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  1. Maxkamada sare ee ciidamada qalabka sida ayaa saaka xukun dil ah ku fulisay Laba Askari oo ka tirsanaa ciidamada qalabka sida oo hore u geystay falal isugu jira dil iyo kufsi. Fagaaraha Iskool Boliisiya ayaa saaka lagu toogtay Laba askari oo ka tirsanaa ciidamada qalabka, kuwaas oo lagu kala magacaabi jiray Jamaal Axmed C/qaadir 00 23 jir ah ahaana Kormeere Labaad ee ciidamada Booliiska oo dil u geystay Maxamed Axmed Caddow 05/10/2010 iyo Dable XDS Cabdi Cismaan Cali Magan oo kufsi u geystay gabar Soomaaliyeed taariikhdu markey aheyd 10/09/2011 kaas oo ka dhacay degmada yaaqshiid. Ragan ay saaka maxkamadu toogatay ayaa 11 bishii Sagaalaad 2011 waxa ay maxkamadu ku xukuntay dil toogasho ah kadib markii ay soo dhameystirmeen dambiyadii loo heystay. Goobta xukunka lagu fuliyay oo ah Iskool Boliisiya ayaa waxaa goob joog ka ahaa Mas’uuliyiin ka tirsan ciidamada oo ay ka mid ahaayeen Taliyaha ciidamada Booliiska Shariif Sheekhuna Maye, saraakiisha Maxkamada ciidamada qalabka sida iyo kuwa maamulka gobolka Banaadir. Waa markii ugu horeeysay ee dil lagu fuliyay dambiile geystay fal kufsi ah, tan iyo markii laga baxay waqtigii KMG ahaa oo loo gudbay dowladnimo dhameystiran.
  2. Che -Guevara;908991 wrote: Arming an ill-trained militia with no qualified officer corp will spell disaster. And where will Somalia get the money to buy arms? +1 You can't expected 1year old baby to do man's job. Takes many years and training to do what real military power country does , Few skinnies with low low low paying wages, no proper uniform, no physical powrer
  3. at least I can allow his family going to america but him escaping to america, it's very suspicious move I say .
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    Anyone can master their self only if they knew the outcome
  5. Haatu;903427 wrote: You complain about security and how you don't want missiles landing on your house, but who do you expect to do this? I hope you don't mean the ugandans or kenyans because they frankly don't care and are there for their own benefit. That only leaves the SNA. And how do you expect the SNA to improve security without adequate funding? If you read Che's new post in this section you'll see the problems the Federal Government is having with securing funding from donors, so what is the only avenue left? Taxes. If the government starts to collect taxes, it will be able to pay the SNA wages and thei supplies. This will mean less soldiers will leave their posts or rob the civilians. This will improve the relations between the SNA and the public, meaning Al Shabaab has less places to hide. Only by helping ourselves can we get out of this hole. Gacan hoororsi waa laga fiican yahey. We remember what happened last time when the goverment got enough money from donors all got into the hands of corrupt officials. You can't collect money and expect untrained soldier to do it's duities. Wht goverment needs to do is work on the fundementals before they can exercises their power. How they going to collect taxes, we don't even have system built for such huge task ? How you going to collect taxes from unhappy folks north, south , east ,west from reer habal. We have to work on issues that matter
  6. These so called tribal states are mini friends for enemies of somalia, they can always be friends with one another. Easier to kill one by one rather than collectively
  7. Haatu;903416 wrote: Walaalkiis if feeling a little disillusionment as of late. I don't know why? Haatu, We still got fragment of alshabab and moryaans threating people everywhere in somalia. Don't you think is too early to ask for taxes and such ? Oba anything comes out of this goverment you always clap about it. Lets go step by step. Security is concern in Somalia. If you going to collect taxes you better make sure no missiles are landing in my property . Walaahi somalidaan waxaan kala yaabay , ayagoo gurigooda iska dhisin ayey marka hore waxey bilawayaan iney diriska wax ka shagaan
  8. oba hiloowlow;903364 wrote: Looking good Kismaayo,beledweyn,Jowhar,Marka,Baydhabo,Muqdisho,Boosaaso,Gaalkacyo etc I don't know that far but lets see if they can collect taxes from businesses near by villa somalia first
  9. Who can live like this. Refugees in kenya today , refugees in ethiopia tomorrow. This is sad beyond believe. Let's see where this ends. By the time they get back to the capital, they won't run into another civil war that got them into nairobi in the first place.
