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  1. The poor girl worked for NISA and was brutally killed and murdered by Al-shabaab. What is highly bizarre is how the prime minister took al-shabaabs denial of her murder as an argument, as if al-shabaab a brutal terror organisation has the legitamacy to dictate what is true or false. What ever the truth is that Farmaajo failed, he was the one who appointed rooble, a man who in Stockholm used to engage with somalis in tea houses. As we have common friends he was a man interested in bushiness and graduatung from the royal academy of Stockholms technical University. He was not a man into a politics. Farmaajo took an non-experienced man to the job and wished him to be a "nacam-yeel". If Farmaajo would have picked a person informed in politics he would have not have taken a man who made bizarre political moves. Who gains in all of this? Who actually gained in this political mess and who loses? Al..shabaab gained legitamacy, Instead of somali masses blaming them we see them blaming the government, Who lost legitamacy? NISA, a state instutution established for somalis for securing somalias security and fighting the terror organisation. Whats worse was watching the so called "opposition" using this tragic murder by uttering words like "farmaajos nisa". By a instant second by using that phrase they demoralised the security forces. BTW a side.joke that is true, when events were rapidly happening in afganistan Rooble summoned the cabinet and as alwats the theater was on. He asked how ready the armed forces were, wasiirka amniga talked a lot and praised and made a picture as Somali forces pre 1991 collapse. The minister of water /non existent portfolio cracked a joke and said "wa ceelasha biya iyo afgooye baaburka kuma tegi karno , amniga aa sheegeysid maxaa waaye". The whole cabinet laughed but the picture soon become sombre.
  2. Galbeedi, Your very much correct in your analysis regarding the national army and how al-shabaab nowdays could be considerd as a crime syndicate with close ties to business elite. What I think you underestimate is that Southern Somalia is now 50 percent wahabist and 50 traditional shafite muslims. Its much more worse in the diaspora, all major religous centres are run by small organized group from the days of itixaad, Who can deny the ties of digital movike money transfer company and salaama bank run by the inner circle 2 clerics, one who said eating wolves and hyeanas was xalaal and one who openely said he saw with own eyes a London clinic 300 girls from age 13-16 with aids. i certain Somali journalist tried find the truth in these bold statements, if they are true then we need to talk about STI. The cleric refused to publically make a statement. Even if a coin has two diffirent shaped shades is the same coin. During the the late 80-ties and early 90 ties gates of wahabiyya was flooded with financial aid. Do nor fooled. The sleeoer cells are those who truly fell in align with books of fatxul.majid and how Muhammed Binu Abdul-wahab justified killing and robbing by making takfir and fighting the ottoman turks. The so called scholars in Puntland embraced these ideas and the north and north eastern have always lacked religious learning, It is not accident that all major historical famous Somali scholars were from the south, They had the resources to make settlements. Zeylaci, Uweys Barawi Qasim al Barawi, Shaykh Suufi, Shaykh Abiikar mixdaar, Sheekh Cali maye, Sheekh , Sheekh Axmed Xaaji Mahdi, Sheekh muxyadiin celi, Sheekh Abaa gadeem qadasallaahu sirruhum wa nafcalla bihim were all from the south. The north do not have the subac-soon, PL and SL has completely been overun but the mentioned dariiqyo, qaadariya with its ofshoots zeylaciyo and uweysia and the idrisiya aka axmadiya Sheekh Cali maye and Saalixiya have made a combat. Southerners have also learned the mistake. The tradutionalists have made a cone back with youtubechannels Why do you think Umul was welcomed in thousands and when the wolf eater said he would come to Mogadishu, traditionalists demanded that he public ally issues and apology for opening the doors of mass takfir. The diaspora is completely dominated by them, in their colonial minds they even refused to teach somali kids SheekH Yuusuf al Kowyneyns genios somali-sised arabic teaching method for writing and reading. Salafism is today in crisis when its birthplace, its bastion of financial hub openly acknowledged that their form of Islam made havoc in Muslim countries. When MBS said "we made a mistake" WAMY the international organisation for spreading salafism received zero money. With no salary the roof and building they created in Somalia is cracking, The canadian fellow, Shaykh Kishki is the modern sufi qadariya who indeed exposed these people.
  3. Do you guys remember Sergey Buubka, the the russian olympian who allways jumped high, and even jumped higher during the 80-ties. I remember a year ago seeing a facebook video upon a few Turkish agronomists teaching Somalis how to plant tomatoes. Everyone was clapping and were joyfull! The Turks are here! Finally they have taught us how to put a seed in the in the ground and water it. during the 80-ties before the collapse and Somali when Somalis elite who were erratic and their ideology jumped of the communist train 78, God bless them. We dont need shuuciyad. But the old man turned to Johnsson. An american white guy was teaching somalis in jowhar while secretly spreading christianity who to plant tomatoes! Everyone was jofull! and happy. Here comes our boy Sergei Booba in the picture if your old enough to remember him. When the old man embracing a racist jewish guys teachings called Marxism, and icing on the cake called leninism or kufr Sergey Buubkas folks came all the way from Siberia and taught how to put a seed in the ground and let it grow. Before that our fore fathers fought viciously so that the murderor Graziani and his italian criminal monsters would not force our people to teach us their ways. Alle ha u naxariistio SYL fought for somalis to stand on their own feet. I am happy that the kemalist narrative in Turkey has been destroyed. I dont know if you guys know but even Turkey is know re-inventing the Turkish history after how the kemalists cleansed those who defended the tomb of our belobed Abu Ayoub Ansari and the seat of the declining caliphate Istaanbul. 40% of the martys in the famous battle of Canakkle or Galipoli where the british and the french were beaten where non turks. Kurds from mosul, sudanese, eritreans, and even a somali heeded the call from the caliph to defend instanbul. Unfortunately Ottomans were during that time poisoned. While the millet system based upon religion kept the ethnic card and made it non-relevant the young lads swallowed the european poison of nationalism. Mustafa Kemal, a man who I dislike but somalis say "gaalka gartiisa sii" saved Turkey from colonialism and defended istanbul. But he also erased those 40% of the martyrs of their name. Erdogan recently payed 5 million dollars to 5000 sudanese families from kassala who sent their sons to defend Istanbul. They made a new movie where the ottoman empire and its boundaries are defined, Somalia is included. The movie starts with Turkish mother saying farwell after receiving a letter that the son is needed, the same thing happens to Ahmed the african, and to Indian. The film even included and arab family and a kurdish family 7 lads from different ethnic groups joining a company and defending Istanbul. That movie became a best seller in 2016 and crushed the kemalist narrative. The movie ends with with a statement saying 40% of those who died came from the corners of the Ottoman lands to defend their faith and countrey. For more then 80 years the kemalists pushed the narrative of the Arab backstabbing but Erdogan revealed the facts and vast majority of the Arab people stood behind the ottomans until the end. The Movie also became a most watched movie in Turkey but one man was missing and was not made a hero- Guess who? Mustafa Kemal. Why am I telling this? Ottomans are not new to Somalia? Who aided the Somali Imaam Axmed Gurrey who crushed the Abyssinian Empire and killed Vasco da Gamaz brother in the mountainous terrain of of Axum? When the Portuguese came with 2000 rifle men to aid the Abyssinian thirst for war a coast and access to the sea , Imaam Axmed Gurey sent a letter to Sultan Suleyman and asked for aid. According to Ottoman chronicles Imam Axmed gabe a stern warning that holy Muslim relics were in danger and the red sea would be in danger to be in the hand of the franks /portoguse and awdal/adal fell. The sent 5000 Janisarries, elite storm soldiers and within 4 years the Amxaro plus the the tigreega surrenderd on the condition that the grave site of the just king and one of the few king who saw the light and became a Muslim, the Axumite king najashi, Najashi mosque would be expanded and protected. Ruqayya the daughter of the prophet and 28 saxaabo are buried. Until today Imam Najashi mosque is intact and the letter of surrender of protection is in the mosque. Indeed the prophet made salatul-janaza for him when he died. Would he have not accepted the true teachings of jesus and the last prophet, jacaylkeena Mustafa