's former spokesman but not his popular candidacy to lead Southwest state, which took some officials by surprise. Ads By Google Robow was seized by Ethiopian troops accompanied by Somali police, witnesses told The Associated Press. He was flown to the capital, Mogadishu, a Somali intelligence official said. All spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to reporters or for safety concerns. Some Somali lawmakers had accused the AU mission of being involved. Ethiopia's military, which contributes troops to the AU mission, has not commented. Robow's arrest could re-ignite old tensions between Somalia and neighboring Ethiopia despite recent diplomatic breakthroughs in the Horn of Africa sparked by Ethiopia's reformist new prime minister. Somalia's security ministry confirmed Robow's arrest, citing the federal government's earlier ban on his candidacy, which said he had not completed the defection process. The ministry also alleged that Robow had failed to renounce extremist ideology, and ac Tweet Emailcused him of mobilizing armed forces to threaten the security of Baidoa. Somali officials have announced that the election for the Southwest presidency will go ahead on Wednesday, even after Robow was arrested. His local supporters in Baidoa have loudly protested. A new joint statement by the United States, more than a dozen countries, the AU mission and the United Nations expresses concern, deploring the violence, urging dialogue and urging all parties to "to respect the integrity of the electoral process." Citing reports that a lawmaker and a child were among those killed in the protests, Amnesty International urged Ethiopian and Somali security forces not to use lethal force, saying that "no one should have to die for simply expressing their views." Robow's controversial campaign has further exposed the rift between Somalia's federal government based in Mogadishu and regional governments, who in recent months have effectively severed cooperation with the capital over multiple grievances. Follow Africa news at
  2. The man died, AUN, let it go Saalax. . Like it or not, Egal was a profilic politician that was ready to engage in talks with other Somalis, sadly time was against him. He died before the south became stabilised. In 1991 he succsesfully pacified armed clan militias that operated in Somaliland. For all what he is, Somaliland could have become clan-infested reer hebel against reer hebel. You be the judge, Egal or the current leader that allways talks about the 1980-wars as something nostalgic.
  3. Monday December 10, 2018 Conflict and natural disasters from 2017 – 2018 caused massive displacement to cities – says new report from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). “Somali families are fleeing to Mogadishu seeking shelter, protection and aid. With nowhere else to go, they crowd into camps that are unhealthy and unsafe. This influx has made Mogadishu the most densely populated city in Africa, with more people arriving every day,” said Evelyn Aero, Regional Adviser for Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). 2.6 million people are displaced within Somalia. Drought, competition for resources and poor living conditions has fuelled fighting in rural areas, and pushed people towards Mogadishu, says a new report from NRC’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre. This has made Mogadishu the second most densely populated city in the world (after Dhaka) and the most densely populated city in Africa. Ads By Google With resources overstretched, Somalia’s cities are unable to cope with the demands of their fast-growing populations, and the added arrivals of people fleeing crises in rural areas. Mogadishu has been their main destination by far. It is home to about 600,000 displaced people, most of whom live in informal camps. Between 2017 and mid-2018, 32 per cent of new displacements recorded in the country were to, or within, the capital Mogadishu. Displaced Somalis in Mogadishu lack enough food, shelter, clean water and sanitation. This leaves them vulnerable to diseases and malnutrition. About 1.2 million children are projected to be malnourished in Somalia. “Conflict and natural disasters force families to flee to cities. Many that flee fighting escape in a hurry, with just the clothes on their backs. They arrive in Mogadishu without shelter, food or any means to support their families. More aid is needed to ensure that these people have a safe place to stay, with enough basic humanitarian aid to survive,” said Aero. The UN humanitarian aid appeal for Somalia for 2019 is set at US $1.5 billion. The international donor community is urged to scale up funding to respond to the crisis.
  4. Holac, notice how the above author is filled with racist post-colonial views. He actually tries to define the problem with "muslim extremism" as something created by Saudi arabia (another muslim nation). He continues by making America silent obserer and that this problem occurred becouse of America not doing a thing. He does not explain how 50 years of blatant american interventionism, , CIA-cousp and murder created a reaction to this.
  5. Kolley Koonforgalbeed waxaa lu ogyahay cilmiga iyo xadaarada. I hope the better educated and qualified make a dig on corrupt Sharif Sakiins job. Koonfurgalbeed is the richest part of Somalia with its fertile land and better soil. With stability and a better infrastructure It could make a dramatic comeback.. Prof Xaaji Mukhtaar would have a been a great contender. Unlike other parts of the countrey dhoobleyda waxaa lo ogyahay in ey keenan hogaamiye nabadda iyo horumarka jecel. Roobow would have been anomaly to that rich history. Remember MMA, such leaders have before shown to have tendency to carve up small fiefdoms.
  6. Sakiin might be corrupt but which one is worse? Nin Gacantiisa dhiig leh and who two years ago used to send out video clips singing for Osama bin Ladin like a little school girl or a "beyzaani" former jaad dealer turned politician. Without a doubt I would take the second alternative.
