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  1. I would say, his doing a great job. I don't relate to him or know him. All I know is Somalia doesn't need any more civil war and qabyaalad. His doing what we need at the moment. If it bothers anyone by his way of doing things then too bad
  2. Che -Guevara;915782 wrote: Actually, if people were LISTENING, the president has laid down security plan, financial/revenue reform plan and judiciary oversight. The Jubba thing is not his fault as it's others that are repeatedly asking him to make a stance on this project, this despite his efforts in explaining his stand. It's hard to govern people that are inpatient and ignorant about the role of government. And it's really hard to fight the propaganda being waged tribal websites masquerading as legitimate news outlets. couldn't agree more. Some people automatically disagree or can't stand him because his clan or something similar.
  3. black people in america are like somalis, they just use guns to solve their disputes
  4. Xaaji Xunjuf;914945 wrote: ^walaalkis what seems to be u problem with Somaliland? nothing what so ever. But you definately working overtime xaaji. Don't worry, if somaliland don't get it's recognition it needs it will be in somalia. It's not like you will be erased from history book.
  5. great speech again. But one must ask how reliable is this goverment. I'm welling to go back anytime to somalia and establish something. We need assurance. If there's certainty and stability, I don't mind paying whatever taxes I'm being asked to pay. How confident are you about this goverment , are they going to go for the long run and make somalia calm place without civil war. ?
  6. Taleexi;914909 wrote: Waa talaabo horumar leh... waa in lala tartamaa Muqdisho. why is there so much worry in lalaland recently ?
  7. You can blame Welfare system . These people are brain dead. They absolutely have nothing for Somalia except take us back to civil war so they can watch Somali people starving in their homes paid by welfare system. If those people have real life issues like work every day to pay off bills , they be happy to have government at least trying to make difference in people lives. These people have no real problems . This is the problem with welfare people.
  8. taxing khat ? is't that something that should be banned and stopped before the whole population turns into mentally disabled
  9. somalee;914034 wrote: Nepotist is the ''smiley'' president. I don't know anything about you and Che, are you nepotists too? The president is notoriously known for appointing to office people who are close to him by blood or otherwise. He has an ungodly obsession with his relatives and all Somalis know it. The ''New blood'' party may be literally referring to the blood of his own relatives. layaab, some people never get satisfied even if they are given the highest honor of somali politics. For your name calling explains it,you have wrong perception and have no experience no prove . Why don't you put suit on and take your community college diploma and apply for goverment job then come back to us and tell us your experience just don't spread none sense.
  10. Taleexi;913642 wrote: Staying with the rest of Somalis is not a bad choice. It's soon or later that they realize this lalaland dream will never come true and it's just waste of time. It's time to abandon the plan A and back to PLAN B.
  11. As decades of violence give way to peace, Somalis whose work depended on death are facing hard times. Mogadishu, Somalia - Ali Hassan spends his day sitting in a former mosque, now a ramshackle shelter for drug users, idly staring at his cell phone as he waits for it to ring. A gravedigger with more than 20 years of experience, Hassan is finding life in Mogadishu's newfound stability hard. He became a gravedigger at the height of the civil war, when he used to dig at least 30 graves a day. "I became a gravedigger in 1991, when burying dead bodies was the best business in Somalia." People who want to bury their deceased family members ring his cell phone to ask him to dig graves for them. He listens religiously to the cacophony coming from downtown Mogadishu for the sound of loud bangs or continuous rounds of fire. "When there is a loud bang, we know it is an explosion. When there is a sustained gunfire, we know something is wrong and people may die. Deaths mean there will be business for us." However, with gun battles falling in Mogadishu these days, the number of people brought to the cemetery for burial has almost fallen markedly. "Two years ago I used to bury 30 bodies a day, now I bury one if I'm lucky and often I bury none." The father of four is struggling to put food on the table for his young family. His children have been forced to drop out of school because he can't afford to pay their school fees. He is struggling to provide one meal a day. After more than 20 years of continuous fighting, Somalis finally seem to be emerging from the dark days of their civil war. "Somalis are tired of fighting. They know now, first hand, that fighting each other brings only two things: death and destruction. Somalis are the biggest driving force behind the return of peace in Mogadishu," says Abdullahi Mohamed Shirwa, chairman of the