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  1. I know they reality but is saying man and woman are equal such a controversial thing?
  2. Hey guys, some posting an audio about a ban means absolutely nothing and I don't think banning an airline would make much of any difference. Much of Somalia's hard currency goes to purchasing khat from Ethiopia and Kenya. We should encourage banning that and if that doesn't, produce it inside the country.
  3. Somalis can really be an greatful and conspiratorial people. This Kenyans gave up their lives to defend Somalis from terrorist Somalis and everyone is up in arms as to why the president would bow out of respect men who lost their live defending his people. Like people who have killing each for the better part of three decades know anything about protocol. Forget about this visit, there should be a monument in the center of Mogadishu for every African Union solder who lost his or her life fighting those savages.
  4. Che is that pic of camels in the mountains calmadow
  5. ^ jeez guy, hyperbole much. As much as disappointed there will be no election, the best way forward is 4.5. A lot has been accomplished by all parties. It is not time to rock the boat. District vote would lead to an imbalanced distribution, a recipe for conflict. Until we can have a one man one vote, Somalia should keep what's working.
  6. Easily the most beautiful place in place in Somalia. I wonder though if the lack of roads is what has kept this place pristine and that if roads are built it would lead to environmental degradation.
  7. Just as they where about to rejoin the community of nations, sad to see the Iranian again undermine its own interests and betray their people by engaging in yet more useless proxy wars that only destabilize the Region. Am not sure if it's true but there were reports that in Friday sermon, the ayatollah said he would behead the entire Royal family. How do you come back from that? As detestable as the Saudis are, the reality is that the overwhelming Muslim world is Sunni and all but two countries are Sunni lead minus the basket case that is Syria. Forced to choose, they will side with the Sauds rather then the ayatollah.
  8. The guy took someone to court for defamation and to you that indicates dictatorship. What kind of logic is that.
  9. Bosmanoglu Welcome and thank you for writing that, pretty much how I see the situation as well. Xabad. you have to be utterly blind to not see the drastic difference between the Somalia we see now and the one before the Turkish president visited. As for your beef with their president, I believe there is a song call "it's nobody's business but the Turks. As for us Somalis, I believe am in the Majority when I say we are great for the selfless help and support to our countrymen.
  10. its really sad to witness Islam jump from an unknown religion to almost up there with Hitler.
  11. it helps to keep in mind Ethiopian population is 90+ million people.
  12. i've heard of sensationalism and click bait but this takes the cake...