  7. What ties existed before they were cut? All so called "goboloda" conducted their own foregin relations, accepted money from foregin nations. The only thing that the head of these federal tuulo-clan states did was arrange a photoshop with the president in order to give the illusion of a "maamul goboleed". Clan loyalty is truly a sickness. It has made people so blind that they have even refused to demad their rights from their so called head of states. When did we actualy see the civil population in Baydhabo Janaay, Kismaayu, Boosaaso, Guriceel demand basic human needs as clean water and education. Accountability ma jiro. Qof walbo wuxuu sitaa taarka "LAGAMA TASHAN". Yaab! Adding salt to an infected wound is what the mafiiyoosos FGS in Mogadishu has done. Farmaajo is behaving as if he has power while his own security is protected by Amison. Yaab!
  8. Good to see these sunni muslims.
  9. Photoshopped or not, its a picture befitting of him is it not? The biggest caloolwayne stooge that we have ever soone? Soomaalay ninkaani dadka ha u noqoto sida aayidooyinka quraanka. A stooge like those who before him ended like this. Qaainka dadka dili jiray ku faani iray uu dhowyahay axmaarada tigreega sidaas a u dambeyso. As a final note, the guy was a electrican that was chosen to torture his people by the xabashida. A makaroofi. The good folks of soomaligalbeed produced good people and culture, he was an anomaly,.
  10. Take a look at that picture, do you actually recognise anyone who has done a thing for somalis beside resding their arm in that picture?
  11. Xaaji Xunjfuk spoke the truth, EPLF under Cafwarqi and who by the way publised the infamous "nehnaan menaan" a famous pamphlet that dicussed about various ways to opress eritrean muslims has to go. Talaabo, no one has anything against eritrean christians (tigrrigna) But EPLF has no right silence the vast majority of eritrean people including the ELF. Walaalaha islaamska cadaadis ey moroyaan talaabo. Shuuci beenaalde, mowqifska abssyanism aaminsan is opressing them. Read about the akhriya incident in Eritrea the showed the vile characters of that regime.
  12. Wahaabiyada aka al-shabaab who murder children in bomb-attacks and defame our religion will have no presence in Somalia.
  13. Iran plans to boost missile capacity in spite of sanctions Announced intention to strengthen Iran's defence capabilities also includes acquiring fighter jets and submarines. 6 hours ago Iranian officials say the US sanctions have not slowed the development of the country's arms industry [Iranian Defence Ministry via AFP] MORE ON IRAN Iran plans to boost missile capacity in spite of sanctionstoday Child labour in Iran: can laws help them?yesterday Iran doctors: US sanctions endangering patients' lives2 days ago UN: Iran continues to comply with terms of 2015 nuclear deal2 days ago Iran is planning to increase its missile capacity and acquire modern fighter jets and submarines as part of efforts to expand its defence capabilities, a senior official has said. Mohammad Ahadi, Iran's deputy defence minister for international affairs, made the announcement in a speech to a group of foreign military attaches, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported on Saturday. "Increasing ballistic and cruise missile capacity ... and the acquisition of next-generation fighters and heavy and long-range vessels and submarines with various weapons capabilities are among the new plans of this ministry," he said in the capital, Tehran. His comments came a day after Tehran rejected a French call for negotiations on future nuclear plans, its ballistic missile arsenal and its role in ongoing regional conflicts, in the wake of a decision by the United States to withdraw from a multinational nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions against it. Earlier this week, Iranian lawyers asked the International Court of Justice to order the US to lift the sanctions, saying the measures - which are damaging Iran's already weak economy - violate terms of a little-known 1955 friendship treaty between the two countries. In his address, Ahadi said the sanctions had not slowed the development of the country's arms industry. "We have the necessary infrastructure and what we need to do is research and development, and at the same time upgrade and update the defence industry while relying on the country's very high scientific capabilities and tens of thousands of graduates in technical fields and engineering," he was quoted as saying by IRNA. He also defended Iran's actions in Syria and Iraq, saying they were central to defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known as ISIL or ISIS) armed group. READ MORE Iran unveils new domestic fighter jet "If Iran and its allies ... had not stopped [the] Islamic State [of Iraq and the Levant], today the map of the region would be different and the world would face a terrible challenge." In August, Iran unveiled a new domestic fighter jet, reportedly the first to be "100-percent indigenously made". At the time, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the country's military strength was designed to deter enemies and create "lasting peace". Rouhani later said that the Islamic Republic's military prowess deterred the US from attacking it. Relations worsened between the two countries after US President Donald Trump's decision in May to pull out from the landmark nuclear deal, which was signed in 2015 between Iran and several world powers. War games In a separate announcement on Saturday, the head of the defence ministry's naval industries said a water jet propulsion system was in development and would be ready by March, according to semi-official news agency Tasnim. Earlier this week, Iranian state media reported the launch of military exercises involving some 150,000 volunteer Basij militia members, led by Iran's Revolutionary Guards, who vowed to protect Iran from "foreign threats". "The motto of these war games is unity ... and to declare that, when it comes to adversity and threats from foreigners, we all join to defend the [Islamic Republic's] system," Basij commander Gholam-Hossein Gheibparvar was quoted by IRNA as saying. The exercises come in advance of massive annual rallies planned for later this month to mark the start of the Iran-Iraq war, which raged from 1980 to 1988.