would have never made that janaza upon hearing his death. I visited najashi mosquea and Sayyida Ruqayya and after that I finally made a humle ziyaaro to my murshid buried in in the semi deserts of quluunqul Shaykh Cabdiraxman Zeylaci al Qaadari. It was sad to see that the jeberti tigrean Muslims kept their religious sites well kept and the biggest Somali religious site a , the master of Sheekh Xuseen baal the oromo who made his people muslims, the man who spread Islam with his love and sainthood was shady and untidy and the journey to it was perilous. If Mostafa Omer is reading this , Please do instruct the minister of religion and awqaafta to protect important Somali religious sites. So how did we come here, from Sergey Buubka to this? Somalia wil allways be at the center of events. God has made the Somali peninsula a place a strategic worth. Realpolitik is driven by intrests and the Turks have put their cards on us. Little did they know how fragile we were. What makes sad though is how we had the great agronomists who are now living on wellfair in a western country, well educated in italy, russia and USA. My message is that NO ONE, no TURK, no ARAB can change the the narrative about Somalia except Somalis themselves. Just as the turks isolated themselves in 1930 when they saw they could not compete on the international scale the so can somalis if they unite. They educated themselves in everykind of technology and only opened up the slowly economy with the late Torgut Özal who himself was a firm hidden anti-kemalist. Even the chinese did the same things, They isolated themselves, taught their people the hard way and only opened up the economy when they could compete on the world scale. Indeed compete they did. They did so in a few years that the whites of America, out of work and high on pharmaceutical drugs blamed chinese when american capitalism was not benefiting Americans. In conclusion, Somalia whose capital is now under seige has government that is not even able to impose tariffs on US akaid in order to stimulate the farmers. Why would a Somali engage in back breaking wheat production when the EU sends " free wheat aid" when time is to harvest? The black market buys the aid and sells 1 kg for 10 dollats while Somali farmer needs to sell it minimum 30 dollar not order to make profit but to regain what he invested. 40 dollar/kg dollars would give him 10 dollars a profit. Amarya seng, the bangladeshi economist showed the world who shrewd and cruel the white gaalo are. While Somaliland was busy flirting with UAE no one in Somaliland have ever made a study about self sustainment. Obsession with political recognition made them so desperate that they signed a semi-colonial dusty cruel Emirati arabs who do not want to see a thriving Somaliland. The south is not much more better. While capital is under seige we have a president who protected by Amisom tanks but likes pough and shout as if his uncle is alive. Attending meetings with the killer of muslims in Eritrea instead of taking a plane to Kismayo and talking and being a cermonial president he should be, he chose to eliminate the the few institutions that Somalia needed, Jawaaris parliament was replaced with a guulwade and he was busy buying of regional leader in order to get re elected. War bax dee, My late grand mother who hails from warsheekh used to say "maandhow nin aan yaabin ayaa yaabay". Thats who to describe the despicable somali politics.
  4. I fully agree with you. Che regarding the corruption but I would say that PL and SL are bastion of Salafism in Somalia rather then southern Somalia. PL would fall as they were close to falling when the islamic courts union turned their eyes on PL by using tribes from PL. It was only the failed and miserable invasion of the TPLF that saved PL. Butin order for us to make a good analysis its imperative that we really recognise the downfall of traditional Islam and how Somalis embraced Wahabism/Salafism. Who could blame them? Pan-Somalism failed, communism failed, the state collapsed. They embraced this ideology that was first introduced to Somalia by 50-ties mainly wahabism during the 90-ties. I am amazed and dazzled how we somalis have have not seen the biggest change in the somali society. If Abyssinia is defined per say as orthodox christians as they are , Somalis were before the civil war identified as Shafite muslims with sunni qaaadariya dariiqa. We had religous centres in southern Somalia settlements where a spiritual studet from furtherst Dhagaxbuur (Soomali galbeed) would come and settle and learn for free for example in Alle ha u naxariisto Macalin Nuur Siyaads religous center or Sheekh Suufis center in Costal Xamwarwayne and settlements in baardheere for free. The semi-nomadic tribes of southern Somalia would give food to these religous centers that would within 7 years produce learned masters in linguistics /cilmul-balaagha, mantaq /logic, fiqh (shafite) and the path to cleanse your inner soul sufism (dariiqada) and ofcourse Aqiida (ashaacira). While traditional sunni islam is still dominant among southern Somalis its n a decline in PL and SL. All you see is an extreme cultish ofshoot of the rabiiciyada, nick named "timo waynta". People in those areas were even groomed mentally in a post-colonial way to view traditional islam as "being backward, shirk, etc". I do not want to make the topic a religious but when Umul wanted to visit mogadishu people openly demonstrated against him holding his religious sermons and viewed as a wolf in a sheep clothes. They said he was no different from al-shabaab. Indeed he was the one who made mass-tafkfir and legitimised the so called "jihad" against the TFG president Cabdullahu Yuusuf Alle ha u naxariisto. During a Q:A on a Somali TV-channel a wise religous somali man asked one of these religious scholars why they declared a "jihad" on President Cabdullahi Yuusuf on the premise of foreign forces being present in Somalia and then changed their mind when another president took over despite that nothing on the ground changed.. The poor old Ictisaam member had no answer and qouted random stuff and said "we see things in a new way". The questioner then said you said xxx are you ready openly to take back those statements?. The religious old man had no answer. Indeed how could he?. He was exposed for what he was, a wolf in a sheeps clothes. The canadian fellow who is a traditionalist religious scholar Shaykh Kishki exposed these people. As I said before the west is in decline, weather we like it or not Mogadishu is under a siege. According a relative of mine of who is a member of the government Farmaajo failed to follow the "international community" aka the Wests plan for the stabilisation of Somalia. Farmaajo is a master of playing on peoples emotions and made himself as victim a foreign plot but the truth is that he was a man who never understood how deeply the somali society had fractured. His nostalgia for pre 91 is where he began and he surrounded himself with advisors from his uncle who are now in their late 70!. The so called opposition Cabdi shakuur and Sheekh Shariif love to use the tribal card but they themselves can travel by car to ceelasha biyaha. They themselves are in denial. Just like how everyone in Afghanistan was in denial, with the ethnic Tajib Abdullah Abdulllah engaging in a vicious campaign in order to get something so are the somalis doing. Its a zero sum way of doing politics. Relative of mine who belongs to this salafi business elite of Mogadishu says the economical judicial parts of al-shabaab is so disciplined that if the know if you import a single Toyota car and demand a tax on it, a tax much more smaller then the governments fee. He said they mad the fee much more smaller in order to appease the business elite and turn them their side against the government. Amisom has now been in Somalia for 15 years and the signals above is that the somali government has to fight for themselves. Amisom does not conduct any military engagements. A general and a relative of mine within Somali national Army who is in his late 60-ties said to me "The goal of Amisom is not to eliminate Al-shabaab, they are only here in Mogadishu in order to stop Al-shabaab from capturing the capital". I did not take his statement to be serious but then when I came home, It mad sense. Amisom fought hard to liberate Mogadishu during Sheekh Shariifs time and then stopped. The white people established bases where apartheid rules are enforced. Only white people who feast upon conflicts and various NGOs are their. We somalis tend to follow emotions. The gang leader of Al-shabaab is probably following the events of Afghanistan very closely. If he openly disavows Al-qaeda and changes his tunes to a nationalistic one, we might the see the west engaging them. I doubt this scenario but it could happen. Would Amisom withdraw Baladwayne, Baidawa Kismaayo would fall, and Mogadishu would probably fall after a prolonged siege,
  5. Tribal in nature, fragile corrupt state. Che, Its much more easier to discard facts on the table then actually confront them. Somalia 1 at corruption, 2 was afghanistan, both had fragile governments that had to be boosted by foreign troops. I even going to more dramatic and claim that Mogadishu is under seige.