Mogadishu-based peace advocacy group Somali Peace Line. Al-Shabab retreat More than 17,000 African Union soldiers are now in the Horn of Africa country to support the weak government in their fight against the hardline rebel group al-Shabab. Under increased military pressure, al-Shabab has retreated from major cities in south-central Somalia. This has moved the frontlines of the war away from populous cities and town, reducing deaths. "Mogadishu is no longer a frontline, and Bakara Market [the biggest market in Somalia] is no longer been shelled and fought over by al-Shabab, Somali government soldiers and African Union (AU) troops, so the number [of] deaths has decline greatly," said Shirwa. At the height of the civil war, 14 gravediggers used to work seven days a week at Abdirashid Ali Sharmake cemetery, but currently only two remain, one of whom is Ali Hassan. Fifty-one-year-old Mohamed Jama, a father of seven, is the other remaining gravedigger. Jama dug his first grave in 1994 for $30, and never looked back. He remembers the days, just over a year ago, when AU soldiers and al-Shabab were fighting in Bakara Market. "I sometimes use to make about $300 a day when they were fighting in the busy market. Many people were killed and were brought to this cemetery to be buried." He recounts that business was even better before, when warlords constantly fought for turf, leaving countless people dead. Even though Jama made the most amount of money during those years, he remembers that time as the worst in his career. "Their militias would many times bring live people to the cemetery, then order us to dig graves before executing the people in the graves we just dug right in front of our eyes, telling us to bury them." Those years continue to haunt Jama: "I don't like to dig a grave for a person standing next to me begging for mercy." Some of his colleagues were killed when they refused to dig graves for militias. "Five of my friends were killed when they refused to dig grave for militias when they brought a live person." Despite those challenges, his seven kids went to private schools and he had a maid helping his wife with housework. The family lived in a four-bedroom rented house, but have now moved from their rented house into a camp for internally displaced persons. The pinch of peace It's not only the gravediggers feeling the pinch of peace in Mogadishu. The dead bodies brought to Jama for burial are usually wrapped in a white piece of cloth. According to Muslim customs, when someone dies they should be wrapped in a white piece of cloth called kaffanbefore being buried. With the number of deaths in Mogadishu falling greatly, kaffan sellers in Hamar Weyne have also been left wondering how to make ends meet. "Two years ago we use to sell at least 49 metres of kaffan a day. Now, we barely sell two metres," says kaffan seller Mohamed Abdi Khadir. He's been forced to diversify his target market from selling kaffan for burials to selling it as a tablecloth to new top-end restaurants opening in Mogadishu. "In Mogadishu, if you don't adapt with the changing currents, you will die." Jama feels he is too old to change his career. He speaks clearly about what will put food on the table for his family: "For us, we are happy when there are bombs going off and fighting taking place. I have seven children and a wife to feed. "If others don't die, they will die." I guess this is a bad time to be digging graves . On the bright side , they can use their skills to dig for sewage system and for other means .
  12. Muqdisho (RBC Radio) Maamulka gobalka Banaadir ayaa mar kale ka hadlay dadka degan guryaha aysan lahayn eek u yaala magaalada Muqdisho ee caasimada Soomaaliya. Gudoomiyaha maamulka gobalka Banaadir maxamuud Axmed Nuur Tarsan oo warbaahinta kula hadlay magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegay in aysan macquul ahayn in guryo aanan la lahayn in leeska daganaado. “Waxaan leenahay intii aad dagaanan kartaan waa daganaatee, intii ilmo aad ku dhali kartaan waad ku dhasheen, marka waa in aad ka guurtaan guryaha aadan lahayn,”sidaasi waxaa yiri gudoomiyaha maamulka gobalka Banaadir. Sidoo kale gudoomiyaha gobalka ayaa ugu baaqay dadka gurayaha aysan lahayn xooga isaga heesay mudada dheer in ay cafis waydiistaan dadka isla lahaa guryahaasi oo ay ka heesteen mudadii uu bur burka jiray. “waxaan leenahay odoyaasha iyo waxgaradka ka masuulka ah dadka degan guryaha islaameed ku dhiiragaliya dadkaan in ay baneeyaan gurayaha, inta aysan boolisku xoog kaga saarin”ayuu hadalkiisa ku soo daray gudoomiyaha maamulka gobalka Banaadir. Hadalka Gudoomiye tarsan ayaa wuxuu ku soo adayaa xili magaalada Mqudisho ay ka socdaan dacwado la xariira dhulal leesku heesto, waxaana magaalada ku soo laabtay dad mudo badan ka hor naftooda kala cararay wadanka looking good for tarzan for being a great mayor and a man of his words
  13. He seems wise and well informed about the reality in Somalia. He wants peace and stability for the region and honest goverment for the jubooyinka. Most somali leaders now understand it's time to work for good well for somali people from all clans. We can't go back to another bloody unworthy of civil war. collective of people now wants us to go back to stone ages. I think Somalia now is going to the right direction.
