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  1. Odey;887397 wrote: what you forget brother is that he is "supposed" to be the Leader of the Nation, not the regional states or Mayorship of Towns!. These lowrr regional administrations are for the locals to make up and decide and guess what The Constitution Demands that!. He is spitting on the very constituton he swore to upheld and is Going against it. As of now, he is unconstitutional! Can you Give me the link that any time government refused this , of course they should govern thier property but at this time there is no official maamul in kismaayo only few militias under Kenyan flag . The goverment is doing what they were elected. They can't let kenya chose to who ever they went as leader , this the job for Somali people. Kenya ,should leave out of this and let the Somali people have thier own solved .
  2. Abtigiis;887387 wrote: If the leaders that Muqdisho produces all end up small people with small agenda's, waxaan ka yaabi inaan idhaa: "Waxaan dooni reer Dayniile, qiblada inaan u daayaaye Daantay jiraan uma tukado, diinta lay farayee" Abtigiis;867316 wrote: IT IS A LANDSLIDE. The era of ignorant leadership is over, the era of enlighted leaders starts! Farole's demise to follow! Yaab aduunkaan
  3. Abwaan;887365 wrote: Bal weydii, haddiise sidaan loogu ordayo maxaa looga cabaadayey dhibaatooyinkiisii? Ilaah towfiiqda hanna waafajiyo. Way iska hagaagi doontaa insha Allah. I don't think this president will let down his people , all Somalis. This is Somali problem . Let everyone live in the area come together under Somali goverment. As much we did select the goverment in Somali soil , we should solve this within our borders . we should not let our enemy take sides and start another bloody civil war. Last thing we need is suffering of Somali people in all sides. It's fair for the goverment to call the shots since they were the people who fought Alshabab in most of the southern cities. So far , we were forward .
  4. Taleexi;887356 wrote: Oo tolow maxaa dagaal sokeeye laga faa'iidayaa? +1, it seems that way , Ethiopia and Kenya plans are working as planned. Destibalize any Somali goverment by supporting any groups that fever self govern and qabyaalad mentality and in that will make Kenya do its dirty work by hiring foreign Foreign compiles to drill the oil. Occupy Mogadishu , make fake suicide bombing and assassinations . Side with different fictions , ignite more hatred and ignorance . At the end of the day , there will be less Somalis to fear . Unprotected land by self hating people. ---- the kids that grewup in abroad in the civil war have yet to see why qabyaalad led them live in a country that's not thier own and yet support the cause that led them to be immigrant in the first place . They float the forum with daily qabyaalad chanting Let's wait for 20 more years when we are under none Somali leaders leading us in our own land
  5. The era of Alshabab is finish now we start second round of civil war. I guess Alshabab was not bad after all , they rule the lands with no qabyaalad
  6. Ismahaan;887216 wrote: Narniah Walaalo sadaqada la bax cidna ha kala tashan. Allah (swt) will rewards for as long as people benefit from your saqadaha Jariah. ''When a man passes away, his good deeds will also come to an end except for three: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased)” Narrated by Abu Hurairah, Sahih Muslim Good luck Insha Allah Couldn't agree more
  7. Xaaji Xunjuf;887307 wrote: Maaa hada shariif la jeclaaday where is abtigiis he was the biggest hassan sheikh supporter in the final round of the elections These people are qabiil driven . Nothing logical here. A person that was cheering for the president yesterday now calling all sort of names.
  8. If white people would stop endorsing the gay life , maybe they would be forever the majority.
  9. Thanks for enlightenment , Somalia needs more people who lecture the goodness of our diin.
  10. Che -Guevara;886860 wrote: Apophis...So, you share Khalid's sentiment? Those seeking access to Kismayos's lucrative ports have most to benefit from this incident which essentially humiliated members of Somali government; something I actually distaste considering the foreign presence. This is about resources and warlords like Madoobe and Hiiraale use tribes to ensure their loot. Unfortunately, Somalis stricken with tribalism fall for these stunts and the leadership in Mogadishu lacks the wisdom or the willingness to confront these men in manner that separates them from their tribes while establishing proper administration which answers to Xamar. P.s. I honestly do wish those opposed to AS would agree on other things as well. The only thing they have in common is their opposition to AS. It seems when alshabab left, all the warlords and fadhi kudirir are turning each other. button line is everyone had their motive to chase way. Uganda was there for the money, Kenya was there to back up militias, government was there to get enough money so they can feed their kids in top universities in abroad. At the end of the day , another civil war awaits , is like some people don't get tire of this. They keep on calling war and hatred.
  11. A_Khadar;886451 wrote: Walaalo, your points are valid yet have heard about a phrase along this line, "Bur makii lahelaa biyo raadshaa".. Xay Somali ka hadashaa development, science, technology etc, they are lacking the basic livelihood such as security. Seeing people talk about police on uniform and bragging them about often show the need for security. That is where we are @ this time.. I agree , security is top piriority for us. But this is not police force , merely couple friends getting together. There is no real progress in any part in the country. Everyone is busy posting or talking about thier little achievement for thier corner. won't be too long before bigger force invades Somalia and this time is not saving Somali people more like securing Somalia From Somalis.