  6. While dramatic scenes were unfolding within 2 weeks, seeing the advancement of the disciplined dhaalebaan, capturing city after city a friend of mine, a high ranking official within Somali government called me. While drinking a cup of qaxwo I noticed that the official was surprised how the "west" had failed the notorious corrupt afghan government. I like to use metaphors, It makes your arguments much more understandable and comical. I said to him "hey, if your as a light 70 kg man engage in a boxing match with Mike Tyson" for 20 years you will be beaten every time. But everytime you get knocked off you learn to be strong. If Mike Tyson then says "adios but you will be fighting women like man in my replacement" What do you think will happen? Thats exactly what happened in Afghanistan. Indeed USA was humiliated and defeated in Afghanistan. I still do remember 9/11 when Mullah Omar the deceased leader of the Dhaaliban was asked why war was looming in the air. He said something in the line of " we asked the americans of proof but they refused to talk to us, if they wage of war we will win". The BBC journalist asked in a mocking way "how will you defeat a great power as USA". He said " The greatest power is god, and if god is with us we will defeat them just as we did with the russians". Coming back to the issue, the high ranking Somali official was reminded by me that realpolitik determines US-intrests. When Somali pirates captured the largest Saudi oil vessel it shook the market and every nation on earth sent their vessels to the read sea to fend of "Somali pirates". What they really wanted was of course to train and keep the vital trade route open. The piracy died down but chinese vessels from djabouti is still roaming in Somali seas, probably in company with large vaacum fishing vessels. They did the same in Gambia and now its Somalias turn?. So what about our murderous terrorist local lads, dubbed arsenal or al shabaab by frightended Somalis? While the Deobandi Dhaaliban never abandoned the the sunnni xanafi madhab and the naqshbandi sufi tariiqa, and sunni maturidi creed our local lads pledged loyalty to a shady arab terrorist al-qaeda whose creed ultimately comes from salafism. On that fatefull day they sealed their fate? How can you engage with organisation that believes in a never ending war as a part of the faith.? Bombing hotels and even somali muslim scholars. I went to Somalia in 2019, after 30 years of exile and was shocked by the cultural damage that the civil war had inflicted upon us. High rising buildings with so called 5 high stars hotels. While exeting the hotel goats roam free in the city and the improvised IDPS are every where. Anyways, less then 50 km away or 30 km away I was adviced not to go to Ceelasha biyaha, Al-shabaab were in full controll. The road from Mogadishu to Kismayu is controlled by the murderous gang. The same thing applies to Mogadishu to Baidoa. The so called "presidents of the regions" have to take a helicopter to mogadishu in ordet to attend meetings in Mogadishu? Just as the dhaaleeban, Al-shabaab has its own shadow government, that taxes, and judges and executes its order in a brutal and efficent way while the Somali court system simply depends on bribes,. Property problems are now best solved by al-shabaab. While Farmaajo or the so called "opposition" are hacking each others time and wasting time the murderous gang of mobsters Al-shabaab that claims to be fighting for Islam while they are indeed khwaarij or the worst of them all. Friends. America is in decline, it simply doesnt have the time or the money. The whole "somali federal government" is project financed by the the west. I said jokingly to the my friend once that money dries out dont be a person thats going to cling on the wing of airplance as the afghans did. Somalia is not Afghanistan, But the their are striking similarities Two nations that has seen civil war for 30 years and a generation that grew up in seeing no institutions. The Somali national army is notoriously corrupt and clan aligned while al-shabaab are disciplined The terrorists wahaaabiyada are biding their time, once the money dries out I really do believe Mogadishu could be in danger, I do not want be pessimistic but while Xassan shaykh was fighting for finding concensus and nation building Farmaajo cooking up sixir with afwerqi and Abey Amxaaro and how to grab on to power and install loyalists in the regions. He had the massive support in Mogadishu but eroded that. I dont want to be pessemistic but lets see how things go. Maybe Al-shabaab will see their fatal mistake in aligning themselves with Al-qaeda and their "mystical leader" cuts the ties to the Al-qaeda and copies the Taliban formula we might see and end to the Federal democratic government of Somalia and see The Islamic emirate of Somalia? Dark clouds are gaining the upper hand in the horn of africa, ethiopia is not dissolving, IT HAS allready disolved and is in civil war. Ilaahay 5 soomalida ha isku keeno! dalkeena iyo dadkeena cadowga ha ka haayo. Shimee aa la fahmaa nabad in ey dan noo tahay! Yaabeeeyay!
  7. I do agree with you that a bloody dissolution could mean war, death and anarchy. The oromos are only united if they have a common enemey, just like the Somalis. Indeed they are also divided between the orthodox and muslim oromos. The afar region is clanish and as somalis. But remember that these people lived under peace and order before meneliks modern amhara army came 120 years ago and chopped the hands of muslims who refused to bow to him in Harar, The second thing is what is the alternative. While the meaning "Somali" has a ethnic term behind it, the term "ethiopian" has no meaning, no relevance. Infact after conquering Harar someone adviced the emperor to change the name "abyssinia" habasha as it is exslusive to the oromos and other non axbaash people. The project is dead. Meles with his ethnic nationalism finally brought the read elephant in to the open and butchered it. Its now on life support, mainly by the amharas and a few oromos.