  14. Political allegiance is fluid but ethnic identity remains. The Jaarso are Somalis and part of d^ir. If they were not Somalis we would not talk about them being somalis or oromos. A lot of clans are bi-lingual. Some clans in Somalia that are digîl speak af-barwaani near Marka. Does that mean that they are nor Somalis.`? Nonsense! From what I have heard they simply saw a lot of opression coming from Cabdi Iley and chose to give their political allegiance non-cabdi iley elements. Mustafa made a very good thing by reviving Somali identity through mutual understanding and peace. Way to go ! Its only by soomalinimo and unity that you can beat back the Oromo/Amxaaro/Tigree (at the end of the day, they are all the same)
  15. Daihereto dont let eulogies for a dead man swing you. This guy was a war mongerer in his heyday. A prime war mongerer for the american empire.
  16. What a response! This is indeed the man somali folks in ethiopia needs. An unwavering loyalty to the somalinimo and somali race. Congrats Abtigiis!
  17. You hold on to power by creating imagined enemies and paranoia amongst people, right? This whole scenario of "somaliya" attacking SL is just another deperate attempt to consolidate power and to hide the massive unemployment and failture of Muuse Biixi. Those people in SL are starting to wake up and see the 30 years of "ictiraaf" has been failure. So what a better way to unify a people by mass hysteria of a reality that doesnt exist. Nin waashay tolkiisa ayaa miir u qaba. Lets call the whole "Somalia" attacked Somaliland" issue for what it is: A hallucination of a man that wants to return to his nostalgia.
  18. Somalia hires US lobbyists to help get more aid 195Shares Share Tweet Email Wednesday August 22, 2018 The government of Somalia is paying a US lobbying firm Sh40 million ($400,000) through the end of this year to help it gain renewed funding for the country's army and to lift the Trump administration's ban on Somalis' travel to the US. The agreement with the Sonoran Policy Group (SPG) was signed earlier this month by Somalia's United Nations Ambassador Abukar Osman and by Christian Bourge, executive director of the lobbying firm based in the state of Arizona. SPG, which previously lobbied in Washington on behalf of the Kenyan government, includes principals who have held posts in the Trump administration. In a disclosure form recently filed with the US Justice Department, SPG says it is "delighted to have the opportunity to leverage our disruptive global diplomacy, marketing, branding and communications as well as public affairs subject matter expertise on behalf of the Federal Government of Somalia." Ads By Google Specifically, the firm commits to arrange talks with White House officials and lawmakers aimed at ending a partial US suspension of funding for the Somali National Army. Concerns over rampant corruption within the Somali government and military led the US last year to freeze food and fuel aid to most of the country's armed forces. Somalia's contract with SPG also calls for the lobbyists to help "reverse the inclusion of Somalia in the travel-ban countries." The US Supreme Court upheld in June the Trump administration's ban on visits to the US by nationals of five Muslim-majority countries, including Somalia, as well as by citizens of North Korea and Venezuela. SPG will also facilitate a future visit to the US by Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the agreement stipulates. The contract, which provides for payments to SPG of Sh 10 million ($100,000) per month for four months, entails other general work by the lobbying group to enhance Somalia's image in the US. "In conjunction with our digital studio," SPG informs the Somali government, "our team will expand your brand reach and enhance the public perception of your country while helping you tell the positive story about Somalia and your status as an important regional player." The parties indicate in the lobbying disclosure form that they intend to continue their arrangement beyond December in accordance with financial terms yet to be specified. As part of this long-term representation, SPG says it will strive to influence the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to reduce Somalia's debt load and "determine potential for debt forgiveness."
  19. Waa shay mar hore loo baahnay Sida minin kaar ku dhisan ha dumo . Beenti iyoo xoogi&afduubki Meneliq ka tagay. wakhti ley ahayd in ey dunto.
  20. I was trying to give some rationality to his anger. ask yourselves how many somalis are aware of how "somalis" were used as a merceneries and sent to the deep heartland of oromo lands by the TPLF? Divide and conquer has allways been used by the tplf and sadly the kid is not aware of that.
  21. Tallabo, Sadly the TPLF used somali mercenaries and sent them to the heartland of oromo heartlands to put down their uprising. Hopefully this will move on and they will understand that Somalis are the best ally they can have once they see that Abey Ahmed is an amharisied oromo rather then a true oromo.