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  1. Apophis;884407 wrote: ^^ yes, they're called albinos. Mockery , lol
  2. Africa is known for black people. not talking about the 20%
  3. In the eyes of the west we all black , everyone looks Africa similar . You could be from Uganda or somaliland and yet fall Into same catogary as being black. No disrespect to north people , this is an example. I don't know unless you decide to be like micheal Jackson lol
  4. I don't know why some people are so obsesses with city of ghost , people get shot daily and suicide bombing. Instead of concentrating where the capital be , we should first secure our country from daily killings. How can you sleep when your house on fire? We shouldn't be discussing this issue , I rather not care if the capital was in the desert as long there is peace, I truly think people in Mogadishu will be happy to have capital city else where. Currently all clans live in xamar where everyone lives clan free , they worry of suicide bombing not another civil war . But if one to visit majority of Somali cities , it's hard to say that all clans reside there .
  5. Apophis;884360 wrote: Mocking? I wish I was that black; would help me get away with many things at night Can't c me Aren't you dark enough to hide at night already lol, why are you talking as if you from different race. Somali people and thier backward thoughts.
  6. Narniah;884121 wrote: If you want to marry Chris brown lookalike or J cole. Guess what you don't have to venture out the Somali race at all. Did you know we have some brothas who kinda look like that? I know what you thinking, don't worry they come in good tribes too. This way you'll have your families blessings and you won't be disowned. Everyones happy! This seems a problem for Somali teenager girl living in the west , I wonder what the fadhi kudirir think of this.
  7. I heard similar story about a year ago . Good luck to all parties involve ,
  8. I guess if you can't become official up north ,it's to be one down south. If this is true she might loose her citizenship in somaliland some might say lol
  9. Apophis;884356 wrote: ^^Yap, they can blend into the background at night. Subxanallaah , dont mock allah's creation.
  10. We got people like this who are delusional, they feel as everyone is agianst them. Clearly this is single persons ,imagine regionally .
  11. if someone said something negative about his qabiil , he would turn madness. Ninkasta sheeko fiican la imaan then changes his views later. Good example is our current president. What has he done so far. I really miss shiek Dalxiis because the dude was celebrity and made some progress. This dude is just sleeping in villa Somalia and hosting guest.
  12. Nin yaaban you must be studying criminology. You always feed us with videos or info about crimes and criminal
  13. I have iPad Its very handy but seriously lacks flash player . Can't do much on YouTube. Unless its jail broken its garbage
  14. Ummada somaliyeed balaayo ayaa meel looga keeney bal maxaa miskiin iska shaqeysanayo laga dilayaa ?
  15. they also threaten to go as far as Alaska. If only alshabab had better leaders and less seef la bood , they would safe Somalia.
  16. lets ask what the mr smiley think of this. He was concern with security while his army rape young girls in every region. from alshabab into corrupt government filled with ex killers and rapist and still the government laughs daily like nothing going on.
  17. OdaySomali;881379 wrote: Panama City that looks fabulous. I always thought panama city was Kingston Jamaica
  18. Muqdisho (Sh.M.Network)—Guri kuyaalla xaafadda Warshadda caanaha degmada hodan ee Magaalada Muqdishoa ayaa lagu tuuuray Bam Gacmeed khasaaro xoogan geystay Bamka ayaa waxaa lagu tuuray guri uu ka dhacayay aroos iyadoona dad ka badan toban qof ay ku dhaawacmeen kuwaasi oo loola cararay qaar kamid ah Isbitaalada Muqdisho Taliya kugeenka Buliiska degmada hodan Gaashaanle dhexe Cali Max’ed oo la hadlay Idaacadda Shabelle ayaa waxa uu sheegay in qaraxaasi ay ka dambeeyeen Al Shabaab isagoo intaasi ku daray in dad gaaraya illaa 5 qof ay buliisku goobta ka qaadeen iyadoo goobta qaraxa uu ka dhacay laga daremayo Mashquul iyo buuq Maadaama dad badan ay isugu soo xoomeen waxaana wararku ay intaasi ku darayaan in xilliga qaraxu uu dhacayay Madasha xafaladda aroos ay ka dhaceysay ay kasocdeen ciyaaro qoob ka ciyaar ah. Goob joogayaal lasoo xiriiray Idaacadda Shabelle ayaa waxa ay sheegeen in dad ubadnaa haweyn iyagoo ilmeynaya ay ka hoyden Guriga aroosku uu ka dhacayay oo markii hore iyagoo farxsan ay tageen ummada walaahi nolasha aya la nacsiiyey. Now you cant even attend wedding otherwise you will be blown out. I guess hand grenade is becoming the new trend.