  8. These scenes are dramatic scenes but they were foretold by the TPLF when took power. Ethiopia being the new Yoguslavia is an archaic term. It is Yugoslavia and it is a dying mammal on life support?. How and why? Many will be chocked by my first statement but Mengistu Xayle Maryam was a hardcore communist. Unlike Somalia, Ethiopia was an empire and the church owned land gave the solomonic dynasty legitamacy under Xayle Seleasie. The elites of Somalis know that Haile selasie claimed to the un that his borders from saylac tp kismaayo. He made this bold statement in BBC interview. Khabiithka gaalka was toppled by another communist Mengustu. Mengistu did a thing that no one ever before tried to do. As a devouted communist He destroyed church and its power and even executed the bishop and made his own derg-bishop. By doing so he weakened the churchs ability to unite the christian oromos wollo and the christian amharas. Even Fidel called mengistu a true communist and accused our Barre of being a nationalist in the aden conferance. Mengistu officaly recognised muslims and stopped using the slur "muhammedans" that the monarchists used and even dared to deny that muslims existed in Ethiopia. But mengistu had his weakness, he knew how fragile the state was in terms of ethnicity. He chose to continue with Amhara assimilation . In our faith we do not even deny the good deeds of the wicked. The murderor Mengistu did the first strike to the concept of "abbysinia" During the 1980, the EPLF had the Ethiopien army bogged down and the oromos in bale waging a war. They roamed the streets in Harar OLF-I . The Afar and tigrayans have and age old history of trade. Afar liberation front, by the way all of these rebel organisation had their main HQ in Mogadishu, under the afar leadership of the nobole Sultan Cali Mirreh the cafar would cut the supply route from djabouti, By the late 1980-ties mengistu depleted his professional amhara russian trained army. The tplf cut down the supply route to Eritrea and remember Tigray has more tigrayans then in Eritrea. The whole third army, the army that guarded Soomali-Galbeed against Somalis were cut of supplies from Addis and defeated in a humiliating wat by the EPLF. They simply waited them out, without food mass desertion became the norm with the generals first handing down their weapons. Who can fight without bullets and food. History was also on the side of the EPLF in Eritrea. Communism was dead in Soviet and all military aid from Moscow was cut. The EPLF and remnants of the ELF captured Massawa and the door to Asmara was open. My friends this now the second strike to post-meneik ethiopia. Mengistu was ousted but the TPLF dared to answer and deal with age old marxist question self-determination and ethnicity. They acknowledged that Amhara colonislism existed and created ethnic federalism. They did not do this out of love for oromos and non habesha ppl., the TPLF knew that the brogue educated elite of Amharas would one day come back. This my friend is the third and final strike that would without a doubt create a yoguslavia scenario. Meles Senawi, the butcherer of Somalis in 2007 defined Ethiopia with ethnicity. And highly educated qadariya oromo muslim scholar who attended our religous gathering told me once that he was astoniished, He visited Sh-Xuseen baaale, and quluunqul and the went of the Wollo,. He asked a friend who he was got a firm "oromo" answer. Many of christian oromo friends had changed back their name to oromo names. He attended school wollo and woild later go to azhar. He said to me, all of these people now listening to oromo music and claiming they are oromos would simply in the 60-ties say they are ethiopian or amhara. It was only the muslim oromos who could not be assimilated becouse of islam into the amhara Abyssinian melting pot, During the final days Yoguslavia, the yoguslav army would be a serbian army, today the Ethiopian army is made up by oromo and amharas. They have been defeated in a humilated way when the TPLF retook mekelle and showed behind the cameras that they won. Abey Ahmed stunned has now launched his last card! and that card my friend has previously been used by mengistu. Arming thousands of poor amharas and making them enter lorries as goates to be slaughtered is a defeatist strategy. Here is the future guys: The tigrayans fully know article 39 of a legal seccession. Whats funny is that the average Ethiopian because of ethnic-nationalism only knows article 39. If Abey Ahmed loses his last card, the goats in the lorries arned and called "neftegna" and age old term for an amhara colonialist with a rifle, if they are beaten back, and the supply routes to djabouti is lost, (remember, Sultan Ali mirre and his ALF used to toss one grenade train metals once weak) and this would make the trains useless. Even the ONLF are conducting operations behind scenes. The Arch enemies are united upon one thing. An american Dayton summit. Every region will how democratic elections under strickt UN observers and they tplf will probably include the choice "do you want your region seccede legaly from the federation". Once that is done the Afar and Somalis will be gone, probably oronos, 100% tigray. Amhara will remain, The Somali nationalist from awdal Sheekh Rooble predicted this, Ethiopia will be left over to the amharas and yuguslavia was left the serbs. The Tigrayans do not wish to become another Somaliland, unliterally declaring indipendence,. That will make them a pariah state and they will meet the same fate as Somaliland. 30 years looking for recognition that will never happen. They are smart, they want it legal.
  9. Sounds like the derg in the 80-ties, when he recruited poorly armed amhara and oromo pesants to Eritrea and they were made into minced meat by the Elf or EPLF. Notice how Jawar is in jail and the amharas want ppl to die for them
  10. Exactly, I think you summarized what have been trying to say. The civil war did not just completely destrot the somali nation it also had deep sociological affects. With no central governments, Somali nationalism as it lowest, wahabism with its petro-dollars had a good environment to grow. While my friend galbeedi sees Al-shabaab as a secretive cult he does not see that respected non traditional sunnu scholars like Umul Bashir, Xassan Daahir aweys and most of the Northern somali religous class having common creed with Al-shabaab. The later group belives in armed struggle while ictisam belives most somalis who do not adheere to their creed as being non muslims. Once the door of takfir is open blood will be shed. For example. hatred of christians, while traditional scholars taught us christians are ahlul-kitab but are misled the wahabi mindset framed hatred. While our prophet of mercy visited his sick jewish neighbor the wahabi mindset teaches the somali pshyce to hate jews. While the traditional scholars taught Somalis the concept of al-muraqaba (self reflectiveness) and attaining a higher spiritual guide the modern TV-evangelists dismissed this as khurafaat. Islam according to these TV-evangelists came to Somalia 90-ties. The liturgy was deep spiritual affection that Shaykh Cabdiraxmaan Zeylaci taught is dismissed as them was shirk. While poetry by Saudis are praised. What I am saying in a academical way is that if Ethiopia went protestant in a few years from the orthodox coptic church the defines the abyssinian thousands of of the academical articles would have been written. Nothing that nature has been written. Even if Ahlusunna-.Wal-Jamaca (I call them the the tradionalists) made a national convention in 1992. For the first time in the history all of Somalis tariqas made a decision modetnise their education system establish and seek connection with same groups. Tamim in Yemen readily accepted somali spiritual student to Azhar. They took steps to adapt to the modern way of life and refute the claims of the whabiyyada. A sign that they were resurgent and popular was how they resited al-shabaab in the middle regions. We are seeing the fruits of this. Wahabism had its days high in the late 90-ties. Since the advent of the crown prince of , Saudi Arabia has completely shut the funding for these groups. Another aspect that showed how these groups "ictisam" was contolled by the Saudis was seeing when Saudi Arabia was having great schisms with its Shiite neighbors the sermon of Makka Sudaisi declared them to be non muslims. Somalis has no shiites. Suddenly we were seeing hyeana eating umul (1) talking about shicism. It was bizarre but unlike the wahabiyya the the traditional scholats ASWJ are independent and are endogenous to somalis. They did follow the same route and concentrated instead of teaching people peace. So how is this related to Al-shabaab? They have the same creed, same world view point, Umul was busy calling armed struggle and killings in 2007 under the pretext foreign soldiers were in Somalia. 13 years later he has radically changed his position`? Why? Even Al-shabaab are quick to point out this theological inconsistency. My point of view is that as long we have people inclined to have the wahabi world view point meaning the world being black or white we will have al-shabaab. If Somalis return our rich tradition of Sunni Islam and the love our mercfull prophet scw we al.shabaab will be defeated. Imagine guys, our nomadic students were studying the genious Imam- Ghazali and logic before the advent of Al-shabaab. 1- This is not insult, The guy made a fatwa that people could eat hyenas based upon a vageue islamic reference, he was quickly criticized.
  11. I intended not the post to become a religous debate. Apopthis, I thought you were an atheist and know your engaging in islamic jurisprudence.. I guess your tribal tentacles went bananas when you heard umul and shibili!
