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  1. Somali philosopher;872189 wrote: walalkiis i feel you but for us to deal with qabilsm, people have to see it as a problem first. qabil being such a big part of our lives and history people will not admit its a problem. one time i went to a small town in the middle of minnesota with a very small somali population, when i asked if they had a community center they told me they had more than 3. the reason why a small population had to have 3 community centers is because each qabil had one of their own. you can see how that not only caused us problems in past and present but also will probably do if we don't deal with it. Is't that the reality , is the same everywhere even mosques
  2. These suicide bombers and those who preach trablism daily are in the same category. if your preaching in qabilsm doesn't kill Someone today it will definately do harms in the future. Why people have yet to sideline these people who carry this disease in our society? Or we all are like this ? At least Alshabab can be dealt with but these who look like us ,talk like us yet preach hatred,cruelity, and isolation just because they feel superior to other clans ,can't be dealt with. They pass on to thier children and so on. As much the new goverment is chasing terrorist , they should also criminalize anyone preaching trablism than again Somali Politics is built under trablism .
  3. Apophis;871818 wrote: This may well be the case but we have to work with what we know, not speculation. We know Shabab sends people to blow themselves up in Mogadishu. This is what we know. otherwise the whole thing becomes: Goverment needs smart , well informed very educated people to run the security , We can win in this war agianst Alshabab ,warlords, thugs,murders and businessmen who fund thier operation .
  4. Apophis;871801 wrote: Why was there an almost daily suicide attacks/ bombs in Baghdad while occupied by the most sophisticated and well armed army the world has known? But you're right, thereis still warlords and ex warlords everywhere but it's not in their MO to attack with suicide bombers. These suicide bombers are new trend in the Islamic world , but what if others are involve , pay young kids or,man from must hunger hit regions and simply ask them to put on vast filled with bombs without thier knowledge and simpily blow them off when they reach the target
  5. Walee umad markeey wareeran , waxkasto ku hadlaan . From Alshabab now shiek sharif is behind it ? The dude is busy counting his profits. Obviously , this just discouragement for us to go back homeland , why this never happens in garowe, Bosaaso or hargeysa ? Because who ever is doing the planning knows , Mogadishu is the heart of Somali peace.
  6. oba hiloowlow;871787 wrote: Xaaji i just asked a simple question could be a coincedence or not? Go front of the mirror and slap yourself will you ?
  7. Apophis;871777 wrote: It's a form of narcissism I've encountered and it often goes like this: "They want to steal our oil" you have no proven reserves. "They want to take our women" there are 3+ billion women in the world, what's special about "your women" . "They hate us" why? and so forth.... Some Somalis believe they are an exceptional to the rest of the human race though, ironically, we are not too far from the bottom in terms of culture and achievements. I guess you will be repeating your self many years to come, why an earth Alshabab stil active even though there is Amisom ,police,private militia and so call secret service in xamar ? Have you asked yourself what if this is not Alshabab but another bomb going off in Somalia , we been in war 20 plus years is easy to say problem does not stop just because we know there is extremist in our country , even before Alshabab there Massive killings , clan warfare . Somalia's problem is beyond our head and anyone who thinks they just resolve it or blame it on one group is small minded
  8. These plenty of folks who benefit the chaos , ident let me started. Alshabab at least are known , imagine the groups we don't know yet .
  9. Xaaji Xunjuf;871769 wrote: Wait 45 minutes Alshabaab will claim responsibility. They would claim anything even if some mysterious asteroid hit the moon , they take responsibility
  10. oba hiloowlow;871766 wrote: walaalkiis caqli badan ma lihid im sorry yaa is qarxinayo oo aan aheyn Al shabaab? go check somalimemo if u dont believe me war waxan arag Don't be ciyaal think logical , if you observe what's happening is seems they target innocent civilians far away from Amisom Or dowlada.why do they want to kill journalist and innocent folks ? Just see the pattern anyone can do such act and claim is Alshabab. Just don't thin like rat in a cage more like human being who's capable of seeing the pattern War Somalia ka lama rabo nabad iney ka dhacdo , Alshabab is just partly the problem . What you see is simple or warning for anyone who wants go back to Somalia and make a difference
  11. oba hiloowlow;871762 wrote: Walaalkiis are you focking insane yaa kaloo is qarxin lahaay War kuwaan Alshabab mahan waa dad kale , you don't see what's going on
  12. Why do I get the feeling this has nothing to do with Alshabab Is just another secret group that wants Mogadishu and Somalia as whole under this life of killings so that Somalis in Abroad never get the idea of returning back home. Last news said they targeted a camp filled with women and kids this seems like a work of kafir
  13. Is better,if the goverment makes very difficult peace process with Alshabab . The only people who will die will be mothers of someone, mother,father ,brother, sister of someone that's is one of us. They Somalis Not Kenyan Ugandan Ethiopian. This is Part of decreasing Somali population while fighting Alshabab is the based reasons for such mass killings .
