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  1. Is this all for the show,?if his work was based on compassion and the love for the people , then this man truly is someone who's a good leader that will make a big difference . What other leader actually got to do this community work and did actual work and get elected ?
  2. oba hiloowlow;867560 wrote: ^^ :D are you serious, walaalkiis? Are you in mogadsho now ? That's what I heard people get shot and kidnapped . If you from abroad and got money your valuable target . Ain't that the truth after all this new era , we stil have daily killings in Mogadishu
  3. oba hiloowlow;867551 wrote: what are you on about walaalkiis? Aren't they scared of Alshabab or wadaada, I heard you will be slaughtered if you act like reer western
  4. You serious ly kidding me ? Walee sheekada wey is badashey
  5. Or There stil many booby traps needs to be discovered , Even though we got new president how safe is wadankii
  6. Maybe he should step down and let new leader who better suited take his seat
  7. The party goes until 6 in the morning, there was civil war 20 plus years and you telling me enough is enough
  8. General Duke;867255 wrote: Puntland will support him & will not stand in the way. puntlad was against the Sharif's and te vagabonds that where running around them.. We will see few month down the round it seems that we have some what fair election, let's see what happens from this month
  9. oba hiloowlow;867225 wrote: shariif looks sad loool Cuz he knows his in trouble
  10. Welcome new president , it's amazing election one of the most exciting ,,question is did puntland approve this man ? Lol
  11. Carafaat;866666 wrote: The Parliament just voted on something. it gets a bit chaotic and hectic. Some parlementarians start yelling like hooligans. After 15min the order restored. a lady called Maryan who is member of the election committee is reading out the rules of the elections. 3 candidates just withdrew: Husseen Qalib Jamac, Bashir Nuur Bidaar, Abdirahman Abdishakuur. there are 22 candidates left. I wonder why they walked away ?
  12. Yes , good luck to all Somalia and all Somalis lol
  13. I never Siad anything about abdiweli. Is like your perceive everyone is hating on him. One thing Mooge you need to understand just go beyond your borders and just don't concentrate people that are close to you . Abdiweli is great person and accomplished a lot from what I read of him but don't you think someone else deserve the chance to prove them self they can do faster or sufficient . Somalis need to learn to let my clan can do better thinking . If abdiweli ends up winning , I guess his our president we can't throw him out the door just because his clan. He has to do what he promise with speed. Let's look at the big picture , our country is progress regardless of who gets the election. Let's don't Internet warriors ruin this Great achiemenent for us.
  14. Best of luck to farmaajo , he seems someone who legit and with integrity . I don't belong his clan and yet I support his presidency Walahi these keyboard warriors are partly to blame what's happenning in our society . They always use thier god given time to make case for more hatred and broadcast thier negativity
  15. will there be another round of such acts ?
  16. Abwaan;865726 wrote: They were supposed to have a 30 minutes break and it is almost 2 hours now and MPs are not back. So imagine when the real problems comes, they will all fly back to thier shelters in abroad
  17. Abwaan;865723 wrote: What do you know about Muqdisho when you were born in Galkacyo 19 years ago? Galkacyo has a point. But let's hope our people can move forward and move on with thier life . What happen can't be changed our blame each other .We can't let few out of the closet destroy our newly found unity
  18. Ciyaalka xaafada puntland walee mid kale yaabey , nin Haduu San aheyn ina adeer .. Waa nin anaan u qalmin Madaxtanimo. My way or the highway don't work.
  19. No doubt that he will be our next president of Somalia. He has won people's heart , but question lies after election. Will he copy mr Dalxiis or will he stand for his words ?
  20. Nice though stil ppl dying in Ethiopia because they can't afford food. Buy billion dollar worth plane and yet your people live like stone ages , only in Africa
  21. Is there live stream I can watch the speeches ? Each one might spit his honest speech but no action , but this is really interesting Walahi never have I witness such progresss In Somali politics
  22. Guddoomiyihii hore ee baarlamaanka Soomaliyeed Shariif Xasan Shiikh Aadan ayaa ka dhoofay shalay magaalada Muqdisho isagoo ku sii jeeda dalka Kenya. Shariif Xasan ayaa la sheegay in magaalada Muqdisho ay iska raaceen taliye ku xigeenka nabadsugida dalka Kenya oo maalmihii la soo dhaafay ku sugnaa magaalada Muqdisho. Waxana uu Shariif Xasan Shiikh Adan uu degey Hotelka Grand Regency ee magaalada Nairobi ayaa waxaa uu wadahadalo la lahaa mas’uuliyiinta dalka Kenya iyagoo ka wadahadlayay sidii uu Shariifka ugu fasixi lahaa dowlada Kenya inay ka bilowdo shidaal qodis xeebaha Soomaaliyeed. Waxana uu Shariif Xasan doonayaa sida ay wararku sheegayaan in uu u saxiixo dowlada Kenya fasax ah qoditaanka ceelasha saliida inta uusan wareejin xilka guddoomiyanimada Baarlamaanka oo dhowaan xildhibaanada baarlamaanka cusub ay u doorteen in uu noqdo guddoomiye Proff Maxamed Shiikh Cismaan Jawaari. Waxaana dhowaan ururka East African Forum oo ah haya’ad Soomaali ah, isuna xilsaartay in ay difaacaan kheyraadka iyo petrolka badda Soomaaliya ku jira ay digniin culus u dirtay dowladda Kenya iyo afar shirkadood oo caalami ah petrolkana qoda, iyaga oo ku tilmaamay in ay sharci darro tahay in dowladda Kenya iyo shirkadahaas isu bahaystaan in ay boobaan kheyraadka badda Soomaaliya ku jira qaasatan dhulbadeedka soomaaliya ee ku dhow xadka Kenya. Lama oga sababta keenay in Shariif Xasan uu ku dhaqaaqo arrimahan iyadoo dhowaan uu ku guuldareystey in uu ka soo dhex muuqda siyaasadda dalka Soomaaliya maadaama guddoomiyaha baarlamanka uu noqday nin ay isku beel ka soo jeedaan taasina ay meesha ka saartay fursadii uu u heli lahaa in uu u tartamo xilka madaxweynaha Soomaaliya. Shariif Xasan Shiikh Aden oo siyaasada Soomaaliya ka soo dhex muuqday shirkii ka dhacay dalka Kenya oo loogu doortay guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka ayaa waxaa dadka ay u bixiyeen naaneyso tilmaamaya dhaqankiisa. Waxaa la wada xusuusan yahay in Shariifka oo mar soo noqday wasiirka maaliyada xukuumada uu R/wasaaraha ka ahaa Cumar Cabdirashid Cali Sharma’arke isla markaana uu ahaa guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka Shiikh Aadan Maxamed Nor (Shiikh Adan Madoobe) sidii uu ula wareegay xilka guddoomiyanimada baarlamaanka Soomaaliyeed. Sign it away and have more millions in your swiss account . He has no power to sign any agreements with any country. How is this possible that he no longer in power and does things behind doors .
  23. This Very informative thread thanks for posting. This what we should advocate rather than talking about Qabyaalad.