  12. It seems that most sociologists or political analysts always portray al-shabaab as a some kind of a secretive armed group with political aims. These political analysts who are colored by orientalism have no clue into the somali pshyche and how our culture has changed in this post-colonial world. Since the 30 years of the somali civil war, every area our culture has been in some way been influenced by a changing world but also by war. First of all what most poltical analysts remain silent about is that Somali identity that was traditionally tied traditionall sunni islam with the sufi tariqa has completely destroyed. Galbeedi completelt ignores this fact and thinks that a few thousands of turkish trained commando troops can erase them. I rejecet this claim and say the problem is way more complicated. Sufism has allways been a a strong tradition in southern Somalia specially in Mogadishu and the coastline. It was the coastline somallis who produced Somali scholars as Shaykh Suufi Ashhaashi, and Shaykh Cabdiraxman Zaylaci /Zaylaciya spread to the northern parts of Somalia into the somali region of 6 and he is now buried in kilinka 5 in the city of Quluunqul. Shaykh Qasim al Barawi and Shekh Aweys continued the Qadaria-Uweysiya into southern Somalia while the Idrisiya (axmadiya, rashidiya) stayed in the bay bakool region. All of these Somali scholars wrote great books of value and very knowlidge able in shafici fiq. Every student of religion in Yemen who studies in Tamim, the traditional stronghold of shafite scholarship begins the book of the maqaasid written by a Somali scholar. The pre-colonial order was that these the scholar was embedded and respected and acted a mediator. The arrival of colonialism challenged this and the armed stuggle against the colonialists were often led by this sunni scholars. While The sunni world was in chaos a sect within sunni fold led by Muxammad Binu Cabdul-wahaab wrote his infamous fatxul-majid and used and obscure medevil scholar Ibn Taymiya as his source and made mass takfir on his fellow sunni muslims. They fought the ottomans and anyone who resisted their rule. The Rashidi arab tribe who sided with the ottomans were ejected from the khaleej and fled to sudan and Eritrea? How is this relevant to Somalia?. Somalia was only communist by name, Barre never initiated communist doctrines that tried to erase the islamic dynasty. While Mengistu was busy destroying the orthodox church Barre respected and saught legitamacy though famous Somali Ulama as the great Shayk Malacim Nur Siyaad, Sheekh Muxiyadin Celi, and lasty the late Sheekh Abba and Shaykh Abbaa gode and Shaykh Maxamed Rabiic who ulltimatelty established "rabiiciya" or timoweynta ( Mocking the ways of the sublime prophet is kufr, the prophet had long hair and those timoweyn simply wanted look like the prophet, their afro did not stop their desire but its choking to see modern day scholars who are clean shaven in the head mocking them for this. One thing that they do lack is studying fiq as the south and integrating themselves with the society.). The late Said S Samatar also commented in his book that the only multi-clan settlement that clan eventually become non.irrelevant was for example The uweysi settlements. You could D-block xerow students from Qabridahr with H-block living 60 years with each other and marrying each other and eventually developing new identities. When the Shaykhs sent their best students to Azhar they were eventually exposed to the pan-islamic ideals by the muslim brotherhod founded by the Sufi Scholar Shaykh Xassa Banna (alle ha u naxariisto). A disengage the regime occured when Barre took the colonial law western out into law and rejected the islamic way inheritance. Since that incident Alle ha u naxariisto Macalim Nuur Siyaad, and Sheekh Aw cabdi celi cumar stopped coperation with government and used their private funds to finance students coming from harar and garisa to study in the settlements. Everything, literally everything changed in when oil was discovered in Saudia Arabia. The obscure saudi sect of wahabism suddenly had billions of dollars. They established Wamy. Secular-Arab nationalism was dead with the defeat of the Arabs. The Iranian revolution that was inspired by Sh Xassan Al Banna showed the confused post-colonial ummah that their was a third way. Islam was political solution sounded good. While Islax the muslim brotherhood om Somalia coperated with the traditional leaders Sunni Islam (infact most of them were students of those scholars) they also pursued higher education. During the boom of 1980 thousands of Somalis flooded to the Medina universaty, what those Somalis did not know was that the 4 madhabs of Sunni islam were dismissed. Shaykh Alawi al Maliki and his likes. Hard-core wahabist scholars Shaykh like Bin baz, and Shaykh Albani who utterly rejected 1300 of islamic jurispudence were made professors. The Saud arabs never abandoned the hanbali fiq but came with the innovation that all 4 major sunni schools were not legitimate. A living legend, Shaykh Cabdullahi Qudubi,who is still alive described the mess as "for 1400 we sunni muslims respected our diffirences and diffirence of opinion did not mean that one was right and other was incorrect, it means both were right as the prophet might have done in the way of the opinions, we as somalis have now chaos in our hands" Students were also taught that all non wahabi sunnis were moshriks, non muslims, having the belif that the prophet could hear you and you could ask intercession from him our from a wali was deemed to kufr. Thus in a split of a second most Somalis were non muslims by the students like Sheekh umul and Shibili, When the civil war broke out traditional sunni islam was it lowest point, people needed a new ideology, Communism was dead. Somali nationalism was its lowest. Many intellectuals looked at wahabism. Billions of dollars of pumped into somalia demonizing our cherished scholars that had for a 1000 years protected as sunni muslims. Shaykh Yuusuf Kowneyns thousands years old of teaching kids alif la kor***** was replaced by "ba bii buu fatxatayn". Debates raged weather the mowlid was correct and traditional shafite fiq as toughing skin of female breaking your abulation was challenged. Thats history but how is that corrected to Al-shabaab? Few now about this day but the wahabis of najd once captured mekka and pillaged the city and killed many pilgrims in the 1800 century. An ottoman expedition led by Pasha Muhammed Albani captured the chief leader Al-Saud and he was beheaded as a heretic in Istanbul. The Book of fatxul majid and kitab tawxid and dividing tawxid in some kind of trinity "uluhibya rububiya" were book of mass takfir. Another author who was not a islamic scholar shaheed- Sayid Qutub borrowed leninist stances and even deemed whole societies to be in a state of "jahiliya" So how does this narrative fit within Somalia ? Unlike the Taliban, they never abandonded their hanafi fiq and naqshbandi tariqa. The Somalis were quick to join the wahabist narrative, bizarre fatwas of hyeana meat being halal, Shibili being a rockstar claiming that he had with own eyes seen 300 girls with aids aged between 14-17-teen was mindboggling. Imagine if Ethiopia with its 1800 year histort of being a coptic orthodox nation changed into protestant one during 30 years. Academical articles would be full of information about this. The gang of Ictisam who fully supported a jihad (umul) against Cabdullahi Yusuf simply changed his mind a decade later and boarded a plane and even had dinner with cabdi iley. During universal tv debate, Bashir Salad who is the gudoomite of this gang was asked this mind boggling question and had no answers. The interview became infamous. Worse was the voa- discussion where Islax and tradionalists united against the takfirism, bashir salad once against condemned al-shabaab yet propogated their views in sermons.While the traditionalists who refused to join the civil war and condemned as "fitna". While Itixaad was 1991 in chaos civil war. Al-shabaab did come out from nothing, they are a part of al-ictisam, and large segments of the Somali society do belive in what that they believe in. In Somaliland, Shayk Mustafe tries to educate Somalis about Sultan Suleyman Qanuni but does not tell the people that acording to his wahabi belifs suleyman qanuni is a non muslim becouse of being the maturidi-sunni-hanafi school and adhering to the naqshbandi tariqa. He loves to boast about non somali islamic heroes like salaxadin ayubi but fails to mention that Salaxadin was a devout sunni ashcari, the same creed as somalis belong to. And a creed that shibili declares to non muslims. Never will you hear him talk about 1800 century somali scholars. THE CHANGE AND DOWNFALL OF WAHABISM AND RESURGENCE OF TRADITIONAL ISLAM. The traditionalists had to adapt and have done so. Most Somalis are traditionalists. Seeing Saudi Arabias crown prince saying live on CNN "we were to export exremism" was a death blow to ictisam. They can no longer draw inspiration from Saudi Arabia and no funds will be coming from Saudi Arabia. While on a visit in Kenya I was suprised to see how a poor umul from 1994 had become rich real state magnate. Macalim nuur siyaad educated thousands and did not leave a penny behind. Such are true sufis who distance themselves from this world at minimum and concentrate on the next world. Al-shabaab will only dissapear once Somalia turns back to Azhar and not Saudi Arabia.