  14. This should be in history books "Kii dhagax tuuri kara, kabtiisa tuuri kara, birta tuuri kara, qoriga tuuri kara, Allaahu Akbar baa lagu tuurayaa, dhagaxu bambo ayuu isku bedelayaa, qoriga Hoobiye iyo BM ayuu isku bedelayaa, Alle ayaa wata"ayuu yiri Fu'aad Shongole. Walahi kuwaan Alshabab utaliya waa warlord yaal kale , they know they lost the game markaas rabaan inta nabad doonta Isla dintaan . Allah subxanallaah kuwaan walan ka qabto , thugs in uniforms vs thugs with cimaamad Somalia waligeed dagaal kujireen maxaa kalifey diinta dificaa , where these guys last wars between Somalis ? Moryaan turn into wadaad with four wives , that's perfect deal for Alshabab
  15. I wonder what the guys on international space station think when somalis on real life or internet argue about clan affairs and regional disputes.
  16. Interesting investigation , I wonder who funded this research and got this sorted out ? CIA can't trust Somalis as operatives we lazy uncommitted untruth worthy people When it comes to doing such task.
  17. There is nothing wrong with ID cards, the idea here is to create isolation for group of regional folks. Just like civilized world , we should consider ID card for every gobal even that will have problem of its own
  18. Qabiil wa laga tagey ? We talking about Somalia right specially puntland , been maan Isku sheekeyna . If the great people of puntland think harder , this only means another step of isolating them rest of Somalia . They need gobal ID , these qabiil based ID cards will only bring trouble for many innocent people .
  19. More like qabiil ID, world moves forward but Somalis world everything is backward. I can understand every gobal but this is like Let's see if you heeer habal on your ID card
  20. Abwaan;868832 wrote: Taleexi is my witness. Altough I beleive that I shouldn't stop there. I doubt his your witness more like your side kick in this matter Jacpher;869041 wrote: What the brother is saying is Ask Not what Turkey can do for your country, Ask what Somalia does to itself. A valid argument some are seemingly avoiding. Anyho, I hope Somalia will wise up and grab the opportunity Turkey is presenting to us. thanks for the clarification, that's my point . We ask and ask and ask and ask... where does this stop ? Turkey is great country and a Muslim country, we couldn't ask for more help from our brothers in Turkey. Lets look at the big picture, as much China did for Africa they also took something home. They help you and the same time they take your natural resources. What Somalis need to understand is nothing is free. People should stand up for their country and help those in need. At the end of the day, will feel great and have our dignity. Parliament is a building only, nothing special about it. If all the SOL members Donate 1k each, that's enough for for reconstruction of Somalia parliament.
  21. Abwaan;868818 wrote: you see I was right Taleexi? the brother has not contribute a penny to Somalia. Apparently, he cannot trust a single person out of about 10.000,000 people what a shock! Is not like you have done your part. Question should be why is there no trust in our society? Shiek sharif and his crew were good example why many people aren't donating , we ask foreigners for help and hide it when it reaches our hands. I guess when turkey builds the parliaments we will ask them to feed us as well ? We should learn to do our own and be self sufficient rather than asking others to do our minor work. God bless turkey for thier help but at the end of the day nothing is free walee We should stop begging and start learning to work with what we have .
  22. Taleexi;868802 wrote: Walaalkis: What did u do for your country? I am good citizen, never took part of fadhi ku dirir. Never have I gave my time to something that contributes to the destruction of my homeland. I am welling to donate thousands for the sake of builting public institution such as health departments and education departments . I have this generosity to help my country to get on its feets, but sadly wide corruption in our country people like I can't trust to give out donations. This is not blame, it's fact Somalia has wealthy people who have enough money to built thier parliament , it's basics. Ask turkey to built you high speed train but a parliament ? That's ridiculous
  23. His great on giving his points , is not only up to him but all Somalis as one
  24. I don't know which one is sadder , a country that can't built its own parliament or a country without a parliament for two decades. How is that we cant even built one symbolic parliament with our own man power and money ? Tuugsi Somali waa lugu yaqanaa.
  25. Sayid*Somal;867836 wrote: where is the website for this party and who are the members - i.e MPs? http://pdp.so/Somali/