  19. Carafaat;881095 wrote: "Today the guns are silent. A great tradegy has come to an end. A great victory has been won." Islamist and Secularist are working together building a national goverment, Somaliland and Somalia are talking, Ethiopia and ONLF are talking, Federalist and Centrist are working together building Regional goverments. Has the Somali civil war come to an end? And did peace prevail after all? glad there is stil hopeful people in this planet
  20. the blue flag is sign of chaos for some people it seems.
  21. Good delicious food before your blown out ? the restaurant looks awesome walee
  22. Yunis;880426 wrote: ^^I wanted to see any IT related jobs. They have one, 'Database Officer' with a list of duties that include monitor, backup, capture and generate data reports for their troops. This is really a data-entry position, but the pay range is at DBA specialist levels. Amisom meelna uma socdaan any time soon. you got that right, they all waiting their Somali citizenship.All these Somali faces will be less and less. HELLO Ugandans Burundi's and Kenyans
  23. Just another sad story from sad people from sad country
  24. This is outrageous. These moryaan in uniforms need punishment. Where is Alshabab when you need them. They have no skills . They have no respect for the people. They rape,steal and kill innocent people. This weak goverment and it's thugs will never achieve anything as long these killers are hired as soldiers. They raped 16yrs old and now they shooting people like its target practice. If this goverment had strong leader he would speak of these type of actions. Kismaayo (RBC) Ciidamada dawlada iyo kuwa Raskambooni ee wadajirka u jooga magaalada Kismaayo ayaa galabta toogtay haweeney dad deegaanka Kismaayo ka mid ahayd oo ku sugneyd bartamaha magaalada Kismaayo. Qof deegaanka oo ka gaabsaday in la magacaabo ayaa Raxanreeb u sheegay in haweeneydaasi oo lagu magacaabi jiray Haliimo ay ahayd qof dhagool ah isla markaana toogashada ay timid kadib markii ciidamada ay amreen inay joogsato xilli ay mareysay bartamaha xaafada Calanley iyaduna ay maqli weysay. Meydka haweeneyda ayaa markii dambe waxaa goobta ka qaaday qaar ka mid ah eheladeeda oo maqlay dilkeeda iyadoo galabta lagu aasay meydka magaalada Kismaayo. Maxamed Sheekh Nuur oo ka mid ah odayaasha magaalada, qaraabo dhowna ay yihiin haweeneyda la toogtay ayaa Raxanreeb u sheegay in dilka galabta loo geystay haweeneyda dhagoolaha ahayd uu ahaa fal lagu degdegay isla markaana saraakiisha dawlada laga rabo inay baaris ku sameeyaan kiiska. Dhanka kale ciidamada ku sugan Kismaayo ayaa la soo sheegayaa in galabta ay hawlgalo baaris ah ka sameeyeen qaar ka mid ah xaafadaha magaalada iyagoo dhowr ruux soo qabtay. Xaalada magaalada Kismaayo ayaa beryahan degan inkastoo ay mararka qaar ka dhacaan dhacdooyin amni xumi qeybo ka mid ah xaafadaha magaalada.