  13. Did that statement make you feel a psycological a bit better? If yes, do go around repeat it as whirling dervish. 30 years has gone and most of the leaders who knew that this whole "project" was a political stunt in order to gain power in the coming somali republic 1991 are almost senile or dead. The good thing about Somaliland is that they have stability. As for I am concerned It would be better if you actually got recognition. As a somali from mogadishu I feel tribalism is more ingrained in the northern culture. But you need to sort up your problems with the Somalis outside Berbera-Hargeysa and Burco.
  14. Che, and galbeedi said it before. What we are seeing is simply an African yoguslavia. The scenes are different but the narrative is the same. As I said, the hyeanas of Ethiopia, the wayanaha or TPLF, amd tigreega were determined by 1991 to make a system that they could manipulate.. It worked for 30 years, but when the fake hoxaist Meles, the arch-murderor and killer of Somalis, a despicable of man who used as a colonial dog to invade Somalia when Somalis finally rid-themselves from rats if mogadishu. Clan-warlords like Muuse Suudi, Cabdi And 2 others guys whose name I cant name, but one hails from ceelbuur and the other one from galmudug. During 90-ties and early 2000, they terrorized the native banadiri-somalis and the proud bimal, bagadi and geledi (see geledi kingdom). These were the dark ages of Somalia. When the somalis got fed up and Islah and the the muslim brotherhood had set ut private universities, somalis expiremented with political Islam. Who knows the Islamic court system maxaakimta islaam launched a blietz kerig and captured 80 percent of the nation. They clearly said that they wanted to unite the nation and islamic scholars hailing from puntland was formed. Had they inaded puntland would have fallen , Who knows, after a great "somali-islamic summit", The third Somali republic would have been the Islamic republic of Iran. . But as we are somalis, we are quick to take rashless decisions. After the succses We had xassan dahir aweys openly talking about soomali-galbeed. The bush regime who barely could distuinguish national islamic movement branded them as terrorists despute having no links with Bin laden, They first used to rats, the rats fled, one fled by boat. Then the american imperialists used the hyeanas of Ethiopua. A hyeana is animal that often eats meat slain by the lion. While it was Shacbiya EPLF under Saleh Sabbe who came up with the idea using the christiab eritreab tigrayab troops to infiltrate and train TPLF they did so. They did so well so they could take power, A war was launched and in order to humiliate Somalis, the Ethiopian "embassy" flag during SYL day in may. Heyeba Seyoum Mesfin who is now dead and was killed in the conflct was the one raising the flag. Sio now what-? First of all, a somali insided in the foregin office of Somalia told me that Afwerqi net with the american ambassador. Afweqru who made his land into somekind of an orwellian north korea knows he is short if money. Afwerqi has nor forgotten movenent the forto couo, A couo led by the tigre ethic grouo. They are also called beja or benu aner and by jeberti tigrinja, It said thar a relative of Awerqu was working in the building when all minsteril buildings were captured. On fortunately the couosters made the deadly sin of not having a insider in the building who knows how to operate, While coupsters were talking and thinking they were live on air that relative plugged the cable of the news. Afewqri sent troops and fighting was heard for over 4 hours, coup leaders were arrested and executed, the ramaining 5 christians were also shot. This hows how fragile has become. Just look at the freedom parties, seldom will you see muslims taking part of them. The ambassador gave him 48 hours withdraw his heavy troops and 3 weeks for infantry. Guess what guys? Once the Eritrean army went, the federal ethiopian troops simply vanished. Gaalka gartiiisa sii. The oromo soldiers were actually the first one to hand over their uniform and gun and leave. Those are willing to fight are the Amhara. The ragtag Anhara fought and were massacred when the ttplf trapped them in. They executed them one by one and left non-amxara soldiers alone. They Tplf secured border and forced the amxara region issue a statement defining welkatr as amhara, Who is the winner and who is the loser? 1-Caabey Anxaari lost. His mission was to eliminate them. The cease fire gives the TPLF time ro re iorganize, and making a ceas fire ti party that you yesterday branded terrorists is in a way making them a legitimate. He has to talk to them. 2-Other regions saw the weakness of army This wil embolen the western christian oromos. The eastern oromos who side side with Somalis, qeero youth are now literally the polce, OLF soldiers have become police officers, One Somali in nazreeti that the ioromos renamed adama qeero youth stormed every police department and ejected every amhara, They did this under with the support of Oromiya reagin. In conclusion. Cabey Anxaaro is ockupied with catching the thousands of flies and jinni that came out of the pandorax box, mainly ethnic nationalism. Once that box is opended and fuel is lit and the house burning (tigray) you can only watch. Mustafa Omar in soomali-gallbed waa in uu ku mashquulo raising somali nationalism buy weapons. Instead of going to gondar sending blessings upon Menelik he should have gone to afar region and oromo region. I guess he knows, if Somalia is weak he is also weak.