  14. 'Liibaan';911356 wrote: You saying these wars happen all the time in SSC/Khaatumo region, so its nothing biggie. But for Halima Yar's Family it is big deal. http://somalilandtoday.com/xiisad-ka-dhalatay-gabadh-lagu-dilay-tuulada-lafaweyn-ee-gobolka-sool/ http://www.warfaafiye.com/2012/12/25/gabar-13-jir-oo-la-kufsaday-kadibna-si-xun-loo-dilay/ http://muqdishonews.com/2012/12/25/gabar-inta-la-kufsaday-kadibna-la-gowracay-gobolka-sool/ One day almighty Allah, will make those evil doers pay the price. Gabar yar oo 13 qofkii sidaa u galey allaah waxaan ugu baryey naarta meesha ugu kulul in allaah ka rido.
  15. Sxb ha i nacaseen lakiinse xasuuso 20 + plus civil war ku jirney intasoo innocent people dead , hadii xanuun ka haayo nabadeenta ummada somaliyeed waxaan ku arkaa qof walan oo jaceyl dhibaatada somaliyeed . marka sxb waxaa rabto iska dheh is part of a so call freedom of speech
  16. Vsabba;910155 wrote: Nin sigtay manoolo... after this day this man's life will change .
  17. nin walan ku waashey politics qofkii ka dhadhiciyo wax kale ayagaaba ku walan runtii no disrespect lakiinse waxaan oo kale waa beyond out of character of the basic human being.
  18. I come to wonder why silaayo family posting these threads Do they think they will gain anything from this
  19. Naxar Nugaaleed;909821 wrote: Ilbaxnimadi siyaasadeed ee rer Bari lagu sheegi jeray maxa ku dhacday? If you legit grievience, this is the wrong way to go and the wrong time to voice them considering Somalia has finally taken the first concrete steps toward dowladnemo. Well said Naxar
  20. I really like to know what's wrong with this member mooge. Walaahi , there's kaftan time for fadhi ku dirir but truthfully speaking you can truly see this person wants to change somalia that's been in chaos in many years. Why be obstacle for peace and unity for somali people ?why you still hanging on the old tree of qabyaalad sxb ? don't you understand we had many years of bloodshed and properties lost and we are trying to get back on our feets.Many people like I , are tired of of many years of bloodshed spilled for the name of qabyaalad be wise because one day , you will die and be judged for your action for spreading hatred among muslim people who are trying to reconcile
  21. Saalax;909154 wrote: Minneapolis (RBC) Waxaa magaalada Minneapolis kusii wajahan Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Xassan SH Maxamuud wafdi uu hogaaminayo oo ay kamid yihiin Wasiirada arimaha dibada Soomaaliya Fowsiya Xaaji Adan iyo Wasiirka Warfaafinta ee Soomaaliya Cabdullahi Ciilmooge. Madaxweyne Xassan SH ayaa jaaliyada Soomaalida ee Gobolka Minnesota la hadli doona fiidnimada Jimcaha. Soo dhaweynta Madaxweynaha waxaa iyana hareer socda Mudaharaad looga soo horjeeda. Gudiga qabanqaabada Mudaharaadka looga soo horjedo madaxweyne Xassan oo warbaahinta la hadashay ayaa waxa ay sheegeen inay sababta ay uga gol leeyihiin mudaharaadka ay tahay sida ay u suluugsan yihiin faragalinta Dastuurka, Maamul Goboleedyada. Cismaan Axmad SH oo kamid ah gudiga ayaa waxa uu yiri. “…..waxaa muuqata in madaxweynuhu uu dhinac maray dastuurkii isaga lagu soo doortay faragalin badan in uu ku hayo maamuladii ama uu damacsan yahay ama uu damacsan yahay in uu carqaladeeyo” Cismaan isaga oo hadalkiisa sii wata waxa uu yiri. “……hadaynu nahay jaaliyada Soomaaliyeed ee gobolka Minneasota kuwii ka badbaaday dagaaladii sokeeye ee Soomaaliya waxaan cabsi ka qabnaa Soomaaliya in dib ugu noqoto dagaaladii sokeeye…” Jaaliyada Soomaalida ee Gobolka Minnesota ayaa ah mid balaaran saameyna ku dhex leh Gobolka waxaana muuqata in ay ku kala qeybsan yihiin siyaasada Madaxweyne Xassan. Dhanka kale Cabdulwaaxid Qalinle oo kamid ah qabanqaabiyaasha soo dhaweynta Madaxweyne Xassan oo khadka taleefoonka Raxanreeb.com kula xiriirtay ayaa ka gaabsaday in uu ka hadlo mudaharaadka. RBC Minneapolis and will this help your corner to be recongized as a country ?
  22. Thank you for this great hadeeth. I really needed to read it since tomorrow is a great friday