  10. Abtigiis;891184 wrote: "Dadka kaleba waa kula qoslaan, oo kaa qotomiyaane Ma anigaan qaraabada ka dhalan, maad qaska i siisid?" . I don't know much about the gentlman but I sure can tell you that's not a wadaad's words
  11. Finally they can all get back to life , Wax faido leh meesha kuma heynin But stay safe and all the best
  12. ^ and your wrong for not agreeing , divided people will never have a chance agianst an enemy
  13. Is funny and saddening that they under occupation and they have different factions Why can't they unite forsake of thier people , kuwanaa Somali kadaran
  14. Abwaan;890882 wrote: Walaalkiis, the situation is bad now. If Eastleigh is looted and Somalis attacked, this will change into a full scale clashes and spread to other areas. Garissa is already burning. May Allah bring back calm. May Allah destroy Al-Shabab, who I think were the cause of all this. Ummaddaan somaliyeed ilaah Moyee qofkale cawin Kara am mijirto Kenya,south Africa ,Malta , Libya , Tanzania, Ethiopia Somalis are becoming parasites Look at how our country is great and beautiful and yet we run into other countries for protection is not Alshabab but whole society that's in the forge of becoming extinct
  15. Good pictures, keep coming. Future looks bright for khaatumo
  16. This will turn out to be bad one for somali people in Kenya . Another south Africa in the making. Walaahi Somalida baaliyo la tusey, it's all Kenya's fault why did they get involve in Somali affairs ? Now I got bad feeling there will be rape and lots innocent Somali people killed
  17. oba hiloowlow;889837 wrote: well you are dumb for not realizing the threat coming from Al shabaab, they already killed alot of his relatives in Mahadaay, plus all the progress you are seeing today is thanks to shariif, the 2 periods Mogadishu has seen peace in these 22 years was under his leadership, and what will forever be his legacy. This is not your logical opinion but unaka brain of yours. Lol. Hurdada ka kac and look our current president. He does not travel and takes Unschedule travels for his leisure. All he did was welcome Amisom to Somalia and shake hands. He didn't put together elite time and good leaders , all he did was shake hands with enemes under thier house hold . I have nothing agianst your adeer except that he was not President type but more like someone to administrate department of family affairs. We thank him for his job but he left as I'f he knew nothing about politics
  18. Abwaan;889817 wrote: walaalkiis, ninkaan waa shaqeeyey ee hallaga leexdo. At least he let the new leadership lead and leave politics in the meantime, which is ragannimo. Ma waxaad rabtey inuu sidii Gaas tuulooyinka beesha soo kormeero? This president reminds me of all george bush to some point. Flying one point to another does that make him did any work ? War,it took him almost four years to have some progress.
  19. How am I dumb ? Just because is your adeer does that make me dumb to criticize ? Look at your current president he seems someone who actually did something for his country and ex president all he did was fly , if you can't see you must be the dumber ,
  20. What about others ? Ninkaan Meesha wuu ba kuraxestey , most time was flying now moving to America to finish off his education sheeko. Somali politicians are joke , ninkasto waa daneyste. I can understand Looking for protection but it seems to me this more than that.. His family was flown out with 2 airplanes lol, looks like billionaire life style
  21. Madaxweynihii hore Soomaaliya Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed ayaa maanta ka ambabaxay magaalada Muqdisho, iyadoo labo diyaaradood ay kala qaaday isaga iyo qoyskiisa oo tan iyo markii looga guuleystay doorashadii September ku sugnaa caasimada Muqdisho. Shariif ayaa waxaa ku sii sagootiyay garoonka diyaaradaha Muqdisho, Xildhibaano, siyaasiyiin iyo dad aan ugu dhowaa, waxaana xubnaha sagootiyay ka mid ahaa xubno wasiiro ka soo noqday Xukuumadihii uu soo dhisay. Wararka ayaa sheegaya in Madaxweynihii hore Shariif iyo qoyskiisa ay magangalyo siyaasdaeed ka heleen Madaxweynaha Uganda Yoweri Museveni, oo ugu yaboohay deegaan, markii uu si xor ah u wareejiyay xilka madaxtinimada Soomaaliya. Ilo wareedyo ku dhow dhow Madaxweynihii hore ayaa sheegaya in marka uu tago Kampala uu uga sii gudbi doono dalka Mareykanka, gaar ahaan Jaamacada Boston oo uu ku diyaarin doono Master Degree, iyadoo ilaa 7-kun arday oo ka qalin jebisay jaamacadaas uu khudbadn u jeedinayo. Sheekh Shariif ayaa la sheegay in horay loogu casuumay jaamacadaas, oo horay khudbado uga jeediyeen Madaxweynayaal la soo doortay, markii laga guuleystay si cadaalad ah xilka u wareejiyay, waxaana uu noqonaya Madaxweynihii 7aad ee khudbad ka jeedinaya jaamacadaas. Madaxweynihii hore Soomaaliya Shariif Sheekh Axmed ayaa xilka madaxtinimada Soomaaliya qabtay sanadkii 2009-kii, doorasho ka dhacday dalka Jabuuti, waxaana 10-kii bishii September ee sanadkan looga guuleystay doorashadii u horeysay muddo 40-sano oo Muqdisho ka dhacda. Waxaa layaableh maxaa wadankii looga carari Hadii mar ka aheed madaxweyne , ninkasto waa daneyste markii lacageysto buu meesha ka haadi , nin wadankiisa jaceyl will stay and live amongs his people.