  15. How many years have it been since amisom arrived in Somalia? 10 years? 12 years? As the world is watching the government of Afghanistan failing to stop the talibans advance to the capital its impossible not ask if the same fate awaits Mogadishu. While the taliban in a clever way distanced themselves from the al-qaida world view of a never ending "jihad" against the west, they never abandoned their sunni xanafi and sufi naqshbandi madhab and rebranded themselves as afghan "islamic-nationalists". As the USA slowly accepted this narrative gullable somalis abandoned the sunni shafite madhab and sufi qadariya to the saudi wahabi way. Al-shabaab made the disastrous political move of pledging allegiance to al-qaida and by so joined the world view of a "never ending jihad" against anyone who disagrees with themselves. While we on this forum quarell about farmajo or the former somali presidents the de-facto situation on the table is that somali minister cant even travel by car from mogadishu to baidoa, or from mogadishu to kismayou, or to the north, from mogadishu to galkacayo and onworth to hargeysaa. The Hyeanas of Ethiopia, the tplf introduced the federal system in Somalia as a way of controlling Somalia as they controlled the oromiya, amhara region. Who here in this forum remembers the yellow sopha that every somali leader had sit on. Those who defended federalism claimed that it was necessary as somali ethnic nationalism was as its lowest point. They argued if the clan is the problem let Somalia regress to its clan borders and lets put the federal regions the responsibility of ridding themselves of al-shabaab and making stability. The formula of 4.5 would be temporary. While a dying post-menelik Ethiopia is dying the wacalka gaalka Caabey Axmed is liiterally trying force the flies that came out of the pandoras box that the TPLF unleashed mainly oromo nationalism and ethnic nationalism. Ethiopia will probably see a much more bloodier Yugoslavia break up if the West do not intervene. I personally do not think that they will intervene. The west is done. We are seeing the dwindling power of the US. Syria is a fact to this. But the equation that does not add up is where do we somalis see ourselves in 10 years?. For all the mumbo and jumbo we know that federal government of Somalia is an institution under the tutelage of the UN. Without the european aid and the us aid to the FGS it would crumble. Is it wrong to see mogadishy as a living saigon? Its a city literally under siege. Being the top number 1 corruption also means the people lack faith in the federal court systems. A testimony to that was a court file made by wifes family regarding the dhaxal issues. While the courts wanted money the opposite side went to ceelasha biyaha and the inlaw got a message with 10 dollars to buy cloths for his funeral if he did not attend the hearing. As brutal as it might sound the poor fellow went to ceelasha biyaha and he actually won the case. It was a done deal. The funny side to this story is that in law is a musician and a buisnessman belongs the middle class of mogadishu. As a man who worked under Barres government he hated al-shabaab and what they stood for. In the north 30 years has gone since the three clan towns proclaimed to be nation. The world rejected this and on top of this a part of this "democratic nation" that does everything brainwash its youth that the 15-teenth may is blessed day, the day 26 june is almost unheard off. The day when the white man who looted and colonised Somaliland left and yokes of oppression was broken has been systematically dismantled. Historical revisionism as its best. Nor they teach their children how grown men were taken from berbere and put in a zoo so the british white people could watch the "nomadic somalis" as entertainment. If they were truly democratic they would not inprison fellow "landers" wearing blue clothes or voicing unionist stances. The charade as a African democracy works fine for BBC propaganda but the charade would have been better if the minority landers who are unionist would be allowed to have party instead of the 3-junta party-system they created. That generation is dying. The truth is slowly coming out. They Somalis and their fate will allways be connected to their fellow somali brothers and sisters. Lasty Where is Somalia actually heading? We have a president who instead of trying to heal Somalis, instead of learning the tremendous damages done by his uncle Barre, A man who literally destroyed somalia and fragmented Somalia, compare that to midget amxaaro mengistu, when asked by the Amhara population to be armed he refused and orderd his defeated army to obey the orders of the rebel army who were flooding to the capital. After the tigrayans were toppled voa amharic conducted a lengthy interview with mengistu. Before the interview his fellow woleyta dasela mariam took photos with mengistu. Mengistu old and dying wanted to be rememberd as the one who saved Ethiopia from eternal damnation and ethnic stife. eretriyaanki soomaliya joogi jiray who understands amharic told me that his sole legitimacy and sole arguement was pointing the finger at Somalia. When the journalist asked him tough questions regarding the merciless killings he simply replied "I am and was progressive (anti feudal, communist ) ethiopian. If I would have wanted power I could have armed gondar. Would have taken such a evil task of arming militias on ethnic basis we would have turned up as Somalia. "look at barre and ghaddafi". He even had the audacity use a slur word for somalis meaning uncultured and wild. The journalist, an oromo fired back and said "according to some you relocated amhara people to lands owned and cultivated oromos and did so under communism. Is that not the ethnic chauvanism.? Mengistu the midget showed his anger and said in strong voice "weyane we behind selling of eritrea and what is wrong with ethiopians moving to other cities, you are in washington, are you evil if you move to california. This will probably the last interview the midget will give. He wanted to the historians to correct his murderous regime. Unfortunately Barre died before he could give a lengthy interview- But AUN Barre literally in the deepest meaning of the word opened up the army caches of Somalia to clan militias and even arrested the respected leaders of the manifesto group. A civilian group that included Aaaden Cadde, The 2 famous human rights lawyer Avokate Maxamed Rajis and many more. He ignored him and the nation was damned to have internal strife in 30 years ony come to the solution that we regressed to having clan enclaves. Clan enclaves is how the colonialists found us. Coming back somali politics. It was horrendous to see farmaajo trying to postpone elections. Would have he have succeeded in what sixroolaha Casayas Afwerki told him the whole healing process of a h-block president stepping down and D-block president appointed glory and hope in Mogadishu. Those were signs of that tribal healing was having effect. Instead of that in uu kursiga ka dhago, it amazes me. The erratic diplomatic relations, spurring with UN while your whole army is funded by the UN is playing with peoples nationalist sentiments and using that your political gain. I hope that Somalia never sees a president that is bent or had a vision of Barres regime as one of beacon of hope. While Xassan Sheekh worked witihin the countrey he knew how fragile it was. He was the one who compromised on Jubbaland, what could he do? He was not perfect he did not dismiss the parliament as an institution that became nacamkuyaal.. I am still confused. Where is Somalia actually? Does Somalia have the powet to rid itself with takfiiri-wahabiyada ideology or does it not? The only non erratic thing Farmaajo is that he stood by turkey even if the Saudis wived neutrality as taking side with Qatar. What do you guys think, where us actually heading?
  16. Magafuli was a docorand in chemistry and fully understood the virus. He knew that that white europeans who stockpiled wheat for lockdowns could afford long lockdownds. Instead imitatating gaalada cadaanka he simply had to choose between cholea and plague. Lockdown and starvation or a free society with economical growth. He was wise to choose the later. Tanzania has worse problems, malaria, cholera etc more deadly diseases. I am not defending his decision but I remember going to work that the swedish public service radio were mocking him for saying "god will protect us". They did not comment on the economical reasons for defying lock downs in Tanzania. But when Bolsanaro, gaalka cadaanka the white man refused lock downs and said "god will protect us" nobodt mentioned the god thing and the white analysts concentrated that bolsenaro the Brazilian racist president choose economy rather then lock downs and saving lives. This media narrativ shows we still in a cold post colonial order where the black man is demonised to his death while white man is magnified. According to the UNDP Tanzania was suffering from drought and huge locust problems, how will you feed your ppl if you lock your people indoor? Even the old empress of Germany Merkel was criticized for her lock downs when the scientific community said that they infarct had no effect, she wanted a absolute lock down during Easter
  17. I remember him allways opposing things, rarely did he come with an alternative. MMA I have to admit that that he writes with objectivity.
  18. Yaab badanaa, Subxan Allaaah. How can he have the audacity to come to the TV:sets with his blood stained hands, allegations of murder.
  19. 30 years has gone Xaaji Xunjuf. That is a long time. The facts on the ground has radically changed. As the government in Mogadishu, weak as it maybe, protected by Amisom tanks, the rise of Mogadishu can not be denied. Somalilands pokers card was indeed its stability and could point the finger at the south during the 90-ties and during the TPLF-Weyane invasion of Somalia. It could harness sympathy for its cause. Thats gone now. That poker card is used and it gave zero. The second blow to Somaliland was the fall of the TPLF-weyane regime. Cabeey Axmed was the one who wanted pressure Mr Muuse in SNM giving up its secession. He failed at it but once again the ethiopia card was lost. 30 years of empty promises creates dissent and in certain areas of the Somaliland intellectuals some are starting the project that was done hastly in 1991. I do not think a recognition is close neither will it ever be close. Certain areas are clan-disputed. Muuse Biixi best chance might be going to UAE and ask the UAE to use their zionist connections for a Trumpish recognition but that feels far fetched, But if I was him I would rather be in Dubai then sitting among Kenyans. I really thought Biixi had political muscles but he has not. He is still thinking as a soldier. If Egal would be alive I think he would have been on a plane to UAE .