  12. There is unmanned vehicle on mars sent from earth. In Somalia , we see police men in uniform donated from the neighbor controlling deserted regions. With all respect why Somali people stil in the stone age ? While Ethiopia and Kenya dominate business,military , industrial sectors and Somalis are too busy talking about policemen in uniform. Now that's a society rolling backwards . It should stated that buuhoodle is opening regional super airport to export minerals to Europe and Asia . When I see things like this I am reminded why Somalia is fail state. It's good there is positive things happening in Somalia but why we celebrate about things that seem very basic.
  13. If only Alshabab had better vision and better leadership. what we ought to know is that this 4.5 soon or later will run out of gas. It's sooner than I thought before another bloody civil war will ignite. It's getting worse before it gets better. If Alshabab wasn't hijacked by foreign ideology and fairy tales. They had power of faith and strong self discipline. These goverment officials and all regional goverments are all working towards making Somalia less of united country, they all go under the 4.5 principle. Everyone wants piece of the pie and even if they happened to have some, stil not enough. Under Islamic law , this wouldn't be the case. We would have a leader from any clan and yet be happy. No corruption , no abusing the power , no rapist,no killers , no theft, strictly islamic way without going back to stone ages. No regional government under trablism. We need Islamic movement once more . Our country will be united and won't be force to be govern under 4.5 We need to heal from trablism and yet our whole system is based under trablism . Just so you know , every election a civil can abrupt because group of people didn't get ministry job and start all over again. African soldiers won't be around to protect these cowards forever that's why we need Islamic movement with no backing of any foreign extrimist . Who will rule Somalia with fairness . System built by foriegners and being force to us by thier agents will never bring stability. What Somalia needs today is not proffesors and businessmen , but we truly need people who are devoted to Allah and have fundamental understanding of Islam not through minds of extrimist, but through the Quran and the prophets teachings. 4.5 is similar to curing cancer with a aids
  14. Just speechless , subxanallaah . This is the small scene about the whole picture . Broken society evolving into madness
  15. I remember living there In the 90s , it's great city . Just amazing . Lots of progress. I guess these people are not busy thinking about which clan will run for presidency or prime minister . Ethiopia is country with long history unlike thier neighbor with a long history of civil war
  16. Aaliyyah;884819 wrote: Laa ilaaha means there's no God. Say laa ilaaha ila allah Lol@ those pics. +1
  17. Xaaji Xunjuf;884726 wrote: The clan issue is not the biggest issue sharing a state and resources is the biggest challenge because the idea of sharing a state having one leader Amiir is a difficult task for the Somalis. For instance the current prime minister and president both belong to different tribes but even that goes wrong because the President is seeing as superior to the prime minister the idea that the entire country belongs to all Somalis is also very unfamiliar if you ask Somalis.Somalis are peoples with no republics prior to their short lived nationhood the concept of tribal homelands plays a vital role in modern day Somalia. And it will for years to come unless they reconstruct their societies in the near future. Xaaji Somali problem is trablism, we all know all the disputes are coming from regions belonging to different clans. There is no way you cant tell me that's problem with kismaayo . We all got this fears of loosing our dignity and pride , if other clans move into our neighborhood. It's easy to get alone as long we have no labels for places. Is easy for American Italian to move California and mixed race person move to new York . The deal is Somalis world revolves around my tribe ,my family, my power . We got tags in every corner in Somalia and its property of certain group. It's easy for society to live among each other , but the case for Somalia is becoming more segregated society. I guess it's always been, we just don't admit it
  18. So we both concluded that doesn't matter what era we in and what year somali people in east,west,south ,north will never be lead by someone other than their clan or close family member . Doesn't matter who its , as long its Their clan in power.
  19. You said one clan sucking all resources isn't that what's happening in all regions right now ? There is no democracy In regions. What happened in the pre war era was unfortunate but few people took responsibility to thier own hands . After the collapse of the dictator , we all witnessed how people took advantage of that By forming self declared leadership instead of working toward common goal for greater nation and this goes on until this day . Let's get something clear , somalis don't believe in collective goal but one group goal .
  20. This president and the late dictator , there is a big difference. Back then our country was built under that system and there was no 4.5 . What we had than compare to today ,I rather have yesterday's system. Eventhough there was a big corruption and property being taken by the government to help his own , we still had law and order . And anyone against it was aiming thier own interest like snm, ssdf,usc
  21. Xaaji Xunjuf;884657 wrote: Only in Somalia will people get angry if their president says something about their region but if kibaki or haile mariam deselegn says something no one ever complains. Well said xaaji. This explains everything. I guess the late dictator wouldn't attack his own countrymen up north , if they would have listen to him .
  22. Cambuulo iyo bun;884489 wrote: evry girl i try to talk to is dissing me:( wat should i do? Help needed!!!!!! :(:confused: Imagine how life would be , if you were working in the cotton fields of ivory coast and such. I think life would be less troubling for you