  20. As times go memories go by fast. First of all AUN to the old man. What ever he did, the day will come when he will asked for his deeds. Today while drinking tea at a Somali cafe, a famous old general and who was a colonel during Siyaad Barres time and me and a Somali Phd holder in sociology were discussing issues related to covid-19 and how Somalis in Scandinavia has been hard hit by this virus. We all agreed that everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. Somehow the discussion slipped into the recent events of Ethiopia. The old former colonel alle cimrigiisa ha dheeriiyo told us Somalia had intelligence reports it was only matter of time when Menelik' Amhara-centric empire would have severe dissent or dissolve. He said that he knew that any opposition member to Itoobiya during 70-ties would be screened and be given a hostel and if he needed it (if he was big shot) they would have diplomatic Somali passports. No wonder why Isayas and Meles , Lencho Letta were all Somali citizens with diplomatic passports. As the topic progressed the colonel said despite the dissent against SIyaad Barre. He never thought the country would be in a state of anarchy. When the sociologist asked why. The colonel said Af-wayne crossed all boundaries. He said he himself had to flee not because of him being affiliated with the clans supporting Siyaad Barre. He said that once the arms depots were being opened to the people. He knew at that time that it would be impossible to control city. Mengistu Xayle Maryam, like him or not, he was a half-caste communist amhara. Once the soviet -cuban support slowed down and the armed jabhado were winning he knew he was playing a losing game. His final orders to the standing Ethiopian army in 1991 was not to resist the EPRDF entry to Addis Abeba. Mengistu, had if he wanted set the whole countrey at fire by opening the arms depot in gondar and Bahri-dahar to Amhara civilians. He could have used the ethnic card to gain support but choose not to do so. Siyaad Barre, After the so called prominent maanifesto group met him and he assured hem that he would step down in in a Radio adress Instead chose to make a radio speach urging the people "Beeraha falla" A bizarre speech indeed to make when USC was at the gates of Mogadishu. He then chose to open the arms depot to certain clans and he 100% tried to use the clan-card to stay in power. You choose, the midget Mengistu or af wayne Siyaad Barre? Those who are inclined to intellectually defend him might bring his af-soomaliga campaign but the truth is that the civilian government in 1960-ties had already a commission for writing of Af-Soomali. What Af-weyne did was only to continue with that commission. Those who who have nostalgia for the glorious 80--ties are mistaken. AUN jaale madaxwayne Maxamed Siyaaad Barres legacy will be that he chose anarchy in his lust for power while mengistu chose ethiopian nationalism. The devilish "jabhado" that overthrew him were no better.. They were worse but He was ultimately the one who set the standard for them.
  21. Abey Ahmed failed and they had to find a new nation to take pictures with and show it to the people. "Warhoooy, dayaaaa fiiriya, waa kanaa Keenyaati baan aragnay ICTRAAAFKIII" baa soo dhaw. That line has been used so many times at Meles Zenawis famous yellow couch. The people of Somaliland are really asking them its been 30 years of "ictraafki baa soo dhaw". Instead of the leadership in Hargeisa choose to cut dies with UN and China. Somali--landers intellectuals are now seriously re-thinking the path of secession. If the project state building falls in the south and the way it looks like Its not. For presidents have peacefully left and re-elected that kind of stability might be the death blow to this whole secessionist thinking. Cracks are appearing within their own fold. Their own intellectuals are saying we cant continue anymore.. Whats happens next depends on the news generation of Somalilanders despite of the hate-somalinimo propaganda they have been fed these years realize that they are indeed soomali.
  22. Egypt is a nation on free falls. Gone are the days when somalis , ereteeriya and suudaan would tune in on raadiyo qaahiro, or the days when poor students would get an education in Nassers Egypt. As soon as the arab nationalism failed and Egypt capitulated to the zionists and agreed to get a loaf a bread of from the west that day Egypt slowly died as a major player. Masaarida were influential Africa and fueled pan-africanism to such an extent y that all major african de-colonised nations refused to recognize Israel. Instead on capitalizing on the islamic revival and the de-colonial aspects of Sheekheena Shahiidka Xassan Banna it chose the opposite side. It believed by behaving as the colonised they would become like the west and ended up as stooges. AUN Maxamed Siyaad Barre. Kolley waxuu gaystay Qiyaamaha ayuu la tagaaa. But one of his great mistakes was making Somalia member of the Arab league in his thirst for money. It instead created some kind of identity crisis. Once colonised stooges of Masar are ousted and the legitmate sons of Hassan Banna like the martyr Mohammed Morsi takes power nothing with change in Masar. One Masaari friend of mine told me that even social mobility is dead in the country. A tiny minority arabised egyptians of turkish origin rule country. They marry with each other and established a Egyptian nomenklatura. A soviet style nomenklatura based upon class and family ties. Soomaliya does not need Egypt neither does it need animosity with Egypt. We have come to a stage in our de-colonized minds that we see our interests first. Take for a example the dam project in Ethiopia. If Somalia could tap into the massive overflow of electricity it is in our interest to see the black kids of Ethiopia and Somalia to read be able to read at night with electric lamps. Think about it, What Turkish alliance did for Somalia could be accounted for what 40 years of membership in the so called Arab league did. Egypt is people is being choked to the death. Until the brotherhood gains power in that country the decline will continue.
  23. He was an aminal, one appointed by Addis-Abeba, The new guy on the block was also nominated from Addis Abeba. Why not hold legitmate elections to Soomali-galbeed can choose their leaders. Ha i kala saarin wax Addis Abeba ka yimid.
  24. Sergeey Buubkas time is over MMA and I think you know that deep inside. Whats more interesting is that their is somekind mass-psycosis happening in Mogadishu. Some people engaging in party politics calling themselves as "oppositon" and some people being government supporters. To be honest thats healthy but the reality on the ground is that Mogadishu is literally under siege by al-shabaab. They controll all exit routes from Mogadishu. You cant even as an nobody government offical take the highway to Badioa janaay, up to xaaran ku naaxyada in southern Gaalkacayo and south to Kismaayo. Al-shabaab has developed from rag-tag militia to become a vicious organisation with structure of a parallel state. They are biding their time and now waiting for Xalane to be vacated. Its time that that the FGS or those who want to see Soomaaliya rise again to unite weather they are opposition politicians or government supporters. The best example of this bizarre situation is Afghanistan. While the Taliban were gaining control the presidential candidates were busy accusing each other of cheating. The US defeated by the Taliban bypassed the afghan state and negotiated. This will likely not happen because of al-shabaab's alignment to Al-qaeda. But why would they care? They controll the seas from Jabuuti. Wallaahi waa Yaab.
  25. Apophis. From an academica religious theological l view point what happened during these is significant. Who knows, I might be nordic after some 30 years but felt at home when I landed in Mogadishu. And I was 100 % certain that if the civil war did not happen I would live a happy privileged "bourgeois" life. Instead I am condemned to daily racist abuse as black man living in a nordic nation. What a tongue twister statement Holac. Drones do kill and they do kill innocent Somalis. My question for forum members is once the aid and xalande disaapears will somanimino, midnimimo and brotherhood keep us together or we will we continue fighting each other? Forget Al-shabaab. I am now talking about the donor dependent FGS and its fragile instututions.